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Saturday, March 28 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:45 AM BBT: Graig, Kevin, Willow, Ashleigh, Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey are talking about the PoV comp upstairs. They are talking about how it was so cold in the water. They agree that they should have been given wet suits and Godfrey adds that he thinks they had ice blocks in it. Talk turns to about Johnny, who walks out in his underwear. They joke about him and Johnny says he is single for all the guys out there. Graig says Kenny Brain doesn't have anything on you.  


Pilar and Sindy have joined the group upstairs. Just general chat. Graig comes in and says his red hoodie, watch and water bottle are missing. He is convinced someone (a saboteur) stole his items and that this is a mission to find them. Talk turns to BB16 when they had the night watch for finding items from the saboteur. Willow mentions the sock puppet task from last season and that easter is next week.  


12:55 AM BBT: Downstairs in the kitchen, Sarah, Naeha, Jordan, Zach are discussing Simpsons episodes, Jordan and Sarah are acting out many of the scenes. They continue to go into detail in many, many episodes..



1:00 AM BBT: The rest of the HGs are upstairs talking about how awful/boring the first few days were in the house. Ash mentions how wonderful it is to just relax now. Talk turns to how everyone looks in their diary wall photos. They agree that Godfrey looks great. Everyone is now just talking and relaxing.


Willow and Kevin are having a mock first date upstairs alone. They joke about seeing each other's Tinder profiles. They get to know each other better, including their relationships with their families.



1:05 AM BBT:


Godfrey, Brittnee, Pili and Graig are upstairs in the bedroom. Graig says that everyone is on board, everyone (to get Sindy out). Brittnee says she doesn't want to feel too confident. She says that she appreciates their votes. Graig and Godfrey say that Brit was looked so determined in the PoV comp. Godfrey mentions again about the cold water and how hard the comp was.


Pili says bedtime can be anytime now.  Pili says about how people got up in the middle of the night last night. Graig mentions the live feeds, that's why people are not sleeping, and that some people are only their for their cameras. Brit mentions that this is a growing experience and that she will look back and enjoy this experience. Graig stresses to Brit she needs to make sure people know that she is just enjoying being in the house, and not to campaign too hard.



1:15 AM BBT: HGs are readying for bed. Pili joins Kevin and Willow upstairs. willow says they were just having a first date. Kevin says he feels good about the result of today. All three discuss the importance of laying low and being genuine early on in the game. Willow and Pili say it was smart of Kevin to keep his cool after he was thrown under the bus. Kevin thanks them for saying that. Kevin says it was a full day for him in the BB House, he was nominated, overhead a conversation about him, and won the PoV. All three agree they're on the same page.



1:25 AM BBT: Ash, Zach and Jordan are talking in the kitchen. Zach says he can't wait for them to chill for a few days. Zach says they already know what's happening in the veto ceromeny. Jordan whispers about how Graig lost it today in the kitchen. He said that Graig said , "yo we got a guys alliance" when Ash was sitting right there. Ash says she is oblivious most of the time. Jordan says that he is on a witch hunt. 

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 12:00AM BBT:  Sindy is going around talking to everyone,

to make sure she doesn't go up in the veto meeting, she has 

been told she will go up when Kevin comes down.


 12:10AM BBT:  Sarah is talking about BB2 USA and Dr. Will and 

Nicole. The HGs are talking about BBUSA and like which season was 

chill town and such. and yes Jonny is leading the way in that,

of course the BB superfan.


 12:15AM BBT:  Naeha, was up in the bedroom talking to Zach about

Sindy and how she has to go out next, Now it's Graig's turn with Zach

talking about getting Sindy out. Zach is telling Graig that Kevin now owes them

because they gave him that PoV. and if he wins HoH next week he better put up 

who they want up. They are now talking about Willow because she is playing both sides.

So they don't trust her. Graig is saying that someone is stealing his stuff. His red shirt gone.

and his water bottle is also gone. they thinks it's a BB task. Is it???


 12:20AM BBT:  The HGs are sitting and standing around the kitchen table talking about Godfrey sleeping

and the Veto competition.


 12:31AM BBT:   nothing much as changed, The HGs are just

milling around the kitchen chatting, no game talk going on. Talking about the

simpsons now.


