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Thursday, April 23 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Willow tells Bobby that it was a smart move to vote out JP, Willow tells Bobby she still tight to him and Bruno. Willow asks if he thinks they're still good with Zach. Bobby tells her that he hopes so, "It's not like it was just me and Bruno, clearly everyone was scared of JP." Willow: "It was a smart move, if you are going to put your best friend on the block, why not take a shot at them?"
 Willow says she wants to wring Sindy's neck for lying to her. She tells Bobby, Kevin and Sarah that Sindy said it was Kevin that voted JP out, and Sindy told Kevin it was Willow.
 Bobby tells Bruno, Kevin, Sarah and Willow that he wants Sindy gone, "If I won HoH, she would be up." Bobby thinks he made a genius move by taking Sindy out of the HoH competition.

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It looks like the SSB alliance is already over. Brittnee and Sarah agree they're not putting their neck on the line for Sindy.

12:25AM BBT:  Bobby tells Ashleigh: "Sindy's a big target, Godfrey's a big target. You guys can take them out in whatever order you want." Bobby says he was the last person they approached about the flip so he doesn't feel too good about them.

In the HoH room, Pili tells Kevin that she wants to make the best move for them and Ashleigh and Zach.

After some snogging, Kevin and Pilar break out the M&Ms to do some strategic planning.

Pilar asks Kevin who flipped the house? "Who did that?: Kevin: "The people who voted are Sarah, Brittnee, Bobby, Bruno and Sindy. Kevin thinks that Brittnee and Sarah aren't after them.

Pili tells Kevin she wants to put up a pawn and a person she wants out, but she will try to backdoor the person she really wants out. Kevin: "All of us wanted Godfrey out the first week and look where he is at..."

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1:30am BBT  In the KT are Bobby, Willow, Zach and Bruno.  Willow thinks Pili will put up Godfrey and Sindy.  They are talking about JP and Willow says she can’t wait to watch that episode. 

1:44am BBT  Pili knows Sindy wasn’t telling the truth about this vote. 

1:52am BBT  Bobby says everything changes daily in this house.  Bobby’s sure he’s going up.  In the HOH Pili and Kevin are being snuggly.  Kevin has to tell Pili to request the lights to go out since it’s her room. 

2:03am BBT  Most of the HGs have headed to bed and are waiting for the lights to dim.

2:15am BBT  Kevin gets up to go to the WC.  He comes back to bed with a photo of Pili’s family and reviews the names. 

2:22am BBT  Zach goes into the HOH and talks with Pili and Kevin.  Zach is down about what happened and Pili is shocked.  Pili thinks she’ll do Sindy and Godfrey on the block.  It amazes Zach that Bobby and Bruno want Sindy out so bad but voted with them.   Zach thinks it’ll be a double eviction. 

2:39am BBT  Zach couldn’t believe that Sindy would ask who the 5th vote was.  Zach goes to bed.  In the BY are Bruno and Bobby who both can’t sleep.  Ashleigh is still in the DR so BB hasn’t turned off the lights.

2:48am BBT  Bruno says they need Godfrey.  Willow might be coming over to them.  They trust Godfrey 100%.  They can’t forget that Zach was thinking of putting one of them up.

2:58am  BBT  In the BY Bruno and Bobby are saying they need to go after Zach next week.  The lights are off in the BR and HOH and it’s time to sign off.  We’ll be back tomorrow. 

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 8:39 am BBT Lights are already on in the BB house. Looks like Sindy and Sarah are taking new batteries around to the houseguests. Bobby is now up and out of bed, Willow sits up and asks about Sindy. Bobby told her that she just changed batteries.

 8:43 am BBT Sindy and Sarah meet up in the SR. They are whispering so low we can’t hear what is being said. Bobby is in the KT now fixing coffee. Sarah walked out of the SR and said good morning to him. They both head upstairs as Sindy heads to the HOH room to talk to Pilar. Sindy is going to send three people to the HOH room, Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee. She is going to try and do it within the next five minutes. Kevin is going to wake up.

