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  1. feeds back briefly. Richard in round room laying on bed.
  2. kpelletier

    Thursday's Live Show 9/13

    I guess it was the best ending for this season. Congrats to Dick and Daniele. I really do hope they work things out. Maybe after watching this season Dick will realize what a ass he is and get some help. Daniele just needs to mature a bit. She did a hell of a job with the competitions.
  3. kpelletier

    Thursday's Live Show 9/13

    That SUUUUUUCCCCCKKKEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! Neither one of Donatos deserve a friggin penny.....
  4. kpelletier


    live feeds up - extremely choppy and lagging Danielle appears to be shivering bad
  5. kpelletier

    The Blue Ball Controversy

    I personally don't think Richard did it. I think he is a low down dirty cheating bastard certainly capable of doing something like that...but not this time. I suspect it was just a fluke and it bounced in there.
  6. kpelletier

    The Blue Ball Controversy

    Richard is an admitted cheater. Of course some people will think that he would be capable of being the blue ball culprit.
  7. kpelletier

    Zach - Week 11 H O H

    I relaize Richard got a cd for his HOH. I was not aware that previous HOH's were allowed to keep them after their reign was over. Yes I dislike the bastard and hate to see him get away wih the crap he is...
  8. kpelletier

    Zach - Week 11 H O H

    Why does Zach need to share the cd player with Richard? I thought only the current HOH had a cd to listen to?
  9. kpelletier

    Penalty Vote

    Princess dick and Evel biatch need to get there cocky attitudes knocked down a bit. A penalty vote would not only do that but would cause future guests to think twice about trying to cheat.
  10. kpelletier

    If The Final Is Dick Vs. Daniele....

    I voted for Dani. If she gets it at least there is a chance that Dick won't get a chunk of the 1/2 million. I think Dick would share with Dani. I do think Zach should win because he got this far WITHOUT doing the things that Dick and to a lessor extent Dani did.
  11. kpelletier

    Dick Week 10 H O H

    Maybe a contest to identify the type of grilled fish? As a former Richard fan I find his and his daughters behaviour repulsive and vile. IMO they don't deserve to win anything but a years worth of psychological counseling.
  12. kpelletier

    Dick Week 10 H O H

    Dick did say that his shoulder problem was from around 17. He had to show them the scar. Prior activities this season have aggravated his shoulder. I don't think that they should modify any competition to compensate for anyone ever. Maybe Zach should go in and request something geared towards him.
  13. Danielle just mentioned that she was instructed before the show to never talk into the cameras. Dick just laughed and said he does it all the time. Dick wants to get into the DR and tell them not to have a competition that will put stress on his injured shoulder. He thinks it wouldn't be fair.
  14. kpelletier

    Veto - Final 4

    Dick has repeatedly stated that he hasn't lied. He said they conspired to send a coded message. The timing is not relavent. It is a regulated game show with monetary prizes. As a former Dick supporter I am looking / hoping for anything to happen to take it all away from him. I know that it is not going to happen but I can hope! His constant verbal abuse has turned me against him. Go Zach! :-)