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Thursday, April 16 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:00PM BBT: The HGs are sitting around the kitchen table chatting The girls Willow, and Ashleigh are in Zach's the HoH room listening to his IPOD.


11:05PM BBT: Newport is talking in the bedroom They are talking about how Zach is putting up JP as a pawn and he is going to act like he is all upset about it. I think they may be going after Godfrey.


JP is saying that Godfrey is saying that the girls are working together. And he said that if he wins HoH he would put up Brittnee, and Sarah. JP says it's war baby it's war. If we can get out Bobby or Bruno that would be sweet. 


11:10PM BBT: Sarah, Willow, Bobby, Kevin and  Ashleigh are all in the the HoH room throwing around a ball just chatting, And eating Chocolate bars. Pilar and Zach are in the wash room talking Pilar says we Need to win PoV , Zach is talking about Bruno, 


11:15PM BBT: Pilar says put up either Bruno, Bobby or Godfrey. They are whispering so kind of hard to hear. they break it up with Pilar saying don't worry we got this. 


11:20PM BBT: now it's the chop shops time, here's the plan put up JP as a pawn Godfrey as a second pawn and backdoor Bobby or Bruno. Or maybe Willow she will be so easy and Willow walks in. Talk stops.


11:25PM BBT: now Sarah is talking about Sindy with an S, up in the br with the chop shop, and Willow chimes in. So after throwing Sindy under the bus Sarah say I love her though I really do. 


11:31PM BBT: Godfrey and Brittnee are laying on the red sofa talking everyone else is in the br still talking about Sindy. Bobby is walking around Bruno is standing there talking to Brittnee and Godfrey about the gear competition. The one Brittnee won.


11:35PM BBT: Not much is happening HGs have just been chatting and we goto the FotH.


11:40PM BBT: feeds three and four are on the FotH so we just have Brittnee and Godfrey talking on the red sofa. Talking about the game and like what have you learned since being in the house. and how weird is it that we have people watching us 24/7 now talking about slop.


11:45PM BBT: it's a dog pile on Sarah. Willow, Pilar, and Ashleigh are on top of Sarah. must be fun to have three girls sitting on top of you. The girls are just being silly tonight Pilar is laying on top of Sarah with Willow on her left side. and Ashleigh with her legs over Pilar's butt.


11:50PM BBT: Pilar is now tickling Sarah, a lot of laughing going on. 


11:55PM BBT: Now time for a snack, Pilar and Ashleigh head to the kitchen, OH no Ashleigh has something suck in her teeth, and Ashleigh and Pilar are now eating buddies. 


12:00AM BBT: feeds are back, Bobby is heading for a hot shower, backyard is still locked, well feeds three and four have the FotH still. and we have an empty wash room. Kevin is up in the the HoH room now with JP and Pilar. They are just talking. 


12:10AM BBT:  feeds three and four still on the FotH, the fan feed is still on and I can hear the HGs in the background just talking, Pilar, Kevin and JP are still in the the HoH room. They are now talking about being in Jury and how it's different then being in the house.


12:15AM BBT:  feeds back up, Brittnee says that sucked saying goodbye to Johnny tonight. now talking about Johnny, (little does she know that she maybe seeing him again real soon) 


12:20AM BBT:  JP and Kevin are in the the HoH room talking about Brittnee, and how emotional she is now they are talking about how funny it was that Graig was teaching yoga. He was so bad at the game so bad. Now talking about Tom from last year.


12:25AM BBT:  Willow is saying how she eats when she gets drunk. Now they are talking about food, Chinese food. They are talking about what all they like to eat when they are drunk.


12:31AM BBT:  Bobby is out of the shower, and Ashleigh is in the shower, Pilar is also in the wash room talking to Ashleigh. Well is shaving her legs Pilar is.


12:35AM BBT:  Now food talk turns to grapefruit, and Sarah says that's it I'm going to go eat now. Guess she's eating slop, now talk turns to music. 


