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Saturday, April 11 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT: JP, Ashleigh, and Pilar and Zach, are over by the dryer talking. Ashleigh may have guessed that the veto twist is coming she said well next week maybe a secret veto or Canada's veto. If Johnny comes off and Kevin goes up we have the votes to keep Kevin. Bobby comes out and says Goodnite he's off to bed. Well he's in the wash room with Sarah and Willow he is brushing his teeth. 

Sarah is being nice to Willow. Sarah says she's a whole lot for one person to handle.


12:05AM BBT:  Looks like it going to be a earily evening most of the HGs are already getting ready for bed or in the bed,  Willow and Sarah and Zach and JP are still talking out in the backyard sounds like talking about competitions. JP is off to bed. And so is Zach. Pilars in the wash room getting ready for bed She Kises Kevin The HGs are just saying good nite to each other now.


12:10AM BBT:  Zach is talking to JP about Johnny throwing the girls under the bus to Bruno. and how cool is that Ashleigh come in to brush her teeth. They are still whispering, They say Diapers. 

JP is saying no you're good you're good. JP is saying always be parpared to go home always parpare. Now they are just talking.


12:15AM BBT:  in the Have-Not room Pilar and Willow are talking about how they can soup up the slop, They asked BB to dim the lights but they are still on. Ashleigh and JP are talking about who they trust to do their hair not Godfrey, Pilar maybe. JP is saying that I love our group, Now talking about the name JP wants to do young guns. cause they can do the gun has a singel. But singels are dumb we don't need a singel. Yeah Diapers is better. oh for punshiment they have no hot water again.


12:20AM BBT:  The HGs are still just getting ready for bed brushing teeth and so on. Look like it's a earily evening for the HGs. 


12:25AM BBT:  Johnny and Jp are now talking about Willow and where her head is at. I don't know. Johnny is saying that he has talked to Bruno who told him that he is not the target this week. That he is thinking long term. Now talking about getting Bobby out. now talking about Pilar, I don't trust her says Johnny because it's like talking to a brick wall. Johnny says he said nothing about Godfrey, who ate Bruno's last piece of Chocolate. But Godfrey sucks at competitions. yeah, Well I talked to Kevin. He feels bad about the whole thing. And Ashleigh I don't know what the deal is with her but you can try to appeal to her. Now Sarah. If Sarah stays in the game she can slid on through. yeah but it's not over until it's over. and we have the veto yet. Johnny yeah it could be Canada's veto Yeah. and on and on with this.


12:31AM BBT:  Jp is doing a update on his game He wants Johnny out but doesn't want him to know that. He is loyal to Newport. The New group that he just formed is to go farther in the game. He wants to get Bobby out next Bobby is a threat to him. and the HGs are now in bed I can hear whispering from Zach. can't really make it out though. 


OK folks it sounds like Zach and Ashleigh are just snuggleing well the HGs are going to sleep now so it's a wrap. Nite. 


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9:43AM BBT: HGs are squirming around in bed. Zach is seen up and leaving the room, as is Johnny. Lights come on and all HGs stretching in bed.


9:44AM BBT: Feed 1: Johnny in the KT making a pot of coffee. No sound.

Feed 2: Have-not room and HGs sleeping. Quickly start getting up. Brittnee and Pilar; they talk with Johnny. No sound. 
Feeds 3/4: BR, HGs sleeping. Bobby slowly gets up and heads out of the room.


9:47AM BBT: Johnny and Brittnee in the food closet, changing their batteries. Sound comes on and they are talking of "he says he can't use the Veto". Johnny says I don't want to go home. I know I'm going to go. Brittnee's mic still hasn't come on so conversation is hard to hear, BB tells her to turn it on. Bobby enters the room and conversation stops. 

Johnny delivering batteries and Brittnee saying "I heard stuff all morning and there is nothing around the house!!"



