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Tuesday, April 7 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:04am BBT  HGs in LR are talking about past xfactor shows.  Nothing else going on.

12:22am BBT  The HGs are now discussing BB5. Up in the HOH Godfrey and Zach are talking about how no one can know they are working together.  Godfrey says goodnight and heads to bed. 

12:32am BBT  In the WA is Ashleigh, Pilar, Kevin and Bobby.  They are discussing Zach and Ashleigh kissing.  They are teasing her that she was having breathing problems. 

12:43am BBT  Kevin and Pilar are in the backyard kissing and talking about being a life guard.

12:53am BBT  Still general talk in the BY and some kissing by Kevin and Pilar.  Nothing on the other feeds.  They head inside.  Jordan says goodnight and then everyone else does.  They move up to the WA.  Kevin goes to bed in the HN room.

1:00am BBT  Jordan get called to the DR.  All feeds are down.

1:07am BBT  The feeds are back on 3and 4 in the HN room.  All 4 HGs are there and are getting ready for bed. Kevin plays with the alarm and BB eventually tells him to stop. 

1:21am  BBT  The feed changes to the HOH room.  Brittnee, sarah and Johnny are chatting.  They are discussing the next HOH.  They aren’t worried if Bruno or Pilar get HOH. 

1:35am  BBT  Still discussing the game in the HOH.  Lights are off and HGs are in bed.  Lights are also dimming  in the HOH.  Time to log off and we’ll see you tomorrow. 

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BBCAN3 9:01 AM BBT Houseguests are still sleeping

BBCAN3 9:13 AM BBT Kevin woke up and left the HN room, but the lights are still off and all others are sleeping.

BBCAN3 9:21 AM BBT Kevin is back in the HN room and he climbed back into his bed.

BBCAN3 9:27 AM BBT Lights just came on, but no movement from Houseguests yet.

BBCAN3 9:35 AM BBT Johnny woke up, made his bed and left the room. Pilar got out of bed and left the room right after Johnny did.

BBCAN3 9:40 AM BBT Ashleigh is awake in the HN room. She sat up in bed, wiped her face, fixed her clothes, cleaned off her glasses, put on her slippers and left the room.

BBCAN3 9:44 AM BBT Rooster crow, wake up call for the rest of the houseguests.

BBCAN3 9:47 AM BBT HN’s are up and moving, but there is no sound on those feeds.

BBCAN3 9:50 AM BBT Sarah is up in the HOH room with Britt. Sara told Britt about a sex dream that she had and then she could not get back to sleep.

BBCAN3 9:53 AM BBT Sara and Britt talking about maybe a Pandora’s box coming.

BBCAN3 9:55 AM BBT Zach, Johnny and Pilar in the KT. Sarah walked in and Johnny asked Sarah to tell them about her sex dream. Sarah whispered it to Pilar, but she does not want to tell Johnny and Zach.

BBCAN3 9:57 AM BBT JP asked Zach if there was any concerns about the live feeds last night. Zach responded no. JP said night two in the HN room he woke up in the middle of the night and was freezing. He held onto his balls to try and get warm and when he woke up he was still holding his balls.

BBCAN3 10:00 AM BBT Bruno walked into the KT and JP asked him if he likes Bruno Mars. Bruno responded yes he does, then Pilar asked him if he was Bruno Mars.

BBCAN3 10:02 AM BBT Graig is just sitting in his bed looking around (possibly thinking about his eviction coming up?)

BBCAN3 10:04 AM BBT Graig is out of bed now. He got dressed, left the BR and headed into the WR where GF brushed his teeth and jumped in the shower.

BBCAN3 10:07 AM BBT JP and Zach in SR. Zach just told JP that Ashley trusts him (Zach) 100% and Ashley told Zach that Willow tried to make a final three deal last night with Ashley and Pilar.