12:40AM BBT:  Kevin, and JP Newport has been talking up in the the HoH room. and Godfrey comes in now they are talking about what competition is coming tomorrow, not the veto so what could it be. (little do they know) 


12:45AM BBT:  Willow who is talking a mile a minute is talking about why she's not Gay and how hot Godfrey is. They found Johnny's hand cream. 


12:50AM BBT:  The Have-Nots are dancing to the alarm. 


12:50AM BBT:  Zach and JP are throwing around the football, Zach is talking about his football playing. and Coaching. 


12:55AM BBT:  Sarah is talking about her plan for the have not week, She is just going to eat as much as she can drink a lot of water and get a lot of stool softeners. 


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8:45AM BBT: The houseguests are up and doing their ADLs. Bruno can't find a clean towel to use when he showers.
 8:49AM BBT: JP just got up from in the Have-Not room and he walked to the kitchen where he saw Zach. He told Zach that he is going to take a shower so that he doesn't look bad today for the veto ceremony in case it is early. JP left the kitchen and Bobby walked in and said to Zach, "nomie nomie's today."
 Brittnee walked in the kitchen and her and Bobby are going to cook bacon. The kitchen group is talking about the noise in the backyard and BB has been working on setting up for the veto competition so they are not going to have access to the backyard all day.
 8:58AM BBT: Kevin and Bruno are in the bedroom. Kevin asked Bruno if he checked in with Zach and Bruno said no. Kevin said, "I don't think we need to." Bruno told Zach he thinks everything is good.
 Now they are discussing how they let Johnny know that he was going and did not want to lie to him, but he is a great guy.
 Bruno left the bedroom and Kevin is talking to himself. "What a way to start off the day with a lie. A cup of coffee and a couple of lies to wake you up." [Referring to telling Bruno they don't have anything to worry about for nomination ceremony.]
 Zach and Sarah walked into the bedroom where Kevin was still in bed. Sarah said the HoH room is freezing. Sarah climbed into bed with Kevin to cuddle and get warmed up. She said she would be quick and Kevin said stay as long as you want. Sarah told Kevin about a dream that she had and then told Kevin how she likes his hair cut then they proceed to discuss Johnny being gone and how much he loved the game.
 9:07AM BBT: Sarah got out of bed as Godfrey walked into the bedroom. Sarah and Godfrey discuss eating some slop as they are Have-Nots. Sarah left the bedroom and Kevin and Godfrey are just discussing how boring the house is and playing ball.
 9:12AM BBT: The other HGs are making their way into the kitchen with general chatting going on about eating and sleeping.
 Sarah, JP, Ashleigh and Willow in bathroom area getting ready for the day. Willow hugged Sarah from behind and then gave her a kiss on the cheek. Sarah is talking about her dream again to the bathroom area group.
 Pilar and Kevin are in the bedroom. Kevin is still lying in bed while Pilar talked about being in college and how you can't have a job when you are in sports because you have to have commitment.
 9:29AM BBT: Zach, JP, Kevin and Pilar are in bedroom discussing getting rid of Bruno. The plan is to put up JP and Godfrey with a backdoor for Bruno. Zach don't want to put up Godfrey because he could come after him next week, but JP said to go tell him and JP will "pull him in."
 Zach went and found Godfrey and told him about putting him up, but he is not going anywhere. There is no situation where the PoV is not getting used. Zach told Godfrey that he talked to everyone in the house and no one wants him out. The only names that came out for pawns are Godfrey, JP and Willow.
 Godfrey told Zach that he trusts him one-hundred percent. Zach just realized that Godfrey is on slop this week too. Zach just told Godfrey again that the veto is getting used this week. Godfrey said it is that point of the game where we have to trust each other and someone has to take one for the team.
 9:36AM BBT: Zach and Godfrey are now just discussing competitions. Zach told Godfrey that he is trying to figure out what to say in his speech and Godfrey is giving him some ideas of what to say.
 9:39AM BBT: JP walked in to the kitchen where Zach and Godfrey are and they discuss the Have-Not room and slop.
 9:41AM BBT: The group in the bathroom area is Sarah, Willow, Ashleigh, Bruno, Brittnee and Bobby. There is just general conversation going on.
