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Monday, April 6 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:0Oam  BBT  Willow says goodnight to Jordan, Sarah and Johnny in the kitchen.  On her way to bed Willow falls over and Jordan helps her up. 

12:13am BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are down.  Kevin is in the hot tub on the fan feed, and in the BR is Graig, Ashleigh, Willow and Godfrey.  It’s hard to hear Godfrey, his mic must be off.  Now the sound if off completely.  The sound comes back on as Jordan comes in.  Pilar is also there.  Graig is saying that Graig needs to stay.  Jordan, Godfrey and Zach agree. 

12:26am BBT  In the storage room Jordan and Zach are talking about Graig being on the block and it was all them.  They are saying his personality is too strong for this house.  Everything is magnified in the house.  Bruno and Ashleigh join them.  They are talking the pros and cons of keeping or not keeping the noms.

12:40am BBT  The have nots have set off the alarm sensor in the have not room.  They figure out it’s the middle two tiles.  All four have nots are getting ready for bed. 

12:55am BBT  In the HOH room Brittnee and Sarah say goodnight to Johnny.  They feel they can win on POV all the way through to the next HOH (Sarah).  Lights are starting to dim. 

1:00am BBT  Feeds are back on the BR but the lights are completely off and the HGs are falling asleep. The lights are also no off in the HOH and in the HN room.

1:03am BBT  Ashleigh and Zach are kissing in the HN room.

1:12am BBT  Most of the HGs are asleep and we’ll see you tomorrow.  

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BBCAN3 9:00 AM BBT Houseguests were all sleeping when the feeds went down a few minutes ago (maybe wake up time?)

BBCAN3 9:16 AM BBT Yes it was wake up time, Sarah just noticed the BY is closed.

BBCAN3 9:20 AM BBT Not much going on in the house this morning. Some houseguests are doing ADL’s and others just lying around chatting.

BBCAN3 9:24 AM BBT Bruno and Graig in SR. Bruno telling Graig that he was pulling for him with the others.  Bruno couldn’t sleep because he was thinking about him and putting his neck out for Graig. Then Graig tells Bruno he appreciates it.

BBCAN3 9:27 AM BBT Graig don’t want to go down without a fight, but he is seriously laying low today. Bruno said it is tough because it is two of their guys, but he has Graig’s back.

BBCAN3 9:30 AM BBT Sarah is called to the DR. Others ask her to request coffee because they are out and they are dying for some.

BBCAN3 9:32 AM BBT Sarah is telling Bobby that he is supposed to be cleaning the slop bucket every night and do not eat what is in there because it is sour.  They are now stripping the beds so the sheets and blankets can be washed.

BBCAN3 9:35 AM BBT Sarah told them to put all the sheets and blankets in the SR and BB is going to wash them all. Bobby and Bruno in the HT and Bobby is telling Bruno who’s votes that he has. Willow told Bobby to talk to Bruno. Bruno listed Bobby’s votes as Johnny, Sarah, Zach, Ashley, Willow, Kevin and Pilar. Bobby told Graig that he knows he (Graig) is throwing Bobby’s name under the bus and campaigning. Bruno hopes the chop shop stays together after Graig is gone and asks Bobby if he trusts Willow still. Bobby said he does trust Willow and it is going to come down to her vote.  Bobby is practicing his speech that he don’t want to win anymore HOH’s because it screws his game and he is not coming for anyone so that everyone will want to keep him because they won’t be scared of him.

BBCAN3 9:42 AM BBT Bruno is afraid Willow will see the numbers and switch to the other side.  Now Bobby is thinking what he is going to do with his next HOH and he wants to make a big move. Bobby thinks Kevin or Johnny needs to go. Bobby wants to break up the showmance between Kevin and Pilar. Bruno thinks Sarah is poison. Willow walked out to the HT and interrupted the conversation.

