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Thursday, April 9 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:00PM BBT: The feeds are on the FotH.


11:05PM BBT: BB has washed off the hot-tub area so it's wet. Sarah heads out to smoke. The guys are getting ready to go into the hot-tub, Godfrey is still doing his hair.


11:10PM BBT: Bobby and Sarah take the cover off of the hot-tub Bobby is now in the hot-tub. Sarah is still smoking. Bobby saids he's just floating, now they are talking about Bruno and when to go up and talk to him. Tomorrow and they are happy he's won. Sarah: "I don't think you are a target." Bobby: "No no."  Ashleigh, Willow, Johnny and Godfrey are in the wash room talking about Ashleigh sleeping with Godfrey, Ashleigh says, "No I had to..." Godfrey says, "The live feeds are going to take this out of context."


They have only cereal and milk no other food. 


11:20PM BBT: Now Willow and Godfrey are talking about letting live mice run around in your house. Willow says, "No they are dirty, and here in Canada we don't do that maybe somewhere else but not in Canada."


They walk out leaving Godfrey to do his hair. Bruno is in the hot-tub  talking about his kids and how they look like him. Ashleigh is over by Sarah. Zach is in the hot-tub they tell Bruno to save his beers for

his Birthday. JP comes out. 


11:25PM BBT: It appears BB has locked the HGs out in the hot-tub area and feeds go to the FotH has the HGs try to get BB to unlock the door.


11:35PM BBT: The feeds are back The guys are now getting out of the hot-tub. They got BB to unlock the door, They are covering up the hot-tub and now Godfrey was sitting outside alone but got called into the DR everyone else went inside.


11:40PM BBT: Zach and Bruno are up in the HoH talking about the competition Bruno is talking about putting up Sarah, and Johnny are maybe Pilar has a pawn. Johnny, Sarah, are Brittnee those three are tight. Or pull a backdoor on Johnny. That shit won't work. Only thing is the Veto.

If he wins the veto Sarah will go up. Bruno Johnny has to go up Zach he not only has to go up he has to go home. Bruno says that Graig told him that when he send Johnny home say this is for G. Now Bobby comes in. So if one of them pulls themselves off who to put up. We are sending Johnny home this week. So who to put up with Johnny. What about Brittnee and Johnny. Brittnee uses the Veto put up Sarah. So Bobby you have to talk to Brittnee. Bobby I just don't want Sarah to go home. Make sure you control Kevin says Bobby Pailar is a floater oh for sure. But would Kevin pull Johnny off though with the veto no no. Now just talking about Kevin and what he may do with Johnny.


11:50PM BBT: Sarah and Brittnee are talking alone in the DR about Bruno. Saarh is telling Brittnee to go talk to Bruno and get a feel for him. Sarah is saying that if she goes up with Johnny she just has to win veto. we are going up for sure, and it just upsets me . Brittnee is saying it's fine they got what they wanted this week. They wanted him out.


12:00AM BBT: Ashleigh, Pilar, Kevin, Jp, and Johnny are sitting around the kitchen table playing some kind of clapping game. Sarah is now talking to Zach in the bedroom, Zach is saying that he is going to win veto he has to. Sarah's like yeah. Zach walks out. Brittnee asked how close do you think Bruno is to Bobby Sarah like cloe enough to hand him letters. and they go back and forth over who Bruno is putting up.


12:10PM BBT: Not much is going on in the House. The HGs are just sitting around talking about drinking games.


12:20AM BBT:  The HGs have been talking about US BB and Jenell,and how she was used by Chilltown in BB7. Johnny is leading in this. And is talking about how funny and awsome Mike Boogie was in allstars and how badly they played. 


12:31AM BBT:  The girls are doing waxing in the wash room look like the HGs are getting ready for bed. So that's a wrap goodnight.


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From Sassy2565:


9:05 am BBT Houseguests are up and moving around. Sarah and JP in KT discussing the pov challenge and who Sarah should pick if she gets houseguests choice.


9:08 am BBT Bruno and Kevin in HOH room. Bruno told Kevin he is a great guy and he would love to work with him. Bruno said if Kevin wins HOH next week to bring it back to him. Bruno said no back doors and unless Canada has something to do with it, Kevin is safe this week. Kevin said lets just get through this week, Johnny using the veto last week had nothing to do with them, it was just getting at Graig.


9:11 am BBT Bruno said he trusts Kevin and would love to work with him long term. Bruno hopes this week will go smooth. Kevin knows that Bruno and Graig were pretty close. Bruno said he was not working with Graig, but they were not against each other. Bruno thinks that the game got to Graig but it just got to him and he just got carried away. Bruno felt like Graig got dealt a bad hand because he was seen as the bad guy.


