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Monday, April 13 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:00PM BBT: Bruno, Bobby, Sarah, Pilar and Ashleigh are in the backyard sitting on the grey chairs chatting no game talk, Brittnee, Zach, and Willow are in the bedroom talking about eating slop. And how it tastes like cardboard and how they are losing weight.


10:15PM BBT: Willow is now talking about how JP tried to kiss her, and she couldn't. Because her boyfriend wouldn't be too happy. Out in the backyard the Idol chatting continues. Bruno is saying how he paints his nails at home.


10:25PM BBT: Willow and Zach are in the br talking about who they want out next. Brittnee, Godfrey maybe backdoor Kevin. Willow is saying how she knows her time is coming but she is still going to try. Yeah Yeah you got to play to win says Zach.


10:31PM BBT:  Bruno and Bobby are now talking about next week getting Zach out. Bruno is saying that if anyone else won that veto he would have had to put up two new people and that would have been a waste of his HoH. Some of the HGs are on the red sofa talking about TV shows like the magic school bus. And Willow and Zach are still talking in the bedroom


10:40PM BBT: Willow and Zach are talking about who to bring into their group. Willow wants JP she trust JP, Zach says Ashleigh. Willow is now talking about Pilar and Kevin she is worried about them.  Seems like everyone else is in the wash room talking about coffee and how bad it is for you?? Pilar is saying hungry she is. it's only two more days. She is saying.


10:45PM BBT: Bobby and Bruno, are talking about backdooring Zach. They are talking about Zach's Army Pilar, Brittnee. JP and Asheigh. If we take out Zach then JP will come to us. He has Brittnee and JP. yeah Bobby but those people are going home and we won't have blood on our hands yeah.  Sarah is now in the bedroom with Willow and Zach they are now just talking not about game, She is talking about her office at home where she does her writing and creative stuff. 



10:50PM BBT: Pilar is teaching Kevin how to speak Spanish. Brittnee is called to the DR.  Godfrey is on the red sofa talking about weak bodies and football to JP, and Bobby , Ashleigh and Johnny. 


10:55PM BBT: Pilar and Kevin are talking about the cut on his leg and how it's getting worst. Pilar thinks it's infected. Kevin should I go to the DR what if they pull me from the game. Pilar they aren't going to pull you from the game for a cut. Kevin keeps saying it's infected. Pilar keeps laughing. She is touching the cut. Kevin is saying it's red and green. now talking about the dog competition and what day was that day 22.  oh now kissing. Pilar thinks he is joking when he says that he thinks he needs a cast. she just keeps laughing now telling him not to go into the hot-tub and to wash it with soap and water. 


11:00PM BBT: They HGs are talking about the movie Wonderlust. Now other TV shows and movies. Brittnee says she misses bacon. Johnny is called to the DR.  Pilar and Kevin are now kissing deeply. Now talking about bagels and bacon. 


1:05PM BBT: JP asked Ashleigh for how much money would she lick Zachs feet. $500, $1000 Godfrey Id do it for $500 I wouldn't lick Bruno's feet though. Now just talking about each other feet and how gross they are. JP asked Godfrey if he would rather lick Zachs feet once a week for the rest of your life. or every time you go to use your hotsauce when it's empty you can't go and get more hotsauce. or maybe a full body wax every two days. They just are going on and on with this.


11:05PM BBT: feeds 3 and four or on the FotH, But most of the HGs are sitting on the red sofa idol chatting. 


11:10PM BBT: nothing new to report the HGs are just chatting Johnny is called to the DR.


11:20PM BBT: Willow is eating slop she is talking to Bruno and talking about Peter and Gary from season 1. Zach is called to the DR. Pilar and Kevin are still in the HoH room Kissing.


11:31PM BBT: Willow is talking about making iced coffee with syrup. Bruno is now called to the DR. Ashleigh tells BB that they need some laxatives big time.  Everyone else is sitting on the red sofa chatting about dream girls and dream jobs. 


