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Tuesday, March 31 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:00pm bbt   Sindy, Zach and Willow in the kitchen talking about relationships they have had in the past.  Sindy is going on about what she did wrong in her first long term relationship.  Most of the other HGs are outside talking about the Simpsons.

10:10PM BBT Ashleigh and Brittnee have gone inside. Sarah is telling a story about her past that is more serious and starts to turn political. Feeds come back on in the kitchen where Sindy is still going on about her relationship. Zach now confronting Willow about a past relationship she had when she thought she was dating someone who turned out to be gay. Casual convos going on outside.

10:17pm BBT The outside group is decreasing in numbers. Relationship discussion continues in the kitchen. They still do not believe that she did not realize the guy she was dating for two months was gay. Willow is getting a bit emotional and Zach and Craig go to comfort her. Sindy says she was engaged after three months, but then again she was only 16. More hugs for Willow as she cries again when they keep going on about how she did not know the guy was gay. Outside group now also talking about Willow and how she cut herself cleaning the blender yesterday and how they were talking inside about her Gaydar being off. Zach rubbing Willows back and shoulders as about half of the outside group is now in the kitchen as well.

10:26PM BBT Zach continues to try and console Willow. JP now telling an embarassing story about when he was 6. His mom told him there was going to be a Pokemon movie and he pooped his pants. Pilar drinking from a mug at the kitchen counter as Sindy is telling an embarassing story about spilling on herself. Johnny now telling embarrassing story about when he went to Nerdy club and we are spared by FOTH on all four feeds.

10:33PM BBT All feeds back as JP is just finishing a story. Kevin tells a story about when he worked at a religious. Outside group talking about movies. They are describing movies and the others have to guess the Title. Someone mentions Six Degrees of Separation and Sarah says that is too hard and she cannot even play this game.  BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production. Now Willow and Zach in the bathroom talking about how much she cries and how they have to have talks after every time. She is saying that she just got embarassed. He apologizes again for hurting her feelings and says he adores her and thinks she has a good heart. She is proud that she did not have her "break down cry." Now she starts talking game and says she thinks they can go far in the game. Zach is told to fix his microphone. 


10:45PM BBT Zach says they need to keep doing their thing. He is scared of one of the girls who he thinks is super smart and so strong so he just keeps pulling her in. Its hard to make out what they are saying as they are being quiet and he keeps dragging the mic on the cushion so we get continual static. They are reviewing who will likely team up with whom and who is a threat and who is not. Zach Willow and Graig have now made their way into the bedroom. Zach in the bathroom again and Sindy has jumped up on him. Now she is talking with JP about who she gave a peck to for the HOH pics earlier. Now they joke about him asking her on a date and he is Willow's back up plan and he is secretly in love with Naeha. He denies all and says Naeha just makes him good food. He takes his glasses off and they continue flirting on the bench. Pilar comes in and comments about their flirting which they both deny. Zach has returned and someone else just entered the shower. Sindy and JP talk about making a Superman shirt tomorrow.


11:00PM BBT Outside group has gotten more animated as they are playing Who Would You Rather Be then naming two celebrities. Ashleigh Pili and Kevin in the bathroom where he is flossing. Outside now Sarah is ranting about the conflicts on The View while most of the others keep playing the game. Kevin and Pili alone in the bathroom as Ashleigh has gone out with the others. Willow and Sindy are out there now too. Pili goes into the bedroom then returns to the bathroom muttering that she is going to put her PJs on. Multiple convos going on outside. kevin remarks that he is like a raisin he is so dry and he asks Pili if she is drinking enough water. Now he is admiring his abs and says he could get them showing if he lost a little. He tells Pili that she looks good.