9:15 am BBT Zach, Willow and Bobby in BR. Bobby thinks getting Sarah out this week would be a waste. Bobby said we have the votes to take Kevin out against Sarah. Bobby has a persona of not having any alliance right now and that is great. Willow is now talking about the sleeping arrangements.


9:19 am BBT Johnny walked in BR and they start discussing the pain they are in from the HOH comp and then they discuss the pov and wonder if the next evict will be a double evict. They are trying to figure out the jury number and it depends on if they do the Canada’s vote. They just keep going over the scenarios of how the future games and jury will be set.


9:21 am BBT Willow said if she gets an HOH she would pass out from the excitement. Zach told Willow that he can’t believe they were allowed to help each other in the HOH comp yesterday. Willow is going for the five grand in the POV. Willow could have won the standing challenge without GF.


9:28 am BBT Willow is making her bed and said she is going to yell at JP for drinking her milk and putting the container back. Willow can’t believe how many people got hurt in the comp yesterday. BB turned off the water because it was too much. JP walked in the BR and Willow asked him about drinking her milk and putting it back. JP said yes I am the guy that does that.


9:32 am BBT Discussion in BR is just about eating breakfast and being a HN.


9:39 am BBT In the KT Sarah and Britt are making something that Britt is mixing with her hands. Britt made balls out of that mix and Sarah will smash them down in the pan. They are hash brown cakes.


9:45 am BBT Not much discussion going on in the KT. Britt said being in BB is a break from the real world.


10:00am BBT Willow has a huge black and blue bruise on her rear that she shows her fellow HG.  It apparently wasn't comp-related but its origins are unknown.  Whatever happened, she jokes, it wasn't consensual.  She gets called to the DR.

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10:45am BBT - The girls have a makeout report in the BR. Ashleigh tells Sarah and Pilar she and Zach kissed a little but that was it. She says Bobby is trying to make it out to be more than it is, just having fun and nothing serious.

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11:00am BBT: In the KT Johnny is talking about when he came out to people that he was gay and when he decided that he would come out and be who he is. Zack tells about  his dates in High School. Bruno tells Johnny that it is great he can be honest .

 11:06am BBT: Willow shows Pilar and Ashleigh her bruised Butt and how swollen it is.Willow ask them if they are doing their nails and Pilar says yeah. Willow  then says she hopes that in the food comp she doesn't have to use her butt.

11:12am BBT: In the KT Godfrey, Zack,Bobby,Johnny and brittnee talk about being gay and how  gays have been around since the turn of the century. Bobby and zack start talking about getting married as a gay and in the United States you can in some states. Godfrey says they are just starting to allow gays to donate blood and Johnny says i still cant donate blood and i can not donate my organs either.

11:18am BT: In the bathroom Pilar and Willow are doing nails and talking about how tall everyone is.Sarah is in the shower.In the KT ashleigh is eating a Popsicle and Johnny says he has to have one now and goes to get  one. Just general talk going on about crackers.

 11:22am BBT: Everyone just doing General talk then we get FOTH.

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11:48am BBT:Hg are speculating what the food comp is going to be. Pilar says she is so excited to play and wonders what it is going to be.Kevin says i bet it is going to be intense. In the HOH rm Bruno and zack are talking about the food comp and Bruno says i hope you kill it.

11:53am BBT: In the KT Pilar says Back to our team meeting guys. Willow and Brittnee are in there saying they are excited and Pilar says we can so do this guys. Willow says this is  Pilars and I's first Food comp and brittnee says this is her 2nd. Pilar says we can do this  and it doesn't matter how hard  the comp is we got this.

11:56am BBT:Pilar says  if it is a catching game then we can catch things  cause we got this we just have to communicate and and do this. Willow says we will win and high fives brittnee. Jordan walks in and the girls tell him they are having a team meeting. Jordan says i am just after my water bottle see it has my name on it.

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12:00pm BBT: Willow, Jordan and Brittnee  talking about BB US and the food comp of name that pie. and wonders if it could be something like that. Jordan says this is our last hour of eating and drinking so that's why i ate so much this morning .

12:02pm BBT: In the HOH rm Godfrey, Kevin and Zack are talking about playing Rugby. Kevin says 14 you want the big guys and 7 you want the fast guys. 

12:05pm BBT: Bobby is in the Kt eating. Jordan is just sitting there with brittnee. Johnny comes out and tells them he has to collect all the bears in the house to the DR and brittnee is running through the house screaming saying no you can't take them, you can't have them. Johnny says give me all the bears.Willow grabs her bear and yells I do not understand BB you give them to us for a week and a half then take them away.