 Zach, Godfrey and JP are in the kitchen discussing the Veto ceremony and the competition. Zach hates putting Godfrey and JP up, but it has to be done. JP told Zach thanks for letting them know they are going up just as pawns. The discussion turned to eating slop.
 9:48AM BBT: Sarah and Ashleigh walked into the kitchen and they are discussing how they are out of food, condiments and drinks.
 9:59AM BBT: JP and Godfrey are discussing the veto competition. JP told Godfrey that they have to start winning and get HoH next week. JP said next week we win and go after the girls. JP went out to the kitchen by Sarah and told her that he talked to Godfrey, and that Godfrey thinks it is a backdoor for Kevin, but it is really a backdoor for Bruno.
 10:05AM BBT: JP and Sarah are now discussing Willow and Sarah is wondering what her problem is. JP said Willow is dangerous and she has to go next.
 Sarah told JP thanks for telling her what is going on because she was wondering.
 10:10AM BBT: JP went up to HoH room to use the restroom, but Godfrey is in there and he will be done in two minutes.
 Zach told JP (joking) he is dead weight in the game and they don't need him around.
 10:18AM BBT: Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby in bathroom area. Godfrey just told Bruno that Zach is putting him and JP on the block to which Bruno said he is surprised by that. JP walked in the bathroom area and discussion changes to when they had to wake up and sleeping in the Have-Not room.
 10:20AM BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar walk in the bathroom area and discussion turns to doing their nails. Bruno said they will be locked in the HoH room for awhile so they might as well take it there and do it then.
 Ashleigh walked up to the HoH room to talk to Zach. Zach told her to say that she knew that Godfrey was going up, but she didn't know who else.
 Zach left the HoH room to go and talk to Willow. He found Willow and told her that he was putting up Godfrey and JP. Willow wants the PoV so bad. Zach is not nervous for nominations and he asked Willow who is her group if she had to pick five. She told him it is him, her, Ashleigh, Pilar and JP. Willow asked Zach who his group is and he told her the same as hers.
 10:28AM BBT: Willow tries to stay close to Sarah to keep her vote. Zach told Willow that no one is close to Kevin and no one talks game to him. Zach told Willow that Bruno is going to be hard to get out, no one wants to go after him and Bobby is not good at the game. Willow is whispering back to Zach, but it is not audible. Zach told Willow that people are saying to him that Willow said she wants the couples gone. Willow denies saying it.
 10:33AM BBT: Zach told Willow he is not going after Sarah or Brittnee right now and then Kevin walked in the room so discussion changed to what they are wearing.
 10:36AM BBT: Bruno and Godfrey are in the Have-Not room. Bruno said that he and Bobby need him to stay. Godfrey is going to tell Bobby not to say anything.
 10:38AM BBT: Zach and Brittnee in the HoH room. Brittnee said no one would guess that they were together in a million years. Zach is changing his clothes while Brittnee puts on her makeup. Brittnee told Zach that she trusts him.
 10:43AM BBT: Willow and Bruno are in bathroom area and it sounds like Willow just told Bruno that Kevin is going to get a backdoor.
 10:45AM BBT: Bobby walked into the bathroom area and Bruno said, "If Kevin doesn't get picked for the veto competition we are all good." Bruno said that Kevin is a straight up beast. Now Bruno wants to do Willows makeup and she lets him.
 10:47AM BBT: Bobby asked Willow how JP feels like going on the block and Willow said he don't care. Willow told them if Zach puts up weak girls it will look foolish. Bobby thinks if they put up Pilar then it would be one less vote for Kevin to stay. Willow said that Godfrey is a genius and he is downplaying how smart he is.
 10:56AM BBT: Zach and Willow are in HoH room throwing Zach's football and feeds one and two on FotH.

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1:00AM BBT: - 3:00AM BBT:  Ashleigh as Zach if Jordan is going on the block. Zach says yes. Ashleigh thinks that is crazy. Zach tells her that Jordan is the most liked  person in the house and will not go home.He then says that he wished Jordan had won this HoH as he wanted to play in the physical HoH and didn't want anyone to know how smart he was in the mental HoH. He says he is going to blow things up this week. They then  talk about who to target this week Bruno or Bobby. 


