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Monday, April 20 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 9:00 am BBT The lights just came on in the BB house, but all houseguests are still sleeping.


 9:07 am BBT FOTH (maybe their wake up call)

 9:30 am BBT All feeds are still on FOTH

 9:35 am BBT Pilar, Sarah and Britt in KT dancing and laughing. They are celebrating the date of 4-20 to all of the stoners. When Sarah was younger she would do crazy shit on this date. They are discussing the weather outside and said it is pouring. Today Sarah would be helping with a run that her boss puts on for work.

 9:40 am BBT Sarah walked in the main BR and is pretending she is passing a joint to all the hg’s and wishing them a happy 4-20.

 9:44 am BBT The BR group all told Sindy Happy Birthday. Sarah called to the DR and the BR group is saying they are cutting her off.

 9:47 am BBT The BR group now talking about how they did not sleep very well. BB told Bobby again to please wake up. Britt called to the DR as Sarah walked back into the BR. Someone in the BR group asked if they could have a stoner class because they do not know much about it so Sarah is describing hash oil.

 9:51 am BBT JP called to the DR as Britt walked back in the BR. The BR conversation is now about driving while high and asking Sarah if it is illegal.

 9:54 am BBT Feeds went to FOTH

 10:10 am BBT Feeds still on FOTH

 10:27 am BBT We are not sure what is going on because the feeds are still on FOTH.

 10:47 am BBT Feeds have been down for almost an hour now. 

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11:27am BBT:  The girls are in the KT saying at least they get beds. brittnee says the smell of something is making her sick and sarah says i do not know how long they let this set out but i am cooking it anyways. Zach comes in and talks about task and willow says i think it is going to be alot of task through out the day. Zach says maybe it will be letters or phone calls from home.

11:29pm BBT: Jordan and kevin whispering in the hoh rm . Jordan says i do not know if Sarah told him that or what But next week  we need to win and take the veto cause they think you are with them. Jordan says i am close to Sarah as well and Sarah trust me as well.

 Kevin tells Jordan that Sarah is doubting  you and Zach now. Jordan says should i tell her about the chop shop then? Kevin says no i do not think so not right now.

 11:33am BBT: Kevin says Pilar told him that if she wins HOH she  doesn't know what she will do. 

In the  have not rm there is a timer set for 24 hours. sindy says second clue is make a knight move from the higher number box and Bobby is thinking. Bobby is pointing at the wall saying make a knight move and he says this one? Sindy is going over clues with Bobby and he says ok i have to count the vaults.

11:38pm BBT:Bobby says he has to count  the vaults on each side of the room and starts counting He says there is 126 on one side and starts counting the other side. there is 64. He asked to repeat the  clue. Sindy says  the vault  number  you are finding    equals the sum of the number of boxes in the most section plus the number of boxes in the least section plus the lowest number. Clue number 4 is the first number  and the last number of the row and it equals to 2000. they are now adding to see if it is right. 

 11:54pm BBT: Brittnee talking about Bobby and Sindy being in 24 hour solitary confinement. She says Sindy you better not be stealing my snuggle partner in there i want him back after you get out of there.

 11:56pm BBT: Bruno and Zach in the hot tub talking about People being to close to Sarah. 

In the  bathroom Ashleigh talking to Pilar and Jordan about it being Sindy's Birthday today She then says she is not going to do full make up today.

Back in the hot tub Sarah comes out to smoke and says something is up and  Bruno says it is great out here and Sarah says it is gorgeous out here as it is raining.

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12:04pm BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar in bathroom doing their hair just general talk.

out at the hot tub Bruno, Zach , Brittnee and Sarah are talking about driving and being a defensive driver.

12:07pm BBT: By the hot tub talk is about drinking and driving and how they should not do it. Sarah says if you lose a licence for driving under the influence then you should not get them back cause driving is a privilege. Zack says a ticket for  DWI now is like 300 dollars.

Ashleigh AND Pilar comes out of the bathroom and Pilar   Says Jordan what are we doing today and he says i do not know and she laughs.  Out in the BY Willow and Kevin are running as ashleigh is looking for her flip flops.

12:13pm BBT: Back at the hot tub Bruno is telling Sarah and brittnee and Zach that when you have kids there is always something to do always. he says my days are full of shit and snot but i would not trade it  for anything in this world.