12:07pm BBT: Johnny is gathering all the bears and laughing as the girls are throwing fits. Willow yells this is the worst day ever.Johnny is in the STR and he counts 11 bears.he says let me see if there are any more and goes out and finds one and says this one almost got away as he takes it to the STR.

12:18pm BBT: Johnny and Sarah in the bathroom talking about when the food comp will start and Johnny says it will start soon. Sarah is putting on her make up.

12:22pm BBT: Bruno, Godfrey and Willow in the hoh rm talking about last nights comp and willow says it was so fun and when the bubbles started coming i loved it. Bruno says the bubbles where so high. Willow says yeah you couldn't see. Zack says that ringer was not fun.

12:29pm BBT: Bruno, Godfrey and Zack talking about the food comp and Bruno Bobby and Ashleigh are automatically have this week as they chose teams and Bobby and ashleigh are on Bruno's team.Sarah and willow walk in and Willow sits on the couch and hits something hard and screams as it hurt her bruised butt.

 12:38pm BBT: pilar, Ashleigh, Kevin, Bobby and Johnny in the Kt eating before the food comp. In the HOh rm Bruno is looking at a bruise on willow when she fell into the couch a few minutes ago. Godfrey says she will need a cast before she leaves the house.

12:44pm BBT: Talking in the Kt is about body piercing and how it feels to have sex with certain piercings. 

12:51pm BBT: Brittnee and Jordan are in the bedroom talking about last nights comp and how they did not know they could help each other and swap letters. Jordan tells her how Bobby said in a comp that he has a photographic memory. Brittnee says then Bobby complains about being on slop after he volunteered to be on it. Jordan says yeah i know. Brittnee says Bobby come straight to her room last week as soon as  BB woke us up and i had to get my barrings together. She says he thinks he has this charm with the girls but he doesn't.Jordan says but he doesn't he is kind of like a dweeb like me.

12:56pm BBT: Jordan tells brittnee that they just have to stay calm this week and we will be ok. brittnee says i will try JP.

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 1:02pm BBT: Most Hg in the HOh rm talking about how Willow got hurt in the comp lastnight. Bruno gets called to the DR and they yell here we go time for food comp.

1:08pm BBT: Most Hg in the HOH rm talking about Music and movies as they wait  to play the food comp.

1:17pm BBT: Bruno talking about his hurt thumb and says one day he will look back on this and laugh. it is all about the experience he says.

 1:26pm BBT: Hg in the HOH rm still talking about music and then Bruno says i want to play in this comp but he is hosting instead.

1:30pm BBT: Pilar, Ashleigh,Brittnee and Johnny are eating some of Bruno snacks before the food comp starts. Johnny says might be the last thing i get to eat today.

1:34pm BBT: Bobby is asleep in the hoh rm floor. Ashleigh pops him on his butt with her hand and he did not move. brittnee says no way. She goes back to do it again and Bobby scares her.

1:36pm BBT: Bobby is now eating Bruno's snacks before the comp begins. Brittnee and Johnny are listening to the Ipod and talkling about music.

 1:40pm BBT: Johnny and Brittnee are left alone in the hoh rm and johnny says you know we are pretty much going up right and brittnee says well probably . Johnny says we have to count on this veto.

1:44pm BBT: Zack, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah and Bruno in the Kt eating and talking about where they graduated from.

 1:54pm BBT: HG just sitting around waiting for the food comp to begin and talking general talk.

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2:03pm BBT: Godfrey is telling about a girlfriend he had  and he told her it was to early to meet his parents so he took her to his sisters house and his aunt and uncle was there too. His uncle flirted  with her and so now i take  no one home to my family.

2:16pm BBT:HG just sitting around . Several conversations going at one time just general talk.

 2:22pm BBT some Hg in the HOH rm. Bruno said it might be awhile before they do the food comp. bobby says there  hasn't been much building as they have not heard much noise. Bruno says no i think they finished building.

 2:33pm BBT: Bruno is saying that it will be amazing of Johnny goes this week. He then says that Bobby is scared of Kevin and i know Kevin is scared of  Bobby. he was gone last week i mean gone. But now he can help us get Johnny out. Zack says if Kevin wins POV then Johnny wont go home i know it. Bruno ask is Johnny really a beast or do the comps just favor him?

2:43PM BBT: Sarah and brittnee in the bedroom talking  about  how they do not feel safe.and how close people are in the house. brittnee says what do you want me to do? Sarah tells her to stay close to Bruno and let me know what they are saying.

2:46pm BBt: Sarah is crying saying she feels so bad and alone in this house. Shen says she feels manipulated. Sarah says that she was told to pick Ashleigh tom play for her in the veto comp if she is put on the block.

