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Wednesday, May 6 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00am BBT  In the WA Sarah, Brittnee and Bruno are joking about the way Brittnee says Godfrey’s name and BB should make a  montage out of his name. 

12:26am BBT  Pilar is flossing her teeth in a mirror and thinks she sees a camera through the mirror and she and Ash are creeped out a little a move closer.  BB yells PILAR! And the girls jump and collapse laughing. 

12:32am BBT  In the BR Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey are talking movies.  Bruno and Bobby in the SR are saying if Zach goes it’s not good for his game now which is crazy cause he wanted him out for weeks now. 

12:34am BBT  Bruno says he needs Bobby here to stay.  He needs him.  It’s still not over he says. 

12:48am BBT  The HGs in the BR are still talking about movies.  Kevin and Pili are talking about their relationship on the outside.  ‘Test drive’ are the words Kevin used.

12:57am BBT  Kevin says he let the L word slip out and Pilar didn’t notice.  (Love) How did she miss it. 

1:00am  BBT  Once Zach gets rid of Godfrey he’s going after the girls.  Bobby thinks the girls will put up Kevin and Zach against each other. 

1:12am BBT  Zach and Bobby are recounting their game to date. 

1:28am BBT  Bobby will be able to go to the Jury house and tell them exactly what’s been happening in the house.  The only think he’s unsure  of is the all girls alliance.  

1:37am BBT  Bobby has gone to bed but is the only one in the HN room.  Zach and Ash in the WA talking about Zach’s conversation with Bobby.  How he thinks there is an all girl alliance.

10:39am BBT  Zach says if Sarah breaks them up tomorrow Ash needs to go after her with vengeance. 

10:47am BBT  The lights are off in the BR, Sarah and Willow are saying goodnight and I love you to each other and then they decide to whisper some more.  

10:59 am BBT  Willow heads to bed and is waiting for the lights to dim in the HN room.  This is the last update for tonight.  

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 7:30 am BBT Good Morning Canada! There is a rumor that BB is going to wake the houseguests up early because it is going to be a long day so we have our feeds up and were watching to see if it is true. Right now the lights are out and all houseguests are asleep.

 8:00 am BBT There has been no change, the lights are still out and all houseguests are still sleeping. Who is excited for the triple eviction that is happening tonight?

 8:28 am BBT The lights are still off but feed three is in the WA where Sarah is in the stall. She came out and washed her hands and yep, she crawled back into bed.

 8:45 am BBT Still no change, so much for the rumor they are getting up early. Come on BB rattle the cage and get those hamsters scurrying!

 9:00 am BBT The lights are still off and the houseguests are still sleeping. BB must think that they will need their rest for this big day!

 9:20 am BBT The only change is that the fan feed (storage room) is now on FotH. The lights are still off in the rest of the house and the houseguests are still sleeping.

 9:22 am BBT Lights are now on!

 9:25 am BBT No wakeup call yet. Bobby has all of his clothes folded and sitting on one of the empty beds so that he can pack them up today.

 9:28 am BBT All feeds went to FotH. (Wakeup call finally?)

 9:33 am BBT And their up. Bobby in the shower, Godfrey sitting and talking to him, Ashleigh in the stall and Bruno walked in waiting to get in the stall.

 9:37 am BBT feeds one and two are still on FotH.

 9:38 am BBT Ashleigh left the WA, Bobby is still in the shower, Bruno is now brushing his teeth and Godfrey is in the stall.

 9:40 am BBT Willow walked in the WA and said innocent bystanders then she gave Bruno a hug and left.

 9:41 am BBT Bobby is done with his shower and told Bruno what a crap shoot the next couple of weeks are going to be and no one trusts no one. He said that him and Zach had an even more real talk last night in the pantry. Bobby told Bruno that he thinks that he turned Zach on Sarah. Bruno asked Bobby if he talks to Zach tell him something, but we could not hear what he said.

 9:48 am BBT Bobby, Sarah and Willow now in the KT fixing some food.

 9:49 am BBT Feeds one and two on FotH still.

 9:50 am BBT Zach and Godfrey just walked into the KT and then Zach left. Godfrey is fixing himself something and then walked into the SR where Willow and Sarah were getting some food.

 9:52 am BBT The only two left in the KT are Sarah and Willow. Sarah is whispering saying like their favorite BB and the last person in the world they want to be like.

 9:55 am BBT Sarah just finished fixing herself something to eat and Willow is eating cereal.  

 9:56 am BBT Britt walked into the KT and Sarah is telling Britt that she should say at her speech if you think putting a pawn up is keeping from going after you then you have another thing coming. BB announced that the houseguests are to go up to the HOH room for lockdown.

