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  1. 8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:57 BBT It's official...Jeff and Jordan on the block Nat telling Kevin: the Coud A Ta didnt save your ass this week did it"
  2. 8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    12:35 BBT still trivia.... (keeping my fingers crossed michelle is dum enough to use the veto on Jeff)
  3. 8/31 - Live Feed Updates

    11:57 BBT Just went to look in and all 4 feeds have trivia..
  4. 8/10 - Live Feed Updates

    Seems no one posted that POV was today and Kevin didn't use the POV. After the ceremony Chima told Kevin it was best and Lydia was safe.
  5. 8/10 - Live Feed Updates

    Just an update..... Jeff and Russ playing pool. Discussed how everyone thought Jeff had the power and jeff said he wishes. And wanted to know why everyone is paranoid about the power and no one knows what it is. Russ told Jeff that he has all the dates remembered and he is going to make bags of rice with letters in them and leave them for Jeff if he leaves. He hopes Jeff wins. Jesse came out at one point to get his clothes from the dryer. Of course nat followed and watched. Made some comment abot there being alcohol and did Russ drink it all . When they went back upstairs and talk to Chime she called im an alcoholic. Other then that a pretty boring night in the BB House.
  6. 8/9 - Live Feed Updates

    8:03 BBT Chima and Nat still bashing Russ. Saying he doesn't have to worry about being backdoored because she just put him up and isnt afraid of him. Nats upset because Jess is taking so long with her steak. Chima said the shit will hit the fan after the POV. She might dress cute for it. (Boy i wish there were other HG to listen too) Saying they need some to walk by and saif it will either be Michelle or Jeff because they pee too much. Now they are laughing because they think Russ is begging for Jess vote and yet on Cam 3 they are stil taling about work outs and food. Nat says Jess will tell them when he gets up. Jeff now comes into the kitchen. Nat now says Michelle will be out next. And Michelle will put her up if she wins HOH. Says Mich will never put up J/J. Nat says she wants to get michelle out then Jeff and Jordan. Nat says they need to win HOH and if not hope only one of them goes up and wins POV or can vote to keep the other. Chima going on bashing Russ. Chima says I cant wait for Julie to say with a vote of 4 to 2 Russ you are evicted or a vote of 3 to 3 Chima you now have to pick who will be evicted. Nat saying she doesnt want to interrupt because she wants to know whats going on in the house. Nat said if he would have only listened and not sent home Ronnie and Chima said no I would have still put him up. Nat agreeing that its good that she put him up. Chima making fun of him kissing up to her. Nat talking about who is going up and Chima said you have to win first and then I can comeup and bug you all the time. (I'm out....hope someone can take over but if not your not missing much)
  7. 8/9 - Live Feed Updates

    Nat must have been in the room under the covers. Talking about being hungry and Jesse says someone made steaks. Jesse says he tired but will go get Nat something to eat and Chima too if there ar enough out there. Nat again saying how much better Jesse looks since he lost weight. He said he doesnt even want to get on the scale to see how much he lost. Chima stops Jesse from leaving because Russ just walked into the kitchen and they laugh because Russ goes to look at the wall and Chima laughs and says yep your key is missing and your going home and they all laugh. Jesse leave and Nat says if Jeff uses the power chima will pick something up and bash him inthe head. Nat told her to be careful in case they don't win HOH next week. Chima said I did my part this week it's up to you and Jess. Chima just said I hate Russ. They noticed that he came back to the kitchen when he heard Jesse. Nat tells Chima she should call him a terror instead and Chima said too bad I already said it he's a terririst and BB isn't going to air it anyway. Russ and Nat talking about food. Chima upstairs saying I told Jesse he shouldnt have went downstairs. Chima said Russ is just trying to stay in the house and wants his vote. Nat and Chi making fun of what Russ must be saying and Choma starts singing you're goinghome. Now Nat says he shouldn't have won the 10,000. Chima says she is going to twitter about Russ being a terrorist and Nata said don't because it doesn't sound right and saying it is one thing and putting it in words is another. Now Nat looks at the camera and says yea america Russ is going home. They think Russ is trying to plead his case and they are actually talking about carbs and food. FOTH
  8. 8/9 - Live Feed Updates