11:20PM BBT Sarah is called to the DR and she heads in. Kevin and Pili still talking in the bathroom when Zach joins them. As they enter the bedroom Kev says that she may have to cuddle with Johnny tonight since it is his birthday. She remarks that it is freezing in there. He slips under the covers to change and Pili leaves the room.  Godfrey and Bruno now on the red couches where Godfrey is complaining about the cameras zooming in and out on him when he was there alone so that he could not sleep and we get FOTH. Godfrey complains about them having lost the ball. Pili joins and starts teasing Bruno's "pet" Rocky. kevin is now changed and heads out of the bedroom. Bruno says what a trip this is and Godfrey agrees saying that you are always stressing in here. Now they talk about the next HOH and how Godfrey has to go for it for safety and to avoid the slop too. He is debating which is worse the slop or the Have Not room. He says it is really hard to bundle up in there as all they are allowed to use is a towel. Blankets will stay on but towels end up across the room. He goes on to complain that this is the first season they gave them just plain slop to eat without another food too. BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production. Godfrey says he would eat anything else besides slop.

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12:31AM BBT: Johnny, Bruno, Zach, and Naeha are in the kitchen Naeha wishes Johnny a happy birthday they are getting snacks.
 12:40AM BBT: There's a large group in the kitchen area getting snacks, and sitting around the kitchen table Kevin is up in the HoH by himself listen to music, Bobby is in the bedroom with Brittnee who is heading off to bed, she is all bundled up for the night, she joins the group in the kitchen. Now they are telling each others birthdays.
 12:50AM BBT: Godfrey is saying goodnight to everyone seems like they are going to bed early tonight.
 1:00AM BBT: Godfrey is in bed some of the HGs are in the wash room getting ready for bed Willow says her goodnights and is off to bed.
 1:10AM BBT: In the bedroom, Johnny, Bobby, Pilar, and Zach, all getting ready for bed. Sindy is in the backyard getting Laundry out of the dryer, she and Sarah are now folding cloths.
 Johnny is now in the wash room with Naeha brushing teeth. Sindy is now there trying on Johnny's eyeglasses he got new ones today.
 1:15AM BBT: Johnny and Sindy are kissing Johnny now wants to show Sindy something outside, Johnny want to cuddle with Sindy in the Have-Not room he picks her up and carries her to the end of the hall kissing her all the way. And more kissing.
 1:20AM BBT: Sindy is in bed telling everyone about how Johnny swept her off her feet. Willow says she should go sleep with him and Sindy says in the Have-Not room no.
 1:31AM BBT: Naeha and Brittney are in the Have-Not room talking about what a hard time Bobby had with his HoH. Brittney saids with great power comes great responsibility, which is a line from the Spiderman movie.
 1:35AM BBT: OK folks lights are out in the BB house so that's a night for the HGs are all in their beds now going to sleep. Goodnight HGs.

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 3:00pm BBT: (UPDATE) HG have been sitting around complaining about having no water and being on slop over a broken camera. Some say they didnt do it but then feel like they might have . The guys are speculating that Brittnee might have broken it, But they cant say for sure she did it.

3:07pm BBT: Jordan,Kevin and  Graig are talking in the Kt about what the HOH comp might be tomorrow night. They think it might be something that is A and B or something like grab something and run back.They say that one of them has to win HOH.

 3:09pm BBT:Most HG are sitting in the BY talking about they need to make history and make a name for themselves in this game. Zack then starts talking about movies.

3:12pm BBT: Godfrey is now in the KT talking about the girls thinking they have the numbers. Graig tells Godfrey he has to win HOH so he needs to eat some slop to build his strength up. Godfrey says i finally get to eat tomorrow and Graig and Kevin say don't count on it buddy we don't know yet. Godfrey says she will be gone tomorrow man. Kevin says  they may not let us vote tomorrow they might just say Sindy you broke the camera you are evicted. The other guys laugh.

 3:16pm BBT: BB comes on and says HG this is your 15 minute warning the backyard will be off limits in 15 minutes.

3:22pm BBT: Most Hg are still sitting in the BY talking general talk. Graig is washing dishes and Kevin is in the HOH rm listening to music and dancing.

 3:24pm BBT: Jordan is hugging Sindy and wants to show her his house so he drags her into the have not room and tells her this is my house and this is my bed that the cat peed on and it is soaked in urine so yeah this is where i live. he then kisses her and she says stop and they continue kissing. She says we need to go back to our family discussion and he says ok one more kiss as they continue kissing. He then ask will come visit me? She says no i think tomorrow you get a new house.

3:40pm BBT: Sara is washing the coffee mugs that were found in the dishwasher earlier and Graig is making slop to eat. Most Hg are sitting in the living rm talking general talk about tv shows.