12:15pm BBT: Bobby is doing sit ups in  the have not room where he and Sindy are in solitaire confinement. Sindy is laying on the bed the clock says 23:04:17 as their time to go on the clock Sindy says so we can go to bed in like 10 hours as Bb told them nap time is over and they can not go to sleep. Sindy then says they will probably keep us up all night huh? Bobby says yeah probably.

12:18pm BBT: Bobby says what me not be able to play hoh since i am working out to much. he then say some deodorant would be nice right now. He then says we can play a game with the vaults so i will walk around and find a number and then i will give you a clue. He lays on the bed and says ok i got my vault let me think of clues.

he says this box is in the section with the most boxes in the section. Sindy says ok  time to work out let me put on my sweater she gets up and Bobby says yeah one hour and they hug.

12:21pm BBT: Sindy lays on the bed and says she is tired. Bobby lays down and says so i have done 200 right and she says yes. sindy says the house will be just as bored as we are cause  they have nothing to do either today. Sindy says they do not know about the buttons or they would run in and say press it and other will say no don't touch it. Bobby says i think this is a tourcher thing though. Sindy says i do not think that it is an exit button and Bobby says that Bb said do not take this task lightly.

 12:24pm BBT: Bobby and Sindy just laying in silence as the clock  is counting down it now says 22:54:35. Sindy says she is hungry now and Bobby says yeah me too. Sindy says they will probably give us a time where  we can eat and go to the bathroom. Bobby says we will have to tell them when we need to go to the bathroom. Sindy says i do not think they are going to let us sleep. She ask do you think  they are going to torcher us and not let us sleep to see if we will push that button? Bobby says yeah probably it is going to be torcher.

12:28pm BBT: Bobby says we got this Sindy we can do this. Sindy says why is it always our group that loses? Bobby  laughs.

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12:33pm BBT: Godfrey is running up and down the stairs in the house and ashleigh goes to the bedroom looking for her flip flops saying you have to be in here somewhere cause you could not be no where else.

In the BY Kevin and Jordan are throwing the football as Pilar works out with weights..

12:36pm BBT: Ashleigh and  Sarah yelling i love you and miss you to Bobby and Sindy and Ashleigh says i love it that i can trash talk Bobby and he can not say anything back tom us. She then yells Bobby you are a shit player at ball and then laughs. 

Godfrey is still working out on the stairs.

12:42pm BBT: Jordan and Sarah talking on the BY couches about Jordan's mom doing daycare and his pets he had. Bruno and ashleigh comes to join them with their coffee. Willow then come over and stands drinking her water. Pilar and Kevin are still working out across then yard.

Bruno yelling  through the door at Bobby and Sindy and says you better not be taking my boys V card in there you behave yourself in there Sindy and laughs then walks away. Godfrey is laughing.

12:48pm BBT: Willow is at the door talking to Bobby and Sindy she says we are doing good out here hope you two are having fun in there and hope Bobby is giving you a massage so yeah i am going to the hot tub now . Bye. Willow leaves walking through the house saying hello am i alone in here? She goes to the bedroom  and Zach is in there. she whispers really low to Zach.

12:52pm BBT: Zach says i need to go do a little laundry. Willow ask him if he feels ok and he says yeah i have just shut my brain down for today there is nothing else can be done.

12:56pm BBT: HG are talking about Sindy being in solitaire confinement on her birthday and how she wanted to go in there . Brittnee wants to make her Birthday special when she comes out. Jordan says is Kevin Dr wills nephew he kinda looks like him

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 1:09pm BBT: Hg are in the BY and are on lock down. They are saying something is up as Bobby and Sindy are in solitaire confinement.

Jordan is telling About last years comp with Ika and she had to count balls in the BY. 

1:15pm BBT: Kevin and Pilar laying alone in the BY talking about scholarships.

 The rest of the HG are on the BY couch and talking about something is up or maybe someone is coming back. The house is still on lock down  and Sindy and Bobby are locked in the vault for 24 hours.

 1:21pm BBT: Hg are talking about the vault and how there are 2 beds in there. Willow is saying she wants to go in the hot tub since she has not been in it in 2 days cause it breaks her skin out.

1:38pm BBT: Sindy and Bobby in the vault acting silly and laughing the clock now says 21:42:00 and they start playing thumb wars.

1:39pm BBt: Sindy and Bobby just talking about things they have done in the house and then asking where is our families? Where is everyone at. Sindy ask if Bobby can braid hair and he says i do not know let me see if i can or not. Bobby ask how much hair do you use? She says normally all of it.