BBCAN3 9:47 AM BBT Bobby asked Willow how tight she is with Ashleigh and Willow responds she is good. Willow is telling Bobby and Bruno that Graig hasn’t talked to Britt, Johnny and Sarah.  Willow said if she won HOH she would put up Kevin. Bobby suggested to back door Kevin because he scares him (Bobby). Now Bobby is telling Willow what his speech will be. Willow said they have a good shot and the girls are saying they are together, but she is not with them.

BBCAN3 9:52 AM BBT Bruno said that Johnny Sarah and Britt are together. Bobby said he would put up Kevin or Johnny and then put a pawn up against them.  Now they are reviewing the HOH comp and the partners they had were terrible.

BBCAN3 9:55 AM BBT Bruno and Willow leave the HT and go inside, leaving Bobby out there sitting by himself so he then decided to go inside.

BBCAN3 9:58 AM BBT Houseguests are all in the KT general chatting going on about past house guests.

BBCAN3 10:02 AM BBT Now the HG’s are questioning each other if they would rather have a visit from their family or $100. Willow and GF are the only ones that would take the money, the rest of the group would rather have a visit from their family.

BBCAN3 10:06 AM BBT The scenario’s are still playing on about how much money they would pass up to see their family.

BBCAN3 10:10 AM BBT Bruno would pass up five-thousand dollars to see his family right now.

BBCAN3 10:12 AM BBT Kevin, Zach and JP are outside in the BY talking about having sex in the BB house and listing the past houseguests that have had sex in the house.

BBCAN3 10:15 AM BBT JP is reviewing past BBUSA houseguests and the seasons they were in.

BBCAN3 10:24 AM BBT Willow, Sarah, Pilar and Britt in KT talking about how they would volunteer to be on slop for someone if they have already been on it.

BBCAN3 10:27 AM BBT KT group is breaking up to go out in the BY.

BBCAN3 10:30 AM BBT JP telling the BY group that he is close to his sister and parents because they do not have extended family and have not been away from each other for more than a week. He thinks that his parents are saving on the grocery bill while he is away.

BBCAN3 10:34 AM BBT Bruno is talking about all of his siblings, half siblings, step siblings and explaining all of their ages. Bruno’s dad is single now and that is why he has a pizza oven.   

BBCAN3 10:37 AM BBT The rest of the BY group are talking about their parents that are divorced and what it was like when they were going through it. Their views on divorce are different, Britt thinks it is the easy way out and Kevin thinks it could be a positive experience.

BBCAN3 10:40 AM BBT the only parents together now are JP’s, Bobby’s, Pilar’s and Zach’s. Everyone else’s parents are divorced.

BBCAN3 10:42 AM BBT Bruno’s grandparents are 94 and 87. They are still married and doing good, his grandfather loves his grandmother so much that it is amazing.

BBCAN3 10:45 AM BBT Now the BY group is talking about vision and how JP is so bad that he is almost blind.

BBCAN3 10:48 AM BBT Pilar and Willow running in the BY, Sarah laying in the LR and the rest of the HG’s are sitting in the BY general chat about coffee and slop.

BBCAN3 10:53 AM BBT everyone lying around this morning and not much talking going on. Willow and Pilar are still running laps in the BY.

BBCAN3 10:55 AM BBT BY group are talking about different ways to dance.

BBCAN3 10:57 AM BBT Brittnee is telling the group that she is ½ Jamaican and describing how her parents met. 

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11:01am BBT: BB announces the BY will be off limits in 3 minutes. Hgs start moving inside to the KT.

11:04am BBT: Willow and Pilar go to the HOH rm to work out with hand weights and talk about how they had a good run and they hear the shower going . They go to see who is in the shower and Zack tells them it is him. They lay on the carpet  and start to workout more.

 11:06am BBT:Brittnee in the LVR telling about her parents to Jordan and Kevin. 

