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Sunday, March 29 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:41pm bbt  Bruno, Graig and Godfrey are shooting a sock? Into a bucket.  Bruno and Godfrey miss a lot. Graig is pretty good at it. Most of the other HGs are in the living room.  Zach is listening to music in the HOH room.

11:58pm bbt  The game is over.  Bobby is heading up to the HOH room.  In the BR Brittnee and Jordan are  changing.  Brittnee is getting ready for bed. In the HOH Bobby and Graig are talking about Sindy and she walks in on them.  Cindy is trying the ipad. Graig just got called to the DR.

12.19pm bbt  Bobby is giving Ashleigh a massage in the WA. Sindy is hanging out and Pilar is brushing her teeth.  Bobby and Asleigh have now moved to the kitchen with Kevin. Ashleigh thinks it’s weird to get milk in a bag vs. a jug. The feeds are down

12:28pm bbt  The house guests are super happy.  The back yard is now open. It looks like they are now getting their pool party. 

12:50pm bbt  The HGs are playing badminton, volleyball, and floating in the pool.  Willow was called to the DR.  Feeds 1 and 2 keep losing sound. Now all have no sound.   Most of the HGs are playing volleyball in a big circle.

1:08pm bbt  Now the HGs are cheering…more beer, more beer…  Sound still going in and out but no real conversations are happening.  Jordan has gone to bed.  Sindy, Brittnee, Ashleigh and Naeha are playing badminton.   The HGs are now moving to the Hot Tube.  Sarah and Graig stay by the pool. 

1:26pm bbt   Sindy, Zach, Bobby, Bruno, Kevin, Pilar, Willow, Ashleigh and Johnny are play spin the bottle in the HT.  They are asking BB for more beer

1:38pm bbt  The feeds are down.  We’ll let you know when they are back up.

2:16pm bbt  The feeds are still down and we are waiting with you for them to come back up. 

2:36pm bbt  The feeds are back.  Sound is off in the BR but lights are on.  In the Kitchen are Kevin, Sarah and Pilar.  General chit chat.

2:56pm bbt  HGs are getting ready for bed and it’s time to say goodnight.  See you tomorrow.

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1:03PM BBT - Hey BBCAN fans! The feeds are down right now (presumably for the veto ceremony) so while that's happening, let's do a little catch up from this morning! 


In the early morning hours, there was some spooning going on... Johnny spooning Kevin spooning Pilar. Later, Kevin and Pilar do some intense making out. 


According to talk from first thing this morning, everyone was kissing everyone last night. Willow thinks Zach is upset that she didn't kiss him. Sarah asks Ash what it was like to kiss Bobby last night. Willow comments that he used a lot of tongue and Ash replied that it felt like she had a little sausage in her mouth and that it was a little much. Johnny thinks there will be a repeat of some of the kissing from last night.  Zach can't look Sindy in the eye. Brittnee had fun last night, no regrets. Everyone primping for the POV ceremony. Willow is pretty upset Zach didn't "come home" to her last night; she didn't kiss him because he's special to her and she wants their first kiss to be real. 


Bruno told Bobby and Ash a secret; he's colour blind. Bobby laughs to Bruno that he lied about being a virgin. He will admit the truth at the after party. Zach tells Jordan he has to jump to more beds than just one; he doesn't want to commit to just one girl. He tells Jordan about Kevin and Pili's makeout session. Jordan is disappointed; there go his chances. Bobby and Bruno say Naeha is going home next week. Bruno would take Bobby off the block over Graig if they were up together. Chop Shop has a meeting in the SR to practice their hand signs. Kevin and Pili have some alone time in the KT, he is cooking eggs and she puts dishes away. 


That's all the news from this morning - feeds are still down for the veto ceremony. We'll be back to posting as soon as they are back up!

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3:50PM BBT Feeds come back with everyone gathered in the kitchen. Discussion of various topics including which former BB HG would you date. No verbal confirmation but from her facial expression and general demeanor it appears that Sindy was the replacement nom.