 12:40AM BBT:  While some of the HGs are sitting around the kitchen table, some are sitting 

by the stairs most are just chatting away. Talking about like lakes in CA when you can swim in them

and when you can't swim in them. Because it's like freezing cold so they won't let you swim in them.


 1:05 Pilar is heading off the bed slowly.

well it looks like she decided not to go to bed she's talking to Jordan. About

their families.


 1:10AM BBT:  Sindy is talking to Naeha, and Graig about how she is going to go out of the 

house this week and how she just wants to enjoy the rest of her time in the house ect ect. Now saying

good nites and all they are in the bedroom laying on beds.


 1:20AM BBT:  the HGs are starting to wind down for the night Naeha is talking about how cold the Have-Not room is Brittnee says she can use her robe since they can't have blankets in the Have-Not room. 


 1:31AM BBT:   Bobby is up in his HoH room Pilar came up to say goodnight Bobby

"ok BB you can dim the lights now thanks"

however the lights are still on.


 1:40AM BBT:  the HGs are getting ready to head off to bed now Naeha looks like

she really doesn't want to go into the Have-Not room.


 1:45AM BBT:  Pilar, Sarah, and Johnny are talking about strip clubs in Canada and

BB come on and says Pilar stop that, And Sarah is like what we can't talk about strip clubs?


 2:00AM BBT:  Nothing new is happening most of the HGs are either laying in the beds some are still

up chatting. No game talk going on. 


2:10AM BBT:  Johnny and Zach are in the storage room talking,

Johnny says that Sindy has the thinking of a 12 year old. Then he starts talking

about the DR and BB comes on saying Johnny please go to the DR then a minute later storage roomy guys that's suppose to

be plz stop talking about the DR.


 2:16AM BBT:  Jonny and Zach are going on and on about getting Sindy out and laughing at her and

how Godfrey sleeps all the time now talking about who all they think are Zach is now talking about how he wants to do some 

"crazy **it" Like backdoor maybe Bobby.


the "big targets" Godfrey, and Pilars name comes up.

Johnny says Goodnite BigBrother.

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8:48PM BBT: Sarah, Johnny and Kevin in the bedroom. General chit chat about house laundry and HoH benefits. Kevin thanks Johnny for the wake-up coffee and asks to borrow a pair of shorts for laundry. They hug and agree to sit and have a huge chat about all that happened yesterday. They leave the room and Johnny sees Ashleigh coming out of the bathroom and tells her how beautiful she looks when she wakes up and does her make-up.

Quiet house with general chitchat and helping each other make breakfast.



8:55AM BBT: HGs are all around the house (WA, KT and SR), little talk happening. 

Johnny and Zach in the SR talking about the house and how top floor is what they expected coming in but they were very surprised with how small the bottom floor was. Johnny says "I am dreading putting those back on", pointing at the costumes from yesterdays comp. Both agree that they will be in those all day today for the DR sessions.




8:59AM BBT: Most of the HGs in the kitchen. Willow asks if anyone has seen a YouTube video and goes into detail about the video. Only one person agrees that they have seen it. Willow begins talking of other videos, and quickly changes the conversation to veto ceremony and having it on the TVs in the house. Everyone begins to scatter around the house.

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10:27AM BBT: In the BY a group of the HGs are sitting around the hammock chatting. Bobby tries to fix the hammock and lie on it and BB tells him to "stop that". The girls are talking about the wet costumes and not wanting to put it back on.

Graig and Brittnee sitting at the top of the stairs doing nothing but chatting. Brittnee is in her costume. Brittnee states she is preserving her energy and eats only enough slop to get by. Brittnee heads into the DR in her wet costume.Graig stays sitting in silence until Sindy joins him.


10:30AM BBT: Sindy tells Willows big brother superfan thoughts on all of the HGs pictures in the BY:
Ashleigh = sweet, nice, older and more agressive than you would think.
Jordan = geeky, big brother super fan.
Pilar = 30 year old mexican mom
Zach = future husband.

[i missed a couple of other ones because people interrupted or other mics talking. - canfan137]


10:35AM BBT: Ashleigh, Bobby, Jordan and Sarah sitting around the LR talking about waxing vs shaving and how much it hurts. Ashleigh makes a joke out of herself being a virgin. The boys talk about dropping a line on Wednesday's live show, then go back to talking about the Virgin Excursion - if you loose your virginity in the house then you automatically get kicked out. Cam switches to BY.

