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Sunday, April 5 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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BBCAN3 8:03 PM BBT Zach, Britt, Johnny and Ashleigh in KT just chatting about looks

Pilar in WR cutting Kevin’s hair and he likes the way she cut it.

Kevin must be a HN because he walked in the KT and said have not’s are dishes exempt.

Pilar, Ashleigh and Willow are in WA and Pilar is going to cut Willow’s hair now.

Pilar is actually curling Willow’s hair, not cutting it. Just general chatting going on.

Johnny in KT trying to show Bruno how to roll napkins then Bruno is called to the DR.

Johnny, Zach, JP and Britt now in KT talking about different things they use with sour cream. Johnny has place mats set out for the HN’s too.

Ashleigh, Willow and Pilar still in WR. Ashleigh is thinking of dying her hair like Willow’s when she gets home.

Sarah, Johnny, Bruno, Zach and Britt in the KT talking about guys and girls and dating.

Now they are in the KT talking about having sex in the BB house.

Britt wants the others to help her drink her alcohol.

they have cake left over from Johnny’s birthday and they were discussing if they should eat it or save it for Bruno’s birthday. They speculate that Bruno will get one for his birthday so they should eat it. Then they are told twice to stop talking about production.

Kevin does not know how to make grilled cheese and he does not cook very much at home. There is a sandwich shop that he goes to every single day.

They are all getting dressed and ready to have their Easter dinner together. The food should be done in about 30 minutes.

Johnny is complaining that he is disappointed in BB for not making them something for Easter Sunday then the feeds cut for a minute.

BBCAN3 8:48 PM BBT Bobby comes walking in the KT and they are all telling him how nice he looks.

BBCAN3 8:49 PM BBT Now they are looking for something to drink with their dinner.

BBCAN3 8:52 PM BBT Pilar, Willow and Ashleigh in BR getting ready for dinner. They are talking about different stores that they like to shop at.

BBCAN3 8:54 PM BBT Brittnee is in KT trying to mash the potatoes. Others just sitting around waiting for dinner to be done.  

BBCAN3 8:56 PM BBT Willow walks in KT and others are telling her that she looks so nice. They wish each other Happy Easter and discuss what they did last year at Easter. Godfrey does not usually celebrate Easter.

BBCAN3 9:00 PM BBT Everyone in KT area now waiting for dinner to be done. Just general conversations going on.

BBCAN3 9:02 PM BBT Camera zoomed in on the plates and it looks like asparagus, chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner.

BBCAN3 9:04 PM BBT Food is now done and everyone just has to grab a plate and sit.

BBCAN3 9:08 PM BBT they are all sitting at the table waiting on Kevin. He finally showed up in a tie and vest. Zach is giving an Easter speech and they toast to the BBCAN family.

BBCAN3 9:10 PM BBT Graig says a short prayer and they all begin to eat.

BBCAN3 9:17 PM BBT Looks like Ashleigh, Kevin and Bobby are HN’s. Ashleigh is not eating anything, Bobby and Kevin are eating slop cookies. Willow tells them that they will do another dinner on Wednesday when they could eat food.

BBCAN3 9:21 PM BBT time for desert, Ashleigh broke her glass and just general conversations going on

BBCAN3 9:29 PM BBT GF just told Willow she is very beautiful and he is glad he met her in his language of shona

BBCAN3 9:32 PM BBT Now just a bunch of conversations going on about speaking different languages.

BBCAN3 9:40 PM BBT so many conversations going on. Heard someone complain that they do not have a dishwasher in the BB house.   

BBCAN3 9:44 PM BBT Conversation is about past BBCAN houseguests and what part of Canada they are from.  

BBCAN3 9:45 PM BBT Time to clean up.  JP is helping Brittnee do the dishes and he is telling her that HOH should not be doing dishes.

BBCAN3 9:47 PM BBT JP walks away and Britt is doing the dishes by herself now while all other houseguests are sitting at the table talking (so much for sucking up to the HOH).

BBCAN3 9:53 PM BBT Sarah, Pilar and Ashleigh out doing laundry now. Britt was called to the DR.

BBCAN3 9:57 PM BBT Houseguests are talking about going to bed soon because they are exhausted. 

