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  1. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    That's the one! Thank you so much!!! You made my night!!!!
  2. Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    We are preempted because of football in the east. Does anyone have the link to watch live online please?
  3. Thursday, 8/26 Show

    UGH!!!!! Worst most boring BB season in the history of BB. No surprises, no expect the unexpected. This could not have been more predictable if it were scripted. Disgusting!!! I never thought that there would be a worse season than 9 but they really drowned in the bottom of the pond scaring up these guppies.
  4. Live Feed and BB After Dark 8/15

    Maybe...his closet is very deep. His emotions showed most when he and his girlfriend were being seperated. I think that is where I was going with the fact that the most extrememe emotions from Ragan are when he thinks about Matt being evicited. What's more I was certainly not saying that Ragans emotions are because he is gay. I was merely saying that gay men sometimes refer to themselves a girls and that could possibly be the reference to the guy/girl friends.
  5. Live Feed and BB After Dark 8/15

    I haven't said anything this season because quite frankly this season blows!!! I didn't think there would be a worse season than BB9 but wow watching my grass grow is more entertaining than this bunch of snoozers. (I literally do turn on BBAD to fall asleep so the analogy of BB12 is pure ambien is right on lmao!) That being said I do still watch the cbs episodes for the laugh and of course lurk to read if theres anything intresting I need to catch up on.... I have made an observation I haven't seen anyone else mention on any of the boards so I wanted to share and see where it goes. The sab said there are friends in the house. Has gone so far as to say it is a girl/guy. All of which I thought was just BS but consider this; Ragan is a guy yeah but he is gay and that could cause a reference to him as the girl. He has been getting EXTREMELY emotional when he thinks of Matt going home. More like I am losing my BF than BFF. Finally and most interesting, has anyone else noticed that the tatoo on ragan's, i believe, left shoulder is a blue star outlined in black which looks almost if not identical to the star tatoo on the inside of Matt's, i believe, left bicep just above his elbow crease? The same tatoo they were having Matt conver in early episodes. I could be reading too much into it of course,and it could just be a coinsidence but a very weird one imo.
  6. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

  7. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    No they save that for the early show in the morning.
  8. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    OMG announce jordon the winner and lets get to the kissin already!!!!
  9. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    Blah blah blah blah blah
  10. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    Jeff has been feeding Kevin info when he gets the chance. Bet he told him about Gnat bein 24
  11. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    Gotta say one of the best things about Survivor is they tell you in the first 15 mins who wins. This blows!!!
  12. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    does the jury see the final hoh?
  13. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    If Jordo wants to win she has to take Gnat. It sucks I know but it is a fact.
  14. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

  15. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    GO JORDO!!!!!!!!