1:50pm BBT: Bobby and Sindy are quiet and look to be going to sleep.

 All the other Hg are still on out door lock down just laying around the BY and no talking  going on.

 1:53pm BBT: BB has opened the house back up , Brittnee gets up to go in and we get FOTH.

 1:54pm BBT: HG are yelling through the vault door asking if Bobby has lost his V card yet and laughing. They say Sindy be gentle with him ok be gentle. Brittnee yells it is to quiet in there guys.

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2:01pm BBT: Hg are in the KT making lunch.

 2:07pm BBT: Kevin and Jordan are on the BY couches laying down then Willow comes out and says she they are making slop.

In the Kt most Hg are eating candy as the food is being prepared.

 2:21pm BBT: Pilar in the BY telling Godfrey how to eat and not gain weight. 

In the KT  they are talking about Pilar's special dip she makes  to go with the slop chips.

2:26pm BBT: Sarah is washing her water bottle so she can go sit in the hot tub soon.  Zack is making food with Ashleigh and Bruno and Willow are watching them.

 In the BY Godfrey is telling Jordan and Kevin and Pilar about being a personal trainer or a nutritionist. 

2:29pm BBT: Sarah comes out and goes to the pool then gets in as Pilar ask her if she is going for a swim. She says yeah the water is warm.

 2:35pm BBT: Pilar is now in the KT as Zach and Ashleigh are making pasta and spaghetti sauce. 

2:41pm BBT:  Pilar says when Graig left i was going to say Graig you tried to get me out the first week and then i couldn't do it. She says that Graig said  he thought Willow was crying cause  he was leaving. Willow says no i wasn't.

Zach has finished cooking the pasta and sauce and Hg are going to eat.

 2:45pm BBT: Bruno keeps saying the pasta looks so good as he is cooking slop chips in the oven. They say that Bobby and Sindy are  very quiet in there.

2:49pm BBT: Bruno says all we know is that someone could be going into the vault to talk to Bobby and Sindy. Pilar says yeah. Then Pilar and willow talk about how they can not picture this house how it was last year cause it is so different this year.

 2:55pm BBT:  Ashleigh is washing dishes as  Willow, Bruno, Pilar and Zach are talking about last years Big Brother cast.

In the BY Godfrey, Jordan and Kevin talking general talk about soccer. Sarah is still in the pool alone. BB yells Kevin wake up nap time is over.

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3:07pm BBT: Bobby and Sindy look to be napping in the vault  as the clock says 20:12:53. Bobby starts moving and  exercising again.He looks to be doing Yoga. 

Willow and Sarah going to the hot tub talking about where they are going to sit in the hot tub.

3:11pm BBt: Kevin and Jordan are now in the KT with Bruno as Bruno is  still cooking his slop chips. Kevin is eating his pasta. Jordan is wrapping himself in a blanket. They are talking about how weird it will be if they are still there final 7 or 8 and then Kevin ask do the final 3 get to be in here a long time together? Jordan says  no not to long.

 3:13pm BBT: Bruno and Jordan talk about Bobby and Sindy being quiet in the vault. they say they could be doing anything in there or they could be watching us. Kevin says they could be watching us and he laughs.

3:24pm BBT: Bruno tells Godfrey the slop is ready and Godfrey comes inside to get some.

Sarah and Willow are still in the hot tub talking about she can not get a loan in the States if she does not have a job.

 3:32pm BBT: Jordan is in the KT alone  eating slop. Godfrey and Kevin in the BY playing with the football. Bruno is laying on the BY couch.

Sarah and Willow in the hot tub just sitting there.

 3:49pm BBt: Sarah is getting out of the hot tub as she tells a story about her dog and Willow and Jordan are listening to her.

In the BY Godfrey and Kevin are still throwing the ball and Bruno is still on the couch laying down and talking about Risha and how she only lives  15 minutes from the BB house.

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 4:01pm BBT: Sarah and Brittnee come from the hot tub and tells everyone it is pouring and Pilar runs to see the rain. Kevin follows her and they are kissing in the rain by the hot tub .

 4:04pm BBT: Pilar and Kevin go back to the By saying it is pouring and brittnee says  oh guys. Godfrey says they are so good together. brittnee says they live so far from each other though.