9:50AM BBT: Bobby snacking and walks throughout he house to check out the BY. Bobby is checking in the HT and under all couch cushions, before heading back inside and checking on Willow, who reports the HNR was not too cold overnight. 
HGs in the BR, no sound, slowly waking up. 
Bobby heads to the HOHr to use the washroom. Wishes Bruno a happy birthday. Johnny enters to change his batteries. General chit chat, barely audible with mics still being changed.


9:55AM BBT: Rooster sounds and all HGs say "I'm up I'm up". BB asks various HGs to fix mics and otherwise general chit chat. Planning early hot tub usage, Bobby telling HGs about warm air outside and potential sun going out today. 

Johnny heads out to the hot tub area, Johnny looks around the area and checks in the hot tub, similar to Bobby did.



9:58AM BBT: Ashleigh and Zach flirting in bed, Ash trying to wake him and HGs saying "if we get rooster because of you.." joking with him. JP also flirting with Ash, telling her she is always cute. 

Brittnee gets called to the DR. Pilar and Sarah talking about their knee cuts and how they are starting to heel and getting really tight. 

Johnny making coffee. Brittnee heads to the KT to grab a coffee before heading in, she reports her nose is stuffed up. 


Jordan is called to the DR.

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10:02AM BBT: Bobby singing in the KT, BB tells HGs to stop singing. Brittnee decides to make a BB poem, she begins and then stops herself saying she needs to perfect it. Brittnee says she is a big fan of live poetry readings, Bobby says he will write her one. 


Rooster sounds again in all rooms and HGs begin to actually move. General chit chat.



10:06AM BBT: Bruno heads down to the KT and all HGs seem to be extremely pleasant with each other, wishing Bruno a happy birthday and asking how each other slept. 
General ADLs, Godfrey showering, Pilar in the DR, HGs eating breakfast and Ashleigh brushing her teeth. Sarah in the food closet tending to her knee wounds.

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10:12AM BBT: HGs talking about hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs, specifically about the TV coverage and talk show hosts for the NHL. 


In the WC, Sarah tends to Godfrey's cut on his leg. Sarah says this it is pretty big and she doesn't think he should cover it at all and let the air get to it.



10:23AM BBT: General chit chat, while HGs sit around the KT. Pilar is going to be giving HGs hair cuts today, they got a razor yesterday. 

Sarah in the WC still picking at her leg cuts.


10:33AM BBT: General chit chat, Brittnee talking about weddings that she has to go to this year. (Calgary, London and Jamaica). 


Bobby and Bruno in the HT, they are going over the different competitions, the events of each day and who nominations were. Willow is outside with them and they agree to go over it after so everyone can be around. Its hard to hear what they are saying on the Fan Feed. They talk of the different HGs and who is close with who. Bobby is questioning who Kevin would go for if he won the next HOH, they are thinking it would be Godfrey.

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10:37AM BBT: Bobby, Bruno and Willow contemplate next week being a double eviction again. Questioning what type of HOH comp. it would be. They talk of who they would put up if they won HOH. [When they whisper its hard to make out the names they are saying..]
Willow comments on how nice the weather is, guessing it is 8 degrees.. [she is close... its 6 degrees... -canfan137]

Willow says that the showmances are gonna start taking some heat. They all agree that instances are scary, Willow says POV is the most important. 


General chit chat happening in the KT still with Johnny, Brittnee, Sarah, Jordan, Ashleigh and Pilar.


10:42AM BBT: Bobby questions who would have to go up against Kevin to have Kevin stay. Bruno thinks Zach or Godfrey. Kevin joins them in the hot tub. They start going over different days in the house. 

In the KT, the HGs start talking about the time. The HGs think they woke up early but their clock said 11:30am [they really woke up at 9:30am..], Bobby has since changed the time on the clock in the KT because he knew it wasn't right.


10:48AM BBT: Brittnee tells a story about how she met her boyfriend; they worked together at a kids play centre called Adventure Zone. Jordan is very interested in her story and asks many questions. 


