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  1. Thank You for the updates this site feels like home
  2. Zip

    After Party Feeds 9/14

    I didn't understand how Adam ever thought if he was in the final two he would win for sure. He really didn't do much in the game.One veto eto win was handed to him by Jeff and he thought he was so great at that event. I wish Julie would of asked if it was Adam by a show of hands who would have voted for him. Also Porsha did ok in the end but none of them won the amount of times Rachael did. She deserved to win hands down. Those that didn't vote for her are just to full of themselves to even see how hard it was for Racharle to make it that far. I also wish they would of asked Lawan what he was thiking about wanting to get voted out. He really did the worst boo boo in BB history.
  3. Zip

    Jeff - Week 1

    I am happy to see Jeff back and really hope he makes it to the end. He is so down to earth and funny.
  4. Dear houseguest please don't soil me this year Sincerely Head of Household Bed
  5. Zip

    Big Brother 13 Countdown

    I'm so happy I feel like I can jump up and down, my husband thinks I am nuts....lol Just about 2 hours to go Yahooooooooooooo
  6. I'm excited at a 10, I just love this show. I do hope they do something more interesting with it this year then last. Big deal some had to sleep in a cold room with cricket noises.
  7. Hi everyone, I have been watching Big Brother since day one. No one else in my family watches it any more but me. I am usually yelling at the tv screen when someone gets voted out that deserves it. Or sometimes with cast aruments. When I name my favorite tv shows I have to admit Big Brother is my number one pick each year. I get fasinated how people will act under these conditions. I feel there has been some great game play and some dumb players too. I do hope they do something really interesting this year. Some new things. And anyone that is willing to go all the way in front of the cameras under the sheets or not is there for the wrong reasons in my opinion.