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10:00PM BBT Most HGss sitting around the table following Easter dinner. Zach Bruno and Sarah are in the bedroom. General chatter at the table while JP and Sarah are talking about someone outside the house and their relationship history in the bedroom. Table crew talking about designing a bowling game while Zach juggles aluminum foil balls. JP and Sarah discussing Bruno in the bedroom and what will happen when the guys crumble. They think it is good they are two votes and are on opposite ends of the house and if they need to change alliances they will. JP says the best Survivor players change between alliances. He says that Graig thinks he is safe and that Kevin's speech kept him from blowing up on everyone. Sarah says as long as one of us wins next week they will be ok, otherwise she is fucked next week.  They notice that the bowling has started downstairs.  Sarah says that Bobby is devastated by being on the block even though his odds against Graig are pretty good.

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10:10PM BBT Sarah leaves to go join the others and feeds 1 and 2 switch to the bathroom while 3 goes to commercial.  Pili is on 4 learning how to juggle with three foil balls with Kevin instructing her. JP is in the bathroom washing up. Kevin now demonstrating to Pili and Zach is taking a turn as well. Ashleigh  is on the red couches talking with Zach about spots she missed when shaving her legs. Everyone now watching Kevin juggle and then he and Johnny juggle back and forth about four feet apart from one another. Zach asks if they are all getting in the hot tub later, in about an hour. JP confirms. Sarah and Willow outside speaking in British accents acting out lines from Oliver Twist. Sarah is smoking. Several guys now changing and Bruno brushing his teeth in the bathroom. Willow talking about how she would never approach a lot of these people on the outside. Sarah says they would have hung out instantly, but Willow is not so sure as she was always a goodie two shoes type and partied when she was forced too. Sarah says she cannot even stand Graig anymore and he can't stand anybody and is so fucking obnoxious. Inside group talking about chewing tobacco and which sports have the most athletes that partake. 

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10:20PM BBT Bruno and Godfrey in the bedroom talking about working hard to keep Graig and if Bobbi stays he is not going to do anything. Godfrey leaves and returns to the red couches with the others. Willow talking about common friends that they have in Calgary. Sarah has finished her cigarette and they are getting ready to go back inside. Willow says that Graig is going to milk people they are counting votes and trying to make sure they have enough even if one of the boys flips. They say that no one likes Graig, but someone might want to keep him for their personal game. Sarah thinks that she is fucked if Graig does stay. Willow says the next two days will be exhausting as they will have to keep checking in with everyone every two hours or so. The ladies head inside saying that they will win next week anyway and if they don't Sarah is a target.

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10:25PM BBT The gals pass by the couches and the guys tell them they are having boys night. Willow meets Pili on the landing and they go into the bathroom where Ashleigh is changing. All 8 guys and Sarah on the couches talking about drinking beer in stadiums and why it gets you more drunk. Ashleigh Pili and Willow talking about Britt in the bathroom and how she is a good girl. Now they speculate who would nom whom if they win HOH next week. Pili does not know what Godfrey would do. They think it will be one of the three of them to win next week. Willow says she is going to win the Veto and no one is getting backdoored.  They wonder if JP switches do they still have enough. They think that you never know but Graig's grave has been dug. Pili and Ashleigh again say they don't know what Godfrey would do and he is the only one they don't want to win. Otherwise they can sit back and watch the two sides fight one another.  Pili would put up Godfrey and a pawn if she were to be the next HOH, she really really does not trust him. Ashleigh says she might keep him since he would be an easy out later on.  They think the next few days will be very interesting. Pili says she likes Ash's leggings. These two now head down and join the remainder of the house leaving only Willow behind.

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10:36PM BBT Willow enters the bedroom and rummages through the pile at the foot of her bed. Downstairs Graig and then Pili are demonstrating cheerleading moves. Willow franticly looking for a white t shirt. Bruno demonstrates the moonwalk. Willow still searching then leaves with a dark shirt in hand. Willow now asking the others where her shirt is and Pili tells her it may be outside. Britnee has now joined the gang as well and is handing out fresh batteries to everyone and they all fiddle with their mic packs to switch the batteries. 

