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  1. Sandy Burgin

    Howdy strangers! I was just flipping through the TV channels and ran across Survivor and saw Sandy! I was like WTF !!! Is Sandy back?!?!? So I logged on to see what I had missed and before I got here I realized it wasn't a "new" episode perse but more of a "who are you" show about the contestants. Regardless I was already on the way so I thought I would stop in and say hi so, "HI!" I'm glad to see that even though Sandy was voted off she is still alive and kicking here in the forums! Y'all take care! Oh and btw... "Hillbilly'ish" is a word. Synonyms would include: Hilljack'ish, Backwood'ish and Boondock'ish. LOL!
  2. Sandy Burgin

    Unfortunately this is the first opportunity I had to check the board since our girl was voted out Thursday. Nothing unusual of course; the usual suspects bashing her and KY and the same wonderful people still being supportive. I'm sad she's gone, but in the same vein I have never really been a big Survivor fan... It's just like all the other "reality" shows on TV and is just as scripted and overproduced as any Hollywood production for the most part. I enjoyed the conversation with the majority of the folks here at Mortys and will hopefully check in from time to time to see how everyone is doing, but for now (especially since the weather is warming up here in Louisville) I will be spending the majority of my time outside, maybe digging an outhouse or something... Take care everyone!
  3. Sandy Burgin

    During my years of watching survivor I've come to notice that the contestants the shows "spotlight" are typically the ones that tend to get voted off or are part of a major swerve (i.e. the first episode this season with Sandy). So in that regard I am thrilled when they don't show a lot of Sandy. Last nights episode was different because anyone with half a brain knew the Army Sarge was gone especially after the immunity challenge and he said "That's it, I'm done..."
  4. Sandy Burgin

    YEE HAW!!! GO JALAPAO and Sandy the "sex kitten"!!! Too funny!!!
  5. Jeff's Probst - Season 18 Tocantins

    For the first time we agree on something wicked... Although I'm not saying that Jeff wet is good, but wet is indeed good.
  6. Sandy Burgin

    Put yourself in her shoes Wicked... How would the public view you if you were on one of the most watched shows on television? What stereotypes, from where ever the heck you're from, would you portray? Sandy is not ashamed of where she comes from and is obviously not scared to flaunt it. Some may call it annoying while others may find it endearing after all opinions are like a$$holes...
  7. Sandy Burgin

    Having known Sandy personally for several years makes me rather bias in my "Sandy love" (and also rather defensive of her so I apologize if my defensive tirade over the past few days annoyed anyone)... I do however believe that she is the only person that has commited to donating her winnings to charity to help build a home for patients of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and their families. In my opinion that alone is reason enough to cheer her on and wish her the best of luck. She may be a "little lady" but she has the biggest heart out of any of the contestants this year and my money would be on Sandy in a fight against any of the girls this season (not to mention the majority of the guys)! GO SANDY K!!!
  8. Sandy Burgin

    Her rodeo/lasso move in the challenge tonight was GREAT! Now that her team has some fishing gear I think Sandy's worth will really start to show. If she is successful catching fish I think she will hang around for quite a while.
  9. Sandy Burgin

    I think a lot of well water is better than processed city water, but it also depends on what seeps into the water. Eastern KY's water table is so close to the surface (less than 20' in most areas) that it is effected by a lot of run-off from the coal mines that includes sulfur and other dangerous chemicals. Just look at the cancer rate for that area... As far as Sandy's teeth, yes they look great! But, she is from Louisville in Central KY which for the past two years was voted "Best of the Best" tap water among large cities: http://www.louisvilleky.gov/LWC I think Sandy will be safe this week.
  10. Sandy Burgin

    I've said my piece and "wickedone" has stated her opinion so I'm done with the peeing contest. I am still waiting for proof on the statements made in her argument other than "living amongst them" (for how long?). I have BEEN "one of them" for 31 years so I think I have you licked in the personal experience department. Anyhooooo.... I saw the Diane Sawyer special that you are talking about. It was called "Children of the Mountains" and it was a decent portrayl of a very small sampling of people in Eastern KY. One hour was not enough time to really ellaborate on all of the subjects that they lightly touched on in this special. They could spend a week alone on the dangers of the coal mines and the way that they exploit their workers. You could see the fear in the eyes of the miners every time they answered a question asked by the reporter and glanced over at the owner of the mine off camera. I seriously wonder how many of the miners that were interviewed still have jobs? As far as the poor dental hygeine is concerned it seems like they wanted to pigeon hole Mountain Dew and sweet snacks as the main reason for tooth decay amongst these people but they neglected one major factor. You really need to consider the "city water" that most of us are accustom to drinking contains flouride and other chemicals to help promote healthy teeth while the vast majority of the Appilachian region depend on well water to survive. Well water contains many different minerals and bacteria that destroy the enamel on teeth and make even those that brush 3 times per day more suseptable to tooth decay. Granted the sweet tooth doesn't help and I'm denying it exists or that it was overstated in this special, I'm simply saying there are other factors at play as well. You can watch the special here: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=6845770&page=1 Back to the subject at hand... GO SANDY!
  11. Sandy Burgin