BBCAN3 10:08 AM BBT Graig and Johnny walked into the storage room so conversation stopped and Zach and JP left. Then as Graig was walking back out of the SR, JP and Zach were walking back in. No game talk, but Graig walked back in a minute later as if he was looking for something else.

BBCAN3 10:14 AM BBT Now Johnny is in the SR with Sarah and Johnny told Sarah about a reoccurring dream that he has about Kevin. Then he has to keep reminding himself that Kevin is not gay. Then Graig came back into the SR and sat on the freezer as Sarah walked out, Johnny asked him if everything was alright and Graig responded oh yea. Now Graig is left in the SR by himself sitting on the freezer.

BBCAN3 10:17 AM BBT Sarah walked back into the SR and asked Graig if he is ok and Graig responded yep. Then Sarah got something and walked back out. Graig finally got up to get something and walked out into the KT.

BBCAN3 10:22 AM BBT the Houseguests in KT, some eating and drinking coffee. There is just general chatting going on about food.

BBCAN3 10:23 AM BBT Willow still laying in BR by herself just playing with her bear.

BBCAN3 10:25 AM BBT Ashleigh, Pilar and Gf in WR. Pilar told Ashleigh that she only brought tank tops with her.

BBCAN3 10:26 AM BBT Ashleigh and Pilar walked into BR to find a shirt for Pilar to wear. Willow asked Pilar if they are working out and Pilar said she is taking a break because she is sore. Willow asked Ashleigh if she made out with Zach last night and Ashleigh responded a little bit.

BBCAN3 10:28 AM BBT Willow said she is going to stay in the BR for eight days in hibernation. Ashleigh is piling all of the bears on Willows bed.

BBCAN3 10:30 AM BBT Back in the KT just general chatting going on about drinking.

BBCAN3 10:31 AM BBT Graig is the guy with no money in his pocket after going into the bar and a large atm bill. Zach told the group about going to the bar the night before surgery and he got so drunk.

BBCAN3 10:34 AM BBT Zach had a few surgery’s on his knee and he is really good friends with his surgeon.

BBCAN3 10:37 AM BBT Up in the BR JP is getting dressed and Willow is still lying in bed. Willow asked JP if he was going to work out and JP said not yet.

BBCAN3 10:39 AM BBT in the WA Pilar just finished a shower and Ashleigh is doing her makeup. No talking going on.

BBCAN3 10:42 AM BBT in the KT talk is back to drinking and getting sick from drinking too much.

BBCAN3 10:45 AM BBT the KT group is talking about a century club party which is drinking a shot of beer every minute for one hour and forty minutes. It comes out to eight beers in that amount of time.

BBCAN3 10:50 AM BBT Pilar and Ashleigh in WA still doing makeup and hair. Willow finally got out of bed and just walked in to brush her teeth.

BBCAN3 10:53 AM BBT KT group still talking about different games to play when drinking alcohol.

BBCAN3 10:56 AM BBT Willow is crying and telling Sarah that she doesn’t want to be a mean person. Sarah is giving Willow a pep talk and telling her it is just a game. 

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11:00am BBT: Sarah tells willow that only one person can win these hoh comps. Sarah says i am going to be tough. She ask willow what makes you better than all these other people? Willow says Nothing.Willow says this is my Life if I don't win then what do i have? Sarah says this is a game just a game.

11:05am BBT: Sarah telling willow how Zack loves her and she needs to be strong.She then says this is a game of luck, it is like a board game .Brittnee comes in and tells willow that she promises her that if she makes this move  it will be good and  it is a game of chance. Willow says i know. Willow says why cant i be like Pilar she is like an angel walking around this place she never complains about anything.

 11:08am BBT: Willow says  we helped zack win that yesterday and Brittnee says do you think Godfrey deserved it more and Willow says yeah he did. brittnee says this is tough and we all have our breakdowns, I have had mine and i bet Sarah has had some too .

11:11am BBT: Sarah and Brittnee repeating to Willow that she needs to be strong and everything will be ok and that everyone has days like this as Jordan walks in to use the HOh bathroom.