Johnny and Willow in the BY talking about Bobby being so resepctful telling Sindy before putting her up.

Graig and Sindy upstairs on the stairs still talking. Sindy telling Graig about her conversation with Willow wanting to save Brittnee with the POV. Graig says Naeha hates Willow and Sindy questions him saying I just don't think so.


10:40AM BBT: Graig and Sindy on the stairs talking about Willow being a little much, running around and not acting her age. They both agree that they like her... MANY TIMES. Sindy speaks of her conversations with the girls talking how Graig and Bruno want to be in a group with the girls. Graig asks why she said names specifically and feels like she ruined the little ground he had. Graig tells Sindy point blank that he needs to see what everyone else is doing first before voting for her to stay, he says he cant vote against the entire house and when the other group gets 7 against, hes stuck.

Willow and Johnny in the BY talking about making good TV with faces of surprise.

HGs get a 15 minute warning for BY closure, Johnny guesses it is to fix the hammock.


10:46AM BBT: General chitchat among many HGs in the BY, cam is only on Johnny's face.

Sindy thanks Graig for the talk at the top of the stairs. Graig encourages Sindy to let out her emotions. Sindy is chatty and Graig gets up to walk away while she is still talking. Craig heads into the BR while Sindy heads in the WA. Girls trying to do the splits in the WA while others shower. The girls start talking about getting sick, someones nose is stuffy so Sindy pulls out her vitamins and shares them with Pilar and Ashleigh.


10:52AM BBT: HGs hanging out in the BY, general chitchat about BB fixing the hammock so quickly - someone says its because its a set so they want everything to look good.

HGs are all talking about the last competition and how cold it was and Johnny yelling "I don't give a fuck about my microphone" and someone else says "I had to show tears in the DR". They laugh and add more about the last competition and all of the funny things they said, before BB says "HG please stop talking about production".

BB gives a 3 minute warning for lockout.


10:56AM BBT: Willow says she doesn't recognize Zach with his shirt on, she says she likes it because its a tease to what's underneath. Zach and BRuno throwing a ball around and Johnny waits around for the dryer to be done.

HGs talk about "Devon" and how they hope he comes back for All-stars, someone says "I think he is in a psych-ward". They all agree that they think he learns from his lessons. They move on to Caleb and brief chat about him.

Bobby walks past the swimming pool and says "I don't even like being in this area anymore, bad memories".

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7:25PM BBT: Bruno and Kevin are in the bedroom talking about who all they want in their group. And who they need to get out. They are going to try to get Willow, Zach, and Johnny. Bruno is worried about Bobby. He is saying that if Sindy stays in the game she's not a threat she is pretty usless, we need to get the big targets out. Naesha isn't a threat she is pretty usless as well and so on.


7:31PM BBT: Godfrey is talking about sleeping (what a suprise) with Sindy and Ashleigh and Pilar and Nesha oh and Zach all on the red sofa


7:35PM BBT: The Have-Nots are having their first ever have not meeting. talking about the slop and sleeping and how cold it is Godfrey, says he think BB is secretly putting cold air into the Have-Not room BB comes on "Godfrey please stop

talking about production."


7:45PM BBT: The HGs are just finishing up dinner, talking about the pool party.


8:00PM BBT: The HGs are around the kitchen table chatting away no game talk,


8:10PM BBT: The HGs are sitting around waiting for their pool party talking about having babies,and such Then BB comes on "HG please wake up nap time is over"


#BBCAN# 8:15PM BBT: The HGs are in the wash room talking about how to dry out a cell phone. put it in a bowl of rice. (that I didn't Know) you learn something new everyday in the BB house


BBCAN3 8:20PM BBT: Sindy Jordan, Neaha, Kevin are in the wash room talking about their hashtags on twitter and facebook Sindy's is #Sindy with an S.


BBCAN3 8:31PM BBT: Willow is talking to Sarah in the kitchen about how tired she is, while Bruno, Godfrey, and Bobby are throwing a potatoe I think into a slop bucket.


#BBCAN 8:35PM BBT: The backyard is opened now Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, and Ashliegh are sitting on The grey chair talking about ramen noodles Johnny is also there. They are talking about how to cook ramen noodles, you put an egg in it. (DUH, I do that all the time I though everyone knew that trick)


#BBCAN three 8:40PM BBT: Sindy, Ashliegh, and Johnny are sitting on the grey chair, listening to Sindy telling about a date she went on.


