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  1. What got me was that the final HOH questions were all about other houseguests and how well they knew them by there answers. In short, the social aspect of the game. Ian blew Dan away in this competition, even though all along Dan said he had a better social game than Ian.
  2. Woo-Hoo!!! Congrats to Ian! I too have been behind him from the get go. I'm proud of how he played and his comments to the jury. A deserving win!
  3. He played them all (especially the last four) like a finely tuned instrument. They were just too young, inexperienced and naive to figure it out.
  4. tomato

    America's Choice $25,000 - Poll

    Non-shocking news, I voted for Ian. LOL I just love that kid...
  5. tomato

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    I too am not able to get the submit button to accept my vote. (yes, I am signed in)
  6. tomato

    Shelly - Week 7

    Arrrgggghhhhh! That woman drives me crazy. At first I could not stand to listen to Kalia ranting on with her motor mouth and now Shelly is the one driving me insane. Her Marathon Martha mouth going on and on and on... Had to walk away when she had Jordan cornered in the HOH room and just kept flapping her lips and reaping herself for reassurance. Even to point of more or less asking Jordan (in a round about way) if she would possibly consider taking her to the final two instead of Jeff. I about jumped out of my chair! But Jordan didn't catch it. Wish she would have and told Jeff. He would have called another house meeting for sure. LOL I also am hoping after Thursday's double eviction, Shelly is gone. Keeping my finger crossed.
  7. tomato

    Shelly - Week 6 - Nominee

    The part that irrates me about Shelly is when she goes on her "integrity" kick. How she does not lie in this game, then cries a while for us, says she would be humiliated if her daughter saw her lie on television, yada, yada yada. It's all BS, she isn't any better than any other game playing liar, except Matt and Johnny Fairplay (as posted above). If her daughter IS allowed to watch the show, she saw her mother lie a few times, and repeated again by production. So, is her daughter aware her mother would be "playing game" and lying? If so, then she is no better than Matt or Fairplay by using family members for sympathy votes.
  8. tomato

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/30

    I just wish she would zip it. It is apparent she likes to hear herself talk, because that is all she does. Hate it!!!!
  9. Thanks you two for answering. Either one would be a logical possibility.
  10. Does anyone know which member of this cast has already been on a reality show, like 8 months ago? I heard a reference last night when Adam and Porsche were talking (about 2:30 a.m.) but could not make out who they were talking about.
  11. tomato

    About Wednesday's "Live" Show

    I second that!
  12. It looked to me like when she was listening to Lane's goodbye speech, that she has fallen for him. Maybe that is why she did not mention Nick.
  13. tomato

    About Wednesday's "Live" Show

    Yep, events sure look much different after editing. Is it just me, or did anyone else get the feeling that Britney has fallen for Lane - hard? It hit me when I was watching her sitting next to Julie, listening to Lane's goodbye speech. Maybe that explains why she kept saying she thinks she won't have a boyfriend when she gets back home. I kept thinking, why not, he knew you were going in and said he would wait.
  14. LOL, I think you're right. After thinking about it, I think tonight's BBAD is a taping from this morning. Enzo asked what time it was and they said 9:30 (which was the exact time it would have been if it was p.m. not a.m.) and he was saying how tired he was. So did eveyone else (they are always tired in the morning). Then Brit asked anyone if they wanted pancakes. No one did, but they all did want a nap. So from putting two and two together, they are making us think it is night, but it is from this morning. But a female showed up. Not sure if it is for part of the taped show or not.
  15. Something is going on. While watching BBAD I could hear people talking in the walls when the boys all went to lay and take a nap. Apparently they could not hear it, but I could. It was about three people talking, all males. Britney was brushing her teeth and putting on her face powder. She then took a couple of pills and when walking back from the bathroom, she also heard them talking and stopped to listen for a few minutes at the front door. She heard a female voice (and so did I) and went in to tell the guys that something is happening. Of course BB told her she cannot talk about production. She continued telling them that someone is coming into the house or something. Guys got up and started drinking RedBull that was just left for them in the storage room. Of course now they decided to clean up the messy kitchen. Hmmmm... I was going to head to bed, but think I'll hang for a while and see what happens.