3:52pm BBT: All HG sitting in the living room talking about movies and shows on the internet that they watch.

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4:02pm BBT: Naeha is making slop  chips for everyone  and says they are limited om condiments as they are almost out of them all. Zack and Ashleigh are seeing what all they have left and it is very little.

4:08pm BBT: Kevin and Ashleigh are in the storage rm looking for more condiments but come up empty. Kevin walks out and yells why can't we have food. They are now back to watching Naeha making slop chips. All the other Hg are still in the living rm  with general talk going on about  tv shows.

4:13pm BBT: Hg are  saying whoever broke the camera just confess and suffer the consequences . In the HOH rm Graig and Zack are begging BB to show them on the screen who broke the camera. they head down stairs and each HG is telling BB to expose them and give the others the food one at a time and apologizing. 

 4:18pm BBT: Zack says now we wait. AS they all sit there  listening to Pilar telling about her brothers and sisters. The guys are yelling who ever did it just say it be a bigger woman or whatever just say it.

 4:20pm BBT: Pilar says who ever did it it isnt fair that we are all on slop for what you did. Godfrey says yeah we was already on slop for 7 days and i want the BY back thats what i want. Graig brings a chair in and sits down and says i did not break the camera and i do not work at cosco i played professional baseball for 5 seasons.

 4:25pm BBT: Graig says in 2001 he was signed up by the Rays and he only made double A and never made triple A. Godfrey ask how did it feel to hold all that in and graig says it was hard man. 

4:34pm BBT: everyone sitting around the living room talking about baseball now and waiting to find out who broke the camera as no one will admit it.

4:45pm BBT: BB calls Willow to the DR and ask her to find something black and she tells the other HG that  they need to find it then we get FOTH.

 4:49pm BBT:Kevin and Sarah in the bathroom area  looking in the mirror. Most HG still sitting in the living room talking about baseball.

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6:00pm BBT (update) Hg are saying that BB said if anyone confesses then they can have all their stuff back. Kevin and bruno are lokking at the broken camera. Graig thinks Sindy Broke the Camera and will be watching her closely.Kevin is acting like an investigator with a cape on.

6:30pm BBT: (update)Hg are put on HOH lockdown. They are talking about Tv and  sports.

7:30pm BBT:(update) Godfrey accuses Sindy of breaking the camera in front of the other HG He tells her that she is fake and rude they argue over  who wants who out and Godfrey tells her that she is  leaving tomorrow night cause he will vote her out.

7:45pm BBT: (update) All Hg have been called to the living room where they are given robes, Slippers and a teddy bear  They are being shown a cartoon with their faces on them the sound was not working so BB said just a second guys and the feeds  go to foth.

8:00pm BBT:( update) feeds come back with  Hg watching the video which has quotes from some of the Hg as the entered the house . when the video finishes Hg are speculating that it might have something to do with the HOh comp tomorrow night. Hg head to the BY and talk about the video being used for a comp and they need to remember  things  in it.

8:30pm- 9:00pm  BBT: (update) Cindy is in the bathroom crying over Godfrey saying she is leaving tomorrow . Bruno, Willow and Zack go in and talk to her and give her hugs

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9:05pm BBT Jonny is consoling Sindy in the WA. Zach tells Jordan the HoH comp will be easy. Cindy tells Godfrey he was supposed to be the target this week. Says he's being kept out of the loop on purpose.


9:30pm BBT - Sindy and Graig talk - he says he wanted her out of the house but is sorry how he went about it. Sindy says he wasn't her target and apologizes for saying she wanted to put him up. Graig says she's been nervous ever since the camera thing.


9:45pm BBT Graig says he knows Sindy and Jonny are coming after him. Jordan joins them and says Godfrey feels bad about what he said to Sindy about breaking the camera. Meanwhile, Kevin is on top of Pilar, says he’s going to be fresh for her tonight. They wrestle and then he goes to take a shower.


9:55pm BBT Graig tells Pilar and Bruno that after Sindy is evicted, they’ll know it was her because they’ll get their food back. Sindy tells Jonny, Sarah and Willow she doesn’t accept Godfrey’s apology. Sara says he just wanted to get you to react. It’s F*cked up, Jonny says.