 4:06pm BBT: In the KT Jordan and Sarah are eating  slop and ashleigh is talking to them about eating the slop. Ashleigh says i can not hear bobby and Sindy, I wonder if they are allowed to sleep cause i stood there and could not hear anything.

4:16pm BBT: Godfrey and Bruno and brittnee on the BY couch talking about marriage and relationships. Bruno says  let me tell you this if the first year you are married  you put a loony in a jar every time you have sex then after that first year you take a loony out every time you have sex then your jar will never go empty. Brittnee and Bruno laugh and brittnee says Emily i will not let him put your business out there.

4:18pm BBT: Pilar and Kevin are in the hot tub as it is raining outside  and they are just sitting talking about how cool it is that it is raining.

4:25pm BBT: Ashleigh comes out to the By couch and Bruno ask Godfrey if he would Marry out of his race. Godfrey says i will be honest with you my sisters want me to marry a sister.

4:38pm BBT: Bruno, Godfrey, Ashleigh, Willow and brittnee talking  in the BY about family trees.

Pilar and Kevin are still in the hot tub just talking general talk.

4:44pm BBt: Willow and Sarah in the house by the vault door talking about how they was talking to Sindy and bobby.( as a part of being in solitaire Bobby and Sindy are not allowed to talk to the Hg through the door). Ashleigh says we love you Sindy and walks off. Pilar and Kevin come in and they  listen to Willow say that maybe they get to meet the three fans. Sarah says i do not think they are in there anymore cause earlier we could hear them in there  but i do not think they are in there we can not hear them anymore unless they are asleep.

4:50pm BBT: Kevin is listening at the vault door  for Bobby and Sindy and Pilar ask when do you guys get to pee again and willow says when ever we get locked out again. They all start laughing.

4:52pm BBT: Kevin and Willow standing up against the vault door and they hear a knock on the door and start yelling and Sarah says they can not do that and they all get excited and yell we miss you.

4:54pm BBT: Kevin says everything in this house was flashing then They said it is Sindy. Willow yells through he door and says Sindy your episode aired lastnight so Canada knows you are back in the house now.

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5:04pm BBT: Willow is in the hoh rm listening to music.

In the BY most hg are sitting there talking about computers and web sites.

 5:11pm BBT:  The HG in the BY are talking about space and The flag on the moon.

5:15pm BBT: Hg are now talking about Michael Jackson and how he was going  on a come back tour the day before he died.Then we get FOTH.

5:26pm BBT:All Hg are out in the BY except Sindy and Bobby are are in solitaire. Sarah is telling about a movie she seen.

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5:39pm BBT: Hg are talking about gravy and How Sarah loves gravy and how their moms cook. 

They then talk about Bobby and Sindy and how interesting it is going to be when they come out tomorrow.

 5:46pm BBT: Most Hg in BY talking about Diseases that come through immigration and through animals like monkeys and cats.

5:48pm BBT: Pilar and Brittnee in the KT making coffee, Willow is getting peanut butter. Pilar is getting hazel nut spread. Ashleigh is polishing her nails.

 5:55pm BBT: In the BY just general talk going on about traveling.

In the house Pilar and Ashleigh just talking about  dresses.

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6:03pm BBT: Zach talking about buying houses in different places and how much it cost to buy houses as vacation houses.

6:07pm BBT: Pilar and ashleigh talking about Brittnee not liking Ashleigh. Ashleigh ask do you think she will put us up on the block since she does not like me and she wants to go after the couples but she does not have the balls to put the guys up. Pilar said she put Graig up and ashleigh says that was a house decision.

 6:10pm BBT: Brittnee comes in and stops their talk. they then wonder about Bobby and Sindy. brittnee says i am so full from that pasta i do not know why i am eating.

 6:12pm BBt: brittnee leaves and ashleigh says yup i feel like she has it in for me. She then puts nail polish away saying they are done. Pilar says i am still snacking.

6:13pm BBT: Pilar and ashleigh are going to go back outside where the other Hg are at. ashleigh says i think i will let my nails dry a little bit more. Pilar Goes to the bathroom area where brittnee is and Kevin is shaving.

6:17pm BBT: Pilar is helping to shave Kevin's face and he tells her she is doing it wrong  that she has to go with the direction of the hair. 

 6:25pm BBT: Most Hg in the BY talking about people  tweeting about getting killed with guns all the time in the states and maybe once in Canada. 

