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Sunday, April 12 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:12am BBT Sarah and Johnny by the HT still talking about how they got on the block.  Johnny feels he should have not the veto he won.  Sarah thinks the showmances have a lot to do with them being on the block. 

12:24am BBT  Jordan is doing laundry in the BY, Zach and Willow are talking on the Balcony chairs.  BB asked Willow to fix her mic.  Willow is hard to hear.  She feels Kevin may go after him but not right away.  Zach wants the HOH next week.  So does Willow.  Willow keeps asking if he trusts her and Zach keeps responding with another statement.  Willow nails him down and he says he trusts her.

12:31am  BBT  The feeds are down

12:52am BBT  The feeds are back up…Ashleigh and Willow are setting off the alarm in the HN room.  In the BY Jordan and Zach are talking and folding laundry. 

12:59am BBT  Johnny joins the boys in the backyard and Sarah, Willow and Ashleigh and playing with the exercise equipment.

1:15am BBT  Willow and Zach in the BY throwing the ball into the basket.  Willow finally gets one in…the reward….bedtime. 

1:21am BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are down, 3 and 4 show the BY.  They are still throwing the ball around. 

1:34am BBT  Willow and Zach are tiring each other out throwing the ball.  Johnny and Sarah are watching.  Ashleigh went to floss.  Willow and Zach head to bed.  Johnny and Sarah keep playing.  In the BR Jordan gets called to the DR.   

1:52am BBT  Zach and Ashleigh are in the BR.  Nothing happening.  Zach and Kevin are in the KT.  Kevin is making himself something.  Sarah thanks BB for their treat today. 

2:04am  BBT  Sarah is joking that she’s taking her water bottle, the coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, in fact if they want her to leave they are going to have to come in and get her. 

2:08am BBT  Most of the HGs are asleep and we’ll be back in the morning.

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 9:05 am BBT: Bruno and Bobby in HT going over scenario’s about who should leave. The way Bruno sees it that the chop shop hasn’t got together in almost a week. Bruno gets out of the HT to go in the house. Bobby told Bruno to tell people inside if they are board to come out to the HT and talk to Bobby.

 9:15 am BBT Bruno and Kevin now out in the BY chairs talking about who they get along with in the house.

 9:17 am BBT Bruno told Kevin he don’t talk much with JP because he don’t see him very often. Kevin told to fix his mic by BB. Kevin was in the dark about the whole Graig thing. Bruno thought Kevin and Johnny were tight. Bruno said he is not using the veto, Johnny has to go and Kevin has nothing to worry about.

 9:22 am BBT Bruno thinks everyone is likeable in their own way, but he could see Johnny being funny in the DR. Bruno thinks this week will be a double evict and he never knows where everybody’s heads are at. Kevin said right now Johnny needs to go. Bruno told Kevin again not to worry because he is not using the veto.

 9:25 am BBT Bruno said if Sarah wins the next HOH then she is going after the guys 100 percent. Kevin said it is scary because every week the HOH has bad options. Bruno said Britt would probably go after the guys too. Kevin feels great if Bobby, Willow, Zach or JP win the next HOH. Bruno said Johnny is saying there is a five girl alliance, but he is on his last leg so he is going to tell each person what they want to hear.

 9:28 am BBT Kevin told Bruno that Pilar and Ashleigh are pretty close. They are now discussing that an all girl alliance has never been successful. Bruno doesn’t understand why the girls are complaining about girls being on the block because they put each other up. Kevin said now it is going to be back to back guys this time going out.

 9:34 am BBT Bruno said if Naeha was still in the house they would be in trouble. Kevin thinks that Naeha would be so much fun to hang out with. Britt walked out and interrupted their conversation. She said it is so nice outside so she is going to drink her coffee. Britt told Bruno that his card made her cry. Britt walked away and conversation turned back to Naeha would shave her hair in a second to win the game. Bruno said if she would do that then what would she do to him and it is just like Johnny if he is willing to give every penny he has for BB then he would do anything to anybody and those kind of people are scary.  

