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TWD- Norman Reedus, Crossbow Appear on SNL; Melissa McBride Explains Carol’s Actions

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the-walking-dead-episode-502-carol-mcbride-325x200This week, Norman Reedus and Daryl’s crossbow make a surprise Saturday Night Live appearance, while Melissa McBride explains Carol’s actions to Forbes. Plus, Gale Anne Hurd talks to Zap2it about the walker threat. Read on for more:

People spotlights the cameo that Norman Reedus and his crossbow made on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update,” when Reedus “seemingly slayed” Pete Davidson.

• Melissa McBride speaks with Forbes, saying, “A lot of people say she’s a badass, that she’s coming back like Rambo, I don’t see it that way. I see her making tactical decisions. She’s just Carol doing these things. And I love it.”

Zap2it interviews Gale Anne Hurd, who notes that walkers “are the overwhelming majority now. The world is overrun. That’s why I think seeing for the first time a walker within the gates of Alexandria may very well be a portent of things to come.”

• Andrew Lincoln talks to South Africa’s The Citizen, speaks in Afrikaans and says, “What I love about Rick, he’s forgotten about his past [as a cop] and tries to survive in a new future.”

ScienceFiction.com chats with Seth Gilliam, who says that “Maggie is helping Gabriel a lot with her willingness to acknowledge that yeah you’ve done horrible things, but there’s forgiveness there. I think that’s going to help him forgive himself.”

Deadline reports that Gale Anne Hurd will receive the Glory to the Filmmaker award at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June.

• One of TVLine‘s quotes of the week is from Carol when she told Rick, “You said you don’t wanna take this place and you don’t wanna lie? Oh, sunshine, you don’t get both.”

WhatCulture looks at “some of the most shocking scenes that Season 5 had to offer,” while Melty compiles the season’s “most unforgettable moments.”

Fansided rounds up its favorite quotes from the show, since “one thing that is often overlooked is how powerful the words that were said on The Walking Dead really are and what they can mean to both the show, society, and individuals.”

IGN‘s power rankings put The Walking Dead at No. 2 as the show’s “solid season ended with a game-changing episode.”

Mashable reports that Norman Reedus surprised students at New York’s St. John’s University by teaching a class as part of an April Fool’s Day prank.

ComicBook.com has bonus material from Talking Dead where Melissa McBride addressed whether Carol’s actions pushed Pete over the edge: “It certainly added to it, but Pete had a slew of problems for himself anyway. He was digging his own grave.”

WhatCulture details 16 Easter eggs (“references and in-jokes to reward those fans who watch again and again”) from Season 5.

Fansided posts a video of Morgan getting the Star Wars treatment during his fight with the Wolves.

Business Insider points out that “more people get killed by the living than the dead” on The Walking Dead.

CarterMatt spotlights AMC’s video of the cast and crew discussing “what the general themes of season 5 were, and how those will impact the story moving forward.”

ComicBook.com posts behind-the-scenes photos for the Season 5 finale, from “zombie gags and makeup to fight choreography and stunts.”

• Nick Gomez tells SundanceTV he doesn’t think Tomas was a bad guy, that he was “just scared as hell and reacted in the only way he knew how.”

Bold Ride checks out Daryl’s new Season 5 motorcycle and considers it to be “stunning” and “jaw-dropping.”

News.com.au reports that Seasons 1 to 3 are now available on Presto, an Australian streaming service, with Season 4 slated to start on Apr. 14 and Season 5 later this year.

Deadline reports that The Boy, a movie starring Lauren Cohan, will be released in theaters on Jan. 22, 2016.

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