11:15am BBT: In the Downstairs bathroom Zack , Ashleigh and Johnny are playing a color game with Ashleigh's nail polish while Johnny is brushing his teeth.

11:18am BBT: Correction it is Bruno in the bathroom playing the game with Ashleigh. Zack is in the HOh rm talking with kevin, Willow, Sarah and Brittnee.

 11:20am BBT:In the HOH rm The purple cobras are doing a clap and hissing. The purple cobras are Kevin,Johnny,Jordan,Zack,Sarah and brittnee. Kevin ask what was wrong with Willow and  Sarah tells them that she was upset that Zack took away from Godfrey. Sarah says a 1000 dollars  is nothing she needs to concentrate on the game the 1000 dollars is nothing.She is just very emotional today.

11:33am BBT: PIlar is painting Bruno's toe nails in the bathroom area as Ashleigh is painting her nails and Bobby is watching. They are talking about  slop. Back in the HOh rm the purple cobras are talking about winning HOH and talking about Bobby making easy moves like putting up the first 2 people that fell off in the HOh comp. Ashleigh and Bobby walk in and talk turns to alligators.

11:37am BBT: Willow is in the BY running alone  as all the other Hg are in the HOh rm except Godfrey and Graig. They are talking about what animal each Hg was in that last HOh comp.

 11:44am BBT: Sarah telling a story about  her being lifted by her dad on the boardwalk and when he went to put her down a spike went into her leg and all the muscles were hanging out when she went to the hospital and the Doctor put it all back in as he asked her about her 2nd grade teacher. she said she never even cried she was just in shock. Bruno tells about a car running over his foot and when the person stopped the car it was still on his foot so he tried to pull his foot out and then he couldn't walk for a couple of weeks. Bb calls Bruno to the DR.

11:49am BBT: Graig is laying on the red couch in the LVR. Willow is still running in the BY. Godfrey is walking around looking for his water bottle. Bruno is in the Dr and all the other Hg are in the HOH rm telling stories about being injured.

11:56am BBT: Pilar is showing cheer leading moves in the hoh rm and Sarah says that is so good. Godfrey and Willow are working out in the BY while Jordan and Zack are running.

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12:06pm BBT: Ashleigh in the Kt Having her slop and gets Pilar to taste it. Bobby says they taste just like pancakes they are so good.

12:11pm BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar are getting sunglasses to go outside. they go to the bathroom where Sarah is doing her make up. In the HOH rm is Brittnee leaving and Kevin stays in talking to the camera and says this is what i do when i vote and no one messes with the fortress. He then starts dancing around the room listening to the ipod.

12:17pm BBT: Sarah, Brittnee, Ashleigh and Johnny are by the Hot tub and sitting in the sun talking about how nice it is to sit in the sun.

12:25pm BBT: Hg working out in the BY or just sitting around in the sun . Just general talk going on.

12:35pm BBT: Kevin and Bruno are upstairs playing a bowling game. Bruno is up and ask if Kevin is ready for a strike and Kevin says yeah. Bruno throws the ball and no strike.

12:38pm BBT: Ashleigh and Sarah telling a stories about schools.Johnny is listening as they tell about taking pictures at school and photo bombing pictures.

12:44pm BBT: Brittnee just got the camera. They are all excited to take pictures.

12:50pm BBT: All the HG are excited about the camera. brittnee wants everyone to get all dressed  up and take pictures. She is running around all crazy taking pictures and giggling.

12:54pm BBT: Brittnee is having the HG get all dressed up and  wants to take their pictures in a setting not in the bedroom or the KT.

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2:02pm BBT: Jordan and Zack the bathroom talking about keeping themselves safe next week. zack says 2 ships are better than one as he walks out  of the bathroom. In the BY Kevin, Bruno, Ashleigh and Bobby are talking the past challenges and who was out when.