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10:36PM BBT Bruno and Ashleigh talking in the bathroom while Godfrey is trimming Bobbi's hair. Sarah, Britt and Pili in the BY chatting in the conversation pit. Bruno talking about his wife back home and money issues. Britt talking about the confrontation between Bobby and Sindy earlier and how she would have said something on the outside, but in the game it was better for her to stay quiet. Sarah now telling Britt not to take her actions personally and Britt says she has thick skin. sarah thinks they need to have go to convos they can drop into when they get caught talking game by the others. Haircut proceeding slowly in the bathroom. Zach and Johnny have joined the gals in the BY and talk turns to going barefoot. Sarah is called to the DR and leaves announcing, "The stoner is bringing her bear." 

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10:40PM BBT Graig now inspecting and critiqueing Godfrey's work. Johnny says he feels like he needs some snuggles tonight and Britt says she misses Sunday snuggles. Johnny says maybe he will just crawl into Graig's bed tonight. Godfrey keeps working ot Bobbi's hair with trimmer buzzing away. Outside Zach now complaining about his sinuses being clogged and how it happens all the time when playing sports. He has broken his nose twice. Britt says she needs to get tested for allergies.  Johnny says he cannot sleep when he can't breathe through his nose. Claritin works for Britt and Zach thinks maybe he should try it and Britt says it is really good. Ashleigh comes out and says there was a big bald spot on the back of Bobbi's head and now they are trying to fix it. (After not letting me on initially tonight. Global again manages to feed the commercials to whichever feed I am listening to. GRRRRR   DRG) 

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10:52PM BBT JP and Kevin are in the kitchen talking about the video they were shown earlier and about how tomorrow is a big day. Now they too comment on Godfrey's handiwork. JP runs out and Ashleigh comes in to the kitchen. JP does not understand why Godfrey is trying to fade Bobbi's hair since he does not have the right tools. Ashleigh announces she is going to go check the progress and she heads to the bathroom. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to BY where they are talking about how someone could go three months without a haircut to which one reply is they would grow a man bun. Someone else says they would never let Godfrey anywhere near their hair. Willow joins the group and is complimented on the workout she just completed. Talk now turns to the house running out of condiments since they are all on slop due to camaragate. Haircut appears to be finished and Ashleigh is laughing as Bobbi gets up to look while Godfrey holds a hand mirror up to Bobbi can see the back of his head. BR group heads out to the backyard and someone calls out to us to never let Godfrey near out hair. They think that maybe Bobbi will just have to shave his head. (Really its not that bad looking. DRG) 

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11:00PM BBT Godfrey still saying he is just going to fade it out a bit and he will be fine. Sarah and Kevin in the kitchen now talking about maybe doing a Survivor podcast tonight and she says she is in. They will do the worst players, but best personalities as the topic like they did with BB earlier. Bobbi back in the Bathroom checking out the back of his head. Sindy enters and holds the hand mirror for him to inspect the back further. Zach enters the kitchen and is talking about workout plans and what it means to "get yolked." Bruno now holding the mirror for Bobbi. Zach and JP in the store room talking about who they want to go next very briefly. They are all looking desperately hoping to find some food that BB left in the house and they are not finding anything. Bobbi now waching his hair in the HOH tub. Sindy and JP in store room talking about a prior injury to her hand then he hugs her and says she is cute. They start dancing to no music. Sindy tells him to stop being cute. She says they are breaking up tomorrow. but he can say he once dated a beauty queen for a week. She complains about being so hungry, but eating the slop made her feel sick so she stopped eating it. He goes to kiss her and she stops him. Now they are sucking face til she tells him to stop being so corny. 

11:10PM BBT The two come out of the Store room and immediately are asked if they were making out in there to which JP replies yes. He was going to lie but then just told the truth. Sarah is cleaning a baking tray so they can make more slop cookies. Kevin is up in the HOH bath tub and Willow is talking to him about how they are out of stuff to flavor the slop. she says that if they get food after Sindy leaves then they will know. Naeha helping prep the cookie sheet with Sarah while Pili and Sindy watch from the stools. 