11:40PM BBT: The HGs are just having themselves a quite evening just chatting. and yes Pilar and Kevin are still in the the HoH room doing you guess it Kissing. And when they aren't kissing they are also just chatting.


11:50PM BBT: Bruno and Zach are now in the backyard playing ball. And most of the HGs are still on the red sofa playing a game like what would you rather do lick Zach's feet for the rest of you're life or get you're penis pierced. things like that they just go on and on with that.


12:00AM BBT: Johnny is now sitting outside watching Zach and Bruno play ball, he says he can't handle the questions anymore, Ashleigh comes out and says I know. (I can't stand the questions anymore) well the games broken up and Willow and Sarah are now talking Willow is talking about her job she makes about $1400 or so she said.  Sarah is talking about her school and working at her dinner. Godfrey is off to bed, he is saying goodnight.  Brittnee is off to bed as well.


12:05AM BBT:  Godfrey is eating a midnight snack before going to bed. and the Ball game in the backyard is still going on Willow is now rubbing a tub of something on  Sarah's legs with Bobby watching.  Guess Godfrey doesn't want to go to bed he's out in the backyard. They are talking about a TV show The fixer. And homeland the TV show. 


12:15AM BBT:  Godfrey is now in bed , The ones that are still up are guessing how many times a day Godfrey says yo now telling each other their tweeter handles.  Sarah is telling Willow about how they moved into their home. And how her landlady grilled her about her dogs ect ect ect. was a old rental. 


12:31AM BBT:  Nothing much has been happening tonight in the BB house. The HGs have just been sitting around talking no game talk really. Just idol chatting playing games and such. they are still going on with this some of them are now getting ready for bed. 


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1:30am BBT For a while now, Johnny has been just sitting on the LR couch not doing anything, possibly contemplating his fate in the house.  Zach and Jordan are talking by the pool with Ashleigh, discussing who is working with, or snogging with, whom.  And the Fan Feed is on an empty WA.


1:50AM BBT The pool party breaks up with Jordan heading into the house, exchanging pleasantries with Johnny. Ashleigh tries to get Zach to jump in the pool but he's not buying it. After some light banter, they enter the house and say hi to Johnny as well. Feeds 1/2 are on sleeping Have Nots as Ashleigh heads upstairs. Zach hangs back in the KT and talks a little with Johnny.


2:00AM BBT Zach and Johnny are talking on the LR sofa.  Zach is being empathetic as Johnny says Canada tried to throw him a bone this week (the Veto twist) but it didn't work.  Zach is not giving anything away but is commiserating as Johnny wonders how he got here. A series of unfortunate events and the unpredictability that is this game, Zach says.

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2:20AM BBT Johnny has been sharing his game observations with Zach.  Zach offers neutral observations here and there but mostly is just listening, giving Johnny an opportunity to vent.  Talk moves to what the HoH comp might be.  Johnny thinks trivia.  He doesn't think it will be a Double Eviction until they start forming the jury, and then the first 2 jury members will be a Double Eviction.

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2:30AM BBT Zach and Johnny are convinced Godfrey has a secret. He's a lot smarter than he lets on, Zach says.  They think he'll keep his secret until Final 5.  Bruno's too normal to be here, Zach says.  The girls won't put him up because he has kids, Johnny says. Zach doesn't think there are many big players left to make big moves.  Kevin and JP, Johnny says.

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2:45AM BBT Zach says he thinks he has Ashleigh if he needs her.  They continue discussing competitions and alliances. Zach says he didn't expect this much flip-flopping in the house.  Johnny continues to give Zach advice: Watch your back.  No one has it in the bag yet, Zach says. Except everyone knows where everyone else stands, Johnny says, there's no secrets.

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2:50AM BBT Zach and Johnny get up and head off to bed.  Johnny notes it's late and Zach says he'll sleep when he's old.  He makes a quick trip to the WC, washes his hands, walks a couple laps around the WA then heads to the BR.  All HG are in bed now.  Why aren't you?

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 9:00 AM BBT All houseguests are still sleeping and the lights are still out.