2:12pm BBT: Most Hg in the KT eating as Sarah does dishes. General talk going on. Back yard talk is about bills as Ashleigh only has her car insurance at 120 dollars a month and can fill her gas tank for 35 dollars and can go 400 miles on a tank.

 2:20pm BBT: talk between Willow, Jordan, Johnny , Zack and Sarah is about  survivor and how much they pay to use the islands and about their comps and how much it takes to do each comp.

2:24pm BBT: Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey are getting ready to go in the hot tub. Pilar is brushing her teeth. Ashleigh says she is getting a rash on her skin so doesn't want to go in the hot tub. Bobby says his chest is still red from the waxing yesterday. Ashleigh tells him to use Aloe and it will be fine.

2:34pm BBT: Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey in the hot tub. Most Hgs in the Kt just general talk as Sarah is still washing dishes.

 2:43pm BBT: Just general talk going on through the whole house as Hg are just relaxing today.

2:50pm BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar in the By talking about how they feel like they are not designated to a side so everyone will be coming to them for numbers.Ashleigh says they will all be going after Bobby so i  think this HOh thing i might need to throw it  even though i don't believe in doing that. then when it comes time we will win it. Pilar says yes.

2:53pm BBT: Ashleigh says i don't like saying that i feel safe but right now I feel safe. Pilar says yeah me too. 

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3:05pm BBT: Godfrey and Bruno get out of the hot tub and heads to the BY.  Ashleigh and Pilar on BY couch talking about who has been on slop.

 3:13pm BBT: In the Kt HG are complimenting Bruno on his clothes. general talk going on about Judo and the girls are talking about nice looking guys. Then Bruno starts talking about him getting his black belt when he was 9 years old.

 3:15pm BBT: BB says Hg this is your 15 minute warning the BY will be shut down. Please make your way into the house.

3:31pm BBT: All HGs in the LVR just general talk about smokers .

 3:35pm BBT: Graig is walking around alone playing with the gears near the Dr trying to get in. 

3:43pm BBT: Willow comes in the HOh rm saying they can't find Graig she says they have looked everywhere. Ashleigh says maybe he is in the have not rm. willow says maybe so we didn't look there.

 3:55pm BBT: most Hg in the LVR general talk about headaches  as they all sit there .

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5:00pm BBT - It's time for house cleaning. Maybe they should have done that BEFORE taking the pictures.


5:15pm BBT Kevin and Jordan plan to throw this week's HoH competition. Jordan doesn't say he's in the Newport Alliance but tells Kevin that he and Zach plan to lay low for the next couple weeks and play both sides.


5:30pm BBT Jordan and Zach and Sarah confer in the SR, saying Willow can't be trusted and not to give her any information.

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8:50PM BBT Dinner is just about ready as the guys at the counter continue the history lesson about the Canadian Constitution. The ladies make there way down the stairs and everyone heads to the kitchen for burgers (except the Have Nots, of course.) Kevin remains on the red couch hugging a bear. Ashley is called to the DR. Serving and passing of condiments occupying the majority of the house. Someone says the fries are to die for. Bobby retrieves a new bucket of slop from the Store room. Ashleigh heads to the bedroom to prep for her DR session. Ashleigh now changing in the shower as the gang downstairs talks about the food as if they hadn't eaten in weeks. Ashleigh has progressed to the blow dryer stage of her preparation. Downstairs crew quiets down as they proceed to stuff their faces. 

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9;00 PM BBT All feeds on diners and the table is fairly quiet. There seems to be a consensus that the burgers are perfect. Talk now turns to HGs complaining that BB has cut down on the food supply and Graig speculates that the first two weeks they may have gone a little over budget. Godfrey asks where Britt is and did she eat and is told she is in the DR. Luckily there seems to be one burger left. Zach and Willow in the SR where she says he is her best friend and they should get best friend shirts which is enough to get him to return to the kitchen. Graig now sitting alone at the table and Britt has started preparing her dinner plate at the counter. The have nots are discussing how to prepare the evening portion of slop. Multiple general convos going on. Graig telling a story about a friend back home his condo and his weight equipment. Conversations getting animated as most are finished eating now, too many to isolate any one. 