 2:53pm BBT: BB has called all HG's to the HOH rm.

 2:55pm BBT: Feeds go to FOTH.

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503pm BBT: Feeds are back. an in the bathroom Jordan taking his mic off. ,Ashleigh, Pilar, Zack and Kevin in the living room wearing pajamas.Sarah has skinned up Knees she said was from the knee pads she had to wear. Jordan is trying to put doctor it and Bobby holds her while he does.

 5:07pm BBT: Godfrey comes in and tells Sarah she needs to put  salt on  her open wound. Ashleigh goes to the bathroom and ask Willow if she is ok. Willow is in the shower and says no. zack comes in and sits down but is not talking.Johnny comes in and ashleigh says wish you guys could keep them jammies  and johnny says i know  they are so comfy. Jordan comes in and said he was nervous he couldn't see what everyone else was doing.

 5:12pm BBT:Johnny is in the hoh rm with Bruno talking about what Graig had said  and how  he said alot of hurtful things to me and about me but as far as last week went i was not HOH so that was not on me. Bruno says i agree you won it and you deserve it.Johnny says i am in a tough pickle this week as everyone knows. Bruno says it isn't you i would love to work with you but i can not make 10 enemies and i hope you do win the veto and take yourself down.

 5:18pm BBT: Sarah is in the bedroom getting a towel  so she can take a shower.Willow just got out of the shower. Sarah says i am glad you are fine. willow says i am fine i was just embarrassed. Johnny comes in and says its ok i wanted to be a have not so its fine. Sarah says willow you did fine it was like 12-15 in 20 minutes. Sarah says Willow you did good you didn't quit like i did at the beginning at a challenge again.

5:20pm BBT: sarah says willow you did great being blind folded crawling on the ground and getting zapped.Willow saya it was the fence that got me the worst i would run into it. 

5:23pm BBT: In the HOh rm Ashleigh Bobby and Bruno talking. Bruno tells them about the talk he had with Johnny and how he told him to win the veto . he says i just don't want the guy to feel alone cause no one should feel alone.

5:25pm BBT: In the bathroom Willow and Johnny are sitting in silence as Sarah and Kevin are taking a shower. BB calls Willow to the DR.Back in the HOH rm most Hg's are there talking about  they got eggs , steak, wine, cheese, cereal, beer, candy and cheesecake in the food comp today.

5:29pm BBT: Sarah was going to the hoh rm and stubbed her toe and left and went back down stairs.Johnny goes to check on her and she says she is ok. Johnny says you screamed and your face looked like you was in alot of pain. She says i think i broke it. Bruno looks and says yeah looks like you might have broke it. She goes to the couch and says i think i need to relax is all. Bruno sits with her and tells her that he really likes her and it is nothing personal. Sarah says i know and i just want to let you know if i go up its fine i respect your decision.

 5:35pm BBT: Sarah telling Bruno that she didn't win hoh Brittnee had it so I didn't put anyone up i didn't make the decisions. Bruno says i know but people look at it like you both won and was working together.  Bruno says you are not on my radar and if you ever come to my house i will welcome you.

5:40pm BBT: Bruno gives Sarah a hug and tells her to take care of her foot. Sarah sits on the couch drinking water.  Bruno and Bobby go to the STR.  Bobby says he is sure Johnny and Kevin are working together as he seen them whispering together on the couch earlier.Bobby says Kevin Johnny AShleigh and Pilar have something going on.then they leave the STR.

5:47pm BBT: Sarah has gone to the bedroom and tells Brittnee she is going on the block and brittnee says i am going to do everything i can to save you. You saved  me and i will do the same for you.

5:48pm BBT: Pilar comes in and ask brittnee and Sarah if they like coffee and if they want some. They say no thank you. brittnee tells pilar she will lose weight and Pilar leaves the room.

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Posting this for GwennyLou:



6:17PM BBT: Bruno and Brittnee are talking about how it sucks having to nominate people, but it's a game to win money and only one person can win. They think Graig is going to have so much fun outside of the house now that he's gone.

6:26PM BBT: Godfrey and Pilar tell Bobby that has the face of Jon from BBCAN2 and the body of Emmett from BBCAN1. He says thank you, but he doesn't think he's as good looking as either of them. Willow says she's determined to win a competition and is tired of crying. She, Brittnee, and Pilar are Have-Nots and she's disappointed in herself.