 9:10 AM BBT looks like BB is letting them sleep in a bit. With the VETO ceremony over and the POV not used, Sarah and Johnny remain on the block. Who do you think will be the next to leave the house and join the first four evictees in a competition to get back in the house?

 9:13 AM BBT the lights are coming on in the house, but still no movement from the HG’s.

 9:16 AM BBT Well there was a little movement in the BR. Zach took all the covers from Ashleigh so she sat up and took some of the covers back, then FOTH.

 9:30 AM BBT the feeds are still down, it must be wake up time for the HG’s.

 9:40 AM BBT the feeds are still down, this is a long wakeup call

 9:44 AM BBT and were up with Sarah, Johnny and GF in the LR on the couches.

 9:45 AM BBT Bobby and Bruno in the HT. Bobby said that Johnny came up to him and told him that there is a five person alliance that is not the girls. Bruno and Bobby are going over scenarios of who will win HOH and who would go up. Bobby wants a double evict. Bobby said that he thinks Zach is playing too hard and it could come back to bite him before it bites Bruno and Bobby.

 9:52 AM BBT Bruno told Bobby to be very careful how he approaches Zach. Bobby and Bruno want Kevin to go next and then they discuss who should go after that. Bruno said the only competition threat is Zach.

 9:54 AM BBT Bruno said that Johnny is going to fight and he will stay up until four in the morning to try and get votes. Bruno said that if Johnny goes this week we are good. Bruno said the next two HOH are very tricky. Bobby said after Kevin goes they should put up Britt and Sarah. Bruno just wants to make sure that Johnny walks out the door because he is not convinced and if Zach wants to make a move then this is his time to do it.

 9:56 AM BBT Bobby told Bruno that they should start writing the comps stuff down and Bruno told him that they can’t write anything down.

 9:58 AM BBT Bobby said that JP will take them anytime over a mental challenge or a puzzle. Bobby wants to pick Willows brain apart. Bruno said to be careful because if you say the wrong thing she will know. Bruno got out of the HT to head inside and Bobby told him he will join him in a bit.

 10:00 AM BBT Brittnee, Kevin, Johnny and GF in the LR with general chatting about Brittnee and her work. Johnny was called to the DR.

 10:03 AM BBT In the BY on the couches we have JP, Zach and Bruno discussing what the next HOH competition might be. Bruno asked if Johnny is still fighting. JP said yes he is a fighter and he will not give up and that is the reason that he has to go home. They all agree that Canada loves Johnny 100 percent. Then talk went to yesterdays POV ceremony and how scared they were when they heard about the double veto.

 10:05 AM BBT Zach said that the only way that Johnny is going to stay is if he pulls a golden pov out of his ass. Bruno said that this is the only chance that they have to get Johnny out and they have to do it. Zach just said if anybody perjury comes back, it would be ninja (Graig). Now they are all discussing all the evictees so far and Bruno said if any of them were still here, there would have been explosions.

 10:10 AM BBT JP how lucky they are that the two best players in the house are gone (Naeha and Johnny).Bobby joined the BY group and they are doing some reviewing of who won HOH, what week they won, who was on the block and was the pov used.

 10:13 AM BBT JP said that he was thinking for next HOH as long as Kevin don’t win they are all okay and then talk turns to different kinds of challenges that they would like to do and the challenges that they don’t like.

 10:16 AM BBT the BY group is again talking about how good Naeha and Johnny are at BB and they deserve a chance at a BBCAN all stars. Bruno asked how big the jury is and they are all speculating how many there will be. Bruno called to the DR and the others start talking about eating breakfast.

 10:21 AM BBT Bobby went inside and left JP and Zach in BY alone. JP told Zach that even if Sarah, Willow and Britt are plotting against them, they don’t have anything to worry about because they can crush them in comps and they don’t have the votes. JP said the most paranoid people have been coming to him. JP said Bobby has to go next then Bruno after that. They are speculating that it might be a double evict soon. JP said as long as they keep Britt and Sarah close they will be okay. Zach said to keep making them feel safe.

