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  1. 2:40 pm BBT. Renny in BR doing eyebrows, and she
  2. 1:23 pm BBT. Keesha starting a load of laundry, then heads back into the 70
  3. 1:15 pm BBT. Jerry asks what Keesha thinks about the day. Just another boring day, she
  4. 12:56 pm. BBT. Feeds return. Keesha, Memphis, Dan and Renny in BY rehashing what happened to Jerry. Keesha says she would have laughed so hard if she had seen it. That
  5. 12:42 pm BBT. Renny is in the kitchen snacking on
  6. 2:25 BBT. Keesha, Renny and Memphis on BY sofa. Rennny saying Jerry must be popular (due to phone call). She says maybe because he
  7. 9:34 pm BBT. O, good feelings are over. Michelle and April in spa. They think is Keesha is being really honest, and Libra is pissing them off. Dan comes in, wants them to go weigh themselves. Post-feast weigh Memphis gained 5.5, Michelle gained 2
  8. 9:21 pm BBT. Jerry will carry them all in his heart until he dies. Shake everyones hand when they go out the door.
  9. 8:40 pm BBT. All the steak is medium-rare. So good. Ollie is even eating some. Jerry likes to make left-over steak sandwiches. He makes them really good. Ollie wants Renny to ask BB if they will have any desert when she goes into the DR. Libra gobbling up seconds of bread/butter and potatoes, says she
  10. 8:27 BBT. The feast is on! HGs yelling with excitement. They call out what they see, bread, white wine, potatoes, red wine, lobster, flowers on the table. Everything looks good and smells so good. They wonder if BB put onions on the table as a joke because of the PoV. Thank you Big Brother! They are so excited! Memphis opens the wine. Libra says it's so beautiful she may cry. Group is waiting on Renny, who went to change her shirt. They start to dig in but Memphis says they should say grace first. Renny does the honors. The group toasts each other 'Cheers!' and they dig in!!! Ollie helps himself to some salad. There are baked potatoes, sour cream, lobster tails, butter for the lobster. After a brief shot of the table, it looks like BB used red onions as a table decoration. Renny is going in the DR to ask BB if there will be beer and if they will refill the lobster/wine when it's gone. Memphis complaining that his food is cold, and he doesn't even have a microwave to heat it up. Renny tells him to stop complaining. HGs thank Michelle for winning the feast. She was competing against Jase and won. (It sounds like Jase may have been trying to convince Michelle the earthquake was not real, but she didn't believe him.) Lots of quiet as HGs enjoy their food. They comment how good everything is. Lobster is great. Bread is great.
  11. 8:04 pm BBT. Renny puts her ear to the HoH door. She can hear a lot pans still. Keesha is at the HoH table re-applying her make-up. Michelle starts listening to music. Ollie is spralled out near HoH door, April is lying next to him using his leg for a pillow. Ollie is playing with the white stuffed dog. 8:10 pm BBT. Renny asks what time it is. They guess it has to be 8:00pm or so. Renny thinks they are making them wait so they will be really starved. Keesha says they might be waiting to give them alcohol until it
  12. 7:38 pm BBT. HGs talking about the reality show
  13. 7:16 pm BBT. Sounds like Memphis has to wear the onion necklace until tomorrow. He says he has to make sure his hair looks good for the next 24-hours as he know BB will be showing lots of clips of him in the necklace. BB told him he does not have to sleep in it, or wear it in the pool. He plans to be in the pool a lot tomorrow. April hopes the designer dresses are simple in style, as she
  14. 7:03 pm BBT. Feeds are back. Renny, Keesha and Libra doing ADLs in HoH BR. Looks like it
  15. 6:40 pm BBT. Keesha, Libra and Renny in the BR. They appear to be getting ready for the feast. Libra was 179 lbs when she entered the BB house, now she is 162. Renny and Keesha then leave Libra alone in the BR. All feed are on Libra blow-drying and straight ironing her hair. Renny in sauna room shampooing her hair in the mirror. Dan is lying on the sauna couch. Renny saying she would pick the letter from home over a prize, unless she wins HoH first, because then she would have already had a letter from home. Libra comes into the sauna briefly and says something like yes, Rennie does need to win an HoH. Renny thinks Dan would have chosen a letter from home. Dan says she is right. Renny is rinsing the shampoo out of her hair at the kitchen sink, then applies leave-in conditioner. In the BR, Libra comments that BB asked her about picking the vacation over a letter from home. Libra,