 9:39 am BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Bobby and Britt sitting in the sun by the HT and no words are being spoken. Feeds 3 and 4 still showing Bruno and Kevin now discussing the vault room and how it is so cool. Kevin told again by BB to fix his mic. Bruno thinks the super fans always speculate and you hear them talk about it all the time. Kevin things are hour to hour in the BB house. They say one conversation can change things. Bruno said when Graig came to him and said he (Graig) was going up, he though Graig was just being paranoid.  

 9:42 am BBT Bruno loves how the girls brought the boys together by saying they are going after the guys. Johnny was trying to tell Bruno that he just wanted to give Naeha one vote out of respect. Now they think that Sarah and Johnny thought they had the numbers when they voted different from the house, but they must have been turned on. Bruno is going to keep his veto speech basic and just let them talk.

 9:45 am BBT Bruno has to figure out where all the voting stands. Bruno would love to lock up with Kevin and they have to figure out where their numbers lie. Willow walked out and interrupted their conversation saying she is having a bad day already. Kevin told Willow to cheer up because she is on her favorite tv show. Willow will cheer up she just wishes she had something else to drink because she hates coffee. Kevin and Bruno told Willow she looks very pretty and Kevin asked her if she thinks she will be married by 30 and Willow responded no.

 9:49 am BBT Other HG’s walked out into the BY by the couch so now there is just general conversations going on.

 9:50 am BBT Willow told the group that she could not sleep last night so she got up and Sarah was up sweeping in a circular motion and it was freaky. Sarah told Willow that her and Johnny had to do a DR.

 9:51 am BBT Johnny just told Kevin that he talks into his sleep but he could not figure out what he was saying. Kevin slept with no clothes on and Johnny could see everything. Zach was so tired this morning and he would not get up. BB gave him two roosters, kept yelling his name and set the alarm off, but he would still not get up. Willow keeps asking BB for the nap pass.

 9:56 am BBT Now the backyard group is talking about Bobby and then Willow walked over by where Bobby was sunning. Now the group is talking about doing laundry because they have no clothes to wear. Bruno keeps giving his shirts to the HN’s to stay warm and now he is down to no clothes, but whatever they will show up.

 10:01 am BBT Britt and Willow by the HT just discussing how long they have been gone from home so far and how long before they get back home. Bobby is still lying by the HT sunning and not saying a word. Other HG’s are in the BY by the couch with general conversation going on about being sore and what kind of punishment BB would give them if they did not get out of bed.

 10:10 am BBT BY group talking about someone that Bruno knows that has cancer and goes to the states quite often and it cost 20 grand each time. Bruno would like to donate some money to her if he wins some. Bruno said when both his son’s were born they took the umbilical cords and froze them. You have to pay so much a year to store it and with those cells they can do something if the kids ever need them.

 10:13 am BBT Now the discussion in the BY is about how medical technology has advanced and how ultra sounds are now in 3D.

 10:14 am BBT Pilar in the BY telling a story about her mom that hardly went to the dr. when she was pregnant with her twin brothers and she did not know she was having twins.

 10:18 am BBT Now the BY group is just talking scenarios about how many kids to have and when they are going to have them.

 10:20 am BBT Willow, Britt and Sarah just went inside. Bobby is still by the HT sun tanning. BB must have told him to wake up because he commented that he is sun tanning and he has been awake the entire time so now he is tapping his hand on the deck to let them know he is awake.

 10:23 am BBT Willow in SR getting ice and then she dropped some. She said this is  how pathetic my life is.

 10:27 am BBT the BY group talking about how long they have been gone from home. Pilar wonders what the outside world is like. Bruno just hope’s everyone is ok because he has grandparents still alive that are old. Ashleigh told her mom if anything happened to anyone that she would not want to know. Johnny told his mom that he would want to know because he feels better knowing than not knowing. Pilar’s great aunt was not doing well when she left and Pilar would be surprised if she made it this far. Britt does not know how old her grandma is, but she was raising great grandchildren up until a few months ago. Then we get FOTH.