 10:24 AM BBT Zach just told JP that he was talking to Britt and told Britt that she is going to have to do their dirty work by sending home Pilar and Ashleigh. Zach wants to get Willow out next week. JP said Bruno needs to go because he is smart. JP said he can continue to be the mole and let the other side think that they have five on their side.

 10:27 AM BBT Zach is going to tell Ashleigh to get in the HT with Bobby and pick his brain and convince him to throw the competition because Ashleigh can get him to do anything. Bruno walked back into the BY and talk turns to eating breakfast.

 10:29 AM BBT just general conversations going on in the house now, no game talk.

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12:40PM BBT The HG are officially off the rails.  They are sorting themselves into Harry Potter houses and analyzing the books.  I'd like to send them a Howler or maybe set them a task of re-potting Mandrake plants. Anyone have a spell to relieve boredom?

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1:00:pm BBT: Hg are locked out of the house and sitting by the hot tub talking about the movie Titanic.

 1:18pm BBT:  Feeds come back after a brief FOTh and Hg are talking about a TV task Hg are excited and deciding what to wear. and we go back to FOTH.

1:26pm BBT: Feeds back Jordan says ok  guys for the BB search for Skittles we will need 1 hg to host 2 to be judges and the rest of the HG to perform in the talent show in these categories 1 rapper, 3 to be in the dance troop, 1 stand up comedian, 2 performance artist, and one characteristis  .Music will be provided for the dance troop and a beat for the rapper and paper provided for the comedians part . 

1:30pm BBT: Hg are talking about what they will wear and who will do what. Host will be Jordan or Zack or maybe both. Johnny and Ashleigh will be judges, Godfrey will be the rapper, Bobby, Bruno and Sarah will be the dancers, 2 performance artist will be Kevin and willow. and charecterist is Pilar.

1:40pm BBT: Hg are wigging out and going through clothes that BB has provided them.

1:42pm BBT: Hg are all talking and laughing about the  wigs and shoes and costumes they have to put on.

1:50pm BBT: Hg still trying on costumes and wigs and just talking about what they will have to do and then saying they only have one hour till  the BBTV starts.

1:52pm BBTL Bruno, Bobby and brittnee in the STR with music going practicing their dance  moves .

 1:58pm BBT: Brittnee says i am so excited guys we are going to do so good as they walk out of the STR to the KT and get water. Brittnee says we got to figure out what else to do cause i don't know if i want to do the robot. and we get FOTH.

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2:09pm BBT: All HG'S are in the HOh rm everyone is talking at one time about the task they have to do today.Pilar is drawing pictures on Willow's arms.

2:14pm BBT: Hg are all talking at one tome and Sarah says we should watch the swearing on this segment of BBTV. Everyone agrees they should. They are talking about acting out some scenes from BBCAN2. Jordan says lets not be locked into character for BBCAN2 though. Willow says yeah  yeah.

 2:21pm BBT: Hg discussing what they will do and say on the BBTV show. Sarah says she will just rip on everyone so she apologizes in advance.

2:29pm BBT: Jordan talking about hosting and how he will call brittnee over into a relationship and start making out. Bruno tells will there be tongue? brittnee says ok lets do it. Brittnee says i am so nervous now cause i don't want this to suck.

 2:41pm BBT: Hgs still sitting in the HOh rm talking about doing the BBTV that begins in 19 minutes.

 2:57pm BBT: We are on FOTH as HG's get ready for the BBTV.

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3:05pm BBT: Hg in Bathroom area getting dressed and ready  In the LVR Kevin is sitting in a chair and says good morning ladies and gentlemen we have a great show planned for you and first up is a guest so welcome Justin Bieber  as willow comes out in men underwear and a sock stuffed in them to look like a guy. Kevin says Justin what is it like to be the most popular person in the world and Pilar comes running in yelling.

