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Thursday, April 30 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 8:53 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are on already in the BB house. Britt is in the WA doing her makeup and Godfrey is in the shower. Pilar and Kevin are up in the HOH room sitting on the bed eating and talking without their mic’s on so we can’t hear what is being said.

 8:56 am BBT Ashleigh is now up in the WA washing her face. Zach walked in to use the restroom, washed his hands and left. Pilar walked in the WA and wishes everyone a good morning. She asked Britt how her sleep was and Britt responded that it was alright but Bobby was super hot.

 9:00 am BBT BB just told Bobby to please wake up because nap time is over.

 9:04 am BBT In the BR Sarah and Willow are climbing out of bed talking about going down and fixing something to eat. Willow pulled Sarah back on the bed and said she loves her. Britt is standing by Bobbie still in bed. Pilar is looking for clothes to wear.

 9:10 am BBT Up in the HOH room Godfrey is playing with the remote control car that Kevin got.

 9:14 am BBT Willow and Britt in the SR getting the stuff needed to cook breakfast. Bruno walked in to get something and left.

 9:15 am BBT In the KT Willow is scrambling eggs for the burrito’s while Britt is making hash browns. Sarah is cutting the pepper and Bruno is sitting at the counter fixing something.

 9:18 am BBT Bobby is told again by BB to wake up because nap time is over.

 9:21 am BBT Bruno is still up in the HOH room playing with Kevin’s car. He has an obstacle course set up with slippers and such. Kevin walked out of the HOH shower and laughed and said it so nice having a toy then he left the room.

 9:25 am BBT Pilar and Ashleigh are in the WA doing their makeup. Kevin walked in the WA and said good morning in the BB Canada house. Kevin told Ashleigh that Pilar woke him up and wanted to make out with him. Pilar responded with yea whatever.

 9:29 am BBT BB just told Zach to please wake up because nap time is over. Bruno and Godfrey are sitting on the LR couch. Bruno has a sore neck.

 9:36 am BBT Godfrey is in the LR lying on the red couch while Zach is lying on the grey couch drinking a cup of coffee. Pilar was just called to the DR and she got excited about it and ran there.

 9:38 am BBT In the KT Britt is making hash browns while Willow is making Burritos. Bruno, Kevin, Ashleigh and Sarah are sitting at the counter watching. Just general conversation going on about cooking.

 9:41 am BBT A view of the screen in the LR shows that the nomination ceremony is today.

 9:45 am BBT there is still general conversation going on in the KT. Kevin, Bruno and Godfrey in the LR lying on the couches. Kevin sad it would be sick if they got alcohol this week.

 10:12 am BBT There is still nothing going on in the BB house. Godfrey is back up in the HOH room playing with Kevin’s car while the others are in the KT with general conversation going on.

 10:16 am BBT The KT group is now talking about Las Vegas.

 10:22 am BBT Willow, Sarah, Bruno and Bobby are in the LR talking about theme parks and rides to go on.

 10:27 am BBT Now the LR group is talking about their ages while Kevin walked up the stairs to the HOH room. Bruno and Kevin are now having a conversation. Kevin said that he thinks he is putting up Britt and Bobby. Godfrey said he don’t know if Bobby actually has that secret veto. Kevin said we are going to find out. Kevin told Godfrey he is not going up. Godfrey said that he understands why he is not putting up Zach. Godfrey said if he would have won the comp he would have put up Willow and Zach. Godfrey told Kevin that Zach wanted Kevin out. Kevin said we are going to see how this plays out. Zach thinks that Kevin is backdooring Godfrey this week and that is what he is going to tell Bobby and Bruno. Godfrey said hopefully he wins the PoV this week and then Kevin left the room.

 10:33 am BBT Godfrey is now listening to Kevin’s music in the HOH room. The LR group is talking about places that they have been and shows that they have seen.

 10:38 am BBT The BY is open now and Bruno, Zach, Kevin, Britt, Willow and Sarah head out there. Bobby went to see if it was nice outside and he came back and said it is nice out.

 10:41 am BBT In the BY we have Bruno, Bobby, Kevin and Zach talking about the nominations. Kevin said that they have to win the veto. Ashleigh and Pilar joined the BY group and Kevin told them the plan is to backdoor Godfrey this week. Kevin said they have the votes so they could sit there and relax. Bruno said if we put one of us on the block as a pawn and one of them win the veto like Britt Sarah or Godfrey. Kevin said we have the votes no matter what then we are interrupted by a commercial.