11:21am BBT: Willow is walking around the HOH rm Stretching. Zack is out of the shower leaving the HOH rm. IN the LVR Brittnee is still talking about her family and how tight they are.

11:31am BBT: Bruno and Ashleigh and Graig are in the KT. Bruno is making tea as Ashleigh  says she is  tired and lazy and no energy. Most HG in the LVR listening to Brittnee talk about her family.

11:36am BBT: Godfrey is telling sarah and brittnee about having skunks as an exotic pet. 

11:42am BBT: Hgs are just sitting around talking general talk about coffee and tea.

11:46am BBT: Willow and Ashleigh are sitting in front of the oven watching the slop cook and talking about  dipping it in mustard and ketchup and other dips that they made make up.

11:50am BBT: Willow and Ashleigh talking in the Kt about how bad the have not rm is and Ashleigh says it is so gross and gets very cold in there in the mornings that even the robes don't cover her up as she is to tall. Ashleigh ask who has not been on slop and willow says me. Sarah and Pilar.

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12:51 pm BBT:  I'm assuming the houseguests are still on indoor lockdown, feeds have been going on and off for over an hour.  All but Graig and Jordan are sitting on the red couches in the living room.  Graig and Jordan are sitting under the stairwell but joining the conversation within the living room now and than.  General chit chat about tv shows like Storage Wars.

12:55 pm BBT:  Godfrey is eating chicken bones and Sarah is telling him how unsafe it is.  Now Godfrey explaining how to eat a chicken bone.  Godfrey's also telling them he eats the tail of the shrimp too. He says the tail is better than the actual shrimp meat.

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12:06pm BBT: Most Hg in the LVR talking about last years HG and just general talk.

12:16pm BBT: Girls are talking about losing weight and they say they are losing cause they haven't been drinking. Godfrey is talking about his clothes. The girls tell Godfrey to give them a show . He tries on several shirts.

 12:21pm BBT: Ashleigh is in the Kt cutting up the slop cookies. She taste them and tells Bruno that they aren't bad. All other Hg in the LVR talking about clothes.

 12:30pm BBT: Hg are sitting around in the LVR talking about people having wrinkles and Sarah says she loves wrinkles. 

12:37pm BBT: Hg are talking about auditioning and Bb tells Pilar that nap time is over. Godfrey talking about live feeds and people asking for chicken when they are down to last 6 or 7 people. Talk then goes to when they finish the slop and Jordan says like final 3 or 4.

12:43pm BBT: Bruno is telling how if people don't pay for storage lockers in 3 months then they get sold and he buys them if they have good stuff in them. He says i don't have a pawn shop so i don't want to buy one with  junk in it. I just do it for a hobby though so i might not do it anymore nut I might I don't know.

12:45pm BBT: Bruno says one time he bought a locker that some guys kids pictures and handprints when his daughter was 3 months old so I took it to the front desk and asked them top please get this back to the guy as this stuff can not be replaced and I even told them I would pay for the shipping cause i put myself in  his shoes and would want my kids stuff back too.

 12:51pm BBT: Graig and Jordan sitting upstairs listening to Bruno. Jordan says total ego and Graig laughs . They are now silent just listening.

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4:34pm BBT:Most Hg in the KT eating. In the Bathroom Zack is hugging Ashleigh and she tells him congrats. he ask what she is doing and she says just watching Bruno shower and then laughs

 4:38pm BBT: upstairs in the chairs Ashleigh and zack talking about HOh comp Wednesday and she ask him if  he is planning on throwing the HOh comp? he says i can't win hoh right now it is not good for my game cause if i start winning now then i am a bigger target.

 4:41pm BBT: Zack tells Ashleigh that this was a big week for brittnee to win HOH cause i can sit back. Bruno comes out of the shower and they stop talking a minute. Zack then says i listen around the house i can i bet who everyone wants to take out this week. Ashleigh ask Bruno? he says i will tell you everything you know i will.