 10:35 am BBT Feeds 3 and 4 on FOTH, Feeds 1 and 2 show Willow and JP in the house folding clothes. JP thinks they are on the same page; Johnny is going to go this week, easy week. Willow told JP that they have to go after the showmances next. JP said yea you know BB and showmances never turn on each other. JP said he never sees the four of them together and he don’t see Zach and Kevin together game wise. Willow kind of talks to Zach a little bit but she does not know what he is going to take back to Ashleigh. Willow told JP that she will not turn on him and he said he will not turn on her either.

 10:40 am BBT Willow said that she only talks game with JP, Zach and Sarah. JP does not ever hear Willow’s name come up. Willow said that Zach wants HOH this week and they both say let him win because he is not going to come after them. They both think GF is doing well because he goes to bed early and he is not a target. If there is a double Willow might try for the veto. JP told Willow there is a plan to backdoor Kevin. Willow said Kevin and Pilar make her nervous because they will win anything.

 10:42 am BBT Sarah walked in the BR and Willow told Sarah not to freak out but Bruno is not going to use the veto on her today. Zach walked in and talk turned to general conversation. Sarah just feels like chain smoking but that is not a good idea. Willow wants to chug wine but Sarah don’t think that is a good idea because she has to keep her wits.

 10:45 am BBT Willow cried herself to sleep last night, she is so scared. Sarah is so scared too. Willow told Sarah that Britt was having a hard time too last night. Sarah hates packing right now. Zach is lying on the bed and Willow asked what he is thinking. He responded that he is not thinking about too much right now.

 10:48 am BBT Britt sat on the bed with Zach and is rubbing his back. She said friends give friends love. Britt is giving Zach positive energy and love. Zach said he can feel it. Zach is going to spike his hair up. Willow is teasing Zach about how his DR’s are probably all about how he can’t believe he met Willow. Now the BR group is talking about texting.

 10:52 am BBT Pilar, Ashleigh and Johnny in the WA getting ready for the day. Pilar is doing her nails, Johnny is shaving and Ashleigh is doing her hair and makeup. They hear Willow being loud and do not know what is happening. They are down to one sink now because Britt has a shirt soaking in one and not sure what is in the other.

 10:57 am BBT Willow in the BR trying on Sarah’s dress. Britt keeps telling Willow that she is so ott (over the top). They think the dress looks gorgeous on Willow.

 11:04 am BBT Now JP and Ashleigh in the hall chairs. JP is telling Ashleigh that Willow was talking to him earlier about the showmances. JP told Willow that they are in a good spot and they don’t need to win HOH. JP thinks that Willow is trying to rope him in before Zach and Ashleigh do. Ashleigh said Bobby’s biggest downfall is that he is too paranoid. JP said simply put that Bobby sucks at the game. Ashleigh said the first three people that are gone because they play so emotionally. Ashleigh said this season is all about relaxing. Ashleigh said Pilar was so distraught about the Willow thing. Bruno passed by and is headed to the DR.

 11:09 am BBT Willow walked up to JP and Ashleigh to ask if they like her better with glasses or without. Willow said so far six house guests have said they like her with glasses. Now Ashleigh is trying on Sarah’s shoes while Sarah is trying to figure out what shoes she is going to wear today. Willow told Pilar there is ice coffee in the fridge.

 11:12 am BBT It was Zach called to the DR and not Bruno.

 11:14 am BBT Kevin and Bobby out by the HT laying in the sun. Kevin just commented how it is so gorgeous outside. No other talking going on between them.

 11:18 am BBT The girls all up by the hall chairs talking about how much weight they have gained and what they can eat.

 11:20 am BBT The girls group break up and head down stairs. Feeds jump to Sarah and Johnny in the SR talking about one more option and going to the others to tell them, but they can’t both do it or they will know something is up. Sarah said it all depends on how close he (Bruno?) is to Willow and Britt. Zach walked in and interrupted the conversation. Sarah just wants to get the POV ceremony over with.

 11:24 am BBT Johnny, Sarah and Zach now talking about what they could have for lunch.

 11:25 am BBT Zach left the SR and Sarah told Johnny it is a last ditch effort and couldn’t hurt. Then they leave the SR.

 11:29 am BBT All houseguests now just hanging out with general chat waiting for the POV ceremony.