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9:10PM BBT Graig and Godfrey alone at the table with everyone else around the counter. General conversations ongoing. Talk turns to which former house guests cooked after the ladies thank the guys for the burgers. Discussion of last seasons cast and events continues. Now they pose the question if you could be set up with anyone from BBCA who would it be? Someone shouts out that Britt could date Peter and she quickly replies, "Sorry, Peter, you are not my type." Someone yells out The Sheild. She is now talking about Tom. (I can just hear Peter now shouting out in his best Rodney Dangerfield impersonation, I get no respect!! as he crosses his arms in the notorius Sheild symbol.  I gotta intertain myself somehow, folks.-DRG)

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9:18PM BBT Talk of past seasons continues and someone says The Sheild should get a second chance to which someone else replies, "The failed." Willow wants Topaz and Godfrey to go on a date. Bobbi is working away on a slop concoction that appears to be cookies. Sarah is looking over his shoulder supervising. Willow Britt and Pilar at the counter getting more animated and silly. Ashleigh now on the red couches with Godfrey she has on black short shorts, but a long sleeved sweater over her tank top. She is showing off her double jointed elbow joints and is freaking Godfrey out. Now they are talking about last season too and HGs who injured themselves while in the house. Talk now turns to Godfrey's past injuries but he has never broken a bone.

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9:26PM BBT Godfrey seems to be enthralled with Ashleighs double jointed elbows and thinks she could turn it into an act that would pay. Everyone else still gathered in the kitchen chatting away. Ashleigh says to Godfrey that next week when she is not on slop she will try eating a bone. He teases unless he is HOH and puts her back on slop. Now the couch pair are discussing dying Ashleighs hair and how it reacts to sun in the summer. (what would these Canucks know about summer?? - DRG) 

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9:32PM BBT Several of the guys are now discussing explosive diarhea. (Apparently not too worried about keeping their burgers down. - DRG) Godfrey still telling Ashleigh what she should do with her hair and then teasing her about getting evicted next week and what she should do when she goes home. He wants her to do a field test at a bar to see if she is approached more often as a blonde or if she dyes her hair red. He speculates she would get a better caliber of fellow approaching her as a ginger. She tells him that she would have to dye her hair every week if she were to go red. Britt heads up to the HOH and feed cuts off when she goes behind the toilet curtain. Pili has joined Ashleigh who holds her ponytail across her own forhead and asks Godfrey if he could imagine her with this dark hair.  He says that even her eyes look better now as she continues to use Pili's ponytail as bangs. Everyone else save Britt still in the kitchen talking about past season of BBCA. Pili wants to become a dark red head and Godfrey still wants Ashleigh to go brunette. (By now I imagine that the inquiring minds have gone back to watching The Voice. - DRG) One of the guys now talking about when Gary got voted back in and they don't like when it happens so late in the game, especially after folks have gone to the jury house. (Don't have to worry about that this seasons fellow. DRG)

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9:42PM BBT Guys still talking about past HGs who returned and how hard it is to do well afterwards. Ashleigh still playing with Pili's ponytail as bangs. They are standing so close together that they look like a distorted pair of Siamese twins. Godfrey still proclaiming that Pili's hair looks soo good on Ashleigh. Britt has not returned as yet. Johnny telling a story about a guy back home. Bobbi now pulling the slop cookie sheet out of the oven and puts another in. Ashleigh has come over for her dinner. Bobbi announces that he needs the syrup and they start talking about the recipe.  Bruno and Godfrey now starting a contest bouncing a bear on their knees. Bruno compliments Godfrey on getting ripped and he replies that it is the staircase workout. General praise for Bobbi's "Cinnaslops" and the recipe is reviewed again.

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10:02pm BBT: Hg are siting around in the Kt talking and brittnee is drinking wine. sarah tells her if she drinks most of it in the next 10 minutes then she will finish it. brittnee says i don't know if i can do that.