3:06pm BBT: Kevin is asking Justin Bieber (Willow) questions about her body and then ask if we can see a little dancing. Kevin ask for  a little beat as the Hg start clapping and  Justin Bieber (Willow) starts dancing. The Hg are cheering her on.

3:08pm BBT: Kevin says Justin can we look forward to any concert dates soon? Justin says Court dates or concert dates? Kevin  says Concert dates.. Justin thanks  Kevin for letting him be on the show and leaves then Kevin introduces Godfrey the DR.Kevin says i know you study 10 to 12 hours a day on your degree so thank you for coming on our show. Godfrey says no problem so over the course of my studies i have studied Poop. He says alot of [people go to the bathroom they sit on the toilet and that's what they are supposed to do but i am worried about the elderly and the kids so when you go to the bathroom squat don't sit down . Godfrey demonstrates how to do this on  the red chair.

3:14pm BBT:Kevin says lets give Dr manguisa a hand here as we move on. Kevin says our next guest  is Pilar she runs in screaming. Kevin says make up and hair took care of you as her hair is a mess. she is  acting hyper and Kevin says lets take this coffee from you. She says i am so excited. Kevin says Pilar  has said it all already and we are just going to move on. Pilar hugs  him and leaves. Kevin says lets go to our first commercial break so Jordan come on down . Jordan says every year 16 Americans  are locked in a house and are forced to eat slop they are called have nots who sleep in urine and eat slop. what is slop you ask it is a concoction made of stuff that taste like dog shit. 

3:19pm BBT: Pilar come here , this is Pilar she smells really bad as she is a have not in the BB canada house so please donate to this cause.

3:20BBT: Kevin is back and says they have lots coming up soon and we have BBCAN2 HG coming back for a rerun. We are very excited to have this group come in  and lets keep it clean but lets bring out what we call 2 girls and a gay. In comes in brittnee and Ashleigh and johnny. Kevin says welcome.Johnny you look fantastic. We had fans fill out questions before the show and Dominic wants to know he is very worried about his kissing skills can you give him advice? Ashleigh says well  i like to go in for the little caress and a nibble on the lips. Kevin says can we see some of these  moves? I will volunteer to do this and Dominic pay attention and take notes please.

3:25pm BBT: Next we have Bobby he is a good looking guy. Bobby walks in with no shirt on and pajama bottoms on. Kevin says Bobby how dd you obtain a Hercules type body. Bobby says it is called cinnaslop that's what it was. one thing i would like to say about good abs is flex all the time all day but not to much that you  crap on yourself. lets thank Bobby for this. kevin says he sweated on the chair so we might need to wipe that off. So  we kind of ran a guest off earlier so lets bring him back come on Johnny. Kevin then ask him about his clothes. 

3:28pm BBT: Kevin ask Johnny if he has a crush on anyone in the house and Johnny says you know i am crushing on all the men in the house.

330PM bbt::it is time for another commercial break so Jordan come on down for another commercial. Jordan comes in and says Once again Canada i am here to tech you about slop. Slop is the most disgusting  and vile  thing to eat. But you can add spice  and stuff but it taste like burnt. I mean burnt. Jordan takes a bite of the slop chip and says you know when you cook a burger to long and it taste like crap well that's how bad slop taste. My good friend Brittnee actually said she rather cover herself in ketchup, mustard AND MAYO AND SHOWER IN IT THAN EAT SLOP I HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN HER EAT SALSA ALONE INSTEAD OF SLOP THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS. 3:37pm BBT: Justin Bieber is back on with Kevin and Kevin says welcome back and i just have to apologize to you. he says thank you. Kevin says can we see your tattoos again. He says i am human i feel things. Kevin says ladies are throwing lingerie at you on the set now. Justin (willow) says i have to keep this body up and i do lunges that's why i wear my pants low so my lunges are better.Kevin says Justin do you want a family? He says I am a man now i am 21 now so maybe in the next year i want a family cause i am a man now.

