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Wednesday, April 8 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:01am BBT  Both HGs in the BY and in the Hot tub are talking about Graig and how he’s just curled up in a ball and has been by himself. 

12:11am BBT  In the BY Willow, Jordan, Bruno, Zach and Bobby are talking about video games they’ve played in the past. Brittnee joins them.

12:19am BBT  BB tells the HGs to stop using brand names.  The feeds switch to Brittnee and Sarah in the storage room.  Willow joins them.  They are talking about teasing Zach about his make out session with Ashleigh but Bobby, who was in the room at the time, didn’t know.  They pretended Ashleigh was too innocent to do that. 

12:27am BBT  Back in the BY the boys are still talking games.  BB tells them to stop.  One day they are going to have a great conversation about things they aren’t allowed to talk about. 

12:39am BBT  Zach is telling a story about a great dane he dog sat.  Ashleigh, Pilar, Willow are dancing in the BY and Sarah is watching.  They are now standing upside down on the wall and twerking. Kevin comes over to the girls to say goodnight.

12:55am BBT  Kevin and Pilar are kissing and talking in the HN room.  No sound.  In the WA Willow and Ashleigh are whispering.  They are worried and may not be able to sleep.  Too hard to hear anything else.  The feed switches to the BY. They are talking movies.

1:08am  BBT  Feed has changed to the WA.  Bruno and Jordan are brushing their teeth.  Ashleigh is using the WC. Now the feed is in the HOH room.  BB asks Brittnee to put her mic on.  They are recounting the comps etc in the house. 

1:20am BBT  Lights are dimming in the HOH room.  Brittnee and Sarah are talking about how grateful they are for each other.  The feed switches to the HN room.  Bobby and Ashleigh are talking about family names. The lights are starting to dim.  

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9:00am BBT the lights are still out and all houseguests still sleeping

 9:15am BBT A little tossing and turning from Ashleigh in the HN room and that is about it. All houseguests are still asleep.

9:25am BBT feeds 1 and 2 went down, but we still have feeds 3 and 4 in the HN room where the lights just came on.

9:29am BBT Bobby got up, hugged Kevin and Ashleigh then left the room. Kevin rolled over and is now snuggling with Ashleigh.

9:30am BBT Sarah woke up in the HOH room, made her side of the bed and headed downstairs to the KT where JP and Bobby are, but there is no sound.

9:35am BBT Feeds 1 and 2 still down, feed 3 just went to the main BR with GF, Sarah and Willow talking. Feed 4 still showing HN room with Zach Ashleigh and Kevin sleeping.

9:38am BBT Everyone is up in the main BR now. Willow said morning to Graig, but he did not respond.

9:40am BBT Ashleigh asked Bobby about being called to the Dr and Bobby said that he thinks it is for goodbye messages. Sarah is taking around new batteries for everyone to get theirs changed. Everyone is up talking about what they are going to wear and getting dressed.

9:46am BBT Feeds one and two still down. Bobby is packing his clothes. Willow and Zach sitting in the hall chairs and Willow told Zach that Bobby is going to throw the HOH because he doesn’t want it. Willow said that Pilar tried to sleep in the HN room last night but BB said no.

9:51am BBT Most houseguests in WA getting ready for the day. Sarah and Britt in HOH room getting ready and talking about music.

9:57am BBT two feeds still down and the other two are on the HOH room. Willow came in to brush her teeth and left so now we just see a quiet HOH room.

9:59am BBT Feed two came back on in WA. Pilar, Willow, Sarah, Kevin and Ashleigh getting ready, Bobby sitting in there drinking his coffee and listening to the conversations.

10:01am BBT Graig sitting in the KT all alone and looks like he is deep in thought.

10:09am BBT Kevin walked in KT and said hi to Graig. Kevin made some slop to eat, no other talking going on. Graig went up to the BR where he passes Johnny and Zach in Hallway, but no words were exchanged.  Johnny is ironing his clothes and Zach is just sitting in the chair in silence.

10:13am BBT Other Houseguests in WA still getting ready for the day. Ashleigh is going to put make up on Bobby.

