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  1. rngivetlc

    Porsche - BB13 Second Place

    There was lots of --- kissing going both ways Rachel looks great. She has lost wieght and firmed up. I am sorry you are upset she won. Porsch I believe got more then she deserved.
  2. rngivetlc

    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    Rachel I am sooooo proud of you. I have been a fan of yours since the 1st time. You deserve this, enjoy.
  3. rngivetlc

    America's Choice: Favorite Houseguest

    I think it would be more hilarious if Rachel or Brendan won. The 2 suposedly most hated house guest by all the house guest, who even now can not stop bashing them in the house. Like they are soooooo perfect. I am voting for one of them. rngivetlc I soooooooo agree with you. Do they think their bashing is making them out to be cool or something. Remind me of highschool kids. rngivetlc
  4. rngivetlc

    Brendon - Week 6 HoH

    I would not trust anything an ex fiance had to say, come on she is not gonna have anything nice to say, even though something must have been good to her, she feel in love with him. He was being wierd because he WAS trying to be evicted so R could stay.
  5. rngivetlc

    Kathy - Week 5

    The only ones with game are on their way out for playing. I really want to see the rats turn, they have to turn on someone, or they will have nothing else to talk about.
  6. rngivetlc

    Kathy - Week 5

    I agree. You know Rachael was trying to cheer her on and enc her, and she left that conversation to go bash her. Where is her integrity. She is not a good representation of her Sheriff department that is sure. I really did expect more from her. I bet she votes with the house this week.
  7. rngivetlc

    Brendon - Week 5 Nominee

    Ireally do not understand how people can condone what the other players are doing and then say Brenchal has the problem because they are upset. Personally, I wish there was a way both could stay. Ragan can not handle this game he thinks he is at a spa and just wants to relax, play games, and everyone just get along. Brendan hang in there and I hope you win HOH. Bet they will be kissing your booty then.
  8. rngivetlc

    Brendon - Week 5 Nominee

    You mean the house meeting that was Ragan's idea, but Rachael got blamed for. Pfff They did nothing to deserve that bashing they are getting, or the planning to hurt Rachael even more with her eviction. They did nothing that the other players in that haouse have not done also. Just because the other players are more sneaky about it does not mean they are less accountable. Did not take her long to hit with a remark on his family, did it. Seems to me she is no better then him.
  9. rngivetlc

    Britney - Week 5 - PoV Winner

    Except she is doing exactly what she is Brenchal bashing about. That just makes her a hypocrite.
  10. rngivetlc

    Britney - Week 5 - PoV Winner

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but Brendon is wrong for defending another "WOMAN". BTW Brendon walked pass her exagerrated walk toward the doors, she then followed him to the door's But, remember all these "MEN" are picking on a woman in fact planning ways to hurt her more. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
  11. rngivetlc

    Britney - Week 5 - PoV Winner

    But remember he is trying to get evicted, so he is doing most of this on purpose. Before now Brenden has actually been very gentlemanly and tried to hold Racheal back. Besides, she is making it personal herself with many of the things she said. I do not feel sorry for her. He only got upset with her because she was laughing at him while he was talking to Ragan.
  12. rngivetlc

    Ragan - Week 5

    I agree, these "cool" people are no more then high school bullies, that is the way they act. They are doing everything they accuse B/R of doing. Personallt I wish Racheal would get the Coup because these are very mean spirited people who are mad at the only 2 playing agame. Ragan acts like he is at a spa and upset because not going as smooth as he would like. What do you think he thought he was signing up for "Plain Jane"
  13. rngivetlc

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I hate seeing someone hurt like that. I am hoping someone is kind and tells her what is going on.
  14. rngivetlc

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    It is funny how viewers see things differently. I did not think anything was wrong with her remark of them being a pair. Since when is it wrong to assume an aliance. She was being polite and saying he could stay. He did not have to stay his choice. (Though I do wish she knew when to shut up and walk away. Why does she always have to be talking about sex.) I think Ragan over reacted to that remark. Ragan got just as loud as Rachel. I find that several of the altercations have been spun against Rachel. I also find that since all these other players can do is talk about Rachel and Brendan that they are just as petty and malicious as they accuse Rachel of being. Who will they pick on next after they are gone. That is the only reason I am still watching the show. I wonder what these people are like on the outside. Bet they are all pretty nice. They are being no different then they accuse her of. Mean and nasty.