4:49pm BBT: Bobby and Godfrey are in the BY lifting weights. Bobby walks away and says we are hitting the hot tub in half an hour.

4:52pm BBT: Bobby tells bruno that he still had like 10 or 11 hangers left cause he kept walking past people and whispering. he says i wasnt really trying cause the game is more inportant to me that this stuff is.

4:57pm BBT:Willow at the top of the stairs talking to zack and Johnny about taxes and car payments.

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 5:00pm BBT: In the By Godfrey and Bruno are laying on the couches talking about hanging the t shirts . Bruno said we should have had 31. It was fun though.

5:03pm BBT:Godfrey telling Bruno that the HOh comp was made for small feet and that's why brittnee won.Bruno says yeah the next hoh comp if our side wins it then we are good but if the other side wins it then it will not be good. Godfrey says yeah  if we win it will be good cause Ashleigh i don't know what side she is on. Bruno says if Graig stays then he will always be number one and so it is better for our game if graig stays here. godfrey agrees.

 5:08pm BBT: Kevin and Pilar in the LVR talking about  lifeguards. back in the BY Godfrey still talking to Bruno about getting the tshirts. Bruno says how did all this happen man? Godfrey says i don't know i went to bed one night then got up the next morning and Graig said i was going on the block.

5:14pm BBT:Bruno says to Godfrey if we get picked off this week then we will have to win HOH the next 4 or 5 weeks in a row in order to  stay in this game. Godfrey says i think Ashleigh is working both sides of the house cause of Zack and willow? Bruno says Willow i don't know about her i will have to work on her.

5:21pm BBT:Brittnee, Willow and zack laying in the upstairs floor talking to Johnny. Ashleigh comes up and they talk about slop.Back in the BY Bruno and Godfrey still talking and Graig joins them and tells them to keep him because everyone is going after him not Bobby. Bruno says true. Graig says Bobby is branching out and Bruno says that's true. graig tells them i am the biggest target.

5:26pm BBT: Graig tells Bruno that Bobby is a threat and now he is trying to get good on the other side. Bruno says he is just playing different but if he keeps going as he is now he will keep going up. graig says but he is getting good  with the other side and someone will say Bobby is making out with me and now put him up. Bruno says i know what your saying man.

5:37pm BBT: graig is trying to get Bruno to campaign for him and he says he cant cause if he does then he is a target. graig says just to Kevin and zack dude and Bruno says  alliances change in this house all the time and i don't want to be a target.

 5:38pm BBT: Bruno says i am loyal to a fault man to Graig and Graig says i know you are. Godfrey says i cant talk to Kevin one on one dude Pilar is always with him. graig says Kevin will vote with the house and if you go to him and tell him this is how  the house is voting he will vote that way.

5:43pm BBT: Graig says if you don't get Johnny out next week man he is going after zack. Bruno agrees he is.

 5:45pm BBT: Bruno . Bobby, graig and Godfrey are heading to the hot tub.

 5:49pm BBT: Sarah and Jordan in the Kt talking about movies.Upstairs is Johnny, Willow, Brittnee and zack talking  general talk.

 5:55pm BBT: Kevin in the have not bedroom showing  how to make the buzzer sound and lights go off to Pilar. they then lay down on the mattress and start kissing.

5:57pm BBT: In the hot tub the guys are talking general talk about not being comfortable.Then talk turns to a bowling tournament.

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 6:11pm BBT: Graig, Godfrey, Bobby and Bruno in the hot tub just relaxing and not talking. Kevin and Pilar are still in the have not bedroom talking about the guys campaigning. Jordan comes in and gives them fresh batteries.Jordan sits down and tells about graig telling to to talk to Kevin to keep him in the house. And then Jordan says that graig said he thinks he might have Pilars vote but then says if he doesn't that's ok. Pilar says what? they all start laughing.