10:17am BBT JP and Graig in the BR and JP said it was an awesome experience and the two of them will be friends after BB. Graig told JP thanks for talking to him. JP left the room and went to the hall where Zach is and told him about the conversation with Graig. They think Graig is over it by now and it is just a game. Zach told JP about his goodbye speech that he is preparing then JP left to go and eat breakfast.

10:21am BBT Graig has his bag packed and walked it down the stairs. Kevin joined Zach at the hallway chairs. They have not got the 5 hour warning yet so they are hoping it will only be four. Kevin got up and left, Zach is still sitting in the chair.

10:25am BBT JP and Willow in SR. Willow is a little worried about today and the HOH. JP thinks it will be Zach’s time for the HOH. Willow is going to try her hardest because she wants to see pitcs of the family. She told JP lets shoot for the stars and Willow leaves the SR. Bruno walked in the storage room and they are talking where Bruno was playing games for like seven years and he was number one in the world about three years ago.

10:30am BBT Bobby and JP in KT now. Bobby told JP that he can hear Graig in there (not sure where Graig is) JP just called to the DR. Bobby and Bruno in SR talking about what Bruno can put in a shake.  Bruno could not find anything to mix his shake with so he is just going to chug it.

10:34am BBT Willow in the BR talking to Graig. She is going to come see him after BB. Graig said thank you for the talk then Willow left the room. Bobby walked in the BR said what’s up to Graig then he got his bag to take down stairs. Ashleigh walked in BR and is told to put on her mic. Graig is now just sitting on the bed, starring in the mirror and moving his arms around.

10:42am BBT Graig got up and got dressed. GF walked in and Graig told him that he put some Aqua in his shoe because he had two of them. GF thanks him for the shades and offered to help him pack. Graig said his packing is already done. GF asked Graig if he is getting ready for his speech and his grand exit. Graig responded “you know it”

10:47am BBT in WA Pilar is putting lotion on Kevin, Ashleigh is doing her makeup, JP is shaving and Graig walked in to wet his hair down.

10:49am BBT Kevin is called to the DR. Pilar asked how much time they have left and JP told her they haven’t even said.

10:52am BBT Britt walked in KT to get some coffee. Sarah is in KT cleaning up and she told Britt she looks gorgeous. Britt does not want to give up her letter; she is having a hard time with that. She is trying to remember the key points. Britt is a sentimental person because she has about four memory boxes and she has to be careful because she doesn’t want to be a hoarder. Sarah said the only difference between a hoarder and collector is money. Britt is called to the DR but she doesn’t know what she is going to say.

10:56am BBT Ashleigh in BR looking for her necklace and she is frustrated because she can’t find it. Zach is wondering what the chances are for a double evict tonight. They are guessing what percent they think it will be. JP might die if it is a double.

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 11:03am BBT: Kevin tells Pilar she is smoking hot this morning as she is brushing her teeth. Ashleigh walks in and he says here comes Snow white.

11:05pm BBT: Graig in the LVR with Bruno saying in a few days he will be back in the real world for sure. he tells Bruno he isn't  worried about leaving  now he is ok with it. He will get back to his job.

 11:10am BBT: Johnny tells BB that the bathroom sink is dripping and it is turned off. Ashleigh puts towels there to catch the water then checks the drawers and there is water all in it. She tells Johnny there is nothing else they can do. 

11:15am BBT: Godfrey, Bobby, Bruno and Graig sitting in the LVR . Godfrey says everyone is ready and they haven't even gave us a time yet man. Bruno says yeah but we only have about 4 or 5 hours left.

11:22am BBT: Brittnee and Kevin in HOh rm talking about last weeks HOh comp. brittnee says she was so nauseous  during the comp cause she wanted to win so bad. Brittnee ask Kevin if he is good at puzzles and he says yeah. She tells him we have to win this week too then. Pilar walks in and says it is nice in here. Brittnee says it is cold in here and Pilar says no it is nice in here. Pilar then leaves to find her water bottle.

