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  1. The way I see it, Dan did play a remarkable game no question about it. But how he choose to play the game was a double edged sword. He choose to play with the houseguests emotions to manipulate them into doing what he wanted and in turn stabbing them in the back. So why isn't it fair that the Jury can decide who wins the game based on there emotions? Part of the game is not only making big moves but making sure as you send each housegust out that door your not burning bridges either. That's where Dan screwed up in my opinion. Could he have done it another way and gotten as far? I guess we'll never know but it was up to him to make the case to the jury and he fell flat to me. Ian on the other hand i think made big moves as well. He played a direct part in getting out Mike Boogie, Ashley, Frank and Jenn City. He saved himself from a likely eviction against Joe by winning the POV and winning HOH to secure his spot in the final 4. Not to mention leaving his original alliance to start the QP and being the mole which gave the QP vital info which helped their alliance get far in the game. Was it done in a dramatize fashion like hosting your own funeral? No, but he worked his butt off and it paid. Ian played a little dirty himself. His dirt wasn't as dirty and maybe a little more respectable in the Jury's eyes but I guess that's open to subjective interpretation . It was definitely some bitter grapes in that Jury no doubt about it. That played a huge part in Dan coming in second but again he choose to play the game on emotions and emotions is what put him in second place. But I think Ian was just as deserving of the win he got last night. He played a great game and my hats off to him. Personally, I think this was probably the best F2 in BB history. Either could've won and it would be justified.
  2. If it's Dan/Ian for final 2, Dani will not have time to influence anyone's vote in the jury because in the past few years the last jury member voted out on finale night isn't revealed to the other jurors until the jurors arrive at the live show. If that's the case, i think Ian may have a chance to win with Shane, Ashley, Frank, and maybe Joe or Britney's vote. Dani and Jenn I think would definitely vote for Dan. Joe and Britney are the wildcards. But if EVERYONE voted based on who played the best game and not make it personal, I think Dan could get a sweep 7-0. JMHO.