Boys, Bruno, Bobby and Kevin, still going over the dates and competitions and different nominations and such, in the hot tub. Zach joins them. When they get to present day, Bobby says and Bruno won POV and kept the noms the same. Zach then questions when the ceremony will happen. Bobby says tomorrow provided it's not Canada's Veto. Bobby says it always happens when someone has sunk themselves to the end and they end up staying. The four HGs then talk about Johnny and how they think he is a fan favourite and that kills it in the DR.

10:53AM BBT: Bruno, Kevin and Bobby talk about the Veto competition. It was a target competition where they threw at pictures of specific players to get them out. Johnny was the first out, Sarah was the second out and then Brittnee. They all agree that it was the most fun competition yet. 

Bobby talks about why Johnny went after him, and says its because Graig told Johnny lies about him such as it was his idea to go after Johnny last week. 


KT group is talking about movies and their favourite movies. Zach specifically talks about the movie "Click" and how he cried in it. Johnny talks about movies that made him cry like PS I love you and Fault in our stars; all HGs agree that PS I love you was a different kind of cry.

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11:01am BBT: Brittnee is called to the Dr and Godfrey tells zack he has never seen him so tired. he says you must have had a wild night. 

 11:04am BBT: Bruno, Bobby, and Kevin in the hot tub talking about what will happen if Godfrey wins HOH. Bruno says with Godfrey who knows i don't even talk game with him. Kevin says Neither do I. Bruno says if Sarah wins HOH one of us 3 will go up maybe  with Godfrey being the pawn.

11:09am BBT: Bruno is saying that Johnny tells him he does not talk game with anyone and he never talked game with Naeha and Bruno says i know  he was talking game with her. Bobby says everyone says they are not talking game.

11:11am BBT: Bruno says if Johnny stays this week he will go all the way. he saved himself last week and if he saves himself this week he will make it all the way to the money. He would even throw his best friend under the bus to keep himself safe.

11:13am BBT: Bruno tells Kevin and Bobby that what is done is done and it is up to you guys  if he leaves this week or not. The guys say they get to set and relax the rest of the week now and not worry about anything. They get out of the hot tub saying they are boiling and head inside.

11:15am BBT:  Ashleigh, Pilar and brittnee in the bathroom putting on make up. as Jordan goes to the hot tub to talk to Kevin who decided to stay in  for awhile . he says i was talking to Bruno and Bobby and they was trying to sell me on  the hoh thing. Kevin says then that the noms are locked and Jordan says yeah they are locked. Jordan says what are they telling you how to run an HOH? Kevin says yeah Bruno says we have a good thing here. He then says Bruno is smart man, But we are good. Jordan says yeah  we got it man it is all pretty simple.

11:19am BBT: Kevin tells Jordan we just got to study more on who went out on comps first and what order they went out and who played in each comp.

11:28am BBT: Johnny, Sarah and Kevin talking around the hot tub about decorating their homes.In the bathroom ashleigh is still doing her make up and Bobby is combing his hair.

11:33am BBT: Jordan and Godfrey in the living room talking about taking  classes and the food they got to eat in college.

11:35am BBT: Bruno and zack in the KT  making coffee and eating and talking general talk.Bobby comes in looking for butter but Bruno doesn't think they have anymore.

 11:42am BBT: Sarah is done smoking and is going inside  to lay on the couch.Kevin says i love her and Johnny says me too. Kevin says she is such a bright light. Johnny tells Kevin he knew when he went out to play the POV he knew he had no shot. Kevin says well if we can get the votes. Johnny says can we get the votes? Kevin says well maybe. Johnny says can we get willow and ashleigh cause i don't know if they are willing to vote against you know?

11:45am BBT: Johnny says why couldn't that comp be how much do you want it cause i would have done anything to win it i would have given up anything even the  grand prize.