 11:24pm BBT: Kevin says he will not be surprised if tonight is a double eviction night. We just need to win tonight and i think we have a solid group and we are good if we can win tonight.

 11:32am BBT: Brittnee and Kevin say there has been 7 comps already and we have played in 6 of them . Brittnee so we have just sat out one. Kevin says i have won veto and you have won HOH . Brittnee says we will swap it up this week. Kevin says lets do it. Sarah comes in and says Jordan is coming in a sec.Jordan comes in and they start studying the other comps and evictions. BB announces for all HG to go to the HOH rm for a lockdown.

 11:37pm BBT: All HG are now locked in the HOH rm. Bruno is rewrapping his thumb and the girls tell him to put baby powder  under the wrap to help absorb moisture. Everyone is sitting and laying down in a silent HOH rm.

 11:45am BBT: HGs are talking about video games and cats. Just general talk as they are locked  in the HOH rm.

11:53am BBT: Hg are talking about cats. Willow has a male cat names Nala. Feeds then go to FOTH.

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10:03PM BBT Bruno says he has never been away from his kids for so long and he is doing this for them. Godfrey says now he will have their pictures to look at all week and they will be proud of him back home.  Kitchen crew moving to the red couches to flop and talk about the HOH comp. Zach has a new stuffed animal who the gals seem to think is cuter than Rocky was. Zach says he is very loyal. HOH pair is downstairs now and talk turns to the HOH goodies, is he into the beer yet?, did he get candy? what type of candy does he like? Bruno and JP in the bathroom when Zach enters asking if he got candies to which Bruno replies no he did not. Bruno is then called to the DR and Zach tells him to talk to them about candy.


Bobbi in the bathroom now with JP and feeds 1 and 2 switch to the bedroom where Kevin and Sarah are talking about who the noms will be. Kevin thinks it will be the two of them with someone else as the backdoor target. Sarah says she and johnny will be the targets. He is ok with Britt and will not even look at her, body language tells it all. Zach is instructed to fix his microphone.  

JP joins the bedroom group and talk of potential noms continues. Zach is in there too. Living room group Pili, Bobby, Ashleigh, Johnny and Godfrey listening to Ashleigh talk about when she was doing cheerleading moves. 


Sarah starts crying and says she is so fucking mad right now. They had been discussing a speech that Bobbi made earlier. They guys all go to comfort her then decide they should all spread out again in case someone else comes in.  Britt enters the room and is informed that they are having a pity party. Britt says it was a hard comp and Bruno really wanted it. He had three working for one. He would go and there were letters just sitting there.  


Ashleigh, Bobbi and Pili in the bathroom now. Ash is rubbing lotion on Bobbi's shoulders. Bedroom group is trying to strategize how to proceed to influence the noms.  Bobbi's speech is brought up again especially the part about how winning HOH was detrimental and he would not be doing it again and he is working with no one so he hopes they will decide to take him to the final 2.  Ashleigh and Bobbi enter the room now and talks comes to a screeching halt.

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10:22PM BBT Johnny is still downstairs and is lying on the red couch alone when Godfrey comes through the kitchen and the two of them head upstairs. Bedroom groups discussing sleeping arrangements without coming to any real decisions other than they will work it all out. 


Johnny now flat on his back again, but this time in the bathroom. Godfrey went to the bedroom. Jason talking about how many best parts there were to the day, the comp, seeing Bruno's kids. Sarah and Godfrey talking baby talk in the bathroom. She leaves and he starts stripping to shower. 


In the bedroom Zach is wondering where all the bears are and is told that Ashleigh got them all. Sarah comes in looking for her flannel, finds it and leaves again. Britt is dragging her suitcase into the room. Johnny says his head is still pounding and that he has never hit his head so hard and someone comments that he also cut his chin. Bobbi says he wished he was there to help earlier. Johnny thanks him and Bobbi says it was a luck comp so it was ok for him to stop to help. 