Zach says  if  Bobby leaves he will tell bruno that Bobby was getting into another alliance and he will tell Bobby that  Bruno was forming another alliance  if Bruno leaves.


Zach says he is going to be loyal to the Diaper alliance.


Jordan comes in to the HoH to talk to Zach and Ashleigh. Zach tells Jordan that Bobby and bruno are so excited cause they think Kevin is going home this week.Zach m ask Jordan not to act mad about being nominated as Godfrey will feed off it and he does not want that to happen.


Zach says, "If we get rid of Bruno is he will get everyone against us, And Bobby  is strong at competitions and him going home will make it easier for the girls in ther Diaper alliance."


JP has second thoughts about going up as a pawn but then decides that it is best for him to go up as a pawn.


Zach wants the Purple cobras and Pilar to know about the plan they go downstairs and  to talk to Sarah, Jordan tells Sarah about the plan to nominate jordan and Godfrey, Sarah was confused. She asked why Jordan as a pawn? Kevin tells her that BObby, Bruno and Willow want to backdoor Kevin. Zach says so if the veto isn't used the Godfrey will go home and not Jordan. 


Zach  is worried that Brittnee will will be upset if Bruno leaves and Sarah says she will take care of Brittnee and talk to her.


Zach and Ashleigh Back in the HoH rm,  Zach says everyone is OK with what is going on to get Bruno out so they do not have to next week.Zach says bruno is the better game player but  no one would care if Bobby left the house . Ashleigh and Zach thinks that Bobby will go after Zach before Bruno will  Zach still does not know for sure what he wants to do or who he wants to target this week.

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11:06AM BBT: Willow and Zach listening to music together in the the HoH room 


11:18AM BBT: HGs just sitting in the living room talking general talk.


11:27AM BBT: Sarah and Willow whispering in the bedroom. Sarah says I want to stay in the girls alliance.


11:32AM BBT: Brittnee, Sarah and Willow in  the bedroom talking about stretching sweaters.


11:40AM BBT: HGs are just sitting around and  talking waiting for the nomination ceremony.


11:46AM BBT:Kevin, Bruno, Pilar, Godfrey, Bobby, Jordan in the living room talking general talk. Sarah, Willow and Brittnee in the Bedroom talking about how to flirt.


11:52AM BBT: BB tells Godfrey to wake up nap time is over as Godfrey was talking to the other HG. HGs start laughing and saying they are so used to pushing that button  that they hit the wrong one. BB then calls  Jordan to the DR and the HGs start laughing saying now they got the right one.

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12:02pm BBT: Zack is in the bedroom talking to Sarah and willow.Sarah is talking about being attracted to both sexes. Willow ask are you attracted to men or women more? Sarah says i am  more attracted to women i think. 

12:07pm BBT: The group in the LVR are talking about jobs that they have had. The screen is showing Nominations Today.

12:13pm BBT: Sarah, Willow and Zack laying in the beds in the bedroom talking. Zack says the HOH rm was so cold lastnight. Willow says she thinks there are 6 HOH's left and zack says why would there be 6 there are 11 people left and there should be like 9 HOH's left.

 12:16pm BBT: Zack says after this week there will be 10 people left and we never know could be a double eviction this week.

12:18pm BBT: In the LVR they talk about Risha saying she was an extra on the Tv show saved By The bell. Godfrey talks bow Risha's  outfit on the first night entering the house. Bruno says yeah what an outfit and if someone hadn't loaned her a shirt she would  have been in  just a piece of cloth for 3 days.

12:26pm BBT: Ashleigh and BObby in the bathroom area and Bobby says next HOh i am going to drink all 6 of my beers fast. Sarah comes in and  Ashleigh ask  where have you been Sarah? Sarah says in bed and now i have to pee more than i ever have in my life i think. 