11:46am BBT: Willow,bobby, Bruno and zack in the Kt eating and talking general talk. other Hg can be heard in the LVR talking and giggling.

11:52am BBT: Most Hg in the LVR listening to Godfrey telling a story about getting stung .

11:58am BBT: Bobby comes out of the STR and Godfrey ask him if he made a slop shake and Bobby says no it is ice coffee. Hg are just sitting around in the LVR talking general talk.

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12:07pm BBT: Most hg have now moved to the bathroom area to do hair cuts. pilar says she is a hair dresser. They talk about Godfrey  saying he is a barber. Johnny says yeah you seen what he did to Bobby's hair and they all laugh.

12:11pm BBT: Ashleigh is trying on a shirt Naeha left behind and  she says it is like  she is wearing two bra's. Willow and Pilar say they have high wasted leggings she could wear with it. Ashleigh says then i can look like Sandy in Grease.

 12:23pm BBT: Hg are talking in the LVR just general talk going on. In the bathroom areas ashleigh, Pilar and willow are talking about being on slop and drinking iced coffee.

12:37pm BBT: Willow, Ashleigh and Pilar in the bathroom area doing their nails. Willow says i am going to give you this. if we go out there next week and we have a step up and step down or an A B or true and false then we know it will be a double eviction. If it is a normal comp then you know it will be a normal week.

 12:40pm BBT: In the Kt brittnee is washing dishes and Bruno  tells her he has her and she is good with him in the house. She says thank you. Brittnee ask do you think they will give you a cake for your birthday or you just going to have pie? Bruno says i don't care either way i am just glad to be here on my birthday.

12:54pm BBT: General talk going on in the house. Pilar and willow in HOH rm doing Willow's nails.

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1:01pm BBT: kevin, Bruno and Zack  walking and running in the BY as Bobby is doing sit ups. Kevin tells Bruno not to worry if he is talking to Johnny this week it means nothing cause  Johnny is gone  this week no matter what. Bruno says i understand man and they start running again.

 1:12pm BBT: Pilar goes to the bedroom and Kevin tells her hello cutie. he comments  her on her hair and  then he kisses her. willow walks in and says sorry guys. Kevin leaves the room and Willow and Pilar  get clothes to change into.

 1:20pm BBT: Hg are sitting around the  house and the BY just general talk  going on.

1:31pm BBT: Johnny and Sarah in the LVR talking. In the BY is Bobby,Kevin. Bruno. zack and ashleigh on the couches just talking about movies.

1:41pm BBT: HG are running around screaming and yelling  saying thank you BB.  They was given juice and pickles and food with  pictures on them.Ashleigh says thank you Bb i can so kiss your face or whatever i am so freakin excited .

1: 44pm BBT:  Hg are going to start cooking noodles and chicken now . Everyone is talking loudly at one time as they are excited and yelling thank you BB.

1:49pm BBT: Zack and Godfrey are in the BY working out with weights as the other Hg are in the house still yelling thank you Bb and making food.

1:54pm BBT: Willow in the Ky with all the Hg except Godfrey who is in the BY saying Bb knows how much we love our pickles. Jordan says we are not throwing these bottles away we will make a shrine out of the empty bottles.

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2:10PM BBT: HGs hanging around the KT making food and looking at pictures on bottles they were given, guessing the names of the people in the pictures. 

Willow is being dramatic about her cooking, everyone is laughing at what she is preparing. Willow says my dad is a chef and he is gonna regret cooking for me all these years when he sees this. 

In the BY, Zach says to Brittnee; one more lap and we will hang out. Zach runs away to the work out area. 

Jordan and Bruno in the hot tub area chatting about the pictures of the fans on the bottles. They both agree how cool it is that their pictures are used. Jordan says that Johnny recognizes some of the faces.


2:15PM BBT: Zach and Bobby join Bruno and Jordan in the hot tub area. Bruno comments on the abs on both of the boys and then conversation goings back to how big big brother is and how cool it is to be involved. They all talk about how cool it is that they were involved in the Side Show last week and hope that it is a weekly occurrence. 