 10:45 am BBT Bobby wants to suggest putting himself and Godfrey up so that he can compete in the veto. Zach said why don’t we do this then, Bobby could go up against Britt or Sarah and even if he doesn’t get pulled off they have the votes. Pilar said even if he doesn’t win the veto he has the secret one. Bobby responded that he don’t want to have to use that until he really has to. Bobby knows that the group would obviously pull him off or vote out whoever what up against him. (Does Bobby not remember what happened to JP two weeks ago?).

 10:48 am BBT Bobby told Kevin whatever he decides. Zach said they have a nice setup for the next three weeks. Pilar keeps telling Bobby he can always use his secret veto. Bobby is being selfish and would just like to save it. Zach said they have to be careful if Willow is around all of them to be careful what they are saying because her and Sarah are spending their time together. Willow has not played a card in this game.

 10:51 am BBT Bruno said next week could be the double eviction. They are now speculating what kind of HOH comp will be next week. Bruno said he thinks it is best to put up Sarah and Britt. Bobby said that he is just trying to help the group out. Kevin said the only way Godfrey survives this week is if he wins the veto. Bruno said that it is better for them if Godfrey leaves. Zach and Bruno hope they get picked to play in the PoV. Bruno said this is our group and this is the way it is. Zach said that you hate to put Britt on the Block the fourth week in a row and Ashleigh responded that she has never had a vote against her.

 10:55 am BBT Pilar said that Godfrey can’t go on the block because then he will get to play in the PoV for sure and they can’t have that. Zach said they have to take out the immediate threat. Britt walked out to the BY and discussion changes to clothes.

 10:58 am BBT It sounds like game talk is over for now and they are just waiting for the nomination ceremony.

 10:59 am BBT Sarah is by the HT by herself apologizing to Canada viewers about getting so frustrated, their lying, she is lying. If she wins a comp then she can say something about game play. In summary she apologizes and she is going to keep trying and she has never thrown a comp.

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 1:11 pm BBT The feeds are on FotH. It must be time for the nomination ceremony.

 1:28 pm BBT We are still waiting for the feeds to come back to see which two houseguests Kevin picked to sit on the chopping block. We know earlier Bobby volunteered to be on the block as a pawn because they have the numbers and he is safe & Pilar said that he doesn’t have to worry anyway because he has that extra veto (which we found out that he really doesn’t, but all of the houseguests do not know that)

 1:50 pm BBT The feeds are still on FotH.

 2:10 pm BBT We are still waiting for the feeds to come back so that we can see who is on the block.

 2:28 pm BBT The anticipation is building as we wait for the feeds to come back so we could see who is on the block.

 2:57 pm BBT The feeds are still down. Who will be on the block? Who would you like to see on the block?

 3:22 pm BBT Wow, the feeds have been down for over two hours now. We are still waiting to see who is going to be on the block.

 3:27 pm BBT Actually, information came in (ty) that this could possibly be the HN comp and that would explain why it is taking so long. We will see as soon as the feeds come back.

 3:52 pm BBT The feeds are still down.

 4:27 pm BBT The feeds have been down over three hours now.

 4:54 pm BBT Tic Toc, we are still here waiting on the feeds to come back up.

 4:55 pm BBT And their up!

 4:56 pm BBT Ashleigh in the WA in her swim suit and now heading out by the pool where everyone is at. It looks like Bruno is getting a back rub. Still trying to find out why the feeds were down.

 4:58 pm BBT Sarah, Pilar Bobby and Kevin are in the SR looking at all the food that was restocked.

 4:59 pm BBT Pilar is so happy that she is a have because now she can eat and Kevin said that she could sleep in his room then back to FotH.

 5:01 pm BBT So it was the HN comp and we know so far that Pilar is a have and Bobby is a have not. Sarah is excited about some food that was restocked so she must be a have.

 5:05 pm BBT Bruno and Zach are talking about the comp. Bruno said something Ashleigh getting a video from home. Bruno said Willow was almost in tears and they hope that Willow doesn’t get shitty.  

 5:09 pm BBT Zach is going to give Ashleigh a message. Ashleigh said that she keeps getting bursts of crying because of the video from home.

 5:11 pm BBT In the WA we seen Willow wash her hands then we heard her go in the BR, but feeds are not on it. All other four feeds are of Zach giving Ashleigh a message.