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1:09 pm BBT Just a quick update. The houseguests are still waiting for the POV ceremony. About one-half of them are in the KT making food to eat and the other half are outside in the BY just tanning and general chatting going on.

1:17 pm BBT All feeds just went to FOTH.

 1:38 pm BBT Feeds are still down; maybe it is time for the POV ceremony.

 1:43 pm BBT for those of you wondering what FOTH stands for. It is a term used from BBUSA when the feeds were down the screen would show the fish tank in the house (fish of the house FOTH). BBCAN screen just shows a statement that the feeds will return soon.

 1:56 pm BBT Feeds are still down and the anticipation is building. Will the POV be used and if so, who will be the replacement(s)?

 2:15 pm BBT sorry nothing new to report as the feeds are still down.

 2:25 pm BBT Feeds are still down and BB is keeping us on pins and needles. Does anybody have a particular way that they would like to see the VETO twist play out?

 2:35 pm BBT Feeds are still down. After the fifth eviction, the first five evictees will get a chance to compete with each other and the winner will be back in the BB house. Does anybody have a particular evictee from the first four that you would like to see back in the house?

 2:50 pm BBT Sorry nothing new to report yet, the feeds are still down.

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9:55PM BBT Zach and Britt still talking long term strategy in the bedroom while on the other feed Willow Pili and Ashleigh have been comparing arm pits. Now Bruno Pili and Ashleigh go outside to work on his pedicure. Sarah joins them. Bedroom duo talking about who are competitive players and who are floaters and how they will not let floaters get to the end. Britt says she does not mind Bobby that much even though their personalities don't mesh, but it is a big risk to keep him around. Zach wants to move forward with the plan to backdoor him next week. He thinks he is the closest one to Bobby on their side and still he is the one who wants to make the move against him. Outside Bruno is telling the gals that he does not chew his nails at all. Britt thinks that the POV comp was given to Bruno and then they speculate about what could come next. Zach thinks most of the comps so far have been real crapshoots. Britt says some, but others have been "made" for certain people. They want to get rid of Bobby this week and hope next week is a double. After Bobby Britt wants Willow out as she does not think that Bruno is coming after her. She would also like to see Godfrey go. Bobby is now observing the nail salon in the BY. 

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10:05PM BBT Willow joins the duo in the bedroom while the BY group is talking salons and treatments. BB tells Britt to fix her microphone as she is lying on top of it. Willow complaining about the slop calling it cardboard and it is a waste of time to try to eat it. She feels her muscles and boobs are going already and she is losing abs along with her boobs and ass.  She is afraid she will lose a comp and be on slop again next week. Britt points out that two HGs have not been on the slop yet.  Willow says they are missing some good Godfrey stories but Britt says she had to walk away. Bruno telling Pili that whatever she wants to do is OK with him. Britt is again told to fix her microphone. Willow going on about being exhausted and depressed due to being a Have Not. If she could just get a hot shower it would be great and would help her be able to get some sleep again. BB tells the HGs to stop talking about brand names of grooming products. Bobby says he has not washed clothes in a while and Bruno agrees. Bruno complimenting Pili on the job she is doing and says she could do it professionally. 

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10:12PM BBT Bruno now talking about when a gaming system came out. Sarah has rejoined the BY group and says that the job Pili is doing is so awesome and wanders back to the house again. Willow and Britt now talking about having boyfriends in Calgary and Zach says Willow does not. Britt goes on describing her boyfriend and Zach says it sounds made up. Willow talking in baby talk describes her guy, Zach still does not believe either guy is real. Ashleigh has arisen from the pit outside and cam one is lingering on a close up of her butt until she walks to the other side of the pit and sits on the arm. She stands again and compliments Pili's work. Now there is a debate about whether to do a second coat or not on Bruno's toenails. Pili decides to let them dry then she will do a topcoat. Britt is called to the DR.

