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Friday, March 25 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 10:33pm BBT feeds are still down as the HG are playing the Have/ Have not comp.

10:41pm BBT Feeds are back Brittnee sitting on the couch not talking as most HG are in the KT making food.Godfrey just standing in KT making faces but not eating.Talk about throwing balls in the comp. and how good it is going to look on tv. 

10:49pm BBT: Godfrey, Zack, Naeha and Brittnee are on slop. Godfrey says that was a close comp.

 10:52pm BBT: Brittnee is sitting on the couch talking to Godfrey about them losing the comp. She says this was a fair comp as everyone gave it their all. BB says please stop talking about production and Brittnee ask are they talking about us and Godfrey says yeah  probably. Godfrey ask her if she feels better now and she says yeah i do.

10:56pm BBT:Brittnee talking to Godfrey saying she is just tired and can't eat but wants to try to make waffles from slop or something like that tomorrow. 

 11:00pm BBT:Bruno  and Zack in the WA talking to Naeha about the comp and how they had to throw balls and how hard it was. Bruno tells her she killed it out there and that she is a beat. She says thank you.

11:13pm BBT: Sindy in the Wa flossing her teeth talking to Ashleigh about sleeping  and covering her head and eyes from the noise and light in the Have Not room. Ashleigh says she is going to bed early tonight cause she is so tired and that most people stayed up till like 4am this morning.

11:17pm BBT: Sarah says nominations are tomorrow right and Brittnee says yeah but no one knows where Bobby's head is at.

11:22pm BBT:Sindy is in the HOh rm snuggling on the bed with Bobby talking about setting up the comps and how much work it is to set up and take things down.Bobby says  he wants to go in the hot tub tomorrow and Sindy says she is scared of the hot tub. Bobby asked why? She says cause going from hot to cold makes me sick.

 11:28pm BBT:Graig says he wants to go to bed now but he doesn't think they will let him yet as he walks around the bed room.

11:34pm BBT: Johnny and Ashleigh in the  WA talking about Going in water to find balls to fill your bucket. IN the HOH bathroom Graig is sitting on the toilet talking to Bodbby about nominations. Willow comes in and ask what they are doing and Bobby says listening to Graig use the bathroom .

11:38pm BBT:Bobby and Willow go down stairs and Willow starts changing clothes. In the LVR Pilar, Bobby, Kevin and Jordan are talking about how old they are and how old they look and are laughing.

 11:44pm BBT: Brittnee and Sarah talking in the WA about staying up till after they go to the DR. Ashleigh says yeah probably. Brittnee says Godfrey is so nervous for tomorrows nominations.BB tells everyone to stop talking about production. Brittnee says they are like going off tonight.

11:47pm BBT: Willow comes in the WA and says i am going to bed and they better let me go to bed. Brittnee and sarah laugh.

11:52pm BBT: Most HG are in the LVR waiting to go to the DR before they go to bed.General talk going on about getting a puppy in the house.

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12:10pm BBT  The HGs in the LR are talking about  Sabrina from last season.  Willow is imitating her trying to get into the DR…very dramatic.  Donny is showing Willow a line dance. 

12:26pm BBT  Jordan and Zach are in the SR but Willow comes in before BB zooms in on the conversation.  Ashleigh is eating chips in front of Jordan.  He says he almost ate one earlier by mistake. Willow wants to go up to bed.  The 3 of them are joking about a love triangle.

12:34 pm BBT  Naeha, Ashleigh and Johnny are in the WA getting ready for bed.  Godfrey comes in to say good night.  Naeha lives 20 minutes away from the BB house.  Ashleigh can’t believe people will recognize them after they leave.   

12:42 pm BBT  Bruno, Ashleigh, Bobby and Willow are in the HOH room.  Graig joins them.  They are talking about their alliance.  Bobby and Bruno are throwing a toilet paper roll back and forth like a foot ball.  They are discussing how no one can flip, they have to stay strong.