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11:15PM BBT Willow leaves the HOH bathroom and Kevin climbs out of the tub and dries off. In the kitchen Sindy is talking about how Graig never gave her an apology for accusing her of breaking the camera. Willow joins the gals in the kitchen and they start talking about how they could wash her hair since there is no hot water. They decide to use the tub upstairs so there is room to lean over. Cams 1 and 2 switch to BY where most of the others are sitting talking about the HOH blogs that BB US does and the tweets they send out along with the HOH camera. Bobbi is complimented on his robe and the slippers BB gave him for being HOH. He has the hood pulled up covering his new doo. Now he drops it down and they all comment about the haircut some more. He says the water is literally ice cold. Upstairs Willow and Sindy are prepping for washing her hair by stripping off their outer clothes. Outside talk turns to Graigs time as a ball player. Willow now on her knees bent into the tub moaning as Sindy turns on the freezing water. She has a towel wrapped around her shoulders as Sindy begins shampooing her. Outside group begins speculating about the comp tomorrow and how BB will keep them up all night tonight. Willow is screaming out trying to psych herself into thinking the water is warm and comfortable, but then she loses it and cries out that her brain is freezing. 

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11:26PM BBT Ashleigh is working on laundry outside while Willow and Sindy start talking now that shampoo is done. Sindy is trying to campaign and talk like she will be staying. She needs seven votes and they start counting how the HGs will vote. Johnny joins them and Sindy says she is just trying to assess the consensus of the house. She keeps trying to sell the fact that if she stays she will still be the next target, but who will be the target if Britt stays. Willow says if they keep Sindy then it will be boys vs. girls. Her target will be Graig if she is here next week. Willow says that now they know what the HOH will be and they know who is likely to win.  They think JP is almost a lock but he is scary.  Sindy wants to know if they have already made a decision and they both say they have not. Zach comes up looking for toilet paper to make a ball and Sindy tells him that at least Graig apologized to her in a sincere way. She says he was not really making sense and Zach thinks that is an understatement. Feed three goes to commercial as 1 and 2 fade to FOTH. 

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11:35PM BBT Sindy going on about who is going after whom according to Graig,  willow says she does not tell him anything and does not believe what he tells her. Sindy says she really does have a crush on JP after they begin speculating what he would do if he wins HOH tomorrow. Eventually she thinks he would put up Godfrey since Graig would pressure him into it. Outside group talking about what Godfrey should do to his own hair and how he should change it every week. Sindy says she will continue to campaign and asks them to let her know if they do come to a decision. They keep saying they are not sure because it could be that Canada voted again. They tell her they will wait til tomorrow morning to see how things are and leave the room. Now outside Godfrey is talking about how he is a super fan of wrestling and knows all the wrestlers. Sindy Willow and Pili in the bathroom now talking about how crying makes you tired. willow is lotioning up as she is dry.

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11:43PM BBT Kevin joins the gang outside and is asked about his bath and he answers that he survived. Feed one has now gone dard as we are seeing behind the mirror until they switch to another cam. Sindy now campaigning to Pili in the bedroom. She tells Pili that she knows she is under the radar right now and Naeha bursts into the room with clean laundry. Sindy is naming off the guys who would vote her out. She says that everyone loves Britt, but what would be the outcome if Britt stays. Pili begs off on giving an answer but says she will let her know. Outside talk turns to food they would love to have right now. The video screen comes on and they all scramble to the living room and dance and shout out happy birthday. The zoo video starts up and they all stare intently at the screen. We get the video on feed one and shots of the HGs watching on the other three feeds. 

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11:53 PM BBT Cartoon ends and many want to see it another time. Willow and Naeha in the bathrrom say that they are the targets next week and they figure that Britt will never be a target again and that if Sindy stays she will be the target before them. Graig and Sarah are talking in the Store room and he is assuring her that no one is after her and she will go a long way. They return to the kitchen and she says that BB even took their garbage bags, but they do have lots of sponges.  They would not let them boil water for showers, but they will allow them to do it for dishes since that is a sanitary thing. Sarah and Johnny talk about the cartoon and how often BB is going to show it to them. Willow in the bathroom drying her hair with the blow dryer. 

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