 5:13 pm Willow just walked back in the WA with some clothes and headed in the stall to change.

 5:14 pm BBT Bruno and Godfrey are in the SR. Godfrey is talking about if he goes up

 5:16 pm BBT Bruno just told Godfrey that they needed this week so bad. Pilar walked in and interrupted their conversation and then she left. Bruno said that it is a sketchy week then Willow walked in and interrupted the conversation again. Then Willow said I am not mad, but when that happened you can see where they are at. Godfrey is eating so he must be a have. The three of them are talking about having the numbers now. Bobby, Pilar, and Britt walked in and asked Willow if she was mad and Willow’s feelings get hurt so easy. Willow said that she is excited for Ashleigh but you can see who the friends are.

 5:21 pm BBT Britt said that $42 is better than nothing so it sounds like she won that in the comp. Britt told Bruno said she hopes it is a good one for you so Bruno must have a surprise prize from the comp.

 5:23 pm BBT Everyone left the SR but Bruno and Godfrey then Kevin walked in and he was glad that he got to host the comp. They all exit the SR now and Bruno said that he has one extra shake and asked who else wants one.

 5:25 pm BBT Bruno is sharing the shake with Britt, Pilar, Godfrey and one for himself.

 5:27 pm BBT Back to FotH

 5:51 pm BBT Feeds are back with houseguests in LR. Pilar has what looks to be a crab costume on. Ashleigh is helping her fix it in the back.

 5:53 pm BBT Ashleigh asked who is next to get a message and said that she already had hers. Pilar did not get a message and it is a lobster costume that she is wearing.

 5:54 pm BBT Pilar has to wear the lobster costume for 24 hours.

 5:55 pm BBT Pilar is not going to drink a lot of water because it will be hard to go to the bathroom. Bruno was just called to the DR.

 5:56 pm BBT Bruno came out of the DR and said there was only 30 minutes left then the feeds went to FotH. When they came back up most of the houseguests ran up the stairs.

 5:58 pm BBT Sarah and Britt are thinking about going for a swim. Bobby is the only one left sitting on the LR couch. 

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8:21PM BBT: Majority of HGs hanging around the main floor, Brittnee is massaging Brunos shoulders and stating she is all business; giving the best massage. 

Bobby is walking around in rubber boots. Pilar is sitting on the couch in her lobster costume. Godfrey is roaming around the house waiting for his nails to dry.




8:24PM BBT: Ashleigh wonders if she will get her video tonight and questions whether or not it will be on the living room TVs. 

Brittnee is still massing Bruno and he is moaning telling her how good she is doing. Bobby still roaming the house in his rubber boots and stuffing paper towel and tissue in the boots?

Ashleigh walks Pilar to the washroom, to assist with using the washroom in her lobster costume. Willow is getting ready to take a shower.




8:30PM BBT: Ashleigh lists her siblings and tells Willow she is dating Christof. Willow asks if he will be in the video. Ashleigh hopes so. While showering Willow says "don't see my boobs", Ashleigh says "everyones seen my boobs, they have been out a lot". 

Brittnee and Sarah in the SR. General chit chat about food with a little talk about people being paranoid about going up. Brittnee is eating a large pickle and making inappropriate gestures. 

Kevin appears to be doing dishes in the KT. Bobby continuing to roam around.



8:34PM BBT: Bruno, Godfrey and Brittnee are talking about needing to cheer Bobby up for having "slob boots". Brittnee gets up and goes to sit next to Bobby and holds his hand. Brittnee says "wouldn't this cheer you up?" Godfrey says he has hands, he doesn't have boobs... Brittnee says we are taking things slow.. Conversation moves on to chit chat about photo mirror and different pictures they would take. 


Sarah and Zach in the KT eating, general chit chat.

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9:30PM BBT: The feeds return and we see Bobby stuffing bathroom tissue into his boot.  The nomination ceremony has not yet happened. 

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9:33PM BBT Feeds back.  All the HG appear to be gathered in the LR.  Nominations Ceremony Today still on the video screen.  General small talk and chit chat going on

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10:00PM BBT Feeds back and the HG are still gathered around the sofas in the LR, at least 8 of them (Sarah, Brittney, Bobby Zach, Bruno and Willow). They seem to have seen videos, either just now or earlier, from former BBCAN3 HG. Johnny had a Veto and they're talking about whether Naeha needs to go to medical school to be a chiropractor.