 8:50 am BBT Sarah and Britt walk into the HOH room and tell Pilar and Kevin good morning. Britt asked how Pilar and Kevin are feeling and they tell her they are tired. Sindy is in the HOH room and she is now explaining to Pilar and Kevin about the Chop Shop and telling them who their targets were.

 8:55 am BBT still in the HOH room Sindy said that she had to evict JP for the numbers because if he stayed then they would have the numbers. Sindy knows that Pilar wouldn’t put up Zach and Ashleigh. Sindy is telling them that they are the underdogs and that Ashleigh is not against Pilar but she will put her up. Sindy said since she was gone the five of them are still intact. Sindy said to put Bobby up and put Willow up next to them and if Bobby has a secret pawn they could put Bruno up. Graig told Siindy everything and she was a victim of the chop shop.

 8:57 am BBT In the HOH room Sindy is still explaining to Pilar and Kevin that the six of them are on the outs and are targets of the chop shop. Sindy said that she couldn’t tell them that she saw the evictees or she would have a target on her back. Sindy is telling the HOH group that Canada loves the underdogs.

 9:00 am BBT Sindy told Kevin that Johnny loves him and understands why he did what he did. She is telling them that Graig spilled everything to her when he was evicted. Sindy said if she puts Bobby and Willow up saying they are the reason JP is gone. Britt doesn’t think that they should tell them about the info that they know. Kevin said it is huge. Sindy said they could stay close with Ashleigh and Zach and it is Pilar’s chance to make a good move. Sindy said that each one of them were a target.

 9:04 am BBT Godfrey just walked into the HOH room and Sindy is reviewing all of the info about the chop shop to him. Sarah and Britt are still in the HOH room talking to Kevin and Pilar while Sindy is talking to Godfrey.

 9:06am BBT Sindy is telling the HOH group that they have to stay together because Pilar cannot play in the HOH next week. Sindy told GF that she pushed to vote for him to stay to get rid of one on their side.



 9:08am BBT Sindy is telling the HOH group that the chop shop started on day 3. Britt called to the Dr. Pilar said guys I can’t do this, when is nominations. Kevin can’t believe that and where did they come up with the name of the chop shop. Sindy explained it to them. Sindy is sorry to put this on Pilar. Sindy is telling that Bobby claimed he got a secret power of veto so she suggests to put Bobby up and if he does have it then he will use it and if not too bad for lying.  

 9:11am BBT Kevin said sequester house is nuts. Pilar said she does not know what to do. Sindy said to hold her composure in front of Ashleigh. Sindy suggests putting up Bobby and Willow.  

 9:13am BBT Britt walked into the HOH room and told them to be careful because the others are awake now. Sindy is telling Godfrey do not call them out and ruin it for all of them.

 9:14am BBT Sindy is sitting down by the HOH bed whispering to Pilar and Kevin because Ashleigh was using the HOH WA. Ashleigh left the HOH room and now Sindy is telling Pilar reasons that she could use for her nominations.

 9:17am BBT Sindy said that she never talked game to them, but the six of them need to stick together. Sindy is telling Kevin and Pilar that Graig told her to talk to them. Kevin said it is perfect because it makes since.

 9:19am BBT Sindy is telling Kevin and Pilar that she had to take JP out because he was so close to Zach. Pilar asked how she knows to trust them. Sindy said that all five of the chop shop were up until 5am talking in the hammock. Sindy is now telling them about doing the side show and Canada does not like Zach.

 9:21am BBT Pilar does not know how to believe all of this. Sindy said that she was in sequester to get info and bring it back to. She is telling them that each member of the chop shop had someone to get close to and have that vote if they needed it. Kevin said it makes since.

 9:24am BBT Kevin said that Graig pushed the chop shop together so quickly that they did not have time to gain trust. Sindy agrees that they do not trust each other and that is why the six of them have to stick together.