12:31pm BBT: Zack and ashleigh in the HOh rm talking about Who to put up this week. Ashleigh says ok so are you basically picking alliances now? She says I pick the diaper alliance are you picking Diaper? he says yeah i am basically taking out the big players in this game and if i take out all the big players then i move up and then people will  try to take me out of this house. Zack says Bobby and Godfrey will be scary after this week, Ashleigh says yeah if Bruno leaves  they will be.

12:36pm BBT: Zack says you need to get closer to Bobby this week and if you have to sleep in his bed one night. Ashleigh says i do not want to do that. Zack says  i can not have them come after me after this. 

12:39pm BBT: Zack tells Ashleigh the two people i see at the end in this house is Sarah and Jordan they are well liked no one is coming after them so don't trust people to much in this house.

12:48pm BBT: Ashleigh is in the Kt eating candy. Most Hg in the LVR just general talk going on as they wait for the Nomination Ceremony.

12:55pm BBT: Bobby goes to the Kt and wants to make slop pancakes but the STR is still locked Ashleigh tells him it has been locked for awhile now so maybe it is them putting costumes in for POV or maybe new batteries.

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1:02pm BBT: General talk in the KT with Bobby, Ashleigh Willow and Jordan about when everyone's birthdays are.

1:06pm BBT: All the Hg run to the STr to find they have been restocked. Everyone is yelling and thanking BB. Bobby said there are things i asked for and i can not eat them cause i am on slop this week.  They have been given burgers and pizzas so they are excited.

 1:10pm BBT: Hg are talking about the pictures on the jars and bottles . Brittnee has a bottle of soda and says Tyson looks like a charmer as she looks at his picture.

1:19pm BBT: All HG in the KT making food and eating just general talk going on about  not getting sugar and other  spices. BB tells them to please stop talking about production.

1:35pm BBT: Ashleigh is in the have not rm talking to Bobby as he does sit ups. She is telling Bobby that Kevin and Pilar are getting really close and that Bruno is getting close to them also.She then says Bruno and Willow are getting closer and that worries me. In the HOH rm Jordan and Zack are talking about Jordan being a pawn and how it will help him out in the long run.

1:44pm BBT:Zack and Jordan  Talking in HOh rm about Who needs to go this week and who the good players are in the game. Jordan says Sarah will do what ever i tell her to do. Jordan says Bruno didn't make a big move cause he doesn't have the balls.  Jordan then says that the young kids are running this house. Godfrey pisses everyone off in the house all the time. Zack laughs and says yeah. 

1:51pm BBT: In the have not rm Bobby and ashleigh still whispering about who needs to go up on the block. Ashleigh says i know we need Kevin to go home but them Pilar will be upset. Bobby said who cares we have 5 votes.

1:54pm BBT: Bobby says Bruno is paranoid cause he doesn't know what Zack is going to do. Ashleigh says yeah. Bobby says Zack does not have the numbers to take us down. 

1:56pm BBT: Zack and Jordan talking about taking the chop shop down. Jordan says i am so happy to work with Ashleigh too cause she is so great. Jordan says it is going to be a good week. Zack says it is our social game that is helping us. Zack says  if i wanted to make a safe move then i would go after brittnee and say she was coming after ashleigh But then the chop shop will go after Kevin  again.

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 2:02pm BBT: Most Hg in the LVR lounging just general talk going on.BB says Brittnee, Godfrey and Willow wake up nap time is over.

2:04pm BBT: Ashleigh comes to the HOh rm and tells them she has talked to Bobby. She says that Bobby said he knew that something is up he can feel it.She says she told Bobby that she knows that no one is coming after you or anything. She says i asked him if he doesn't go  after Kevin then who and Bobby said i would be ok with Brittnee. She says that Bobby told her that Bruno is 100 percent loyal and i could talk to Bruno everyday of the week and i know he would put up Brittnee. He also told me that if Kevin did not go up on the block then he would question things.

 2:09PM BBT: Bobby comes into the HOh rm and talk stops. they ask how his workout went? He says i did 100 sit ups so its good. talk then turns to food and eating slop.