12:54 pm BBT  Graig is talking to Zach in the SR about their alliance.  They leave.  Naeha is talking to Zach in the hallway/balcony and trying to get nomination info from him.  He tells her that Bobby will do something easy for the house.  He tells her maybe Godfrey and a pawn.   

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1:01 AM BBT
Johnny, Naeha, and Zach talk about Zach playing for the Toronto Maple Leaves. Naeha can't believe that Zach also likes hockey. Zach says he likes any sport he can make money playing. Pilar joins the group. They make fun of Topaz from season 1.


1:03 AM BBT
They talk abut the casting process and Zach can't believe that they haven't cast any lesbian members. Zach points out that Risha came out as a bisexual off the feeds and that Sarah has said she identifies as queer and is fluid and has had girlfriends and boyfriends. They talk about how they'd like to have people from other parts of Canada than the normal ones.


1:06 AM BBT
Pilar, Johnny, Zach, Naeha, and Pilar talk about how weird it feels in the house and how time sometimes drags and sometimes flies in the house. Zach says they haven't been allowed outside in three days and he's going crazy. Feeds switch to Gragi giving Sindy a back massage in bed. Godfrey walks by and makes a joke of putting a sock on the door. Graig and Sindy think it's funny. Sindy asks Graig if his go to move is giving massages. Graig asks her to stop talking and then he tells her that giving massages makes him horny. They joke around as he continues to rub her back. Graig tells her that she looks so hot.


1:10 AM BBT
Sindy wants Bobby to put Godfrey up, but Graig says that Bobby doesn't know how much drama Godfrey has caused. Graig says he wishes that Bobby would put up Johnny. Sindy agrees and says he should put up Kevin with him. They wonder if Naeha is working with Johnny and Kevin. They talk about working together. They think JP, Willow, Bobby, and Ashleigh are working together with Johnny and Kevin. Graig says the next challenge should be one for the bigger guys to win it and only Bobby because he is a smaller male could win the last one. He's mad at Sindy that she didn't win the last HoH show. Bobby tells Sindy she needs to wear shorter shorts around the house. He then asks Big Brother if this is the kind of show they wanted to see. They both agree this is so much fun.


1:13 AM BBT
Kevin knocks on the door and Graig and Sindy realize Godfrey actually put a sock on the door. They laugh and tell Kevin to come in and he encourages Graig to continue the massage. They talk about leaving the sock on the door and having a threesome on BB. They'd love to have the first BB threesome ever. Sindy tells them to knock it off. They laugh about the sock on the door. Sindy asks Kevin if he's ever had a threesome and he says no, but Graig says that he wants to. Kevin gets up to leave and Graig says he can have the next massage. Kevin grins and leaves. He throws the sock on the door at them as he goes back to the kitchen area.


1:15 AM BBT
Sindy tells Graig she likes his massages because he goes hard. He says, "You should see how I have sex." She laughs and tells him to knock it off. He asks her what part of her hurts the most and she asks him to help her work the muscles out in her arms. He says as an athlete he knows what areas in the body builds up with tension and stress. Sindy says she should ask every houseguest to give her a massage. Graig says he can call Kevin back to give her a four handed massage. They continue to joke around about sex and massages.


1:18 AM BBT
Graig is making jokes about the live feeders watching them and getting off to it. She is appalled and says the live feeders aren't like that at all. He laughs and says, "People in front of their computers never do anything like that." He offers to cuddle with her after the massage is over. She giggles when he snuggles up to her and he tells her to stop and just relax.


1:21 AM BBT
Sarah and Bruno convince Bobby to go down to DR to get the remote for the TV in the HoH room. Zach says that they may not have access to the remote this year as that television is also used for Arissa to talk to them and check in. They discuss what could happen for the second veto competition.They talk about the spelling veto and the other vetos played last year in both BBUSA and BB Canada. Jordan thinks it'll be a spelling competition because it's usually early in the season. He has no idea what's happening. They talk about what Bobby is going to do with nominations in the morning. Bruno and Jordan feel bad for having to nominate people this early.