    7:48 BBT Jessie and Chima in HOH. Chima talking about red carpet things she's done and how bloggers would write negative things about her talking and laugh. Then she says I go to their website and its like what the F have you done. Cam 3 is on Russ laying in the hamock..not sure if he's sleeping or thinking. Chima talking about Russel and thinkgs she says and it won't make it onto CBS and she laughs. FOTH
  9. 8/6 - Live Feed Updates

    7:40 BBT Natalie went up to talk to Chima already. Wondering what she's going to get in the HOH room. Jeff just got called to the DR. Chima hoping she got pics of her girlfriends too because they are all out in LA and single. Chima just said she thinks Jeff has the power and Natalie says no and I'll tell you why. Jesse was talking to Jeff about voting Ronnie out and Jeff told Jesse he was being nice to Ronnie in case Ronnie had the wizard power he might not put him or Jordan up. (Natalie always thinks she knows everything...won't she be suprised) Chimas now hoping the power is Jordan or Kevin. Chima takl;ing about putting Russ up and Nata says she know he's a schemier but if he won HOH he wouldnt put any of them up. Plus if they voted Russ out they were depleting their own number. And Chima says oh yea true. Chima said in her goodbye to Russel she told him if he would have gotten rid of Russ when he wanted to he would have still been there. N talking about the power and if Chima puts Lyd and Kevin up and then Michelle takes them off she wont put up Jeff and Jordan which only leaves her Jesse and russ. Chima saying but what if that isnt the power. Chima saying this game is about self preservation and if she had the power and wasnt up she wouldnt use it because she wouldnt want to piss someone off. Chima saying shes going to bring Russ to HOH for a heart to heart and sy if I keep you off the block I need to know your on our side. Even though he can lie. But she's afraid if she doesnt put him up after the fight nobody will. Natalie still trying to keep Russ off the block. Nayalie says she wish she would have won because it would have been so easy she already knew who she would put up. I'm out...hope you can take over lala!! Have a good night.
  10. 8/6 - Live Feed Updates

    Natalie saying that they need to put Michelle and lydia up and if Michelle has the power she will pull herself off and they will still have the numbers to keep whoever they want. Jesse saying he has to stay close to Kevin and Lydia in case they need there vote. Doesn't look like Natalie likes that idea. They want to watch Russ to see who he talks to. Russ comes out and Jesse says the only reason him and Natalie is out here to break some shit up because Lydia michell and Kevin were out here. Russ saying he doesnt care about the power because it doesnt matter they have the HOH on their side. Natalie saying she knows none of them have it. Nata thinks Chima will put up Michelle and Lydia. Nata saying Lydia gave her a lection about talking to Russ and when she told Chima chima said Lydia is a hypocrite. Jesse saying Chima will do whatever she wants and Russ is saying you have to talk to her and making excuses why they need to have him there. Jesse and Nat saying they will let her know there are bigger fishes to fry. Russ is telling Natalie she has to stress team to her. Jesse doesnt understand why she doesnt want to put up Kevin. Now Russ brings up that she can put up Jeff. But neither N or J say anything. Jesse telling Russ Ronnie going out the door did nothing but help the other side.
  11. 8/6 - Live Feed Updates

    Jordans walks out and Nata goes here comes the wizard and says and just think you didnt take Ronnie off. Chima says I wish I had the power but I guess america doesn't like me. (BINGO) Chima whispering to Jesse she doesn't think Jordan has the power. Ntalie back on the sleeping arrangements. Telling Jesse he came sleep in the other bed because she wants her bed. Chima just saying after the have and have nots there will be open beds. All cameras switch to Lydia and Kevin in the backyard. Jesse just came out and of course Nata following. Nata saying how funny it would have been if Ronnie would have stood up and had the power. Jesse saying it's not fair that America got to choose and last year they got to compete for it. Nata says well you knew AMerica wasn't going to choose you or me.
  12. 8/6 - Live Feed Updates