 2:16pm BBT: Kevin is cutting up paper towels and making a game called mancalla. Pilar is in the KT helping make slop for the have nots.Ashleigh and Jordan in the hoh rm still talking about conversations they had before .

2:26pm BBT: Jordan and Sarah in the KT eating and getting water. Sarah tells him this is a game and we are all here for ourselves. Jordan says i am ok with slop  now if i had no food then i would be mad but  we have food so i am good cause Godfrey and I are the kings of slop.

 2:29pm BBT: In the HOH rm Ashleigh and zack are sitting in silence as Zack throws the football around and Ashleigh says damn damn. Zack says it is just a game and Ashleigh says i know. Ashleigh says i just wish Bobby wasn't so gunge ho about keeping Bruno. Zack says it is going to be alright. Ashleigh says  i know i just wish he wasn't questioning it  yet. Zack says i know i was hoping he wouldn't question this  all this early.

2:41pm BBT: Ashleigh and zack in HOh rm still talking and whispering lowly Ashleigh says it will be a weird couple of days but you have the votes if it is a double eviction. He says i just don't want to be back doored cause i will puke right in front of Arisa.

 2:45pm BBT: The mancalla game is still going on ion the living room as Kevin is explaining the game to Sarah while Jordan and Godfrey are playing the game.

2:55pm BBT: Most Hg in  the KT eating and trying the sauce that Pilar made for the have not's to go with their slop. Everyone says it is amazing sauce she made.

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3:00pm-4pm BBT: Bobby goes back tot he HOh rm and tells Zack  Not to worry that he will not say anything to Bruno about Ashleigh saying  that since week one bruno tried to get him out. Willow comes in HOh rm as zack leaves and the talk turns to if there will be a double evictoion or not. Bobby terlls them he does not care as long as kevin leaves this week. Bobby leaves the HOh rm and willow ask Ashleigh if Jordan is mad and ashleigh says i do not think so.Kevin comes in and talk turns to the POV as Willow thinks it is going to be a long night one or maybe a movie premier one.


4:00pm-5:00pm BBT: Zack jokes around with Willow in the HOh rm as she is rubbing Ashleighs back and sarah is watching. Alot of talking going on about the jack shack from BBUSA and willow talking about having dreams that she would be good at playing BB.


5:00pm-6:00pm BBT: Godfrey and bruno in the LVR talking and Godfrey tells him he heard the backdoor plan was Kevin Bruno tells Godfrey if it ends up you and Jordan on the block and the veto does not get used then we have the votes to keep you , you just go to Kevin and tell him about the backdoor plan but that is only if the veto is not used. Bruno says zacvk might be HOh but we control who goes home. He says if Johnny had come and made a deal he might not have gone home,. bruno then tells Godfrey  that he can not believe Zack is putting him and Jordan up  but Godfrey says as long as one of you guys get veto i am good. Bruna agrees with him. HG get locked in the HOh rm as they wait on the nomination ceremony to begin.

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10:05PM BBT Feeds come back on with HGs working on creating playing cards in the kitchen JP Zach and Kevin. Godfrey Willow Bobby and Bruno are in the HOH playing with cards that were made earlier. Pili is in the kitchen too while Sarah and Ashleigh come and go. 

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10:14PM BBT JP is called to the DR and tells Ash to take over as he departs. Bobby and Godfrey now playing in the HOh with only Bruno left watching. Ashleigh admires the 8 that Kevin has just fashioned. (It's really this exciting, folks. I'd say its like watching paint dry but its actually watching ketchup and mustard dry. - DRG) 

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10:20PM BBT More of he same. Ashleigh wonders if the POV will be tonight. Bruno tells Godfrey that he messed up big time in the game. Pili walks around the table to show Kevin her handiwork and to grab a paper towel before returning to her seat to resume work.


Godfrey ends up losing the game and they set up for another. Feed switches to Willow in the HOH bathroom talking with Sarah while commercial has been lagging badly on feed 4. Willow starts dancing when Sarah leaves as she is listening to the music and Britt comes through the room briefly. Britt asks if the guys want coffee and she tells the guys to be sure and bring their dishes down. Willow still rocking out to the music looking just like when she did her Justin Beiber impression for BBTV the other day. Bruno would like coffee and Britt will be happy to make it for him and she leaves to do so.

