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    Bbuk: New Bb8 Logo Revealed

    OKAY! LISTEN UP! I Just created an account JUST SO I could write this to you. I have an awesome dance group here in the US called the Go Go Gadgettes. I found this eye of yours and it is PERFECT for us as a Gadgette stamp, like for our myspaces for each girl to have. Can you give us permission to use this as an official stamp? It's not really a logo but just like... the Gadgette cyber tattoo per say? Please go to our page and see just what I mean: how excellent it would be if you say we can use it! I want all the girls to put it on their pages as our stamp. http://www.myspace.com/gogogadgettes YOU ROCK! -Kelly Gray, CEO/Manager Go GO Gadgettes!!! AHAH! just kidding! you totally didn't design it .... hmmm