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    I'm (obviously) obsessed with Big Brother, but I also enjoy writing song parodies and videos for myself and my friends.
  1. Now that we are halfway through and getting into the deep of the season I wanted to ask what everyone's favorite BB related thing is online. Do you prefer reading the past houseguests blogs or tweets, do you like fan made photos and jokes. What are your favorite ways to celebrate Big Brother? And also, because I have 200 views to go to achieve my summer goal, check out my Tribute to Big Brother! (Writing parody songs about the show is my favorite way to celebrate the show!)
  2. Where's Franklin?

    I hope Franklin is found soon! If Brendon keeps picking fights with Rachel he's going to need Franklin, or else he'll have no one else to talk to!
  3. Big Brother Tribute

    Thank you so much! I really truly appreciate it!
  4. Big Brother Tribute

    Mortys BB Fans are the best! Thanks for the help, I'm almost at the 300 views milestone!
  5. Sadly I had to vote for Rachel (since she has disappeared from Twitter since the announcement) and also Jessie's pair since he wants the attention so badly he'll do anything BB asks. Now if the question is who I'm HOPING for, then I would've said Jeff and Jordan!
  6. Big Brother Tribute

    Thank you so much! Any help is appreciated =]
  7. Big Brother Tribute

    So last season I wrote and posted this video tribute to the show we all love and I managed to hit 262 views. My goal for this season is to double that so that I can be halfway to my goal of hitting 1000 on a video. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it!
  8. Big Brother Tribute Video

    In honor of Big Brother coming close to it's season end I wanted to give this video a bump and add in a little extra, an original tribute poem! Big Brother, where art thou When this season ends Will the Brigade still live on, Will the house remain friends? Who will return When we hit Season 13 Can we stop seeing Jesse Plaguing our TV screen! When Ragan knows the truth About Matty's lie Will he accept it as game Will he go off and cry And in Vegas on the strip Will wedding bells ring? Or are Rachel and Brendon Another Big Brother fling Oh Big Brother, where art thou When the season is done I'll be counting down the days Until the next one...
  9. Big Brother Tribute Video

    Thank you!!!
  10. wants everyone to check out her Big Brother Tribute vid, youtube.com/user/FilmChickJodi

  11. Big Brother Tribute Video

    Thanks so much to everyone who helped me achieve my New Years Resolution of having a youtube video hit 100 hits!!! Let's see if we can't get that number higher! And while you're at it feel free to check out some of my other videos that include a LOST tribute, a Twilight parody, and a very cruel prank played by my boyfriend and best friend! Thank you all so much again!
  12. Big Brother Tribute Video

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the great feedback everyone!
  13. Big Brother Tribute Video

    Thanks! My goal is to hit 100 views on this video, so I'm hoping to keep this thread alive!
  14. Big Brother Tribute Video

    Thanks so much everybody!
  15. Big Brother Tribute Video

    Thank you =]