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4:00PM BBT Multiple discussions continue in the kitchen and BB admonishes the HGs several times to stop talking about production. Sindy and Britt are sitting side by side and seem to be the only silent members of the group. Sindy is nervously choming away on popcorn. Guys are talking about Shane from BB 14 and how lame he was and about him being named the most eligible bachelor in Vermont. Guys now talking about John and Arlie from BBCA 2. Topic turns to Survivor. Cam 1 stays on a two shot of Britt and Sindy still silent. Sarah and Pili are in the bathroom with Willow who is announcing that she is 26 and still can't keep a clean shirt. Now the talk about gaming and watching BB. Kitchen crew still talking about reality TV shows they watch. 

4:07PM BBT Bathroom gang now lamenting how they have lost their jobs to come into the house and then they break into shout outs for places back home that will be showing the live feeds. Willow is soaking her top in Oxiclean to try and restore it to a wearable condition. Sarah tells her that they are the same person except that she is a little taller than Willow is. Pili has left this scintillating conversation to return to the kitchen. Now they discuss metabolism and how hard or easy it is for them to put on or take off weight. Sarah says she just wants to be strong to which Willow replies that Sarah is strong and starts reviewing the last comps. 

4:13 PM BBT Kitchen crew continues talk of past seasons of BBUS. Bathroom duo speculating about what the next HOH comp will be. Sarah announces to the world that she is going to go poop in the HOH. Brittnee has gotten up but Sindy is still camped at the end of the kitchen counter isolating from the group. (Don't recall ever seeing her be silent this long. DRG) 

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4:18PM BBT Willow scrubbing away in the bathroom by herself. Britt has returned to her perch next to Sindy at the kitchen counter. She gets up to get some plastic wrap and she and Sindy start wrapping up cookies. Willow now on the red couch with Bruno talking about what will happen in the HOH on Wednesday.  She says they are on the same think and he agrees there are a couple of big targets out there.  He remarks that they got a good shopping today and then they start discussing tonight's episode and what will be aired. She corrects him about what will be shown tonight. they start talking game and he says that someone told him Sarah said that this week would be different.  He does not know what that was really about. Pili and Kevin and Sindy are in the bathroom tending to ADLs. Bruno thinks that they are in a very good position and there is only one of their group they are not sure about. Willow gets up and heads off. 

4:26PM BBT Four girls at the top of the stairs talking about protein shakes. Bruno alone on the couch and Kevin brushing his teeth alone. Kitchen counter guys Johnny JP and Bobby talking about social media and reality TV contestants.  Sindy and Pili in bathroom with Willow who has returned to scrubbing her t shirt.  (Brief time out for the end of the NCAA game. DRG)

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4:44PM BBT Bruno Naeha and Bobbi have been having a chat on the red couch during which Bruno confirmed that Sindy and Britt are the current nominees. General chit chat going on in various groups as they move about the house now. Willow and JP in the have HOH bathroom talking about the next HOH and whether it will be majority rules or not. sindy now on the red couches talking to Naeha about how her situation sucks and Naeha asks her, "But you'll try?" Sindy starts counting votes and discussing her strategy for going forward. Sindy is trying to firm up an alliance of five. She feels that gamewise she is the sensible choice, she offered Bobbi safety and he did not take it so if she wins HOH. . . .      She goes on to say Sarah asked her what she could do to help and she thinks Graig wants to work with them.  Naeha does not trust him and feels there may be a better route. Sindy wants to stir the pot and Naeha agrees saying if you are going out why not?

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4:52PM BBT The two girls continue talking and Sindy is so quiet that even Naeha asks her to move closer. Background chatter from kitchen makes it still hard to make out what they are saying. Naeha spills water and it gets into her mic pac so she gets up and leaves. Bruno comes by and Sindy asks if he will miss her if she goes. He replies that she is one of the few people he actually likes.  They high five after missing on the first attempt as Neaha returns to her seat. Sindy now talking about how cold it was last night in the Have Not room. Naeha is now laying on top of Kevin and Johnny on the other red couch when Ashleigh comes over acting angry before piling on and then they call Bruno over to join in as well. bobby jumps on top of the pile and the groaning starts. The original four decide to play the quiet game with their eyes closed. Now Willow and the kitchen crew believe they have spotted a leak from the HOH and are pointing to the ceiling and calling out to BB that there is a flood.  They head upstairs to seek the source of the flood and we get FOTH on all four feeds.