7:00PM BBT: Bruno, Brittnee, and Johnny talk about food in the HoH room. Sarah and Willow hang out in the bathroom. Sarah tells Willow that she won't choose her for the PoV because she doesn't want Willow to think she has to use it on her and mess up her game. Sarah doesn't want any guilt hanging on her and she's just venting to Willow. Sarah is going to focus on winning the PoV. Willow says she loves Sarah but wants to get married to a man. They are joking around about being lesbians. Sarah explains polyamorous relationships, swinging, and asexual relationships to Willow. Sarah thinks lots of people live like that and don't call it that. Sarah says relationships aren't black and white and they should let them be. The sleeping situation doesn't matter. Sarah says she thinks she and Scott will be a pair forever, but she won't rule out falling in love with someone outside of the relationships because that is too restrictive.

7:11PM BBT: The feeds go down as houseguests are called to the head of household room. Nominations are about to begin, which means feeds will be down for a while.

8:07PM BBT: The feeds come back on. There is more food delivered after their have not competition. They got some alcohol. They had to play for their food this week and the boys are concerned they didn't get any meat. Willow tells them to ration their food as they didn't get very much for this week. Bruno and Zach go to check the freezer in the storage room for the steak they won.

8:14PM BBT: The "Nominations Today" screen is still up on TV in living room. So ceremony has not happened yet. Food was delivered to the haves for the week. Willow, Brittnee, and Pilar have to leave the kitchen as they are starving and the food is too enticing.

Ashleigh tells Johnny that they won pies and cheesecake for the house all week. [Mmmm, cheesecake.... ~Morty] Godfrey and Sarah are getting ready to boil the chicken feet. Zach thinks it so gross that Godfrey and Sarah like chicken feet. Ashleigh says she might try one to see what it tastes like.

8:20PM BBT: Godfrey is showing Sarah how to cook the chicken feet. Godfrey puts them in to boil and Sarah says she's going to put on a sweater and go outside to smoke.

8:34PM BBT: Sarah sings that she can't stand most of the people in the house and that they are so ungrateful and obnoxious. She says it's hard to live with random strangers. She's really frustrated with the have complaining about their horde of food when there are Have-Nots who would love to have food. She's tired of house guests wasting and throwing away food. She is upset that Zach has decided to just cook whatever he wants without asking anyone else what they wanted to eat. Ashleigh comes out and ruins her diatribe. Sarah tells her that they are by the highway and lake. Ashleigh thinks it's creepy that Sarah knows this information.

8:38PM BBT: Sarah tells Ashleigh about the scandal with Nicole and Dr. Will from BBUS2. She says that Nicole's husband found out she made out with Dr. Will during the show and sent a plane with a banner to say that she betrayed him. They talk about Christine and why she was hated for flirting with Cody.

8:58PM BBT: Willow is still pouting on the couch. Kevin makes a joke about Emmitt tweeting that Halifax this year needs better gameplay. Willow says she hopes she's entertaining on the feeds and that people like her.

Sarah and Johnny are complaining about Zach trying to take a lot of chicken for dinner tonight and they have to ration their food for later. They say small breakfasts and lunches and large dinners will do.

9:02PM BBT: feeds have gone down again, most likely for the nomination ceremony.

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Posting for LacedNotes:


11:20PM BBT: The feeds are back, the nominations took place and as expected, Bruno nominated Johnny and Sarah.

11:24PM BBT: Cheesecake time!! General chit chat as they serve it.

11:36PM BBT: Willow, Brittnee and Sarah are in the backyard. BB tells Willow to fix her mic. Willow is very tired and sore. The feeds go out and come back on. Not much talking. Back in the kitchen Godfrey is cooking chicken feet. Bobby is making slop cookies.

Zach and Johnny are in the storage room putting some food in the freezer. Johnny tells Zach he has to win veto, he doesn't want to go home. Zach tells Johnny he doesn't think he will have the votes to stay, the girls don't want to get rid of another girl. Zach tells Johnny that he heard that Willow mentioned a final three deal to Pilar and Ashleigh. Johnny says he doesn't think Brittnee will go up and she must have cut deals. Johnny says he will anything to get the PoV including going on slop for the rest of the season, shaving his head, sit out next HoH competition and give up his clothes to stay. Jordan joins them. Johnny's pitch to stay will be he will continue to be the target. Johnny: "If I get HGs choice, I will choose Kevin, but I said I understand it will blow up your game if you use it."


12:00AM BBT: The boys in the storage room are talking about how bad Graig's game was. Johnny tells Kevin and Zack, that Bruno said he gets along with him better than some of the people that he is working with.

In the backyard Jordan, Brittnee, Sarah and Willow they are talking past players and now they are starting to speculate on veto. They go and check the weather outside and report back that it's raining.

Coverage continues here:  

Friday, April 10 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates


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