1:24 AM BBT
Britnee explains to Sarah how Paul from last year made his nominations. Jordan and Bruno thought Paul was cool and hilarious, but was awful at the game. According to Jordan, Paul told people on the wall one side was safe and he'd put up two on the other side. Jordan thinks it's crazy that in week 2 it feels like they've been there forever and the game has barely started.


1:27 AM BBT
They do their shoutouts to their family and friends as Bobby come back without a remote and tells them he wasn't allowed into the DR. They think their families will watch live feeds. Bobby told his parents not to watch the feeds and Bruno and Jordan tell him they will for sure now that he said not to. Sarah wonders if her mom has figured out how to get them on her computer. Bruno talks about how his kids paint his toenails and Sarah and Britnee think it's adorable. They talk about how painful their feet are after their competition.


1:34 AM BBT
Graig and Sindy are sleeping on her bed. She is woken up when Willow and Pilar come in. Willow says she's getting ready for bed and tells Sindy at the end of the week they'll wash their bedding for the next week. Feeds cut to Zach and Jordan talking strategy in the pantry and feeds cut quickly back to the bedroom. Jordan and Zach are using earplugs to go to sleep so they don't have to hear any snoring at night. They wonder when the lights go off after they fall asleep. They think it's automated and that no producer just sits at a button and messes with them. They talk about how there must be a night shift person and that people watch the feeds 24/7. They say it's like clocks don't exist in the house. They think they'll be messed up when they get out.


1:38 AM BBT
Jordan tells Zach they want to get as many floaters as possible to jury for the votes. Zach says they need to get rid of a few tough guys so they can cruise to the final. Jordan agrees and says Bobby will be a target after he's done with HoH and he'll always be the target. Jordan says we have to get rid of all the threats and leave the floaters like Sindy, because she's annoying and she'll piss everyone off, but she'll love people for giving her attention. Zach wants Johnny out because he's too good at the social game, but Sindy is annoying and everyone already hates her. Jordan wants to get rid of Johnny, Naeha, and Graig and eventually Bobby. He doesn't want to leave Bobby in the house too long, because he's the other physical threat like Zach. They think if they can separate Johnny and Kevin,


1:41 AM BBT
Jordan makes fun of Kevin thinking Zach is emotional and stupid. They think it's ridiculous that Kevin is underestimating Zach. They agree it's okay for him to underestimate Zach. Jordan thinks the perfect scenario is getting rid of Johnny and Bobby. Jordan leaves and tells Zach to stay in the pantry so it doesn't look suspicious. Sarah is sitting on the counter drinking her tea and Zach and Jordan joke around with her. Naeha says she's going to bed. Zach tells her to go sleep in his bed and he'll join her. She laughs at him and tells him to stop being ridiculous. Naeha says she got invited to sleep in Bobby's bed. Zach is impressed. Sarah and Jordan get called out for talking about production. Zach asks Sarah and Naeha if they are okay with Bobby nominating Johnny. They all agree that it's a good idea. Sarah says they should go to bed and they can revisit the conversation in the morning.

Kevin will fall in line with Jordan who has him in his back pocket.


1:47 AM BBT
Ashleigh, Bruno, Pilar, Johnny, Kevin, Britnee, and Naeha are in the bathroom area. Some are getting ready for bed, others are chilling and talking about names. Jordan joins them and they call him, JP. He brushes his teeth and watches Kevin give Britnee a massage. They all say that Godfrey is passed out and they can go to sleep now. Sarah and Naeha talk about Willow and Ashleigh wanting to get Naeha out and they have reinforcements for sure to get votes. Sarah wants Zach to come through and keep her off the block. Sarah offers to get more information from Zach and even talk to Bobby. Naeha says no and she doesn't want to put a target on them. Sarah says that Bobby is upset that no one is talking to him, but that it's the HoH responsibility to talk to the others in the house. Naeha says that Willow wants her out, but Willow likes Sarah and has nothing against her. She's convinced that Willow is going to use Ashleigh to get her up on the block. They are 100% sure that nominations are tomorrow. Naeha just wants to not go up on the block.