JP and Zach are in the kitchen now plotting who should go next. They think that Johnny would be a good move and that Bruno is not as loyal to them as he is to Godfrey and Bobbi. They think he is too good and too big of a threat to keep in the house.  Bobbi joins them and talk switches to the store room being locked and hopefully that means they are being re-stocked.  Jordan was thanking Bobbi for keeping his word as the feeds all flicker to FOTH.

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10:33PM BBT Feeds return Guys in the kitchen now with the gals mostly in the bedroom where they are reviewing the HOH comp still. Kitchen crew discussing who will be on slop this week and that it will be better now that they know how to make the pancakes. No one seems to really believe it and they quiet down leaving Bobbi's spoon clanking against his cereal bowl the only sound. 

Kevin is with the ladies upstairs and asks one of them how her back is and she says it is ok, but she can't sleep on her back. Sarah is told to fix her mic and calls out that she is just lying on it, sorry sorry. Now she is inspecting Ashleigh's legs as they talk about what it is like to eat again after being on slop for a week. Then back to comp replays. 


Guys sitting looking pretty lifeless at the kitchen counter. Johnny especially has been staring off into space silently since the feeds have returned. JP is working on some cereal.


Upstairs talk returns to injuries from the comp and how Zach will need to put ice on his shoulder tomorrow. Then how one of them took a really hard fall. They hope the have not comp tomorrow will be a really fun one. Zach says he really prefers not to sleep in that room again and Ashleigh chips in that it was REALLY cold in there last night. It might be OK if you had a real talent but all you get is a towel. Bobbi comments that Zach has a dislocated shoulder and Bobbi has a broken thumb.


Feeds three and four treat us to various angles of Godfrey working a rake through his hair. 


BB tells the bedroom crew to stop talking about production.  Willow talks about how something in the comp went right into her bum and she is worried about it for tomorrow. Ashleigh says she will massage her bum tomorrow too.  


Godfrey still alone in the bathroom working on his hair. Ladies still recapping Willows injury in the comp in more and more graphic language. Ashleigh is massaging Zachs bum. 


Johnny and JP downstairs in the kitchen talking about how Johnny and Kevin got a targets on their backs due to Graig and trying to figure out how it happened.  And a commercial interrupts the convo.

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10:48PM BBT JP says he is going to eat some more out of boredom. He says he will throw the comp to put himself on slop and keep Johnny off. He rants about Bobbi's speech again. They speculate about BB making the teams for the comp and having three teams of four.  They think it may be the classic one where you wipe stuff off each other.  The have not comps are soo random in their estimation. 


Upstairs Ashleigh is now asking Willow if she wants a butt rub and jumps across several beds to get to her.  Then she gets some instructions how she wants it. Once Ash starts in she comments that Willow has a really strong butt. Britt says she really wishes she had seen Willow take it up the butt.  Willow talks about where they were in the comp when her injury occured. 


Sarah is now down in the kitchen where they are engaged in serious cereal discussion. Sarah then asking JP to try and feel out Bruno to see who the targets are. JP says noms will not be tomorrow.  They say the hexagon cannot become a pentagon.  Sarah hopes to get a clue what the plan is so they have time to work on it before the noms.  


Sarah says she was not going to help in the comp the way Bobbi helped Bruno and Johnny says that usually you cannot help in the comps and we get FOTHED.

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11:02PM BBT Feeds return to Bruno saying how cool it is to have HOH on his birthday and how Bobbi got screwed on his. Switch to the bathroom where Godfrey is explaining to Johnny and Kevin what he is doing with his hair. Johnny wants to sleep and complains that BB gives him a hard time. He has a bad headache but does not think he has a concussion. He just wants to go to bed. 


Bobbi and Sarah are now outside with him in the tub and her smoking away. She comments about how nice it was to see Bruno's family. She is going on about how Graig made something seem like it was her fault and he says it had nothing to do with her it was just Graig. She comments that she will let Bruno enjoy tonight and noms are not tomorrow anyway so they will wait to talk with him. 


Hair talk continues in the bathroom as Ashleigh comes in and gets the afro lesson. JP and Willow are there now too.  

Out in the tub Sarah is thanking Bobbi for helping everyone out in the comp and he replies that once you are out of it there is no reason not to. Bruno now joins them and climbs into the tub with a cup of coffee. 