10:10PM BBT Looks like Godfrey is in there too.  Bobby is apparently wearing slop--filled boots. That's why he was stuffing them with TP - to keep the slop from spilling out. Zach and Ashleigh head up to HoH.  Zach thinks her friends will give him a hard time after the show for kissing her.  He's wearing a shirt today and apparently it could be offensive.  Pili enters HoH in her lobster outfit.

10:15PM BBT Zach asks Ash who she would nom next week and she says Bobby and Bruno.  Zach says no, Bobby could use his veto to take both off.  Zach thinks the next HoH will be endurance and suggests sending Sarah home over Bobby.  Zach is still concerned about being a target when someone else is in power.  He thinks the only ones who won't go after the couples are Bobby and Bruno.  (you would think a quarterback would be better at reading the field than this.  -- Morty)

10:20pm BBT Ash thinks Bobby has to use the secret veto (he doesn't have) by Day 53.  Zach says Bobby and Bruno are big threats, Sarah and Brittnee aren't  Who do you want coming after you, he asks?  He's explaining the strategy according to Zach, because in Canada, apparently, female HoHs aren't able to think for themselves.  Maybe it is time to strike next week, Zach reconsiders.

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10:30pm BBT Zach says once they attack, it's done, the house will be at war.  Ash thinks Willow will side with them but Zach thinks she's too flip-floppy.  if Bobby, Bruno, Willow or Godfrey wins next week, he says, our alliance goes down.  Zach says he's going to try to win this HoH.  Ash says they have to decide who to tick off, someone with a social game or a competitive game.  Every idea game Ashleigh has, Zach shoots it down if it doesn't agree with his own.  BB tells Pilar nap time is over.  Oh BB, can't you let sleeping lobsters lie?

10:35PM BBT Zach thinks Bobby and Bruno are super loyal right now.  Not until Final 6 at least.  Sarah says that's what they think of us and will strike preemptively. We have to strike next week, Zach says.  You've done a complete 180, she tells him.  A lot has to happen before the next HoH, she reminds him, you'll drive yourself mental.  Ash suggests they tell Bobby and Bruno they are back dooring Kevin and they backdoor Bruno instead?  (Where have I heard that plan before?  Where's JP?  -- Morty)

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10:45PM BBT Zach decides he's going to do it next week.  Zach keeps going into the curtained WC area and then out again.  Do you have to pee, Ash asks?  Yeah.  Then go pee.  Thank you, BB, for letting us hear the tinkle tinkle.  (sigh).  At least he washes his hands.  Good chat, he tells Ash.  Now that the strategy session is over, he puts his shirt back on.  Maybe he can only strategize with his shirt off.  He heads downstairs.  Kevin and Pilar are in the SR.  You mean a lot to me, he tells her.  You make it worthwhile, she says back.

10:50PM Zach pops into the SR looking for the mayo.  Kevin is so hungry.  It hasn't even been a day yet, Pili says.  Zach wants to fry up some slop but they don't have any mayo.  Kevin thinks it's ironic Bobby got the Slop Shoes.  Whatever Pilar's saying is making her laugh uncontrollably.  Apparently it was Graig's question during the Food Comp that led to Bobby wearing the slop shoes.  What show was Graig on, Kevin asks (that he got that so wrong)?  Stop talking about production, BB says after Kevin mentions ripping on Graig in the DR.  Zach returns and all three have a laugh..They return to the kitchen.

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10:55PM BBT Sarah is giving Willow a deep ittue massage on her leg.  Willow thinks Zach will come tell her whomever they want to get out.  Sarah says Willow is the only one who gets it.  Willow is in pain - possibly a cramp in her thigh.  Willow thinks she'll have to see a psychiatrist after the game - she doesn't think she'll be able to like anyone.  Ash and Brittnee are in the KT as Pilar sits at the counter.  They wonder when the Nom ceremony is?  It's already 20 to 12am, Pilar says.  No, it's 5m to 11pm.  Zach, Kevin, Bruno and Godfrey are on the LR couches discussing custom designed pools.

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Can you believe it's May already?  Our coverage continues here:

Friday, May 1 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates


And we still need your help.  This is not a plea for donations of money, but rather your time.  If you have a few minutes to help, or a few hours, here's how it works:  http://mortystv.com/archive/bb3ca/bb3ca_042015-help.php

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