6:21pm BBT:Jordan, Kevin and Pilar figure out that there are two different tiles in the floor in the have not room and one makes the sound go off and the other makes  the lights flash red. Pilar says so it isnt even the cameras and laughs then they leave the have not room.

 6:29pm BBT: BB keeps going to FOTH.

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 6:33pm BBT: Willow and Sarah are putting pillow cases on pillows in the bedroom. Zack and Jordan are gathering sheets to make beds. 

6:43pm BBT: Most Hg in the BR making beds. Bruno, Kevin and Ashleigh in the bathroom laughing as Bruno leaves and Kevin puts lotion on his legs and Ashleigh doing her make up. Just general talk going on.

6:45pm BBT: Ashleigh putting lotion on Kevin's back and he tells her we used to snuggle once and she says we did used to snuggle once but that seems so long ago.He then ask her if she has any facial cream and she says yeah and tells him where to find it.

6:53pm BBT: Ashleigh is fixing  to wax Bobby's chest hairs. Brittnee is mixing the wax as Bruno and godfrey are watching  and laughing. Ashleigh tells him it is just going to be warm on there.  brittnee and Ashleigh decide to do both nipples together and rip it off at the same time.

6:56pm BBT: Ashleigh shows Bobby where they will wax at and then says we don't do pubic areas.Ashleigh ask Brittnee if it is cool yet? She says no not yet. Pilar comes in and ask whats going on and they tell her they are gonna wax Bobby. Pilar says no your not i have to watch this.

7:00pm BBT: The girls are still trying to cool the wax off some  as it is still steaming.

7:04pm BBT: Brittnee sticks her fingers in the wax and burns herself so bobby gets up and says no way and leaves. brittnee and Pilar are laughing.

7:08pm BBT: the wax is almost ready. Bruno is calling Bobby back to be waxed. Godfrey says he is scared to do this himself. he is afraid he will have blood coming out if he does it. Bruno says  no no you will be fine. 

 7:12pm BBT: Bobby is laying down and ready to be waxed. Ashleigh puts baby powder on him to protect his skin then now Brittnee puts the wax on his  chest and he says it is hot.  he tells then watch the nips. it is now time to pull the wax off and they yank fast. Bobby is making faces and grunting as the girls are laughing.Bobby says man tattoos are worse man. The girls move to the rest of his chest now and tells him they are going to have to do the nipples. Bobby makes a face.

7:16pm BBT: bruno says he is bleeding to put baby powder on it and Bobby looks and says i am bleeding as ashleigh puts baby powder on him.

7:20pm BBT: The girls are now doing Bobby's nipples. they wax is on and now they go to pull the wax off and Bobby jumps around but is laughing..

7:26pm BBT: Pilar, Brittnee and ashleigh are still waxing Bobby as he just lays there waiting for them to finish. Bruno, Johnny and Kevin are watching and laughing

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 7:30pm BBT: the girls are now waxing Bobby's stomach and waist line the guys are laughing and bobby jumps as they rip the wax off ,Bobby is saying hurry up please as he has pain in his face and is laughing at the same time.

 7:41pm BBT: They are still waxing Bobby. Just trying to get all the little hairs they missed.

7:45pm BBT: zack, Willow and Sarah in the hot tub talking about Movies and documentaries .

 7:58pm BBT: They are finished waxing Bobby now as he is up walking around rubbing his chest .Johnny is now putting lotion on Bobby's chest and stomach.

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8:05pm BBT: Most Hg in the KT eating dinner just general talk going on.  Zack is in the HOH bathroom getting dressed after his shower.

8:14pm BBT: HGs just sitting around the KT eating and talking general talk and getting in trouble with BB for language.

 8:40pm BBT: some HG are in the hottub and others are laying on the couches in the LVR. feeds have lost sound .

8:50pm BBT: Godfrey and Bruno are in the BY setting up a toss game. Some of the Hg are in the hot tub just  general talk going on about getting home to see their families.