    Quite the opinion you have there and again I will stand behind my "stereotypical biggot" statement from earlier. Espeically since I KNOW you took the time to research that Kentucky is "ranked worst in the country for smoking (I won't argue this one - tobacco is our states cash crop), teeth, poor grammar, schools, heart failure, etc. " I would love to see this in writing somewhere other than a message board. I am also familiar with the "Beverly Hillbillies" show that you mentioned and you're damn right the state of Kentucky had a fit over the shows concept... Why? It couldn't be that it was only feeding into the negative stereotypes (most of which you mentioned in your post - chain smoking, toothless, cammo wearing, poor grammar using welfare sponges) that will only be more fodder for people like you that don't have the common decency to do a little personal research and self-evaluation before passing judgment based only on generalities.
  12. Sandy Burgin

    First off, to refer to anyone with a southern accent/draw as a "hillbilly" is just plain stereotypical biggotry. My wife grew up in the middle of the Daniel Boone National Forrest in SE KY in the Appilachian Mountains and while they may not be the most "book" educated people they are some of the nicest, most caring, generous and self resilient people you will ever meet. Don't believe everything you read or see on TV about these "hillbillies". My wife, who is one of these so-called "hillbillies", just graduated from college with a double major while working a 3rd shift job and helping raise our newborn son while I worked 50+ hours every week. Her upbringing by her "hillbilly family" gave her the traits and fortitude to be successful. Our unltimate goal is to move back to the area where my wife grew up so that we can start to give back to the area that she has loved all her life and the area that has truly become home to me. I have never been close with my family and I was amazed to see how strong family ties can be and was surprised they were able to accept a city boy like me (and I tend to think of myself as a little red-neck, go figure) into such a wonderful family. Are SOME of the stories that are reported about the Appilachian Mountains (drugs, crime, sexual abuse, etc...) true? Of course SOME of them are, but these things also happen in every city in every state of the US. For whatever reason the media tends to glorify/horrify the stories that come out of the Mountains and doesn't care to shine a light on the fact that the same things are happening just down the street from their building in the "big city". Sorry about that... Back to the subject at hand. Sandy lives in Louisville, KY which is (at last check) the 14th largest city in the US and is geographically located in the Ohio VALLEY (no mountains around here folks). Granted Sandy (and some people on this board apparently) isn't the sharpest tack in the box and she'll be the first to tell you that. I also think a lot of what we're seeing on screen is the television magic that is dictated by the producers and directors as well as the editors in the cutting room. They are in the business of producing an entertaining television show to attract viewers as well as sponsors and will try to accomplish this feat at any expense.
  13. Sandy Burgin

    Sandy called into 97.5 WAMZ here in Louisville on Thursday morning during the annual St. Jude radiothon. Apparently once the show "airs" she was contractually obligated to not do any media interviews but she wanted to let everyone know how big of an influence and motivation factor St. Jude was in inspiring her to try out for Survivor and while she was in Brazil. I am also happy to say that she is planning on playing softball with the Padgett Crane/97.5 WAMZ Country Hamz once again this spring/summer to help raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital...
  14. Sandy Burgin

    I haven't seen or talked with Sandy. I'm sure she's staying in isolation to avoid the pressure of saying too much. A local news channel did an interview with some of Sandy's family members but nothing with Sandy personally... Here are a few more pics from our trip to St. Jude that I came across: (Sandy is in the front row wearing the white shirt... BTW I'm the bald guy in the very back with the glare coming off his head.) Here's Sandy and a fellow teammate visiting with a St. Jude patient, Madison... Sandy truly has a huge heart and is a genuine person... I hope all of America gets a chance to know her.
  15. Sandy Burgin

    I have known Sandy personally for several years and have played softball with her on a local charity softball team here in Louisville (Padgett Crane/97.5 WAMZ Country Hamz). All of the money we raise benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital so to hear that she would use her winnings to help the kids of St. Jude is no surprise.