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Tuesday, April 14 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:00pm BBT Just a recap of the morning.  Feeds did not return until 9am this morning as the HG began waking up, many with pretty good hangovers from last night's wrap party.  Apparently Godfrey drank himself sick.  Brittnee was sexually aggressive towards Zach, or so he wants Ashleigh to think, Johnny says Brittnee was claiming there was a love triangle between her, Zach and Ashleigh.  Zach noted that Brittnee is jealous of Ashleigh and Bobby is jealous of him.  


Johnny campaigned to Kevin, proposing a new alliance with Jordan, Kevin/Pilar and Zach/Ashleigh to go after Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby and that he would not be afraid to stick his neck out for the alliance.  No sign that his efforts have gained any traction.  Ashleigh and Pilar acknowledged he made good points, but Jordan and Zach said that this is the very reason why he's too dangerous to keep in the game.  (Not quite sure I follow that logic, but I'm not playing the game. -- Morty)


Bruno has the HoH Camera and the HG have been instructed to capture Big Moments with it.  The house is pretty subdued today.  Just don't shout.  And pass the aspirin.

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10:00am-11:00am BBT:This morning Bb woke  the HG's  they were all talking about the wrap partry lastnight and how drunk everyone was. Zack told Ashleigh that Brittnee chased him around all nigth and pushed him on the bed and intop a door.Johnny comes in and  joins the conversation and says that brittnee was mad that Zack kissed her then  went right back to ashleigh. Johnny tells zack that brittnee told him there was a love triangle between her Zack and Ashleigh. Johynny then spoke to kevin  about sarah and how  she thinks she does not have to work with peole that does not help her. Johnny tells him that he will go after people and thet he is not scared to make big moves. He then says that his  noms would be Bruno and Godfrey with a plan to backdoor Bobby.

11:00am-12:00pm BBT: Pilar and Ashleigh talk about the pouints that johnny has made about him staying in the house this week. Pilar thinks he made a good point. she wants to talk to the Diaper alliance about it. Pilar talked to Joedan and kevin about this and they assured her that Johnny is saying  anything he can to keep himself safe this week.Jordan says sarah trust him and she is going after bruno and Bobby. Jordan tells them that  Johnny needs to go cause he is to smart. Jordan tells zack that willow is the one standing in the middle of the girls and she needs to go so we can be in the middle of the girls.

12:00pm -1:00pm BBT: Jordan suggest to pilar if she wins hoh to put up Godfrey and a floater like maybe Sarah  with a backdoor plan to  put up Bobby. Pilar thinks if the veto is not used though then they are waisting a week on Godfrey. Jordan them tells her that Godfrey said that he would put up Pilar and backdoor kevin, So then Pilar  was ok with putting up Godfrey. Ashleigh and kevin joinj  Pilar and Jordan and they agree that sarah and Brittnee would both go after Bobby and Bruno. Ashleigh says if brittnee wins HOh thenm we will just  throw zack after her.

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2:01pm BBT: Hg are lounging in the BY  talking about playing cards.

2:03pm BBT: Sarah is laying in the BY by the couches as the guys are talking about professional poker playing and casinos.  

Bobby in the KT talking to ashleigh about loving Canada. They head to the STR  and look in the freezer then Ashleigh grabs a Popsicle. Ashleigh says yesterday was such a fun day. Bobby says yeah it just got me stoked for everything going on this season and to know Canada is watching us.

2:25pm BBT: Sarah and Willow talking about cooking. Hg just lounging around in the BY.

2:44pm BBT: HG are still lounging and general talk.

2:49pm BBT:Pilar is in the bathroom washing her hands and says no towels. Ashleigh  in the bedroom folding clothes saying she has to stay busy cause she could go for a snoozer like a 2 hour snoozers right now.

2:54pm BBT: Willow and Sarah laying in the BY talking about friends and things they did and places they went. Johnny looks to be sleeping on the By couch. Brittnee comes over and lays down on the other couch.

2:56pm BBT: In the KT Bobby, Bruno and zack talking about next week could be a double eviction. They are whispering about JP and willow whispering alot. 

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 3:03pm BBT:Zack, Bobby and Bruno making food. Bobby wants to make chicken. Bobby then leaves the Kt and zack and Bruno are cooking whispering about what might happen tomorrow after eviction.