 9:25am BBT Pilar asked Sindy if she is one hundred percent positive about this and Sindy said yes. Graig told her the stuff and Johnny confirmed that he seen them always together talking.

 9:26am BBT Sindy is telling Kevin and Pilar that her and Graig both agreed that one of them could come back into the house and they were  going to use this info.

 9:27am BBT Pilar said that this is big and a lot to take in. Sindy said that she won the HOH fair and square and to protect all of them this is the best move because if Bobby stays he is gunning towards Kevin.

 9:29am BBT Pilar said it is going to be hard to keep this info from Ashleigh. Sindy said that they sat there so comfortably every week.

 9:33am BBT Kevin said it makes since why Graig shut down now. Graig said that he did not want to go back because his alliance turned on him.

 9:35am BBT Pilar asked Sindy asked if Britt remembers when they did the DR together and Zach and JP were talking and got quiet. Sindy said the chop shop each had a person to target and get close to.

 9:38am BBT Sindy said that Graig is so angry at the chop shop alliance. Sindy said that they should disassociate with each other. Graig told Sindy to use a quote, do not let your feelings affect your actions. Pilar asked how she knew about that quote and she said it was from her letter and Graig told her about it.

 9:41am BBT Sindy said that Zach was suspicious that she was not alone after she left the house like he was afraid that she talked to Graig after he left.

 9:43am BBT Pilar asked who they want to get rid of and Sindy said their next target is Sindy and Godfrey. Pilar thinks that she needs to get Bobby and Willow because they will come after her. Sindy reminds her that they were already going to come after her and Kevin.

 9:46am BBT Britt is telling the HOH group that when she voted to evict JP she could hear the audience. Kevin said that when he voted for Godfrey the audience was silent. Sindy said that they are safe as long as they don’t know that they are working together because they have the votes to keep them all safe. Pilar said it is so hard to fake talk. Sindy said that Bobby told her she only has one life in the BB game.

 9:51am BBT Willow walked into the HOH room and interrupted the conversation.

 9:54am BBT Willow said they are setting a comp up outside and Pilar will probably have to do nominations today.

 9:56am BBT In the KT Bobby and Ashleigh talking about who told about the chop shop and that it has to be Willow and why would Willow go up to Godfrey, she must feel safe. Bobby would be super pissed if it was Bruno and it would be the end of his game if he found out it was Bruno. Ashleigh said that there was two minutes of silence and then Godfrey said he has to take his bike to the chop shop.  Bobby is going to ask Bruno and if it was it would be a stupid move.

 10:00 am BBT Bobby only trusts the chop shop in this house and why would Willow say that to Sarah. Bobby told Ashleigh to tell Zach. Bruno and Zach walked into the KT and Ashleigh said that Godfrey knows about the shop. Bruno and Zach both said that they did not tell him. Now they speculate that Sindy must of seen it in the goodbye messages. Bobby don’t think that she saw goodbye messages and then Godfrey started about talking about motorcycles after so could it be a coincidence.


 10:03 am BBT Bobby don’t trust the guy. Zach said there is no way he knows about it and Bobby said it would have had to go through Willow. Bobby told Ashleigh to mention it to Willow and read her reaction. Willow walked into the KT and asks what is not good. Bruno said he don’t know if it is a coincidence or what but Godfrey said he was going to take his bike to the chop shop, then we get a commercial so I did not get to hear Willows response. They are whispering so we can’t hear what is being said. Ashleigh said it must be a coincidence and the others said no because he is so smart, but how would he know.

 10:08 am BBT Kevin walked into the KT and interrupted the conversation.

 10:09 am BBT Kevin left the KT and the group is talking again but we can’t hear all they are saying. Bobby said imagine if it all was coincidence and we are freaking out about nothing. Bobby said it is too much for this morning.  

 10:11 am BBT Godfrey walked into the KT and they are talking about shirts and working out. Godfrey left and Bruno, Zach and Bobby are left talking. Bruno said when is the last time you ever said that you want to take your bike to the chop shop and Bobby said who even calls it a chop shop anyway.

