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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 20 Episode 10

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Tonight's Dancing With The Stars opens with scenes of a double elimination. The announcer, and Tom welcome everyone to tonight's show. Tom says, that 1/3 of the cast is going home tonight. Nastia and Derek are at the top of tonight's leader board with 117, and Robert and Kym are at the bottom with a 93. Tom asks Len what trio dance the judges want to see again that was performed last night. Len says, Rumer and Val's Paso Doble. They dance the Paso Doble.


The audience erupts for them when they are finished. Tom says, twice is nice, but will they have enough viewer votes to stay in the competition? We see highlights from Rumer and Val's dances yesterday, with their perfect score of 80 for the night. Tom says, awesome it is. Erin says, she can't believe that two couples have to go home tonight.


Rumer and Val are safe tonight. Tom asks who will join them in the Semi-Finals, and who will lose their chance at the mirror ball trophy? He says, we will find out a little later. More to come after the break, live.


We come back to tonight's Dancing With The Stars with a Contemporary dance being performed by Maddie Ziegler. Tom says, she will be back with Josh Groban a little later in the show. Len Goodman is with two other guys in a pre-tapped video, giving highlights of the dancers from the season.


They highlighted three of the contestants so far, and they will be back later for more. Erin is with the two couples that have the highest scores from last night. They are Rumer and Val, and Riker and Allison. Erin congratulates Rumer and Val for making it into the Semi-Finals. Rumer says, it's the most incredible experience you can ever have, and anyone who's asked to do the show, should take the opportunity to do it if they can. Riker says, everyone is a little nervous, and he's worried about the viewer's votes.


We see highlights for Chris and Witney's dances from last night. Tom tells Chris and Witney they are in jeopardy, and could be going home tonight. Tom says, one of the couples that will fall in tonight's double elimination will be revealed when we come back, live.


Tom welcomes us back to the first Results Show of the season. Erin introduces their first special guest, Carly Rae Jepsen to the stage. She is singing her new hit song, I Really Like You, while professional dancers are dancing in the ballroom. The audience is clapping along with her singing.


The audience cheers for her, and gives her a standing ovation, when she is finished singing. Tom says, Rumer and Val are safe, and Chris and Witney are in jeopardy. We see highlights for Noah and Sharna's dances from last night. They had a wardrobe malfunction during dress rehearsal.


We also see highlights for Robert and Kym''s dances from last night, and their kiss. One of these two couples will be eliminated right now, and the other couple will be going to the Semi-Finals. Tom says, Noah and Sharna and Robert and Kym, on this eighth week of competition, and the first couple to be eliminated on this double elimination night is Robert and Kym. Erin says, Noah and Sharna have made it into the Semi-Finals. The audience really cheers for Robert and Kym. Erin talks about their relationship blossoming on the ballroom floor. Robert says, it was so much fun, and he's thankful he was able to be there.


Tom says, he's known Kym for many years, and he may not have won a mirror-ball trophy, but he may have won someone's heart. Robert tells Tom, he's not sure he feels that way about him. Tom tells them to go to the center of the ballroom. Erin says, that's annoying, because she wants to know what will happen with them. There's more to come after the break, live.


Tom welcomes us back to the ballroom. More of the Dance Center analysis of the dancers is being shown. The audience cheers when the highlights are finished. Erin is backstage with Nastia and Derek. She talks to them about their busy schedules. She asks Nastia what Dancing With The Stars has taught her, that she didn't know before. She says, it's been great to be in L.A., and to perform in characters, and showing her emotions, has been so much fun. She says, it's been an amazing ride so far. Erin says, they will find out in a little bit if they are safe or not.


Tom introduces the next Special Guest, which is a dance group call Shaping Sound that perform in the ballroom. The audience is clapping and cheering along, as they perform their dance. The audience really cheers for them. Tom says, there's more to come after the break. Erin says, Josh Groban and Maddie Ziegler will perform in a little while.


Professional dancers dance us back into tonight's Results Show. We see highlights for Nastia and Sasha's dances from last night, and their score of 76 for the night. We also see the highlights for Riker and Allison's dances from last night, and their score of 78 for the night.


Tom says, the scores and votes have been combined, let's get some more results. The next couple in the Semi-Finals is Nastia and Derek. Riker and Allision are in jeopardy with Chris and Witney. Erin asks Chris about he feels, and he says, he's a little nervous being up against Riker, because he's such a good dancer. Erin congratulates Noah for making it to the Semi-Finals, and asks him if he's surprised? He says, yes.


Josh Groban sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow, with Maddie Ziegler and two other girls dancing in the ballroom. The audience goes crazy for them, when he's finished singing. Tom says, numbers like that is why he loves these Tuesday Results Shows. Erin says, Riker and Allison and Chris and Witney are both in jeopardy. Tom says, we'll get the final results when we come back, live.


We come back to the ballroom for the final results of the night. Tom welcomes us back for the results. Tom says, Chris and Witney and Riker and Allison, on this eighth week of competition, the next couple who will be going home is Chris and Witney. Each couple hugs each other, and Chris and Witney go by Tom and Erin. The audience is really cheering for them, and Chris is crying. Erin asks him what part has been the most exciting for him? He is choked up, and tells them to ask Witney the questions. Tom says, he's not letting him off the hook, and Chris tells them it was a great time. Tom tells him he did a great job. The band starts playing the end of the show song. Tom tells them to take the center of the floor. Tom says, they will be on Good Morning America and Live With Kelly and Michael tomorrow. He says, we will return to the ballroom next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. He says, a new Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is up next, and tells us goodnight.


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