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6:30PM BBT: Kevin and Brittnee in the BR talking about Canada being HOH next week. Both seem pleasant and almost laugh at the chances because it would change things a lot. 

Willow out by the hot tub with Sarah. Sarah and Willow talk about who they can trust and what others are saying about things they say.



6:50PM BBT: Bruno and Godfrey talking in the BY about cocky contestants and how much they hate when players are like that. Bruno says that getting Bobby to change his opinions and his approach would be hard, because he doesn't think Bobby wants to stir the pot at all. 

Sarah and Willow come back inside from the hot tub area and sit with the boys in the BY for a bit.



7:00PM BBT: Bobby and Sindy in the vault sitting on beds with a timer that says 16:20:23, eating snacks. General chat.



7:05PM BBT: Sindy is giving Bobby tasks "you are in a box with a bat and a baseball, how do you get out..." They are silent while Bobby thinks about it. Bobby starts giving stupid answers. 

Feeds change to Ashleigh and Pilar leaning against the vault door listening in on their conversation, both laugh and run away from the door.



7:10PM BBT: Sindy tells Bobby the answer... "three strikes your out". Bobby tells her she's so lame and asks for more.. They both are chewing their candy and talking about more jokes or riddles.



7:15PM BBT: JP and Brittnee in the BR talking about general friendship and how close Brittnee is with her normal friends but doesn't feel that way with the people in the house. JP says she is model and thats why people gravitate towards her. 

Bobby and Sindy in the vault still going over different riddles and math challenges.



725PM BBT: Sindy and Bobby just laughing and joking in thevalut. Both with their eyes closed and resting. 

In the BR, Brittnee, Sarah, JP and Willow talk about how they are mentally exhausted some days and can't keep up with game talk and conversations so often.



7:26PM BBT: In the BR, Brittnee is telling JP, Sarah and Willow that she is interested in Bobby, they all encourage her to be the aggressive one because he would never kiss her first. JP leaves the room to have a shower and jokingly yells out to Zach telling him what Brittnee said, Brittnee jumps up off the bed and runs out of the room. 

Brittnee is having a pillow fight with Zach at the bottom of the stairs yelling "its not happening with bobby", in the vault Bobby and Sindy jump up and head to the door to listen in. Neither saying anything.



7:28PM BBT: Brittnee is back in the BR talking about Zach and Ashleigh in the shower and closed the curtains and BB told them to open the curtains. Brittnee says well they are just doing what they do in the bed but with the curtains closed. 

In the vault, Sindy and Bobby are still sitting by the door in silence. The screens go black.



7:34PM BBT: Feeds are black screen, not FotH, but just black with no sound.




7:36PM BBT: Feeds are back and Pilar is sitting in the KT doing her nails. JP in the BY talking to others while playing with a football. General chitchat. 

Feeds 2 is showing sleeping people. Feeds 3/4 are showing dark HNR and four people sleeping. 

Fan Feed is still black screen.



7:40PM BBT: FEEDS ARE NOT CURRENTLY SHOWING LIVE FOOTAGE. What was last reported was from 7 hrs and 11 hrs back, on specific feeds.

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Word on the street is the Big Brother Canada house lost power around 7:30pm BBT tonight.  This is not confirmed, but maps show a lot of Toronto is without power tonight.We don't have word as to the extent of the problem or when feeds will return.  But we'll be watching.  We're always watching.

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11:28pm BBT Feeds are back! Our long blackout is over! HT are in the fully-lit BY relaxing (so basically it's exactly the same as when we last looked in 4 hours ago). Ashleigh and Jordan are talking game out at the HT about Sarah.

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#BBCAN3 11;32 feeds are back with Willow JP and Zach in the

hot tub, Willow is saying that Godfrey hasnt been campaigning today. Zach says it seems like today the house just went rampant. In the BY is Kevin, Pili and Brittnee and Bruno. They are laughing and just talking.

#BBCAN3 11:40pm the HT group is talking about baseball, and such and the BY group is just sitting there.

#BBCAN3 11:50pm The ht group is talking about BBCAN2. The By group is also just talking.

#BBCAN3 11:55pm Ashliegh and Pili are going out for a smoke

break. Brit and Bruno are left talking, Brit says Bobby's cute.

Bruno is talking about Sindy being back Brit says Sindy is a smart player. She fought her *SS off. Bruno says she comes back into this game and its like she never left. It could be good for her it could be bad we will see.

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