Johnny comes out with batteries for mic changes. 

Most of the ladies, cooking in the KT. General chat.




2:20PM BBT: Ashleigh, Jordan, KEvin and Zach in the BY eating and relaxing. (Ashleigh made ramen noodles for mainly of the HGs.) Zach flirts with Ashleigh because she didn't make any for him, when Zach walks away Kevin and Jordan tell Ashleigh about how much they love her and Zach as a couple. Jordan tells Kevin that him and Pilar are the cute couple. 

Kevin talks about "grapefruit girl" saying she is a smoke show. 

Godfrey is seen wandering through the BY.



2:22PM BBT: Ashleigh, Jordan, Kevin and Willow plan to arrange the BY couches on the ground to say "HBD Bruno". All the HGs start to help collect the couches around. Willows leaves to go distract him when he comes out of the DR. 

Zach, Bobby and Johnny in the WC talking about the amount of food they have. 

Godfrey, Brittnee and Sarah in the KT eating and relaxing.



2:29PM BBT: Bobby is called to the DR, which says Bruno is coming out. Willow goes running and takes him into the WC. Willow tells Bruno he needs to close his eyes and she leads him out of the room, all the HGs are standing around watching her lead him out, Pilar helps. He stands on the weight bench and everyone yells "open", he opens his eyes and everyone yells HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He appears to love it and give everyone a hug. 


* HGs are carrying around the three bottles with fan pictures on it, Bruno hugs them as well saying "thanks for coming to my party".

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10:00PM BBT All feeds on BY where Bruno and Godfrey are tossing a ball at laundry baskets and everyone else sitting around the conversation pit chatting. Pili and Kevin start jogging in circles around the perimeter. Talk about Sarah's dating past with a girl continues as does the "basket ball" game. 


10:10 PM BBT Willow continues asking Sarah about her history with Scott. Kev and Pili now sitting on the steps to the house resting and drinking water while flirting. Kevin is shirtless and his skin is nearly whiter than his shorts. Sarah continues to hold court talking about Scott. 


10:15PM BBT Pili asking Kevin if he was happy she stayed and he teases that he was close with Risha and that she wanted a showmance so bad. He says she would ask if he wanted to go make out in a teasing way. Pili giggles and Keven says that Risha was into everyone, girls too. When he asks Pili denies that she would have made out with Risha, as she was definitely not her type. 

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10:18PM BBT Kevin and Pili have moved inside as the outside group talks about who does or does not like a fat ass and whether Niki Minaj or Rhianna are hotter. Britt says Rhianna's music is good but her personality is not. Kevin now teasing Pili that if she has a baby is the baby going to take care of her. She says she likes to have fun and can be serious if she has to be. 


10:23PM BBT Britt talking about a celebrity couple that had a physical confrontation. Kevin goes upstairs and Pili stretches out on the red sofa. Bobby wanders in drinking water and she asks about his workout. He says he has been eating a lot since coming off of slop and they both talk about how much candy they ate tonight during the reward. He asks if she is now against cinnaslops and Ashleigh told him they were no longer as they had started to spoil. She is loading the dishwasher.

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10:27PM BBT Bobby and Bruno talk sports in the kitchen while the outside group discuss rings. Bruno says that his short term memory is so bad and Bobby comments about how much he is sweating. Sarah describing a shirt she had from her Dad that had FUBS on it which stood for Fucked Up Beyond Satisfaction along with other items she used to have that were stolen. Godfrey joins the kitchen crew and sports talk continues. Ashleigh has moved on to tackling the stack of pots and pans in the sink and is tidying up in general. Sarah going on about her trip to Hawaii and how her things were stolen from the rental car and it must have been an inside job. She and Scott had nothing when they got to the airport. Pili has now come to the kitchen counter and the guys keep talking about soccer games from long ago. 