 9:59 am BBT Sarah is eating her sandwich in the HOH room. Britt is speculating how the day will go and how much time they will have outside of the HOH room to get ready for today.

 10:00 am BBT All feeds go to FotH

 10:02 am BBT All houseguests in HOH lockdown just lying and sitting around with general talk going on.

 10:09 am BBT All the feeds go to FotH again.

 10:30 am BBT The feeds are still on FotH.

 10:50 am BBT The feeds are still on FotH and wondering if they are going to come back before tonight’s show?

 10:58 am BBT The anticipation is building up while the feeds are still down!

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11:00PM BBT Feeds back to everyone in the kitchen, Sarah is eating pizza. Everyone but Britt is there.  Bruno talking about Bobby and he is asked if he knew about the fake veto or not. Sarah now looking bummed at the counter as the others are talking about how crazy it was that there was a triple eviction tonight.  Godfrey thinks there will be another instant eviction but no more double evictions.  BB tells them to stop talking about production.  They think they are currently on pace for the season. Zach is going to make a sandwich. Sarah thought they were going to get pop and she goes off to the store room.  Commercials on two feeds drown out everything else. 


Zach wonders if they will still have to do something else tonight. Zach is sure no one else will be coming back since Sindy has gone to the jury and would get a third chance. Godfrey got to see the bios for several HGs and knows that they will not be coming back.  Pili points out that Arisa thanked them for being part of the show when the original 5 were competing to get back in the house and they dropped out.


BB announces the pantry is now open and they have received fresh batteries.  Pili asks if it is bedtime anytime soon. Ash is slicing something, Sarah has gone to the red couch and Bruno remarks on his way past that there is no couch space anymore (since some couches were removed for the eviction tonight.) Pili also laying down on the ottomans  while Bruno has gone to sit on the brown sofa by the stairs.


Zach eating at the counter while Ash is working on collecting the dishes and taking them to the sink. House is very quiet and has an empty feel to it. Zach comments that he can't believe he is still here right now. Ash agrees and says that her brain is totally pooched and she can't even speak. They talk about whether there were cheers when Ash saved Pili. She said she thinks so but she was just focused on trying not to cry. He tells her there were cheers when he voted to save Willow. (Feeds very uncooperative tonight stalling and restarting often. DRG) 


Godfrey and Pili talking in the bedroom about her missing Kevin and how he was her best friend. He tells her she is still here and she is happy for that. BB tells Pili to fix her microphone. 


Zach telling Ash that he thought that saving Willow was their only chance of not saving Kevin.  Bruno is with them now talking about how they got Sarah to save Pili by making her think it was the only chance to get Kevin out. Sarah really wanted to save Willow but she thought the others were all saving Kevin. 


Sarah has joined Pili and Godfrey in the bedroom and they are talking about how tonight was not a Twistos Twist. Canada keeping Pili was the first and the double veto was the second and they think that is all there have been.  Godfrey saying he would have taken the 10Gs that Bobby and Sindy were offered in the vault if they left the game. 


Ash talking about who they should nom if she is HOH and Zach points out that with seven in the house they will all be playing in POVs from now on, (Almost. DRG) Pili climbs in bed with Sarah and asks how she is doing.  Sarah is worried about what Willow is thinking about her.  Pili thinks that no one expected Willow to go up since she was so sweet and so sensitive.


Downstairs Ash and Bruno comment about not having been on the block yet. Ash is saying that Godfrey told her that he threw the comp. Bruno thinks that Willow going could be a good thing since he never knew where she stood. They think that though they did not think anything like what happened tonight would happen it worked out good.

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From gwennylou:


10:55 PM BBT Feeds are back and the guests are eating and talking about cursing during the POV competition. Everyone but Zach is in the kitchen.  The HoH competition has not yet been played.

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11:28PM BBT Godfrey talking about how he always hates seeing people go, but they are all there to win so everyone else has to go. They talk about John and Neda being together now as an example of not taking evictions personally.  


Zach telling Bruno that Britt did not want to put him up as a way to save some face with him.  Bruno telling Zach to not forget what he did tonight and the three think they can crush the rest of the game. They all hope for an endurance comp for the coming HOH and definitely not a button one. They talk about Sarah and Britt being the noms or Sarah and Godfrey. 


In the bedroom they are talking about how Willow wanted the guys out. Pili says she is so drained right now.  


Bruno says to Zach that he knew he would save Zach the moment he got picked to play the veto. They start comparing notes on the comp and how far each of them was. Then they remark about how empty the house feels now even compared to this morning when they still had 10 out of 16 in the house.  They have never had a double eviction and tonight they had a triple.