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10:20PM BBT One foot done and planning underway for how to do the second one. Willow whispering about who they should back door next and she says that she just cannot throw any comps. Zach says she does not mind not winning right now, but Willow says she wants to play the game and wants people to talk to her and to make a big move. Willow does not want to put Pili up but she would. Now they tease one another about putting each other up. Ashleigh has now wandered in to the house where Godfrey JP and Johnny are talking about cartoon shows like The Magic School Bus. BB tells Kevin that nap time is over. Video on feeds 1 and 2 switches to Bruno and Bobby outside while the audio is still in the living room. Bruno reviewing the Veto comp and who was playing and what would have happened if any of the others had won and he had to replace both noms this week. they think the way they did it was great and Bobby says he never took one shot at Bruno.  Willow whispering again about what if Canada had picked the nominees and she and Bobby where up. Willow tells Zach that no one has said they are after him and he tells her the same goes for her. Zach talks about when to bring in JP for another number. Willow really trusts Pili and Ashleigh now. Willow says he loves Ashleigh and he says not really he is not really that type of guy. Willow says he is a really closed off type of guy and he says especially with relationships. Britt bursts into the room and has to put on the tennis outfit from the Veto comp and redo he hair the way it was then as well. 


Outside Bobby and Bruno saying they don't care that much about the money they just want to be real and they are glad they found someone they could go to the end with. Sarah enters the room and searches through her clothes for a top to wear.  Feed switches to bathroom where Pili and Kevin are sitting while he brushes his teeth. 


Outside the guys are talking about how Zach and Ashleigh are together. Their preferred order of eviction is Kevin, JP or Zach through the back door. They talk about Zach selling Sarah and Pili as the next noms then talking about which HGs they see talking together. Zach has joined the duo in the bathroom and is talking about his napping today. Sarah and Willow in the bedroom just talking about her living arrangement back home. 


Bruno tells Bobby that the power could have been really bad in the wrong hands (Canada's Veto) but sorry Canada you got some level headed players here. They think that JP is playing a really "floaty" game. Bruno thinks he is Zach's little puppy and whatever they tell him goes right to Zach. they think they can use that for disinformation later in the game. 

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10:40PM BBT Talk turns to odds of a girls alliance and they don't think there really is one as they don't see some of the girls working together. (They never do. DRG) Pili and Kevin now in the HOH flirting. They boys get up and the feeds switch to Godfrey and Ashleigh and Johnny on the red couches as Zach walks in and JP comes and sits down too. Pili starts working on Kevin's legs. Britt out of the DR and prances through the living room. Kevin says his leg is worse than it was three days ago and they wonder if it is infected. he says he puts it in the hot tub all the time. Pili says it is not good for it, but he says it is warm and feels good. He jokes that if they went to pull him from the game he would cut off his leg and stay. Pili loses the cap to the ointment and Kev again wonders why it is getting worse. 


General talk downstairs about music and BB tells them to stop singing, JP apologizes as he was the offending party. Kec and Pili perseverating about his injury and how it is getting larger and turning more colors. Pili leaning over to kiss Kevin a few times and he teases that he feels woosie and nauseaus and might need a cast. He goes on saying it is the small things that go on and get serious. Her injuries by comparison are smaller and better than they were. She tells him what he needs to do to turn things around especially avoiding the hot tub for a while. 


Britt now back in the black and white striped top and she and Ashleigh are back on the red couches now with general banter occuring. Movie "Wanderlust" is brought up and discussed with lots of laughing. Ashleigh working on a multicolored multilayered popsicle. 


Upstairs showmance continues flirting using his injury as material before they start sucking some serious face. 


Downstairs Zach is eating a toasted bagel and Britt says she wants that in her mouth so bad right now. They speculate about whether she could put it in her mouth and not chew and then spit it out. Ashleigh says her burns are really starting to hurt and there is a small bubble there now.  Ashleigh is asked how much she would want to lick Zach's feet right now. Godfrey would do it for 5K for sure and even for 1K. He would do one foot for 500 bucks but not a hundred he draws the line at 500. (Good to know you have some limits there fella. DRG) Now JP poses the question how much would they want to lick someone's cut. 


Feeds three and four give the showmance some privacy by switching to FOTH. JP continues the gross questions. Sarah come is wearing the top of her tenis outfit from the comp (They are filming DR sessions, the ones with the talking heads that air while they air the comps so they have to put on the clothes they wore during the comp. DRG) 

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