8:50PM BBT: Bobby Ashliegh, and Sarah are up in the HoH room talking Willow is also up  Bobby is throwing the potato into a trash can. Kevin is also in there they are talking about dancing.


Brittnee, Pilar, Johnny, and Nesha have come into the HoH They don't  think the pool party will be tonight it's too late. Maybe tomorrow.


Kevin is talking about clubbing in Canada and gay sex?? Sarah says goto Church street youll love it


9:07PM BBT: nothing new getting a lot of BB telling them to wakeup nap time is over stuff.


Sarah is asking BB for a passwork for the Ipod telling them it keeps asking her for a password saying there is no wifi on it.


9:20PM BBT: The HGs are just sitting around guessing about wheather or not they will get their pool party tonight, They want alochol.


9:25PM BBT: Kevin walks up to Brittnee and gives her a big kiss because the HGs were shouting round two round two. they were talking about kissing they are all in the kitchen waiting for the pool party.


9:31PM BBT: The HGs are trying to get each other to Kiss Sindy kissed Johnny, this is like the pre-party event. They say.


9:40PM BBT: THE HGs are sitting around talking about Rachel and Brenden from BBus and such, They are really asking BB for their party.


9:45PM BBT: They are still waiting for their pool party Willow keeps singing little songs like we're waiting for our party we want our party and stuff.


9:55PM BBT: Nothing new to report they are still waiting for their party to start. which is don't look like it will be tonight.









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11:35 PM BBT: Godfrey, Graig and Bruno are playing makeshift basketball with a rolled up sock and a slop bucket. They continue to move the bucket around various parts of the room. The rest of the HGs are gathered around the living room couch, with just general chat. 


Zach is upstairs alone listening to music in HoH room. Jordan is also upstairs alone in the bathroom, doing ADLs. Johnny joins him. He complains  about how hot it is and the venting system in the house to the camera. Jordan says you think they would have figured this out by the second season. 

 Many of the HGs are now readying for bed and milling around the house.


11:50 PM BBT: Brittnee and Jordan are upstairs talking about being a have not. Brit says she underestimated it. She says she hates slop. She says she couldn't eat it at all. Talk turns to the veto meeting tomorrow, Brit then heads downstairs to the bathroom. Ash says she is dead tired and ready for bed. Brit says she is not looking forward to seeing herself in the episodes.


12:00 AM BBT: Bobby is giving Ash a back massage in the bathroom on the only feeds that are up. Kevin is talking a shower, Pili yells out how their is no toilet paper. Ash says jokingly to just use your hands. Bobby finishes Ash's massage. Ash says how much she enjoys it, and then has trouble getting off her stomach.. 

The other feeds return. Naeha, Johnny, Brit, Bruno  and Sarah are talking in the living room. Discussion is about how the HoH might pick the next have nots and then turns to how they won't make the same person do it twice in a row. Sarah is eating potato chips right in front of Brit, who is just staring off into space. Feeds then turn to Sarah and Johhny talking in the storage room. Conversation is about the earlier mission that was done today, Johnny mentions the "attractiveness" one is the one that put people off. (Johnny apparently had to do this mission today which involved picking people for several categories based on seeing videos of them..)



12:15 AM BBT: Most of the HGs are either eating or readying for bed. Pili is braiding Sidney's hair in the bathroom, because Sindy says she wants to look good when she goes on the block tomorrow.  Sidney whispers she needs to stop freaking out. She then starts to give her reasoning for her to stay over Brit. She says she could win the HoH comp and actually have other people's backs next week, while Brit wouldn't. Pili says it makes sense and she is on the same page. Sidney mentions that she would be the target still next week anyway. Pili asks why, she replies with how the guys took what she said about them out of context. Feeds go hush. 


12:25 AM BBT: Feeds come back. The HGs will get their pool party after all. Everyone runs outside for the waiting alcohol and fruit. They also they recieved a frisbee, tennis raquets and some inflatables. Everyone is eating the fruit and then start to drink the alcohol. Sindy and Bruno are playing tennis, while Pili, Ash and Bobby are playing volleyball. Many of them are wishing for more beer. 

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