3:06pm BBT: Pilar in the bedroom folding clothes and saying she has to do laundry so bad. Jordan in the bathroom talking to sarah about Johnny and him telling about the gummy bear thing. Bobby walks in and talk stops.

3:14pm BBT: Most Hg in the KT getting food that zack has been cooking. BB comes on and says Hg this is your 15 minute warning all Hg please make your way into the house. Zack says maybe time to set up the hoh comp for tomorrow.

3:16pm BBt: At  the hot tub Kevin and Pilar are kissing. Kevin says is it weird knowing that  thousands of people are watching you kiss me? she says no.

 3:18pm BBT: Pilar sees a helicopter flying over the house and says how cool that is.

 3:23pm BBT: Hg's in the Kt eating and talking about how bad slop is and how Kevin was not happy when he was on slop.

 3:28pm BBT: As most Hg are eating Ashleigh says  not eating makes me very unhappy. Brittnee says not eating is very unhealthy for your body.

3:34pm BBT: Willow and Sarah in the LVR alone. Willow says i am so hungry and being hung over makes it worse. Sarah says eat some slop chips with some heated up mayo. Sarah then says she is not drinking in this house anymore. Willow says give it a few days and Sarah says your probably right.

 3:41pm BBT: Bruno is now talking to Willow and Sarah about Willow being hung over. Ashleigh is doing her nails and other Hg are just sitting around talking general talk.

 3:53pm BBT: Hg just sitting around in the LVR laughing at each other and at JP for eating rice. Bb is calling everyone to the DR.

3:57pm BBT: talk among the Hg is Willow and Sarah kissing lastnight . BB tells godfrey nap time is over. the Hg start laughing.

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4:16pm BBT: Hg just sitting around talking about drinking and kissing and just general talk,

4:19pm BBT: Hg talking about Halloween and dressing up as Judge Sarah from yesterday. Sarah says i am sorry everyone and everyone says no it was good. BB calls Sarah to the DR.

 4:22pm BBT: Everyone ask for a story and Pilar yells story time. Jordan ask you want BB3 or BBCAN3  and they all yell BBCAN3. Jordan says i haven't seen all the DR's  but when everyone starts falling asleep then it will be story time. Jordan goes to get more rice and they laugh at him about his rice.

#BBCAN3 4:28pm BBT: Once apon a time the 12 Hg had to put on  BBTV show and they had a search comp. Godfrey got disqualified and Kevin almost killed himself and then we had the treyB's as their names begin with B's. Anyways treyb's won the comp but as a reward they won nothing but they won the  hearts of Canada  and all the Hg were called to the wrap party  in the KT where they had pizza Sushi,this weird potatoes cheese chicken thing which was so good. as well as shrimp and calamari and even the have not  them poor bastards that have to eat hot sauce , ketchup and mustard or that shit Bobby makes. Even they got to eat.then they was full and it was pretty quick  and they was a little disappointing that there was no more. then they went to the hot tub to play truth or dare.and all of a sudden willow the little cute girl said please BB give us some alcohol and i will put on a show all of the hg were surprised then all of a sudden BB says Willow. The hg Gasped as they was all in shock. yes replied Willow. BB  said what did you say and willow replied i will put on a show for some Alcohol then BB said stay tuned. The Hg were elated they was so excited could this mean alcohol? even then though they wasn't to excited cause previously Bb had provided them with alcohol and it wasn't very much only enough for 2 young 22 year olds to get hammered before the POV ceremony.However truth be told BB delivered.The Hg ran into the pantry to find beers large craft  beers for each HG as well as 3 bottles of wine. the Hg were so excited and did cheers in the By and the hot tub. they all chugged their beers and some one said to Zack  hey Zack you should chug your beer and all his beer was already gone.they were starting to feel a little tipsy  then BB gave them another round.

4:58pm BBT: Hg just sitting around the LVR dozing off and saying they are gonna get in trouble for falling asleep.

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5:45pm BBT Sarah and Willow had a heart-to-heart, Willow assuring Sarah of her safety and Sarah being disappointed Johnny has trash talked her.  Brittnee tries to keep Ashleigh off the block, telling Jordan and Kevin she would get really bitchy if used as a pawn.  Kevin volunteers Pilar to be the pawn for them instead.  Brittnee reinforces that Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby have it out for Kevin if any of them win HoH.

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6:27pm BBT: Brittnee,Sarah, Zack and johnny in the bedroom talking about missing  their families and how Johnny's mom cried then remembered that it was his birthday then they cried more.