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10:42PM BBT Group now talking about couple names like Wilfree or Godlow. Willow now doing "interpretive" dancing in the center of the livingroom. Pili and Ashleigh are upstairs bowling with Kevin serving as the ball machine. They are wearing leggings and the camera angle stays behind them from above while the other camera in the area is shooting over Kevin's shoulder showing the "pins". Others are joining them upstairs starting with JP then Willow. Graig saying they should go to the room and lay down, but Godfrey says they will not let them sleep this early. Graig says he will be called to the DR yet and Johnny is still in there. Willow now bowling with Zach and JP standing behind her along with Ashleigh. Godfrey has wandered up now too and stands behing ashleigh leaving Graig alone on the red couch. That feed switches to the hot tub where Britnee is alone and struggling with the equipment. Bobby now bowling. 

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10:52PM BBT Bobby has now joined Britt in the hot tub and she tells him about the jets acting up and spraying her. He says he can't come in since he still does not know where his suit is. He sits on the side and dangles his feet. Britt puts on her mic. They talk about bowling and how it is a fun date back home. He is continuing to play the virgin claiming he dates but it just never turns into anything. He says he would not go out just to get laid and he is not really that picky. She just has to be nonjudgemental. He says it is easy to meet girls at a bar but it never works out. He says he meets lots of girls at the rock climbing walls, but you don't want to bother girls when they have come to work out. All feeds cut to FOTH briefly them come back. Bowling ongoing with Johnny now out of DR and taking a turn. Britt says that maybe she is picky when it comes to dating. Bobbi says that maybe he is a little bit too, but a girl with lots of experience is a little intimidating. They continue talking about your first time and how it will always be awkward but then with experience you get the hang of it. She tells his she does not think that he should lose it just for the sake of losing it, by this point it should be special.  He is close to considering online dating and she says that she has tried it. (Can she really believe this dude is a virgin??-DRG) 

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11:00PM BBT More bowling and general dating chatter. Bruno and Godfrey now come to the hot tub and tell Bobbi where the lost and found is and that his suit may be there so he goes to check. Britt again says she is not putting on the jets since they attacked her. They comment about Willow spilling on her shirt every time and then comment about how nice the dinner was.  Bowling ongoing with Kevin finally getting a turn as Zach serves as the pin setter/ball return

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11:11PM BBT Hot tub crew no turns to talking about where in the house they "do there business." Bobbi has just returned with his suit on and climbed in the tub when BB calls him to the DR. There is commenting about his "knob" as he climbs out and after he is gone Britt says she is shocked that he is a virgin. Ashleigh and Zach are in the bedroom where she is telling him not to go to sleep since he will get in trouble. She is about to leave and he asks her for a massage and BB tells him to fix his microphone. She says she is not good as massages but she will try. Bowling crew has now hit the kitchen and are discussing The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Apparently Bobbi was in his boxers in the hot tub and he has now found his trunks in the bedroom and returns to the hot tub. 

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11:18PM BBT JP and Graig in the club chairs upstairs talking to Ashleigh who is now rocking her bikini. They tell her to drink lots of water and that she has definitely lost weight. Guys heading downstairs now talking about cookies Hot tub talk still about relationships and virginity, etc. Then about how they have matured over the past few years like no longer drinking to get fucked up, but rather just having a few drinks and talking with friends. Ashleigh climbs in the tub. Topic changed to pranks they have played on one another in the house.  Godfrey worried about getting in trouble for sleeping too much. then the discuss who has gotten busted the most and the least for talking about production. BB calls out Pilar to put on her microphone but she is not on cam at the moment. Now she enters the kitchen. General chatter ongoing in both locales when the feeds switch to Graig and Kevin in the bathroom. Graig is talking about how it would be better for the show for him to stay. BB tells the Hgs to stop talking about production (slow on the draw for the hot tub crew.) Next they bell Graig to fix his microphone (it is rattling like he was on a windy field). Feeds briefly go to FOTH then 1 and 2 return to the hot tub. 

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10:00PM BBT: The HGs have just finished their Easter dinner and are just milling around not doing much.


10:10PM BBT: JP and Sarah are in the bedroom talking about alliances, and how BB is like survivor JP says in survivor you go from alliance to alliance so it's like that. Sarah says her a Brittnee have to win again next week JP says yeah. And OK see you later they walk out.