1:54 AM BBT
Ashleigh, Bobby, and Zach say that they are scared of Willow, because she flirts with every boy in the house. Bobby says he's scared of Johnny, Kevin, Naeha, and Sindy and wants to get them out in that order. He says if they knock them off, they'll win the game. Zach says if they stay under the radar they could get one of them to put up one of their own. Zach asks Ashleigh if she's okay with Kevin leaving. She says she's not that into him and she says she's fine.


2:05 AM BBT

The HoH crew breaks up and decides to go to bed. Bobby goes downstairs to say goodnight and Sarah says she's better not be wasting her time hanging out with him and giving him company if he's putting her on the block. She just wants him to tell her who he's putting up.

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BBCAN3: 9:12 am bbt: Feeds are down right now (possibly wake up time?)

BBCAN3 9:28 AMBBT Feeds are still down. Nominations should be taking place sometime today! Who will be on the block this week and who will win POV?

BBCAN3 9:35 AMBBT: There is still 2 days, 2 hours and 24 minutes to vote where you want the Fan Feed to be. Will it be the Main Bedroom or Kitchen?

BBCAN3 9:56 AMBBT: Still waiting on the feeds to come back up.

BBCAN3 10:32 AMBBT: Haven’t missed anything because the feeds are still down.

BBCAN3 10:47 AMBBT: Feeds are still down (maybe wake up and nominations taking place all this time?)

BBCAN3 11:03 AMBBT: The anticipation is building while the feeds are down. Who do you think Bobby will put on the block?

BBCAN3 11:31 AMBBT: We are still waiting to see what our favorite season 3 houseguests are up to while the feeds are still down.

BBCAN3 11:52 AMBBT: BBCan season 2 trivia while we are waiting for feeds to come back up: How many evictions (not including the Final 4) during BBCAN Season 2 were unanimous?

BBCAN3 12:10 PM BBT: Feeds are still down. The answer to the last trivia question is 5 evictions (not including the Final 4) during BBCAN Season 2 were unanimous.

BBCAN3 12:25 PM BBT: Feeds are up! More info to come.

BBCAN3 12:27 PM BBT: Sounds like Godfrey and Jordan on the block.

BBCAN3 12:29 PM BBT: Everyone is starving and they are now in the kitchen fixing food.

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12:34PM BBT Johnny and Brittnee are having a quiet conversation at the bar. It's too hard to hear what they are saying. Moments later, Brittnee tells the group that she hates being on slop. Talk turns to what went wrong during the competition. Brittnee would never have to wish on her worst enemy to eat slop; that's how much she hates it. She added maple syrup today to try and make it sweeter.


12:37PM BBT - Johnny says they'll have time to make slop cookies this afternoon; seems like they'll be locked in the house all day anyway. Brittnee would rather eat liver than slop, and she hates liver. Willow comes over to join the commiseration. Brittnee wants to win the next comp; 3rd time's the charm. Willow agrees. General chit chat with everyone else.


12:42PM BBT - A few of the HG's are assessing the food in the house, and discussing when and where to use the food. Chicken nuggets are a lunch food, not dinner, they agree. Noodles with parmesan and garlic sounds good. Those on slop look pained by the food talk. Naeha calls all her friends "Bro", whether a guy or a girl. Willow loves how Naeha talks. 


12:45PM BBT - Naeha jokes that she's from 'the hood'. The Torontonians discuss their area codes and who has a 647 vs 416. Sarah did not want a 647, she's lucky she got a 416. Back to random chat about slop, someone mentions they need to get more sugar from the SR. They got more dish soap! 