3:41pm BBT: Kevin says thank you Justin Bieber. Kevin says BBTV rolls on as soon a Justin moves on. coming up in about 10 minutes we will have court room  judgement. lets bring in the judge for that. Sarah walks in and Kevin says judge Sarah please sit down , she yells your guilty guilty. Kevin says who is on trial here and Judge Sarah says we have alot of people on trial. Godfrey is on trial for breaking rules and taking naps.

 3:46pm BBT: kevin says we are going to take a small break then we will be back.

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4:06pm BBT:WE now have Judge sarah show room on and everyone is guilty until proven innocent. First on trial is godfrey  cause people have bones to pick with him. judge Sarah says you are guilty we need a prosecutor. Godfrey.Godfrey says what kind of show is this? Sarah says shut up you ever been on trial before? we are here cause you broke the rules man. Let me tell you now that the truth will set you free as she pops him on the arm. JP you have time to talk to Godfrey and make it good. JP says i am BB and this is my house Sarah. Sarah says go JP go. Godfrey says i like those legs Sarah and she says yeah? Sarah then says we need a new prosecutor here Kevin  get over here.

4:07pm BBT: Kevin says i tell you right now this man might look awake but he is not. Godfrey says man let me tell you i got some chicken feet that looks like your legs.Sarah says hush. Sarah says it is time to defend yourself what do you have to say? Godfrey says it is actually my strategy to sleep in this house and i might look asleep but i am looking and listening i aint really asleep.

4:09pm BBT: Judge Sarah says we will need to take a break now i got some business to do. She then says who is on trial next as she gets up and leaves the room. Judge Sarah comes back walking in with Zack. Johnny is the next on trial. he says you gonna make me? Sarah says get him Kevin and johnny says get your hands off me Kevin unless you put them in a better place. Sarah says as far as i am concerned this man is guilty. He is ion trial for being a piece of sas. zack says 26 days we been in this house and this bish comes in here being all sassy. Sarah says  first i need to know what a bish is. She ask for lipstick and Johnny and Sarah argue.

 4:10pm BBT:sarah has the bailiff to bring a gag in for Johnny. Judge Sarah moves to Zacks lap and says she can hear better there. and starts making out with Zack and says you are guilty. She then says i am guilty of having my panties hanging out and you are guilty of making me hot and bothered, and Johnny i don't care if you are guilty. she says court over Johnny you are guilty.

4:20pm BBT: Judge Sarah is back for her next case.the next person is a gosh darn liar Bruno. She says Bruno if that is your name you are a liar. Let me ask you a question here . What do you construct if that what you do. Bruno says well i like to go home at night and construct babies. Judge Sarah says well prosecutor what you think of that? zack says well i say you keep your hands off and Sarah says zack i think i might need some more wine. Zack then tells Bruno that Judge Sarah is a bloody drunk.Judge Sarah says so i hear you are laying a sidewalk have you ever laid the pipe Bruno? Bruno laughs and says i  have been known to  lay the pipe Sarah and as a matter of face there is a building being erect right now. Sarah says i do hear there is a building being erected right now as we speak and Bruno says well only one problem is that it has to be straightened out first. Sarah says meet me in my chamber Bruno.

4:30pm  BBT: Kevin is now on trial for stealing clothes and hearts and the prosecutor says bring in Pilar she tells  them they are guilty and Kevin must kiss Pilar they kiss them Zack kisses Judge Sarah. Sarah stands up and says Guilty guilty guilty.

4:38pm BBT: Sarah  is done and she tells everyone she is sorry and they all hug her and tell her it was so funny not to be sorry.

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5:03BBT: Hg are getting ready for the next segment of the BBTV. Godfrey is up next dressed as Arisa. This is your host of BBCAN2. this is the most dynamic cast you will ever see. Bobby comes out says Hi i am Kenny i am a professional model and i am gay. Jordan comes up and says hey Canada you ready for the dad in the house?Johnny comes in and says I am Andrew i like hawks i have hawks tattooed on my chest. Willow is on as Sarah i am a hair stylist and a make up artist. Pilar comes out as Rachelle .Ashleigh comes out as heather and says she is am model. Bruno is John. Brittnee is Ika. Kevin is Orlie.