10:12pm BBT: Hg strill sitting around KT drinking water and just general chat with everyone talking at one time.

10:22pm BBT:All the Hg are talking at one time in the KT. Guys are talking about cab rides and how much it cost to take a cab

 10:30pm BBT: Hg sitting talking about what year they graduated.

 10:33pm BBT: Hg are changing clothes to go sit in the Hot Tun for awhile. Bruno, zack and Godfrey talking about not wanting on  slop next week and going  to the have not room. Kevin comes in and changes clothes for the hot tub now.

10:35pm BBT: Zack and Kevin whispering about sides in the house and Pilar comes in and Kevin says  got it and they stop talking. Pilar says she is just putting her feet in the water tonight.

10:37pm BBT:Kevin and Bruno in the hot tub talking about the eviction tomorrow night. Saying they think it will be a sweep and Bobby will be ok . Bobby comes out to the Hot tub and they tell him what they was talking about and Bobby says  graig is so crushed  that i don't even know what to say to him.

10:42pm BBT: Bruno talking now about his thumb being hurt and he hopes it doesn't stop him from winning HOh but his thumb is not his strength.Everyone else comes out to get in the hot tub now as they are laughing alot.

10:46pm BBT: Godfrey and Graig in the KT talking about  motorcycles and how fast each one goes. Graig says he is going to go get in a shower and Godfrey is going outside as soon as he gets a jacket. Graig says there is Bobby's grab it. Godfrey ask if he will mind and Graig says no Bobby don't care.

10:52pm BBT: Everyone except Graig is at the Hot tub all talking at the same time. Just general chat.

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 11:04pm BBT: Hg in the Hot tub telling stories about evacuating  hospitals and universities. 11:09pm BBT: Bruno telling a story about shattering a door glass and eggs being on a ceiling and his mom being mad.

11:18pm BBT: Hg still just talking general talk in the hot tub. Sarah and Jordan sitting away from the hot tub talking  alone.

 11:22pm BBT: Pilar tells them in 2003 her house caught fire and she doesn't know how and her whole house was orange.She says her and her sister were sleeping and  she heard a noise and told her sister to stop playing around and her sister said nothing. She says i got up and she was sleeping so i thought it was weird so i was going to go tell mom  and i opened the door and it was all orange.The fire didn't get to my parents room but it did the rest of the house. Willow ask was everyone was ok and Pilar says yeah we were all ok.

11:30pm BBT: HG in the hot tub now talking about TV shows.

 11:32pm BBT: Godfrey and Ashleigh in the Kt talking. Godfrey says the life of slop huh? Ashleigh says this is  my last night in the  have not room. Godfrey says well someone goes on slop again tomorrow night. he says he doesn't mind being on slop  you just cant have veggies or protein and i lost so much weight being on slop.

11:37pm BBT: Godfrey asking Pilar if she can do gymnastics and she says yeah. Ashleigh asking if anyone knows  any excersizes to do for shin splints .

11:43pm BBT: Pilar ask Ashleigh what time it is. Ashleigh tells her it is 11:44pm. Pilar says it is bed time. Godfrey says yeah for me too. Pilar ask Ashleigh what she is wearing tomorrow and she says her mint dress. 

 11:50pm BBT: Godfrey, Bobby and Pilar are talking about dancing then Bobby and Godfrey start dancing in the KT. Ashleigh and Willow yell ok now you got our attention.

11:52pm BBT: Brittnee and Kevin in the Hot Tub talking to Sarah and Jordan  about willow saying that she is going to win HOH tomorrow. Sarah says she found it threatening when Willow said earlier that she didn't find Bobby threatening at all. 

11:55pm BBT: Sarah says that willow thinks  her game play is like emmit and Juliann. Bobby's favorite player is Emmit and i wouldn't  be surprised if they had this conversation. Jordan says that Bobby plans on winning every competition. 

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