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  1. crazy4

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    Whatever you do Rachael do not open Pandora's box. They have to get one of them out, preferably Kalia.
  2. I'm right there with ya fatcat
  3. crazy4

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    I really was not a Rachael fan last year and not this year until she really showed what she can do when she has too. Even though it seems as if the last two comps were hers to win I have to admit I kinda like the Rachael she has been the last week. Hope it last for awhile.
  4. crazy4

    Porsche - Week 9 - Nominated

    Didn't really think of Rach and Jordan calling Kalia and Porsche out like that but you are right on the money.
  5. There is no doubt in my mind that Danielle is a great competitor. She can win at almost any event. This time we will have to wait and see if she really went after the veto, she says she did but we will have to wait to see the comp. I think that Danielle even admitted this season that sometimes you can over analyze a situation and that was her downfall when Brenan came back. She had it figured out but it was too late they already had put Lawon up on the block and told everyone to evict him. She waited to long and too close to the vote to try and get people to flip back and take Rachael out. She is just as guilty as she says everyone else is by not playing a good social game. She isolated herself with Kalia and Porsche when they were on top and then went and started to kiss butt when she knew she was at risk. Now she has isolated herself again in the HNBR and makes snide comments about all other houseguests that she was trying to allign with to keep herself safe. I guess the girl is just human. She is a victim of showing her cards too early in the game without having enough back up.
  6. Yep Jeff was able to pull the plug before Dani this time. What on earth is Shelly talking to Adam about flipping. Last night she pledged her allegence to Jordan again. I guess she is really playing the game. Sorry might have used wrong thread.
  7. As others have said thanks for the summary fatcat. I do not have the live feeds but I think that I was watching BBAD when it was really Dani who asked Jeff what do you want me to do if I win VETO, keep it the same, and Jeff said yes. Then I thought Dani said to Jeff then I will just throw the VETO then so I won't have to make a decision. Later Jeff was relaying the convo to Jordan and Jordan said I can't believe that she would of said that or do it. Also, even though someone might imply that Dani was safe because Jeff didn't put her up she had as much of a chance to win that veto and keep herself safe as Jeff had to win the veto and put her up. It seems to me that Dani just made her own bed, by offering to throw the comp. No different than Lawon when he said put me up and I'll come back. The only person to count on is yourself.
  8. crazy4

    Real Player Live Feeds Q & A

    I would just like to thank the live feeders. I am unable to get them but really appreciate everyone keeping us up to date. Morty thanks again for your site this year. This makes my summer.
  9. crazy4

    Britney - Week 6

    Way to go Brit, gotta love Brendon's face.
  10. crazy4

    Matt - Week 6 Nominee

    100% agree!
  11. crazy4

    Matt - Week 6 Nominee

    Okay I know I won't have any friends for this but I think Matt should put up Hayden. I adore Hayden but that would be his best bet. Then Enzo would be forced to hang with Brendon and Kathy, Matt would have Ragan, Brittany and Lane. That would serve Enzo for breaking off with Hayden and Hayden the same. That way Matt could have the stronger alliance if he in fact is seeing how Enzo and Hayden have been acting. I know I like Hayden too but this is a game for 1/2 a million dollars.
  12. crazy4

    Matt - Week 6 Nominee

    That's exactly what I was thinking
  13. crazy4

    Britney - Week 6

    Oops my bad, you're right. I just want Brit to stay and Brendan somehow out. Think that Brit could handle her own better with the Brigade.
  14. crazy4

    Britney - Week 6

    That's what I'm talking about. Brittany has pulled her weight in the game and I hope she stays. She has won more comps than Brendan and certainly has whinned and cried less. At least when she is unable to do well in a comp it makes sense (rope was twice her weight) but Brendan finds fault with standing still in a comp (this comp not made for anyone with over a size 13 shoe). Brit should stay Kathy finally decided to show that she has been playing the game and float thru just in time to get put up and go.
  15. crazy4

    Britney - Week 6

    Brittany told Brendnan that she couldn't promise to keep him safe and he tells Brittany that he wants people to have a chance to win POV. So which one is playing with integrity now?