Upstairs they are talking about how many people have ever changed peoples minds after the veto comp and decide that it has really only happened once.  Pili hugs Sarah as she gets sad about Willow again and thinks that she will want back the item she gave her right before she left the house. 


Nervous pacing about downstairs then Zach and Bruno hug it out. 


Godfrey talking about how some people were not thinking straight whereas he did the logical thing.  Zach talking about who will have an influence on the jury and he thinks it is hysterical that he got off the block this week.  He will never listen to another word that comes out of the girls.


Ash enters the bedroom now and Sarah starts rattling off the reverse order of evictions from last season.


Bruno and Zach working on solidifying their bromance in the kitchen. Bruno telling him he could have played with no loyalty and just waved to him when he had the veto. Britt finally makes an appearance in the kitchen having finished up her DR session.


Upstairs Ash realizes that Kevin will be stoked that he went out the same exact time as Arlie since he is such a big fan. 


Britt says she is not drinking any more of the coffee and they discuss that they will get restocked tomorrow and will do the HOH and maybe pick have or have nots. (Nope Canada is voting for them so it will be a few days folks. DRG) They start talking about which of the evictees used to do the dishes.


Sarah is called to the DR and heads downstairs.  Remaining three talk about which comps they threw and how they would like to say they threw more than they did.  Godfrey talks about how hard the comps are and how he thought he would be better than he is. He would really like to win an HOH and Sarah says that she would too.  Godfrey is called to the DR. As he leaves he remarks that everyone will be sleeping in here tonight.  Ash tells Pili that taking Godfrey to the end would be smart as no one will vote for him since he has not won anything and he has 5Gs.  Pili says she knows Ash trusts him but he wanted Kevin out.  Sarah is going around collecting Willow's belongings and Ash goes to help her.  Sarah debates about whether to keep Willow's #Sarah shirt or to send it to her now.  


Britt and Godfrey still working on cleaning up the kitchen. Zach comments about how Arisa just drops bombs on them and smiles. Sarah comes into the kitchen with a bottle of pop and is queried about how she got it. She tells Zach that just have a mental breakdown.  


Ash and Pili talking about how they and Godfrey would make a good final group. Ash pushing for them to be F2. Now Ash would put up Godfrey and Sarah. Pili does not trust Bruno so Ash tells her to use him as a replacement so he has less chance to win veto and stay in the game and be angry.  Pili wonders why Brittney put her up and Ash says she has to ask her but she thinks that she wanted Kevin and Pili out. Ash says Sarah is kind of a manipulator as is Zach.  Ash says they just have to wait for the HOH and see who it is. Pili is worried it could be an instant but Ash thinks they will have time to think. Pili again saying she does not trust Bruno so Ash tells her to just go with her gut.  Ash now telling Pili about why Sarah voted to save Pili since she thought the boys were voting to keep Kevin and if she knew they were keeping Willow then she would have voted to save Willow too. Sarah told the boys this after the eviction.  

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11:55PM BBT  Ash still talking to Pili and saying she would not have been on the block but for Britt and if she does not trust her then she should nom her. 


Sarah downstairs drinking her pop and filling the ice trays.  Zach and Bruno at the counter talking about having been away from home for 2 months now.  


Ash giving Pili rationales to use to explain her noms should she be the next HOH.


Everyone downstairs drinking soda now and talking about what they typically drink at home. Pili continues to worry about Bruno and if she noms him and he comes down then he will be gunning for her.  (How long before she realizes that they are all gunning for everyone else since there is only one winner? - DRG)  Pili talking about how she would hate to use Britt again as a pawn. Ash says Kevin would love to see her send out the person responsible for his eviction and she should use that as motivation to light a fire uder her butt. 

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11:45PM BBT Zach tells Bruno he'll nominate Sarah and Brittnee if he wins HoH.  Bruno agrees. Zach thinks Brittnee expected Willow to stay over Pilar.  Ashleigh interrupts and asks they would nom and Zach dithers, saying it depends.  Godfrey tells Pilar and Sarah that Kevin's last words were to give Pilar at least one vote.  He continues to blow smoke saying that Willow was evicted because she's too much of a threat.  Bruno promises Zach he'll fight for him like he fought for Bobby. (uh, Where's Bobby now?)


12:00am BBT Bruno says the HoH comp will be tomorrow (so no point in waiting up for it tonight), and he thinks the HoH will pick the Have Nots, but we know that will be left to a higher power - Canada!  Ashleigh and Pilar think Godfrey will be good to take the end because he hasn't won anything except money.  They would take Godfrey or Zach over Bruno because everyone likes Bruno.  They make a Final 2 pact if they make it to the Final 4.  They decide if either wins HoH, they should nominate Godfrey and Sarah and backdoor Bruno if the Veto is used.

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