    Russel just asked Kevin how his wizard power works and Kevin says no I think Natalie has it. Russ says no she would be walking around with an attitude if she had it. Chima said everyone had on poker faces when Julie asked if anyone had the power. Russ tells Kevin he still thinks he has it. 7:10 BBT Jordan and Michelle talking in the red room. Jordan said she misses her family and how nice it must be to get a letter from home. THen tells Michelle that she felt so bad for her about what Ronnie did. Michelle saying how Ronnie was mean to her from day one about not cleaning right or she didnt lose any weight. and we get FOTH again.
  13. 8/6 - Live Feed Updates

    6:39 BBT Jordan just told Jeff that she thinks the two of them are going up and jeff says shut up. Then Jordan tell him she thinks Michelle has the Coup d' etat and will take herself off and then either Jordan or Jeff will go home. Jeff is just looking at her like she's nuts and then says trust me we are not going up. Jeff just told Jordan next week she'll win HOH and he keeps telling her we're going to be fine. It's just keeps going over her head. They talk about what the poewer could be and Jeff said it could be anything. (It's really a cute conversation) Jeff keeps beating into Jordans head that Jesse has to go. And without Jesse Natalie would be lost. They are cuddling now and telling each other they smell good. Talked about how people kiss up to whoever has HOH. Jeff is now telling Jordan if they go up it's coming directly from Jesse. (I bet Jeff will be dropping hints to everyone all week how they have to get out Jesse to set things up when he makes the switch this week - I love it!!!) Jordan has a headache and goes and lays in the other bed. Jeff is asking her to just think positive and called her J-DOG. 6:55 BBT Chimaq Jess Nat and Russ sitiing at kitchen eating pizza and Nata tell them she caught Kevin Michele and Lydia talking saying they needed to get into Chimas ear first on who to put up. (this coming from Natalie so who knows if she really heard it) Now Natalie telling Russ the three of them knew Ronnie was going home so they just voted for him because he was with them. And Lydais Kevin and Michelle were never with them and now the numbers are closer on each side. Russ thinks Kevin has the power and Natalie agreeing saying did you realize who got questions asked from the audience. Jesse saying he thinks Jordan has it and just can;t tell Jeff. Now talking about taking bets about who has it. Chima says she would have said Natalie needed a make over too...she's a beautiful girl but needs one.
  14. 8/5 - Live Feed Updates

    6:50 BBT All feeds still on Lydian packing. Jesse just got call to the DR and Nata asks him to tell them she wantsz to go back and redo her goodbye message. Lydia bring a blue blanket in the pool room where lydian is packing. (I guess she wants to make sure the sleeping arrangements are to her spefications and not caring what anyone else thinks.) All 4 feeds stioll on Lydia packing. I hope someone can take over this exciting event...I'm out. Night!
  15. 8/5 - Live Feed Updates

    6:35 BBT Nata and Ronnie whispering about making an agreement with someone to keep him but didn't say who. Nata just said she wants to go back in the DR because she came up with more things to say for her goodbye speech. Nata just says if u fuck me you better sleep with one eye open and Jeff says thats the way you have to sleep in this house. Nata just left to tell Jesse he can't take a nap now because then he won't be able to go to sleep early tonght and they need their strength for tomorrow. Natalie sid he could be her date for the finale party and Jesse says ok but you'll have to bring someone hot for my friend. Then Nata says well that is if my boyfriend doesn't come. Nata starts talking about her friend Andrea..blond and we get FOTH. Now Natalie singing "I'm taking my bed back tonight." As she saying what the sleeping arrangements are after tonight and says after tomorrow night everyone will have their own bed. Jesse talking about taking a cold shower 4 out of the 5 days. Natalie told Jesse he looks better now that he lost weight and she doesnt like big buff beeft guys. Jeff walks in and Nata says doesn't he look better now and Jeff said he didnt notice a difference. Jesse said you fingers looked better when we first came in the house. And agaon we get FOTH. Cpme back to Natalie asking if Chima wants to wash bedding because Nata wants to fo her since someone was sleeping in her bed. (Sounds like a 12 midnight they are no longer have nots) Didn't realize before but lydia was in the red room while Nata's talking and after Natalie and Jesse leaves she gets up and brings her stuff to the pool room. Now she has her suitcase and is packing.