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    McCrae - Week 1 (HoH & PoV)

    Okay, so I've been wondering if there is something more to McCrae, like super genius non conformist pizza delivery boy. So I was snooping on his Facebook page, but not much there so I clicked a few of his friends link. On one, Nate Olsen, there is a picture that I swear could be Spencer. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=639366436093361&set=p.639366436093361&type=1&theater There has to be a connection....
  2. dreamfog

    How will the jury vote? Dan vs Ian

    I think if Ian makes it to the final, he will win. Only way Dan wins is against Danielle.
  3. Dan is a manipulation genius, lol. Everyone who enters that house knows that the whole point of the game is to manipulate your way to the end. He has gotten himself out of impossible situations this year. If he gets either one of those two, especially Ian(who I am hoping wins), to take him to the end, he completely deserves to win. Maybe it isn't exactly what we wanted to bring back the coaches, but the houseguests(newbies) knew that the coaches learned things about them, played hard and well in their own seasons. If the houseguests had banded together with backbone to get out the coaches, they had the numbers to do so. As for Dan's religious beliefs and lifestyle out of the house, that's his business and by lying/manipulating in the house should have no repercussions in his real life. The game is a TV show. Dan is playing a role. All actors/entertainers play roles that are not remotely close to the their real life person.
  4. I think "lifelong" might mean marriage. I absolutely think it's Hayden and Kristen. They are married and have a lifelong commitment It seems kinda obvious to me.