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  1. CravenMoorhead

    Dan, Week 8 (PoV)

    I had to laugh at what I thought was one of Dan's best lines this season. He was talking to Frank I think in the DR on Sunday's show and he said something along the lines of "The Quak Pack is reuniting and I am going with them...because I like them better" Too funny..
  2. CravenMoorhead

    POV- Week 9

    I thought I read either on the update page or in here there was 2 evictions this week, is this right? I also wanted to say thanks to all the updaters here, you all are the best and really glad to be able to read your posts.
  3. CravenMoorhead

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    Congrats Rachel on HOH! Jordan came through and won some comps at the end of her season when needed, hopefully she can do the same this time. Play smart ladies, you can do it.
  4. So glad to see Shelly go and also to read these forums and find out I wasn't alone in loathing her. I thought for a second that maybe she had convinced Rachel to keep her was very glad when the two voted her out. Next stop, she gets to deal with Jeff, ROFL.
  5. CravenMoorhead

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    I agree with you 100%, without Rachel this season would have been boring. Also that seen in the bushes and her comment were my favorite Rachel moment also. Classic!
  6. TMZ is reporting this morning about death threats made to Shelly's family by phone and email. Here is the link (sorry if this has been posted I looked but didn't see anything) Shelly on TMZ ,if its not okay to post this link feel free to remove it with my apologies.