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10:00PM BBT Bobbi Kevin Ashleigh Britt and Bruno in the hot tub. Naeha on the exercycle with willow on the bench beside talking to Zach and Johnny and Godfrey and JP in the BY Sindy and Pili changing into bathing suits to head out to the hot tub. they arrive and join the HG stew. Willow is saying she is Catholic but not baptized because her mother is Protestant. Feed 1 remains on the empty bedroom. Too many convos in hot tub to pick any out. BY crew talking about families back home. Willow jokes that BB has put her in Psych with Jesse from BB2. They continue talking about traits they got from their parents. No game talk in either setting.

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10:06PM BBT BY group now doing shout outs to family members back home. Multiple convos and the jets continue droning away in the hot tub. BY crew now discussing the Calgary Stampede and how hard it is to sneak "stuff" in there. (It's Sarah talking so you can fill in the blanks. DRG) BB tells the HGs to stop talking about brand names. Now I am blessed with commercials on feeds 3 and 4 to drown out the jets on feed 2. Both groups are pretty relaxed and everyone is getting along well.  FOTH suddenly overtakes all feeds.

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10:17 PM BBT Feeds back with groups still the same. BB tells them to stop talking about production. By group has moved into the house and are roaming about the kitchen. Hot tub group talking about snow boarding and other sports. Willow and Johnny raiding the store room to make protein shakes. Zack and JP in the bedroom talking about how far ahead they are of another guy with game thinking. Zach says they can wait until they fragment before they jump. they want Graig gone and then Bobbi who has no showmance has no one.  They are planning side relationships with various girls a la The Brigade. General chit chat still in hot tub.  The guys keep plotting about working both sides of the house. They think it would be ideal if Graig wins HOH next week as then his real personality will come out. They are sure that Naeha hates Zach and Jp says she has no one. They are plotting for Zach to throw the next HOH without being obvious about it. JP is changing under the bed covers and Zach leaves when someone calls out to him.

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10:31PM BBT  Zach enters the kitchen and Willow asks if he wants a smoothee too.  He declines. They talk about waiting to go to the hot tub so it is not too crowded. Willow is going to do the dishes and Johnny tells her there are no knives so even she should be safe to do them.  Willow relates story of how she sliced her hand by shoving it into the blender to clean it.  Sarah tells her not to get her hand wet and Willow says that is why they got gloves.  Hot tub group is breaking up and heading back into the house. First guy back inside tells the kitchen group that the others are heading in and it is not raining or spitting snow out there any longer. Ashleigh shows off her legs to Britt in the bathroom and is sooooo proud of herself for having shaved again. 

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10:40PM BBT Sarah and Naeha are complaining about one of the guys throwing them under the bus. Naeha heads to the bathroom to change as it is too hard to manage under the bed covers.  Sarah follows her. Britt is moaning about how hard it is on slop and Sarah says they have a right to complain. (another commercial breaks in Global seems heavy on the ads tonight. DRG) Sarah has a major debate whether to shower or not and Naeha is going to braid her hair after she does. They decide to wait til tomorrow. (something to look forward to on a typically slow feed day!! DRG) We have three rooms on the feeds again with 1 in the bedroom, 2 in the kitchen and 3&4 in the bathroom. No game talk anywhere but Sarah is still deciding to shower tomorrow. There seems to be a real issue with towels in the house now. Britt is sprawled in the bathroom still sounding absolutely listless. She says she does not even have the energy to shower. Feed 3 went to FOTH then reopens on the hot tub with the second crew climbing in Johnny, Zach, Naeha and JP. Pili is gracing us with a close up of shaving her pitts. Willow is in her suit now and likely headed out the the tub soon. Pili is showing off her appliance for hair removal to the gals in the bathroom. (It's not a hedge trimmer so I can't tell you what it is. DRG) 