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10:36PM BBT Ashleigh still slaving away on the dishes by herself. Bruno has started to wipe down the kitchen counters talking about if his family is celebrating tonight or not and how they will see he is HOH tomorrow night. Sarah talking about carrying weed while traveling in France and Spain and how the cops there walk around with semi-automatic rifles wearing military garb. She talks about how the rental cars work and the insurance they got that covered everything. She and Scott made the whole trip on a total of about 7 Grand. Now she is detailing their travel Itinerary starting with attending the Irish wake of her grandfather. Ashleigh still scrubbing away as Bobby is now sitting on the counter that Bruno just finished wiping down.


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10:44 PM BBT Sarah has pulled out the slide projector and is showing her pictures now (well maybe not, but it seems like it.- DRG) Inside Bruno has gotten up and is now drying and putting away the pots that Ashleigh has washed. Bobby now has stretched his legs and has his bare feet on the counter. (The same guy who minutes ago was complaining about how sweaty he was after working out.- DRG) 


10:53PM BBT Inside feeds switch to the store room where Bruno and JP hug goodnight. Bruno scrounges around a bit longer and leaves empty handed.  Bruno now up in the HOH talking with Godfrey about how hard they went at the candy earlier tonight then about how they played soccer with the laundry baskets earlier and how Bruno used to play soccer back home. Outside Sarah is still going on out her trip through Europe and how much Scott has driven. Bruno says that it was a good day to Godfrey in the HOH. Outside they are now talking about liking road trips. 

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10:58PM BBT Willow saying that she is going to go back to school and Britt says she might do broadcasting school. Godfrey and Bruno counting chickens before they hatch in the HOH plotting what will happen after Johnny goes and they get Kevin out next. Then Bruno acknowledges that it is a crazy game and you never know what is coming next. Kevin and JP now in the store room still talking about how to manage after the Veto ceremony and how they will back door Bobby next after getting him to throw the HOH comp. Bruno and Godfrey continue saluting the black and blue and talk about how Kevin is the next threat that needs to go. Pili has joined the guys in the store room and JP filling her in about Willow and the conversation they had earlier. They agree that she is not afraid of getting rid of people but Pili does not trust her so much any more and is careful not to talk game with her. Upstairs they are talking about Johnny really needing to go and Bruno remarks that it is a long 4 days til Wednesday and anything can happen.

Zach in the store room with JP now talking about Bobby being the next target and how they need to manage playing the middle but will have to pick a side pretty soon. Zach states that he has to get the next HOH and then JP needs to get the next one. Godfrey is talking about how they need to worry about Britt JP and Ashleigh as they are easily influenced. Willow too is all over the place. 

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11:10PM BBT JP feels that it is almost like they wrote a book and it has gone just the way they wanted so far. He goes on encouraging Zach to get Bobby to throw the next HOH to him. Kevin comes in and Zach tells him how anxious he is getting about the next HOH and how they need to study more later. Zach telling him how he has been working Bobby about getting Kevin out next week so he won't know they are after him. Kevin says that if they have to pick then they should put him on slop next week. Zach now comes intot he kitchen and starts to make bacon for a sandwich and Ashleigh asks for a piece. Bruno brushing his teeth in HOH bathroom while Godfrey is listening to music.  Kevin and Willow now alone in the conversation pit outside talking about how it is still early in the game and we are still trying to figure out who to trust. Kevin puts his foot in his mouth by saying there are tons of alliances compared to Willow who was saying she wondered if there are any. Kevin says he is so in love with her and she says and with JP too as they are the most hated. 

