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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 20 Episode 8

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Tonight's Dancing With The Stars opens up with a screen that says, "10 Years In The Making." The announcer says, tonight is the 10th Anniversary of Dancing With The Stars, and professional dancers are dancing in the ballroom. A huge number 10 is hanging down from the ceiling.


Tom welcomes us to the ballroom, and says there are going to be a lot of unforgettable moments of the past 20 seasons, with some new dances coming tonight. Erin talks with Patti about her dancing tonight.


Highlights are shown with all of the winners for the past seasons, up to this point. The audience is cheering for all of them. Tom says, the 10th Anniversary Special will return for more memories. By the end all of the dancers will be on the dance floor, more to come, when we come back.


We come back to the ballroom with the Season 1 winners dancing a Paso Doble. Val goes down to a speedo type outfit during the dance. Other Season's champions dance in the ballroom to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.


The audience goes crazy for them all when they are finished dancing, they and the judges are on their feet for them all. One of the dancers tonight is 4 months pregnant.


More highlights and bloopers are shown from the first decade of Dancing With The Stars. Max and Len ride a dual bike onto the dance floor at the end of the highlights. Tom says, more to come of past season champions after the break.


Billy Rae Cyrus is singing Achy Breaky Heart when we return to the ballroom, and some guys have mullet wigs on. Tom says, over the past 20 seasons we've seen dancers that have been exceptional. We see highlights of those dancers.


Tom says, the two most recent champions are being given a chance to dance back to back in a ballroom showdown. First up is Alfonso and Witney. The audience goes crazy for them. A highlight clip is played of Witney accidentally hitting Alfonso in the groin area with her foot on their season. Alfonso says, When you're hit, just get a snack. Tom then says, when you're hit in the snack, just get a snack. More dancing to come after the break.


Tom welcomes us back to the 10th Anniversary Special of Dancing With The Stars, from the control room. Next up to dance is Merrill and Max. The audience is cheering along, and on their feet the entire dance. When they are finished Carrie Ann is flashing her hands with continuous 10's. Tom calls them over to him, and Max tries to cover Merrill's chest with his body. They show Max' audition tape. Four of the male professional dancers have the hat and sweater on that he had on in the tape.


More highlights are shown from previous dancers performing, and talking about the dances.  There will be more performances after the break, and later all of the stars will be on the dance floor.


We come back to the ballroom for the Dancing With Stars 10th Anniversary Special with Melissa Rycroft and Tony dancing in the ballroom. Tom Says, The Perfect 10 Tour kicks off June 13 in Atlantic City. We see some highlights from the judges.


Tom turns to Len, and asks what has changed over the past 10 years? Len says, the production and ballroom are much bigger. He also says, that the standard can't seem to get any bigger, but it does. We see highlights from the announcers of Sports Center.


The previous NFL players all come on the dance floor to dance. There is a football field projected onto the dance floor, and they dance to the NFL Theme Music. The audience erupts for them when they are finished.


Erin says, she feels right at home here. Erin asks Emmitt Smith how he feels, and he absolutely loves it. Tom shows pictures of Jerry Rice over the years. Tom says, Patti will perform with Amber and Lil' Kim. Erin says, the biggest dance ever will also be performed in the ballroom.


Tom welcomes us back to the Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary Special, as some of the dancers are using feather dusters on the mirror ball trophy. Patii Labelle sings in the ballroom, and Amber Riley joins her. After they have been singing for a few minutes Lil' Kim joins in with them. The audience goes crazy for the three of them when they are all finished singing. Tom says, wow, wow, good to see you, incredible. The audience is chanting, Patti, Patti, Patti. Tom asks her if she can come back every season. Highlights are shown on how Dancing With The Stars has changed some of the competitors lives throughout the years.


Tom says, this is the moment we've all been waiting for, all of the stars back on the dance floor. They are all on the dance floor with the judges, and dancing. Tom thanks everyone for joining them for the past 10 years of experiences. Erin says, there will be more dancing for years to come. Tom says, goodnight everybody, as the group on the dance floor continues to dance.

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