10:20PM BBT: Kevin is in the bedroom changing Bruno is in the wash room brushing his teeth, On the red sofa's is Graig, Johnny, Bobby, and Ashliegh and JP they are just sitting there talking.

Sarah and Brittnee are talking, out


10:31PM BBT: Brittnee, and Sarah are talking about who to put up this week Zach's name comes up, looks like Zach is their target this week. Brittnee says he's going to kill me Sarah says this just has to happen.


10:40PM BBT: The HGs are now sitting around the red sofa talking about drinking.


10:45PM BBT: While the other HGs are talking about drinking, Pilar and Ashliegh, or in the wash room talking and doing nails. Well Pilar is doing her toe nails anyway.


10:50PM BBT: The HGs are now doing cheers in the living room  Bobby is sleeping on the sofa. They are doing cheers like ready OK. Bruno is now doing a moon walk.


10:55PM BBT: Ashliegh, Pilar, Kevin and Zach are on the stairs throwing a pillow around the others are still down at the sofa.


11:00PM BBT: the HGs are now playing a game at the top of the stair, it's like bowling, They have the tp ball and are rolling towards what look like their water bottles set up like bowling pins are. Trying to knock them down. Willow was really bad at it now Bobby is trying to knock down the "pins" and is missing.


11:10PM BBT: While some of the HGs are bowling Bobby and Brittnee are in the hot-tub talking, Bobby is talking about rock climbing and his girlfriend. Brittnee says the she thinks it's cool that he can be so open with people. And she likes that in him.


11:20PM BBT: now in the hot-tub is Bruno, and Godfrey they are just chatting about beer and stuff, and the bowling continues.


11:31PM BBT: the bowling game as now broken up Zach is in the br, while the other HGs are now in the kitchen talking about other reality TV shows. And the group in the hot-tub is still chatting. Brittnee is talking about getting a dog.


11:40PM BBT: Not much is going on in the house, The HGs have just been chatting and not doing a lot like it's a quiet night in the BB house.
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11:32 PM BBT Pili is now in the hot tub with Bobbi, Zach Godfrey Ashleigh Bobbi. Bruno and Kevin. Pili soaks her mic and the guys comfort her saying they have all done it. Sarah in the kitchen doing dishes while Willow is at the counter chatting with Johnny and Jordan talking about past seasons of BB and who they did or did not vote for. BB tells them to stop talking about production as they are saying it would suck to make it to the secret room but not into the house and then not be able to ever apply again. The kitchen group goes on to talk about diversity and how they should just put the best people in the house no matter what they are. 

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11:40PM BBT Hot tub group wondering about the time and several are getting out Godfrey Bobbi, Kevin Zack Pili Ashleigh and Britt remain. Ashleigh is talking about bats in her home province. Guys from the hot tub now hitting the kitchen for a snack. Ashleigh climbs out and makes her way to the kitchen as well. Bobbi heads upstairs and calls out good night to the group in the kitchen. Zach teases Britt about her personality and she gives it back to him saying she is done with him for the night. He asks who she put down as her doppleganger and she says people say she looks like Rihanna. Graig and Godfrey talking strategy upstairs where they are dragging there mics on the bedding so much it is hard to hear anything. Graig keeps saying they have a couple of days and that Godfrey should just keep saying he wants to keep Graig and that when it gets close the house will let him know what is happening. Graig tells him he has his back for the rest of the game and he thinks it is all about Zach. Zach is the wildcard right now in the whole house. Graig keeps saying goodnight and that he is going to stay positive. Hot tub crew now all breaking up as everyone but Kevin leaves.  Zach and Ashley are in the showers, but we have no audio on the feeds until Britt enters the room. Zach is being asked to let them wax him and he is not having any of it. 

11:55PM BBT Kevin still solo in the hot tub. Ashleigh done in the shower and Britt takes her stall. Kitchen gang now talking about a bar that puts frost bitten toes in shots. Sarah going on and on about Departures, apparently a streamed program. Now this groups is breaking up as well and folks starting to head up to bed. Willow tells the story of Britt and the jets in the hot tub and wonders if she was wasted as she was so giggly. (Drunk with power maybe. DRG) 

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