6:30pm BBT: Pilar and JP are in the STR talking to Kevin. JP says we will be fine guys. Pilar says who you think will win it? JP says any one of us can win it Pilar. JP says  they all tell me everything and they will never suspect us working together.

6:33pm BBT: Pilar, Kevin  and JP leave the STR and Pilar says i should eat something and  gets mayo out of the refrigerator. In the BY Bruno and Godfrey are kicking the football around like it is a soccer ball.

6:34pm BBT: Back in the bedroom JP is in there talking to the other HG about a game that Godfrey was playing but they can not remember so JP is going to go ask him what it  was. Hg are laying down in the beds just laughing about making cheese now.

 6:38pm BBT: Brittnee says i miss hot water i miss  food i miss my bed and i miss feeling like a human. Sarah says i am just going to take my soap to the hot tub. 

 6:40pm BBT: Talk in the bedroom is about piercing ears and hair cuts then about falling and getting cuts on them. Sarah says she bit through her tongue when she got excited and thought her dad was home.  Brittnee says and you have a hole? Sarah says no it just healed up but it has a bump there.

6:48pm BBT: talking in the bedroom is  about hang overs and smoking weed. Pilar says she takes Tylenol or Advil before she drinks if she thinks about it. Then talk turns to  Willows hair.

 6:51pm BBT: Sarah  and Willow and Pilar talking about them being a super fan now. Zack is sleeping and starting to snore. Ashleigh is almost asleep. Pilar leaves the room saying i am going  since i can't sleep on the bed.

6:55pm BBT: BB comes on and says please wake up or be prepared to face the consequences. Sarah says who is sleeping and BB repeats himself. 

 6:57pm BBT: Hg in the bedroom talking about food and how tonight is the last night and tomorrow they get restocked. and the have nots get to eat.

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7:00pm BBT: Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby talking by the hot tub about Kevin not finding out about their plan next week to back door him. They leave  the hot tub area and go to the BY.

7:02pm BBT: Bruno goes to the hoh rm and gets in the bath tub and starts the water to wash his dirty feet. Brittnee, Sarah, ashleigh, Jordan, zack, Willow and Johnny are laying in beds in the bedroom. Godfrey comes in and is asked if he feels better. he says alot better. ashleigh says i am feeling worse. Bobby comes in  and  they talk about Johnny being asleep then Bobby gets on the bed with Johnny.

7:10pm BBT: All HG in the bedroom in groups on beds just general talk going on in all groups.

7:18pm BBT: Ashleigh and Godfrey in the bathroom as Ashleigh is  doing make up and Godfrey is brushing his teeth. They are talking about the water being so ice cold. Ashleigh says i need a shower though. Godfrey tells her to go use the bath tub. She ask Godfrey why he is inspecting his toothbrush and he says i am so paranoid that i am using someone elses toothbrush and ashleigh starts laughing.

 7:20pm BBT: Ashleigh tells Pilar that Godfrey just used the wrong tooth brush and Pilar says what? who's? Ashleigh says yours and Pilar says what? Ashleigh tells her i am joking and Godfrey laughs.

 7:25pm BBT: Pilar says you go get ice cream and i will go get slop. Ashleigh says you want to go and Pilar gets up and says ok lets go. Ashleigh says tomorrow you get food. Pilar tells her she doesn't want to get her hopes up as they go to the KT.

7:37pm BBT: Pilar ashleigh and Bobby talking about the food they had lastnight and how good it was.

7:49pm BBT:Johnny is walking around taking fresh batteries to the other HG.

 7:55pm BBT: Hg getting ready to cook dinner as soon as they find what they want to cook for tonight.

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 8:04pm BBT: Pilar is shaving her arm pits , Kevin is shaving his face. Zack comes in and ask how Pilar's razor works so she shows him on his finger and he yells ouch and Pilar laughs.

 8:13pm BBT: Godfrey, Bruno, Jordan and zack talking in the KT about BB bringing someone back into the game. on BBUSA they  say that Brian, Jessica , Cowboy and Jessie was up to go back in and Jessie  got to go back in after the Hg  played in a comp. 

8:17pm BBT: the talking in the Kt with the guys is about BBUSA and the all star seasons.


8:27pm BBT: Guys in the KT talking about Graig and saying how he got caught up in emotions and then left without saying bye And Sindy did the same thing. Bruno says i think Risha was the only normal goodbye.