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 10:03pm BBT: Pilar and Brittnee in the KT making food.  Kevin and Jordan just  walking around  Zack comes in and watched brittnee. In the HOH rm is Sarah, Willow, Bobby, Godfrey and Bruno  they are playing the mancalla game.

10:05pm BBT: Jordan, Zack and Kevin sitting at the KT table  making Cards to play with using ketchup and mustard.

10:12pm BBT: Ashleigh comes into the KT and ask what is going on. Jordan says we are making cards do you want to join us and she sits down to help.

 10:13pm BBT: Jordan says nominations was good and Godfrey got everyone  going with saying ready ok. Pilar laughs and says  nominations was good. Jordan has been called to the DR and lets Ashleigh take over his spot in making cards.

10:17BBT: Godfrey and Bobby are playing a game of Mancalla as Bruno watches in the HOH rm. Kevin, Ashleigh, Pilar and zack are still making cards with mustard at the Kt table. Just general talk going on about painting with mustard and ketchup.

10:23pm BBT: Ashleigh says this is fun painting with mustard but i really want a corndog now. Kevin laughs at her.

 10:25pm BBT: Sarah and Willow in HOh bathroom talking about smoking pot and Willow ask if you can get high from second hand smoke . Sarah says i don't think so but some say you can. Sarah goes to the Kt to get slop and says she will be back. 

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10:33PM BBT Sarah rejoins Willow and she shares the headphones with her. Sarah wonders who it is then says it is you (meaning Bieber). (Breaking news! The commercial on feed four ran at normal speed this time. - DRG)


Feeds 1 and 2 switch back to the kitchen from the HOH where production work is proceeding silently.


Upstairs the gals are sitting against the wall in the HOH bathroom still listening quietly. 


Downstairs the production team chats quietly about their work. Discussion now turns to using hair spray on the cards to make them harder.


Willow tells Sarah that she has six hours playback time so don't worry about it. Sarah is rubbing Willows back.


Ashleigh and Pili start talking about what Origami is. . . when you fold paper into shapes like animals. They start talking about playing drinking games like Sociables. Pili gets up to see about spraying the cards with hair spray already. Zach suggests doing a test to make sure they don't just get soggy so she does not waste all her hair spray. They do not think it will harden afterall and decide to ditch the idea. 


Willow and Sarah talking about how Sarah is going to be on the block. Willow is going downstairs now and asks the guys who won. They say it was a tie and she wonders how they always tie. On her way downstairs she comments that it is freezing. In the kitchen she asks Britnee how she can help and is told that it is basically all done, dinner that is. The potatoes form the oven look good. Willow says that she thinks they will be awoken in the middle of the night and told it is time for the POV now. Willow laying items on a baking sheet while Britt is trying to decide where to position the oven rack. She says the directions say broil so she decides to put it on low and there is only low and high as settings. Britt remarks that it is her first time cooking and they decide they will watch and see how things are progressing in 5 minutes.


The production crew has completed making a full deck of cards. JP returns from his DR session and Willow again remarks that something is up and they are done with the backhoe out there. 


Sarah now on the side of the tub still listening to music.


Britt announces that she figured out that this morning she only used teaspoons instead of tablespoons when making the coffee so it was not as strong as it should have been. Pili Kevin and Willow in the store room getting snacks. Bobby has entered now too and talk turns to Kevin not knowing how to play Texas hold-em (How long does he think he can fool them if they actually start playing?? - DRG)

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10:57PM BBT Bruno and Godfrey playing the game in the HOH alone as Sarah has now gone downstairs to check out the card production and grab a glass of water. She and Britt hug in the middle of the kitchen and then check out the taters in the oven. There are only seven eating as four are on slop this week.


Kevin Ashleigh Pili and JP have now become spectators in the HOH room. 