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11:18PM BBT Now they talk about the couples and what they have or have not done in the house. They are sure that Zach and Ashleigh have done more than kissing from the sounds they have heard. Willow talks about how there is no girls alliance and how it feels bad when two girls are put up on the block for no good reasons. She does not believe that Bobby really sees Sarah as a threat. Feeds swithc to store room with Britt Sarah and Johnny. Britt is having a mini breakdown and Sarah consoles her. She says it would be so much easier if she could talk with her family.  Talk turns to who should be put up next week and how they have not been able to talk game with the other girls. They debate how much Kevin is really into Pili and if he would cuddle with others in the house or not. Sarah says it is a cop out to get into a showmance and if you want love you should go on the batchelor. Now they are complaing about how young some of the HGs are. Sarah thinks JP is deliberately going after Willow for alliance purposes. They wonder why the guys are protecting Kevin so hard and how they need to start talking about getting out the showmances.  Upstairs Godfrey is talking about investing in real estate since he knows nothing about stocks. Zach in the store room now with the gals. Saying he is eager for HOH next week so he can show them where he stands. They talk about continuing to keep connections with others so they know where the threats are coming from. Britt now complaining about how hard it is to see the same people all the time and have the same conversations over and over again. Guys upstairs now talking about how clubs are a hard business and how often the come and go. 

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11:28PM BBT Ashleigh now in the store room too getting food then lingers at the door listening. Britt again saying how she is missing her family even though she had a chance to see pics and others have not. HOH duo still talking about buying houses and how good an investment that is. Gal alone in store room now talking about how long the season is and what it is like being away from home. Britt talks about how she wanted to get back home when she was working as a model in New York. Willow and Kevin sitting outside still now talking about when they came into the house and the first impressions they had of various HGs. 

Zach and Bobby now in the store room with the ladies along with Pili too. they are rehashing the task from earlier today. Sarah is again the center of attention as she tells the story. Willow and Kevin now wrapping up their talk outside saying they need to get to bed so they are not so tired. Inside Britt again apologizing for having a moment when Johnny joins the group. Willow gathers up the stray dishes outside as she and Kevin head in. Willow wonders what time it is and then concludes that it is late enough they are allowed in bed. 

Kevin enters the bedroom where Pili and Ashleigh are talking about how they don't trust Willow anymore. She is really good at the game as she is so lovable and talks to everyone. They are afraid that Willow would back door lots of people and that she will go after the couples in the house. Ashleigh thinks Willow will go after boys before any of the girls. Pili again says that they cannot talk game with Willow at all. She is really smart and really good at the game. 

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11:43PM BBT Kevin rejoins the gals in the bedroom where Ashleigh repeats what they have been saying about Willow, Store room crew discussing the left over candy and the eggs from earlier today. JP in the bedroom now talking about how he is seen as a "floater" in the house and he was also surprised by Willow earlier as he thought she was so close with the girls. JP confirms that she talks with everybody. Kev heads off to shower and JP says Bobby is brushing his teeth now and will go to bed soon. Ashleigh wants hot water back and JP speculates they will get it in time to prep for the show on Wed, then stops himself from talking about production. Sarah now doing the second show of recounting the events from earlier in the day as Johnny is now in the store room too.  JP comes out with the OH SO ORIGINAL "We have have have to win HOH!" Pili says they have five sure votes and that is the magic number for this week. JP says there are only 9 to vote this week. Pili wants to make it to jury and will be happy to see the jury house. Ash thinks that if their five is solid there is no way they will not make jury. JP speculates a few weeks ahead assuming that Johnny will go home this week. They have come back to not trusting Willow any longer based on what they have been hearing back from various sources. They need to get rid of Bruno then Willow. JP says that Bruno wants Kev gone and if JP wins HOH he will nom two floaters then back door Bobby. Willow enters the room and says they cannot go to bed yet, that Bobby tried and was not allowed to. 

11:54PM BBT Two nominees outside in the chairs around the hot tub where Sarah is smoking. They are rehashing the POV comp and how no one was willing to go after the big threats on the other side since they don't want to rock the boat. They complain about how they knew they were going to lose the comp as soon as they saw what it was. Most of the rest of the house in the bathroom performing ADLS. 

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