 5:09pm BBT:  Andrew has won HOH and is making his nominations as the HG sit on the couches waiting. He says as HOh i  nominate netta and Paul for eviction this week. He says i nominate you Paul cause you make slanderous comments towards my family and friends.  Paul says listen that man is racist and  a homophobic cause he put me on the block man. Paul goes to the Dr. I know Andrew is not sexist or homophobic cause i need the house  against me cause i need the house to know i am the greatest even like chill town.

 5:14pm BBT: Next scene is Paul was evicted from the BB house and the next hOh is Rachelle. Sabrina goes to the DR to talk about her relationship with Rachelle. . She says  i am so excited and  her nomination is mine she will do what i want. Ika comes up missing but in the BY is a 5000 dollar check and letters from home . Ika is on the screen and Hg see her pick the 5000 dollars. Hg were angered and ika was evicted from the house by a unanimous vote. Hg go to BY for HOh comp to find nothing then are told that Canada is HOh this week as the Hg  walk around yelling. HG to the living rm and Arisa says First up for eviction is Sabrina.the second nominations by Canada is Andrew

5:22pm BBT: Hg are still going on with the BBCAN2 show.it is eviction time for the BBCAN2  Sabrina and Andrew are on the block and John won POV and did not use the POV and it is now time to evict.By a vote of 6-0 Sabrina you are safe and Andrew you are evicted from the BB house.then Sarah went home then Kenny went home and everyone was in the BY all was Quiet till Kenny made an announcement. Kenny says I am gay.then the Hg were shocked.

5:36pm BBT: JOHn from BBCAN2  comes running out of the DR in a diaper   yelling Whats up Canada as the Hg go crazy. he says Netta and him are no more and that Jordan is the new Netta.Hg are making food and eating in the KT as everyone is talking loudly at one time.

 5:43pm BBT:Back to the POV and evictions for BBCAN2 John has won the pov and  Sabrina and Rachelle  are on the block and John gives Rachelle a chance to say why he should use the pov on her he says thats enough now Sabrina is up and John says sit down Sabrina. that's how we talk to Sabrina around here. he says i have decided to use the pov on Rachelle and the replacement nominee is Arlie.

5:49pm BBT: Sabrina and netta are on the block and John has to decide who gets evicted and who goes to final 2 so i evict netta. everyone is in shock. John then ask to see the rest of the BB house and we get FOTH.

5:54pm BBT: John has now left the house and HG's are standing around saying that was amazing  and how they did not realize that it was John at first. Pilar says that was amazing. Hg are saying they are sweating.All Hg walking around the house getting ready for the next part of BBTV . 

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6:44pm BBT: Feeds are still on FOTH. 7:09pm BBT:Hg are in the BY . The judges are sitting and watching as they start the comedian show. Zack says welcome to the BB Canada for the BB search for Skills competition. Jordan says tonight we have some very talented competitions come out so we have 6 contestants come out , but first lets meet the judges. Ashleigh and johnny.

7:12pm BBT: The first act tonight is Mr Godfrey. Godfrey comes out and starts rapping.  Godfrey is rapping about the other HGs. Godfrey finishes his rap and everyone claps. as they are laughing. Zack says lets take it to the judges and ashleigh says it was good bravo. johnny says the outfit was alright but  his rap was kind of cheesy. Ashleigh gives Godfrey a 7 and Johnny gives Godfrey a 5. Jordan says godfrey has a total score of 12.

 Our next act is a stand up comedian and her name is sarah. sarah comes out and  says what is the deal with BB  he makes us cry and tells us every action. No wait that was graig.

 7:20pm BBT: sarah is talking about all the HG and says there are three virgins in the house this year what is the chance of that? She says bruno you won 2 comps this week, pretty good for a 50 year old man. She says all of you i hate your asses get your head out of your asses and start playing the game. Everyone laughs. zack says that was very good a little harsh but good. Ashleigh says a lil harsh but good. Johnny says i thought that was on point but good.Ashleigh gives Sarah a 8 and Johnny gives her a 9 and a total scare of 17.