In the bathroom Willow is complaining about them not having any food and JP says that they have cereal. She starts blow drying her hair. 


Outside Bruno is talking about his family back home and how nice it was to hear from them and know that they are all doing well. his in laws are both retired and can come over any time and other family members live very close too.  Time is different for them at home than it is for them in the house where the days go by fast but the weeks take forever.  Ashleigh has joined the outside crew and Godfrey appears to be alone in the bedroom still twisting away at his hair.

11:15PM BBT Outside they are talking about who Bruno's kids take after and they think it is 50/50. JP joins them then leaves to go retrieve a towel.  


Cams 3 & 4 switch to the bedroom where they are speculating about noms. Britt says she really does not know what Bruno will do. They start talking about why Godfrey and Bobbi were in the pool the whole time and we get FOTH on those two feeds. Outside crew is starting to panic as they think the door has been locked and those two feeds FOTH out as well.  

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11:34PM BBT Feeds return to everyone downstairs, some in the tub still and the rest in the BY. Bruno Johnny Britt and Ashleigh are outside with only Bruno in the tub. They discuss the alcohol Bruno got with his HOH and then revent events when they were locked out of the house.  Groups all heads inside except for Godfrey who is wrapped up in a blanket sitting on one of the chairs rocking back and forth. He says he is staying for only 20 minuts then will join the others, but as soon as the last one leaves he also gets up and heads in.


Everyone now appears to be in the kitchen with general chatter going on. Ashleigh and Pili are playing a rhythmic clapping game that is not known to me. Bruno and Zach now up in HOH and Zach is assured that he is safe this week. Bruno says he is thinking  Johnny and Sarah with Kevin as backdoor option.. Now they review the comp some more talking about who got help from whom. Back to noms they consider using Pili as a pawn. They seem to want Johnny out but would settle for Sarah if Johnny wins POV. 


Group of four now playing the game downstairs with Kevin and Ashleigh doing really well. 


Upstairs Bruno says Graig told him that when he gets Johnny out he should tell him that this is for G. The guys comment that Johnny and Sarah both know and you can tell by the way they are walking around the house. Bobbi joins the guys upstairs and suggests the noms they had already considered. They don't think they should put Kevin up on the block especially with Kevin as that would leave a strong player in the house no matter what.  they weigh the pros and cons of various HGs as pawns.


Other feed switches to Sarah and Britt in the bedroom where Sarah is planning futile stategies for how to approach Bruno. 

Bobbi is saying to the fellas that he is afraid that Kevin will make a move on him and he can't get close to him. He reminds them that Johnny pulling Kevin off the block was a clear signal.  


Sarah still considering options of how to approach Bruno and basically beg not to be put up and offer Bruno everything to stay off the block. 


Guys now plotting that if they win the Veto they should not use it so as to not make more enemies. Johnny Sarah and Britt are now sooo tight with a few stragglers that are half on and half off according to the guys. They want to talk with Kevin about what he would do if he won HOH next week. 


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11:51PM BBT Two convos in the HOH and bedroom ongoing, lather, rinse repeat.  You can hear yelling from downstairs through the walls so the game must be ongoing and creating some fun for the participants. 


HOH now speculating about possibility it will be a double eviction this week.  More screams from downstairs as the guys say it is clutch this week to win. (As if it is never not. DRG) 


Sarah and Britt still talking in circles even though Sarah knows she will be going up. The guys are now talking about how they will justify the nom to Johnny. 


Sarah flops on to her back and perhaps as explanation for her talking in circles she exclaims that she has to toot so bad, she is sooooo gassy. Zach joins them and more screams filter through the walls.  


Feed two now shows the game players downstairs sitting in a circle. 


Sarah trying to get help from Zach about how to approach Bruno. Bobbi and Bruno rehashing the speech he gave during the eviction. Feed 1 in HOH 2 in kitchen and 3 and 4 in the bedroom.


As the fellows depart the HOH Bobbi speculates that this week will be a double evict.  

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