8:39pm BBT: Zack is cooking pasta as the other guys are sitting around and walking around talking general talk. the girls are in the bedroom giggling and talking general talk.

 8:42pm BBT: In the Kt they are now talking about Ronnie in BBUSA and how he was in his hoh rm for 2 days crying and wanting his wife and how Russel bullied him.Then they talk about Rachel and how she is a favorite but was annoying.

 8:52pm BBt: willow and brittnee in the bedroom talking about they need to win hoh this week. They try to decide who needs to be a target next week. Willow says when we get to final 6 then it is going to get so hard in here. brittnee says that feels so far away. willow says i know sometimes i cry wondering  how do i get there.

 8:58pm BBT Brittnee says why cant we just go to our have not rm and sleep the time away? Just let us go. Willow says we just have till tomorrow to go till after HOh comp.

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9:03pm BBT: Hg are doing dishes now after dinner and still talking about survivor.

9:05pm Pilar and Willow  eating slop in the KT as everyone is talking loudly at one time and Pilar is laughing loudly. Jordan and Zack go to the BY to sit and talk. Zack says he is concerned about Brittnee. Jordan says and you should be i talked to her today and right now she is on the same page  to get rid of Bobby but as soon as that is done she will flip.

9:08pm BBT: Zack says  he asked her who is the plan after Bobby and brittnee said  i don't know so I asked her Bruno and brittnee said no. Jordan says yeah once Bobby is dumped  we need HOH.

9:09pm BBT: Jordan tells Zack that he thinks this week will be an A or B comp so  we need strength next week not this week so once Bobby is gone then we need to play to win and not throw it again.again. Zack says we need to get rid of the chop shop you know what i mean?  Godfrey and Bruno come out and talk stops.

9:12pm BBT: Jordan and Zack get up and start putting cushions back where they belong as they are all over the BY. In the KT all the girls plus Johnny are sitting around talking  general talk about slop.

 9:16pm BBT: Willow is dumping the old slop into the trash and saying how bad it smells and gagging and brittnee is  laying on the floor with her nose pinched and laughing  saying it smells bad. Willow yells BB do not refill these buckets ever again we  don't want it.

9:18pm BBT: Brittnee is gagging and Willow is cleaning the  slop bucket yelling no B you can not throw up on the floor.  over and over then B runs to the bathroom and throws up. Pilar goes  to check on her and tells her to go outside. Pilar says that slop turned green it is like moldy. Ashleigh and Johnny go to help Willow clean the bucket and Johnny says he will wash it and Willow says no i want to be a woman who does things.

9:22pm BBT: Wilow and brittnee are trying to clean the next bucket that has green.  slop in it. Willow is gagging saying it smells like baby shit that  looks like was throwed up on. brittnee has her nose covered  with her sweater. Willow yelling Jesus help me oh lord Jesus help me. Ashleigh says let me do it and Sarah comes in and Willow gags  more

 9:24pm BBT: Willow is yelling the chunks are to much and the chunks won't go down the drain. brittnee says this is crazy dude. Willow says is this a challenge is this the veto cause  my life is on the line i feel like.

 9:25pm BBT: Willow says BB do not refill these please i am not playing do not fill them. She then says well my appetite is gone. Willow then says well  my challenge is done.

9:33pm BBT: Sarah, Willow and zack in the bedroom just general talk as Zack is looking for a dress shirt with blue buttons. He says he think he hung it up by the dryer. He leaves to go check. Sarah says i just got a weird feeling. Willow tells her to stop being paranoid.

9:36pm BBT: Brittnee and Johnny talking about laundry. All the Hg are gathering in the LVR.  they have moved 2 chairs in there and waiting on zack and ashleigh.

9:39pm BBT: Jordan says this is the BB pod cam. We might have got cancelled so we are just doing this once a week now on Tuesdays. BB calls Jordan to the DR and he says  we might have just got cancelled. and the HG laugh.

 9:43pm BBT: Jordan is back and says so to recap last weeks episode and we did battle of the seasons. How this works we pick 16 players from the BBUSA seasons and last week we only got 8 of them so this week we finish recap is we pick players who are good for an all stars cast.  the first 8 we picked is Season 1  Chicken George,  Season 2 hardy , Season 3 Lisa ,Season 4 Allison ,  Season 5 Dianne, Season 6  James,  Season 7 Danielle, Season 8 Eric. so we have the first 8 now we need the last 8 seasons. we need 4 guys and 4 girls.  season 9 they choose Sharon.