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10:53PM BBT The gals are wondering if the shower in the HOH is large enough for them to lie down and wax. Willow is heading out to the tub after one of the guys helps her find a towel. Bruno and Graig are arranging stools in the BY setting up an arrangement to play around the world. Zach is called to the DR and leaves the hot tub to head in. Willow is now being teased about whether she likes Zach or not and she swears he is not at all her type. They are joking about going on dates in the house. They say they love Godfrey and if they were home he would be their favorite as everyone talks about him. 

11:15 PM BBT Hot tub group has covered relationships, the towel shortage and Andrew's experience of BB. Backyarrd group has been playing around the world. Kevin and Pili are sitting together watching the game in the BY.  Sarah and Britt are now on the red couches reviewing events in a lame version of Jedi training. Neither one seems to be too sharp, but Britt is especially lethargic sounding and must really be suffering from slopitis. Around the world ongoing in the BY. 

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11:18PM BBT Pili and Sindy in the store room scavenging. Jedi training and around the world continuing. Pili joins the Jedi training session eating an apple and peanut butter on a spoon. (Heaven help these ladies if they make if to Jury.) Since there is nothing else to do I'll describe the around the world layout. They have a slop bucket set on a bar stool with a wooden rectangle in front as the basket. There are 8 stations marked out in a semi circle comprised of laundry detergent bottles. The ball appears to be a wad of aluminum foil about the size of a softball. Feed 1 continues to show the empty bed room. 

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11:33PM BBT More of the above. The gals have finally made it to today and decide that they should start over from the beginning. Breaking news, Bobbi walked on his hands for about 10 feet!! Britt wants to know when this have not thing is over and she is told it is the day of the next have not comp so it is a week. Ashleigh now joins the ladies on the couch and feed two returns to the hot tub with the second group still in tact. They are talking about former BBUS seasons yet again. Pili Bruno and Bobbi are the current shooters with Godfrey rebounding and feeding them.  

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11:44PM BBT Ashlegh in the bedroom getting ready to change under the covers. Hot tub convo has moved on to The Amazing Race and the feed switches back to Jedi training on the red couches. Ashleigh emerges in a tank top and panties and pulls on a pair of short shorts making sure to leave the top of her panties exposed. Britt is complaining that "This is not me.: Ashleigh joins them and they head into the store room to make "something sloppy." Britt says she loves oatmeal but hates whatever is in the slop. Sarah suggests they try buring the shit out of it and Britt says Cajun style but declines. Sarah offers mustard and Britt says she eats the salsa. The other two gals are quite concerned about how Britt is doing. Britt is going to make a broth with salsa they say that it is fucked up that they can't have soy sauce or tea. Ashleigh says she is taking her food elsewhere. Graig is called to the DR. Around the world still going strong and Ashleigh has rejoined this group. Britt laments that she is not aloud to use curry powder and has to throw out the beginnings of her broth. Sindy is in the kitchen now making herself something in the microwave. She calls out to BB for some chocolate milk or some sauce to make chocolate milk. Britt asks if it would be gross if she put ketchup in it and Sarah says nope so in it goes. 

11:55 PM BBT Ashleigh comes through the kitchen again and tells Britt once more that 10 calorie servings of salsa are not enough for her body. She replies that eventually her body will start eating her ass as she is so fucking hungry then apologizes saying that the hangry is coming out. Sindy is eating at the counter its reheated spaghetti from dinner. BY game continues and the bedroom is still empty but occupying feed one. 

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Caught a late night (or early Monday morning) chat:

2:51 AM BBT: Johnny and Naeha talking in WA: Johnny telling Naeha that Kevin was saying Naeha is Graig’s number one target

Naeha explains that she is good with Willow, JP and Zach, but the others she don’t know.