 7:24pm BBT: next is willow dancing as she throws herself all over the stage.HG are laughing as Willow stomps and goes all over the stage. She then rubs something red all over herself.herself. Zack thinks that was kinda a success as she didn't hurt herself.Johnny says good job i guess. Ashleigh gives her a  9 and Johnny gives her a 4 with a total 13. Next act is Pilar and she is going to do artistic work.Pilar comes out giggling  she says i am going to draw someone from this house and wears glasses the judges Ashleigh gives Pilar a 6 johnny gives her a 6 with a total of 12.

 7:35pm BBT: next act is  kevin and he will be juggling. he comes out and says  no one on this stage tonight has risked their life tonight on this stage and that is what i am about to do. he goes to his bag of juggling tools and Jordan ran up and said no knives and took his knives away. kevin starts  juggling  and can actually juggle.  Now he starts juggling eggs and says great with bacon and very hard to get out of Tshits.  he now juggles 2 pineapples and a jar of pickles. Jordan says thank you the show is over. kevin joins Jordan and zack and they go to the judges. Ashleigh gives him  a 8 and Johnny gives him a 6 for a total of 14. and that puts kevin in second place.

7:40pm BBT: and now the finale is a dance group of brittnee , Bruno and Bobby. they come out and  the music starts.Bruno does the moon walk  and Bobby break dances. Then Bruno breaks out doing the robot. the dance is over and zack and Jordan comes out and says unbelievable. Jordan says that was excellent. Ashleigh gets down on her knees and bows. Ashleigh gives them a 10 Johnny gives them a 10 with  TOTAL OF 20 so they have won the skillz search competition.

7:45pm BBT: Jordan says it is time to see if we passed our mission if the score is 2 or higher we will get a wrap party. zack opens the envelope  and yells we get the wrap party and everyone starts screaming and hugging and we get FOTH.

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 8:58pm BBT: Feeds come back to Hg in the bedroom changing clothes.and talking about shoes. Willow is in the bathroom with brittnee just walking around.

9:00pm BBT: Sarah, Pilar  in the bedroom talking about dressing up and putting on heels. Jordan says he is so drained after today and zack says yeah me too. Jordan ask Godfrey if he got enough sleep and Godfrey says yeah i guess. Then says we got to change.

 9:04pm BBT: In the HOH rm Bruno and Kevin  are laying on the bed and Johnny is on the couch while zack lays in the floor and Bobby walks around . they say they better get dressed and Bruno gets up and heads to the bathroom. BB tells some Hg to please wake up that nap time is over. Jordan is now in the KT  walking around.

 9:06BBT: Ashleigh is heading back upstairs. Bobby goes back to the HOh rm as he is buttoning up his shirt. Godfrey is now up getting dressed. Pilar in the HOh rm bathroom and Bruno says i am not taking a shower and Pilar says neither am I. Bruno says it is to cold. Pilar tells him no one is judging. Godfrey leaves the HOh rm and heads downstairs to the STR to return batteries.

 9:09pm BBT: Jordan and Willow says that was fun and was so good . willow says i am exhausted but i am hungry i can not wait to eat. ( the have nots get to eat at the wrap party also) Pilar says i am gonna eat so much.

 9:11pm BBT: Bobby comes into the bathroom and says looking great ladies and they say thank you Bobby.  Pilar is fixing willow's hair for the Wrap party.

 9:18pm BBT: . Ashleigh is putting her heels on and then puts jewelry on. In the bedroom zack is talking to Sarah and telling her not to worry about things as she is getting  ready for the wrap party. Zack says just don't worry Sarah you and I been together since day 2. Sarah ask are we getting locked in the room again and brittnee says yeah.

 9:25pm BBT: Pilar, Ashliegh and Willow in hoh bathroom finishing their make up and we get FOTH.

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