 10:13 am BBT FOTH on all five feeds

 10:17 am BBT Still on FOTH. Paranoia is running through the house!

 10:21 am BBT Ashleigh and Willow in the HOH room Ashleigh telling Willow that Bobby and Bruno took Godfrey into the SR for a minute and Godfrey told them that Sindy told him about it because Graig told her in sequester. Ashleigh said that is BS and she thinks that Bobby and Bruno did it and they came out and tried to tell her a lie. Willow said that she don’t believe it and she don’t believe anything that Sindy says then back to FOTH.

 10:30 am BBT Still on FOTH. Sindy has really shaken up the house!

 10:40 am BBT Still on FOTH waiting for the feeds to come back up.

 10:48 am BBT Still on FOTH. Recap from this morning: Sindy told Kevin and Pilar about the chop shop and she suggested that the six outcasts (Sindy, Britt, Sarah, Godfrey, Kevin and Pilar) work together. Godfrey made a comment in front of Ashleigh about taking his motor cycle to the chop shop. The members of the chop shop discussing how he found out and Ashleigh wonders if Bruno and Bobby told Godfrey and they are just lying to the others about it.

 10:55 am BBT Still on FOTH waiting for the feeds to come back up.

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11:01AM BBT: Feeds back up with Kevin and Zach in the HoH room discussing JP and how he told Kevin about the Newport alliance. Zach said that JP played them very well. Kevin hasn't told anyone about the Chop Shop and he told Zach that Sindy told him because she found out in the sequester house. Kevin told Pilar that she knows who her friends are in the house and to believe him and Zach what they say. Kevin told Pilar that her friends are him, Zach and Ashleigh. Zach is saying that from day one he did not trust the chop shop alliance. Kevin told Pilar she wouldn't have to make nominations until tomorrow. Pilar don't know what to believe after this morning.


11:08AM BBT: Ashleigh walked into the HoH room and Pilar told her to do her make up in the HoH room. Kevin is telling Zach that Sindy wants them to go against the chop shop. Pilar can't do this by herself and she can't think. Zach told Ashleigh that Sindy is trying to get them put up and he is reaffirming to Kevin and Pilar where their heads are at.


11:10AM BBT: Ashleigh said that the chop shop was something that they were thrown into. Zach said that him and JP talked and he knew that his heart was not in it. Bobby walked into the HoH room and Zach said that they can't trust Sindy. Pilar said that she don't know what to do and she don't know what to believe. The others in the room tell her to go with her gut.


11:14AM BBT: Ashleigh don't understand how Sindy knows all of this info. Kevin is explaining that Sindy claims that she was sent to a sequester house with all of the evictees and they talked. Pilar said it is all accurate and it all makes since.


11:18AM BBT: Pilar asked Zach if they were in the chop shop. Zach said that they were in that but they were not tight. Kevin said that this morning when Sindy was trying to get to Pilar and it scared him this morning. Pilar is telling the HoH group that Sindy told her to put Bobby and Willow up and Ashleigh said no. Pilar is telling the HoH group that Sindy said that Bobby has a secret veto.

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11:45PM BBT Feeds are back! HG all in the HT except Britt and Willow. Seems to be general chit chat.

11:48PM BBT Sindy, Zach, Ashleigh in kitchen.

11:51PM BBT Kevin and Pilar are examining each others oral hygiene in the SR.

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12:00AM BBT The house is divided!  Kevin, Ashleigh, Sindy and Pilar in the KT.  Bobbby, Bruno, Godfrey, Willow in HT talking rap.  Bobby exits to kitchen where it looks like dinner is on the menu.

12:05AM BBT Now it's just Godfrey and Sarah in the HT.  Sarah doesn't know who Pili's putting up.  Godfrey knows he's going up but doesn't tell her.  Sarah says I wouldn't want to be a pawn - pawns go home.  Yeah, Godfrey says, I know.

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