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Monday, April 27 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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10:05PM BBT Ash back at it. Kevin attempting to juggle by the outside couches where Piliis recling and watching the show. 


Outside Britt now telling a story on herself about dating when she was kind of like the gal Zach had just talked about. Sarah is offering justifications for her. 

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#BBCAN3 10:30pm Ashliegh is riding on a tricycle in the BY, I dont know if its somekind of task or what at this point, Bruno,Godfrey,Bobby,Pilar, and Brit are sitting on the grey chairs. While Ashliegh is riding around red flags. As of now she has done 240 laps on the tricycle.

#BBCAN3 10:40pm Zach and Kevin are talking in the blue room about the whole JP thing, and how Sindy was the flip vote on that.

#BBCAN3 10:45pm Zach and Kevin are talking about Bobby and Bruno now, and how Godfrey is now with them. Kevin says we need to take out Godfrey soon. He is such a wild cat. Bobby is such a breast now. Zach is saying Godfrey will throw Pilar or Ashliegh under the bus. Or he will come after me. Yeah. Kevin is taking his cloths now to do lanudry.

#BBCAN3 10:50pm Willow tells Ashliegh that she can do the 300 laps in two hour. She is now at 262.

#BBCAN3 10:53pm Bruno is teaching Godfrey fighting moves, Sarah wants to make red beans and rice when they can eat again, altho she says she doesnt really know how to make them but she wants to try.

#BBCAN3 11:00pm Looks like its snack time, Zach has made him a "QB1" sandwich, and twisto chips that they toasted up. Yummie. 

#BBCAN3 11:05pm Ashliegh is at 282, Bobby says I hope we dont have an endurance comp tomorrow Ash is going to be burnt out afte this.

#BBCAN3 11:15pm Ash as now done 300 laps they are clapping for her and cheering.

#BBCAN3 11:29pm feeds are back now Bobby is on the bike. they are just riding it.

#BBCAN3 11:25pm BB comes on HGs this is your final warning the BY is now off limits.

#BBCAN3 11:30pm Godfrey and Brit are in the Bed, Kevin and Pilar are making out. Ash is taking a bath. 

#BBCAN3 11:40pm Zach and Ash are in the tub, in the blue room Sarah and Bruno are talking about Risha, 

#BBCAN3 11:45pm The Hgs are in the blue room getting ready for bed talking and such look like its a earily nite tonight. but now Kevin is talking to Bruno about maybe if its a double get Sarah and Brit out. Bobby is in too also Pilar. Pilar says backdoor Godfrey.

#BBCAN3 12:00am Sarah is brushing Willows hair, Sindy is in bed Bruno keeps talking about if its a double eviction this week, Zach and Ash are still in the tub. 

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