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 9:01pm BBT: Bobby, Brittney and Kevin sitting in the hot tub Just general talk about Bobby playing the piano. Bruno and Godfrey still in the BY playing a toss game with clothes baskets.              

9:07pm BBT: Sarah, Brittnee, Kevin and Jordan talking about Bobby saying things that are going to get him evicted from the house. Jordan says we have to win HOh this week to keep it away from the other side.

9:14pm BBT: Graig has joined Bruno outside tossing into the baskets now. brittnee is still in the hot tub with Jordan and Kevin as sarah sits on the side and they are talking about Bobby campaigning.

9:20pm BBT: Brittnee leaves the hot tub and goes inside. Jordan says it smells like gasoline out there  and Sarah agrees it does.

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9:31PM BBT: Johnny said at the very least they have enough votes to force a tie.


9:31PM BBT: Sarah heads inside and is called to the DR


9:32PM BBT: Now Kevin and Johnny are talking about Graig getting voted out and he will probably cause a scene calling Johnny a liar.


9:33PM BBT: Johnny and Kevin are talking about DR. Will and how he would throw competitions and be on the block and talk his way staying in the house.


9:35PM BBT: Johnny and Kevin are now talking about JP and how he knows everything, even all of the previous BB players last names. Kevin had a "who do you trust" conversation with Pilar and that is about the only game talk he has had with her. Johnny thinks that Pilar was worried when her and Johnny's names came up. Johnny said he is feeling a lot of heat this week.


9:39PM BBT: Kevin and Johnny are going over scenarios of who wins HoH and who would be put up. Three people to win HoH that would not be ideal are Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby.


9:41PM BBT: Pilar, Willow and Ashleigh are in the bedroom talking about wanting to win HoH and being scared of the boys. Willow says we just got to play it week by week. Ashleigh thinks Johnny is going after the guys too. They are sure that Bruno and GF are on the other side, but they do not know whose side Kevin would be on.  Willow said that they have to rely on themselves and the double evict should be coming soon. Now they are discussing how the double eviction works.


9:54PM BBT: Now Ashleigh, Pilar and Willow are in the bedroom comparing notes about different things that Graig has said to them. Willow said it is good when you seem not to serious about a showmance so everyone thinks that you are not too close and that you are playing your own game.


9:59PM BBT: The girls stopped in the wash room and Ashleigh is going to straighten her hair.

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9:31PM BBT: Brittnee, Kevin, Sarah, and Jordan are in the hot-tub talking, while Graig, Godfrey and Bruno are playing a ball game that they made up in the backyard. Brittnee goes in to shave her legs.

Johnny tells Johnny Kevin, "At the very least they have enough votes to force a tie."

9:32PM BBT: Now Kevin and Johnny are talking about Graig getting voted out and he will probably cause a scene calling Johnny a liar.

9:33PM BBT: Johnny and Kevin are talking about DR. Will and how he would throw competitions and be on the block and talk his way staying in the house.

9:35PM BBT: So Sarah says that Bruno says that he's going to throw the next HoH competition to see his family. Then she said like we will see on Wednesday when he tries his ass off.

JP says that Bruno was talking about the Naeha thing and how he was trying not to laugh doing her eviction. They are saying how Bruno is trying to play the "nice guy" card. And they are like, "Yeah right."

9:40PM BBT: Willow, Pilar, and Ashleigh are in the bedroom talking about which one of the boys they want out next, JP's name comes up, Ashleigh says Bobby's is just being Bobby. 

Ashleigh says she forgot she is in the Have-Not room and can't have a blanket. 

9:54PM BBT: Now Ashleigh, Pilar and Willow are in the bedroom comparing notes about different things that Graig has said to them. Willow said it is good when you seem not to serious about a showmance so everyone thinks that you are not too close and that you are playing your own game.

Willow, Ashleigh, and Pilar are talking about who they think may have a final two deal. 