Johnny says “we have to win HOA”

Naeha responds for sure and then Graig’s going home. She would not put up GF and she would put up Bruno as a pawn.

Johnny tells her that they will have to work Zach and JP into the mix.

Naeha said that Willow won’t take super fans like her (Naeha) and Johnny to the end.

Johnny wants to know why Graig is out for them (Johnny and Naeha) and that Graig has said racist things about GF and Brittnee. He also thinks that Kevin is just there to have fun.

Naeha said Sindy is going home because of her big mouth.

Johnny hasn’t had time to connect with the guys, but he will pitch to Kevin about working with the girls.

Naeha thinks Willow, Pilar and Ashleigh are tight.

Johnny thinks a lot of people trust Zach and the next couple of weeks wont be easy.

Naeha wants to work with Graig and then backdoor him.

Johnny will talk to Kevin tomorrow.

Naeha wants certain people that don’t know the game to go for sure.

Naeha left the WA then immediately came back in to tell Johnny that Graig is up and she is going to talk to him.

Naeha leaves and asks Graig if they could talk.

Graig went to get his mic and will meet her in WA.

When they meet in WA Naeha explains that she felt the need to talk after everything went down with Sindy. Naeha feels that she is a strong player and so is Graig.

Graig asks Naeha who she is working with.

Naeha said she is close to Sarah and that she is not working with Johnny.

Graig don’t know who to trust because Kevin told him what others have said. He is pretty sure that Naeha and Johnny are working together.

Naeha insists that she is not working with Johnny.

Graig said that he is working with Bruno and it is no secret.

Naeha said before Sindy wanted to work with her, Zach and Graig, but now after what she is saying she needs to go home.

Graig just wants to figure out who is working with who and he thinks after the whole Sindy thing it has ruined Naeha’s game.

Naeha told Sindy if she won the veto, not to use it.

Graig said we are just playing week to week now.

Naeha told Graig that they need to talk more to try and figure it out and that she is close to Zach.

Graig asks Naeha if she won HOH who she would put up.

Naeha would go for the floaters because the strong players are not on her radar right now.

They both agree that GF is not on their radar, but they would put him up as a pawn.

Johnny walks in and inturrepts their conversation so talk goes to not being able to sleep and how the game is an emotional roller coaster.

Graig said he would not feel the way he does if Kevin had not heard others talking about him (Graig). He has not talked any of the guys about a guys alliance.

Naeha said after what Sindy has caused, she is going to vote how ever the house does.

Graig is totally staying out of it, but it hurt that Sindy threw his name under the bus.

They discuss the pros and cons of Keeping Sindy in the house, trying to guess future comps and discuss how excited they are to get to do their first voting for eviction.

Naeha said she will make her decision about voting after she sees what other people are saying.

They talk about how crazy the game is, how easy it looks from home, and how they don’t even know anybody’s last names.

Johnny said he is totally getting a BB tattoo after the game is over.

3:26 AM BBT: the three of them talk about the past two seasons of BB and how they tried out for the other seasons.

3:29 AM BBT: They are now talking about season 1 alliance.

Johnny doesn’t know if he has a chance with Kevin because he is straight.

Graig don’t know about that.

Johnny thinks he is too old for Kevin because Kevin is 4 years younger.

Graig wants to know who is working together and there is a lot of young players to get out, but even though Zach is 22 he carries himself like he is older. Willow is 27, but she acts like she is 20.

Graig thinks Pilar is a nice target.

Naeha is not going to object to that.

Graig thinks Ashley is the same thing.

Naeha agrees 100%.

Graig don’t think they have social skills and the same goes for JP., not that JP is a target but eventually down the road.

Naeha thinks it would be nice to get further now and not floaters.


Graig tells Johnny and Naeha “let’s stick w that going into next week.”

Naeha agrees and said this was a good talk for sure.

Johnny is going to wash towels.

They all hug and agree to talk some more tomorrow.

Johnny goes outside to throw towels in washer then heads back inside to bed.

All lights just went out in bedrooms and all hamsters are sleeping.

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