9:50pm BBT: Now we are on to BIG brother 10. This was Dans season.  they talk about Jerry and Dan and Memphis  and then they laugh and talk about Renny. Season 10 they choose  Jordan says we are not including Dan Dick or will cause we don't need them in all stars. they chose Memphis. 

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10:03pm BBT:  season 11 was the season of the clicks.they are talking about Ronnie and how he made alliances with everyone in the house and how he stayed in his room and cried cause he was afraid Russel would beat him up. they choose Russel for season 11.

10:11pm BBT:  Season 12 was the year of the sabator. Annie was the sabator and got voted out first then Reagan was the sabator. They say  Brittney  Was the best in the DR it was so funny. they choose Reagan from season 12.

10:20pm BBT: Season 13 is the season of couples. there was 3 super couples that came in that season. it was the worst year of the newbies. they choose Dani Danato for season 13.

10:25pm BBT: Season 14 was the season of the couches. after 4 weeks the coaches entered the game. They says it was a great season to watch .they choose Danielle Murphy in for season 14.

10:30pm BBT: Season 15  is the season of the MVP. There was 3 nominees this season as America had a vote each week to nominate. BB calls Johnny to the DR. Jordan goes on about season 15 HG. They choose Amanda for season 15 .

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10:31PM BBT: The HGs have just been recapping

BB15 us. 


11:00PM BBT: The HGs have been recapping BB usa now that are on season 16 talking about the 8 guys of season 16.


11:05PM BBT: The HGs are telling who they would like to see in BB16 in a BB allstar. They are picking guys and gal. from both Can and us. From CA Gary. and so on


11:10PM BBT: they are now done with this, and are clapping and stuff OK to the live feeds tells us who you want to see in a BB allstars at #BBCANdorks


11:15PM BBT: Bruno and Bobby are in the storage room now Bruno tells Bobby he has to win next week. Bobby says he wants to go after Kevin next week, They walk out. 


11:20PM BBT: Ashleigh is picking bones from her fish. Godfrey says the bones are the best part. Ashleigh says don't you know you don't eat fish bones you are a human garbag can. Godfrey says just call me The Garbanator. 


#BBCAN# 11:25PM BBT: Willow and Bruno are getting cloths out of the dry, Willow is whispering something in Bruno's ear can't really hear what. Something Bobby's on board too. or Id be crying. 


Bobby and Johnny are in the bedroom. Where Johnny is packing. JP is laying in a bed. 


11:31PM BBT: Sarah and Zach are talking in the wash room. they are talking about Brittnee. Sarah wants to get her out sooner then later. Zach wants her out later. now Willow who is too emotional. and Sarah says thankyou so much gives Zach a hug and walks out.


11:35PM BBT: Be wear fo the Bad BB slop, it appears the BB has some really bad slop. Now in the bedroom they are talking about sleeping and survivor. Sarah is in the wash room singing silly little songs that she has made up.


11:40PM BBT: The bedroom smells like sweat and the Have-Not room smells like cat piss. so say the HGs.


11:45PM BBT: The HGs are getting ready for bed, brushing teeth in the wash room and getting on pjs. And talking about romper room the TV show.


11:50PM BBT: April 15th is international woman's day for those of you like me who didn't know that. Thank Willow for that one. Now talking about Amanda from season 15.


11:55PM BBT: Willow has a sign that says Evicted on it and she wants to fool Godfrey with it but BB comes on and say Willow please go to the DR. Dam they want it back. Brittnee says I hope CAN liked my stand up and doesn't think I'm a Biash. BB we have a problem Brittnee has a hole in her one is. Goodnight BB I'm going to bed with my hole.


12:00AM BBT: Zach and Bruno are  talking Zach says it could be a double eviction tomorrow and that would put us at 9 and that would be jury starting. Bruno would we know if it's a double. Zach no it will happen faster but we stick with the plan. Bruno yeah. Zach theres nothing to eat. Bruno no. But usually if that happens theres constuction going on. They found some bacon.  For Sarah comes in and the talk turns to the live show.


12:05AM BBT:  The HGs that are still up are just sitting around on the red sofa chating about BBCAN2 most are going to bed though.


1:00AM BBT: the lights are now dim in the bedroom some of the HGs are still sitting on the sofa just chatting but it's about bed time for the HGs good night.

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