Johnny and JP are talking about the instant eviction episode.

10:10PM BBT: The girls are now talking about the competition today and, Godfrey comes in and Ashleigh asked him if he is losing weight. The guys are out of the hot-tub now and Bruno and Zach are playing ball out in the backyard.

10:20PM BBT: Bobby, Zach, and Bruno are playing ball in the backyard and the girls are still in the wash room now talking about nails. Kevin comes in and asks Pilar when she goes into the DR to asked for hair cutting stuff sure she says and I'll asked for chocolate milk.

Zach to Sarah: "Do you think Bobby, Willow, Pilar, and Ashleigh are kind of a group?" Sarah: "Naeha was convinced of that and she has been spot on." Zach tells Sarah that they need to see how hard the girls fight to keep Bobby, because it will give it away if they are with him. Sarah: "Bobby looked like his dog died when Graig went up." Sarah tells Zach that Bobby was more upset to be up against Graig than Kevin, even though he has a better shot to stay vs. Graig.

10:31PM BBT: Sarah and Kevin are in the bedroom and Sarah is telling Kevin how Bobby says, "I'm not winning any more HoH competitions."

Kevin says he's not a very good game players, he gives away all his stuff. Like I know he's working with Bruno. Sarah say yeah, I'm so glad we're together and no one knows yet. Sarah says, "I know all the guys are really tight."

Meanwhile Brittnee and Johnny are in her HoH room talking about Graig, and Brittnee says he is so unstable. They say that Graig thinks he is the star of the show, Brittnee says he is just not playing smart, and Johnny is like, "Yeah right, he says that you're a floater..."

10:40PM BBT: Sarah and Kevin are in the bedroom still talking about who Willow would put up if she wins HoH, NO Clue on that. Godfrey enters and all talk stops. Ashleigh comes in and is getting ready for bed in the Have-Not room and starts talking about the Have-Not room. Sarah wants to go to bed early tonight.

In the HoH room, Brittnee and JP are not talking about Kevin and how he's a nice guy but he's also a bully. He tries to bully people to do what he wants what's good for "His game" JP is saying in order to get anywhere in life or in this game you need people you have to be able to work with people, he doesn't. "This week we just have to take out Bobby or Bruno has to be next." Brittnee says Bobby is such a wild card.

Bobby and Zach are talking, Bobby says, "Kevin is scaring the shit out of me right now." 

Now Zach is alone in the wash room. Godfrey is now in the HoH with Brittnee and JP who is walks out. Bobby is at the kitchen table with the other HGs talking about creamer.

JP says Godfrey is either a mastermind or really, really stupid. You can reason with Godfrey. Now talking about how Bobby says he doesn't want to win HoH. Brittnee says, "Yeah right that's such BS."

10:50PM BBT: Jordan, Zach, and Johnny are in the wash room talking about Godfrey and what a wild card he is. Jordan is called to the DR.

11:00PM BBT: Willow and Sarah are in the storage room, checking out what food is left. Brittnee enters to get some SleepyTime tea. They are now walking out. Bruno Ashleigh and Kevin are sitting on the grey chairs. Bruno is telling them a story about his wife. Zach and Brittnee are sitting on the orange chairs talking. Then we get HGs please stop talking about production from BB twice.


11:05pm Brittnee and Johnny are now in the HOH talking about Godfrey, Brittnee is saying that he will vote for Graig, Johnny he'd be stupid not to. Bobby will come after him.
Brittnee is like right they walk out. Back downstairs they are talking about boyfriends and what they look for in one. Real people not fake ones. Willow and Sarah are leading in this. Willow is now talking about who she looks for in a boyfriend.


11:20pm The Hgs are doing a Pod cast. Where they are just talking about their boyfriends. Sarah does a shout out to Scotty which is hers I think.


11:45pm The Hgs are still doing their pod cast of just talking about what all they want in a relationship and stuff nothing else is happening in the house.

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