Britt Willow and Sarah talking about how they are lone rangers sometimes. Sarah is dipping a tea bag in a tall glass of hot water. General chatter going on in both rooms as Ashleigh is now beginning a game vs. Godfrey.


Gals in the kitchen are talking about coffee drinks and pastries at a famous shop Cafe Dumas in New Orleans that is right across the street from the cathedral. Britt talking about when she visited and stayed two blocks over from Coyote Ugly, but she does not recall the street name. Discussion turns to the House of Blues. Willow and Sarah remark how the cams are on them if they are cuddling or kissing, but God forbid they have a conversation. They are getting salad dressing and preparing to set the table while they continue to talk about New Orleans. Kevin comes down and annnounces that he is so hungry and Britt says not to tell anyone that she can cook. Ashleigh downstairs now too and they say that Bobby is skipping dinner and he is a really picky eater. Kevin and Zach are joining the 4 ladies eating. Pilar says that she is now full of Bologna. 

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11:15PM BBT Willow teases Sarah that if she takes her top off and kisses her then she will not even be hungry. It is announced that Zach is stuck in the DR and Willow again states that "Something is UP." Willow apologizes for shutting Bobby down and he says she did not shut him down only told him they would just be friends. Kevin is serving salad from the wooden bowl. 


Bruno and Godfrey alone in the HOH now still playing the game.


Downstairs Britt is extolling the virtues of hashtags. Willow has compiled her plate now and asks to join the folks at the table. Talk returns to hashtags. 


Cams 3 and 4 switch to Bobby pacing alone in the bedroom doing solo Jedi training and/or strategizing.

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11:22PM BBT Bobby was plotting out who should pick whom for the POV and how the Chop Shop should be final five if they stay loyal after Kevin is gone assuming there are no twists. He goes up to the HOH and talks with Bruno and JP and Godfrey about the same issues. 


General chatter around the dinner table and BB tells them to stop talking about production. JP and Bruno now saying they don't sit and talk much but they are OK. They are thinking that when JP comes off the block then Kevin should go up and that once Kevin is gone they have to band together as guys since they won't have the numbers vs. the girls it will be 5 to 4 and if a girl is HOH it will for sure be two guys going up on the block. They decide that after Keven it will have to be Pili that goes. They reiterate that next week a guy has to win HOH or two boys will be up again. They tell one another that they are good and will never put each other up. They are proud of themselves for being OK even though they are not always around one another. 


Zach at the table now eating with Pili and Britt the only others still there. Bobby is pacing around and Kevin is standing next to the counter. 


Zach wonders if anyone has ever puked like Godfrey did and Talla is mentioned but they don't think she puked quite like Godfrey did. They joke again about him being White Girl Wasted. 


Pili now stretching out on the bench in the bathroom where she has joined Ashleigh. 


Sarah is back in the kitchen and does not appreciate Willow asking her how that Veto is up her bum.


​Game ongoing in HOH as Pili and Ash enter and scamper into the bathroom. Sarah is asked if she ever was out in public with a woman and felt weird or was looked at by others and then she starts talking about being charged covers after bouncers have said that they don't think that she is gay. Ashleigh back in the main bathroom working on her face and hair. 


Britt is starting to put the dishes by the sink in the kitchen. Sarah talking about the bar scene in Calgary and how she does not go to clubs much. Ashleigh has returned to the kitchen and talks about her experiences at gay clubs with straight friends. 

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11:40PM BBT  Britt has finally delivered coffee to Bruno in the HOH. 


Club talk still taking place in the kitchen. 


JP washes his hands after using the facilities. (Some folks care about such things. - DRG)


More club talk as three feeds in the kitchen and the fourth on the empty bathroom.  Willow announces tht she wants to dance and sing and she might even kiss somebody. Now she is talking about Emmett tweeting about how he came in second and he wanted folks to come and audition in Halifax as the province needs to represent this season. 


Bruno explaining a card trick to Ashleigh and the downstairs group that has migrated to the living room. Sarah is cleaning out a slop bucket at the sink. They notice that the ketchup on the cards is still wet. 

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