12:47PM BBT - They talk about dreams, who remembers theirs and who doesn't. Sarah usually doesn't remember her dreams. Discussion about sleeping last night. Zach fell off the chair he was sleeping on and landed on the floor. Brittnee was cold sleeping last night. Zach pulls his sweatshirt off and Willow jokes that he lasted an entire hour with his shirt on. "It's cold!" Zach protests, and Brittnee says teasingly "There is something called a tshirt or a tank top." Graig pours some water for JP while Zach continues cooking eggs (still shirtless).


12:51PM BBT - Brittnee is called to the DR. Talk turns to BB Production paying attention to what they eat and don't eat and they restock what is needed a lot without having to be asked. Ashleigh comments that they also save all their leftovers and make sure they eat them so they try to save money. Multiple conversations happening at once, hard to follow but all general chit chat. 


1:03PM BBT - The feeds go down.


1:05PM BBT - The feeds are back. Many HG's hoping the BY will open today. Some want to workout, some want the HT. They discuss their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They may have to change their names to add BBCAN3. 


1:12PM BBT - Zach, Kevin, Willow and JP discussing sports and local sports teams. Sarah is cleaning up. Bobby, Bruno, Ash and Pili are all upstairs in the HOH room. Bruno says he never understood before how people could get so upset making nominations or seeing people go home after knowing them such a short time but when you're in the house it's so different. 


1:15PM BBT - Bruno wants to sleep on the floor in the HOH tonight; he says it is so comfortable. Ash says she'll be in the room, Bobby jokes he may rescind the offer. Ash needs to stop eating Bobby's candy. Bruno mentions an HG from a previous season who was a HN ate a piece of candy in HOH by accident and everyone was an HG for 2 days. As they discuss this, we get FoTH.


1:21PM BBT - Feeds are back and it looks like everyone is in the HOH room. HOH lockdown maybe? JP is telling a story about where he works. 


1:25PM BBT - They discuss everyone's first job. Godfrey's was McDonald's. Sindy had the same first job. Some others were hardware store, lotto booth, lingerie store, hostess at Boston Pizza. The HG's think you have a better shot of getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery. They mention J Lo's mom won, and how unfair that is to those who don't have money. Stories about people who have won the lottery ensure. 


1:35PM BBT - Back to first jobs. Bus boy at Italian restaurant. Next question going around the room. As they consider what to ask to continue to get to know each other, small conversations break off all over the room. They discuss golfing, which they call a rich man's sport. Golf stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, says Sindy. Sarah agrees and says it's that way in Augusta. 


1:40PM BBT - The golf discussion continues and then we get FoTH again. 

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2:31pm BBT Feeds are still down.

2:58pm BBT: Johnny, Bobby and Jordan are in the hoh rm talking about the  POV and saying they need to go get it. Godfrey comes in and they are saying they are mad at  the girls.They say if any of them girls had been HOh this week then Godfrey would have been out.

 3:01pm BBT: In the bedroom Sindy and Sarah are  talking . Sindy says if i go apologize to Kevin and Godfrey then maybe i will be fine. Sindy says she was just throwing out names in case i got hoh this week but it was just talk. She says Godfrey  came to her asking if she was talking about him and she  tells Sarah that she was just talking but Kevin was the one talking crap.

3:04pm BBT: In the KT Godfrey is talking to Bruno,Graig, Jordan about there being a girls alliance as Brittnee and Naeha sit and listen. Brittnee gets up and walks off.Willow talking to Johnny about putting her contacts in before POV as Brittnee walks  in and tells Johnny that apparently there is an all guys alliance now and Johnny says that Godfrey came in and said there was an all girls alliance and Brittnee says that is so not true.

3:10pm BBT: Bobby and Willow in the  HOh bathroom whispering about the POV comp.  they leave the bathroom and go to the bedroom where Ashleigh,Pilar  are talking about past POV comps. Back in the KT Graig is telling Bruno and Godfrey to throw the comp and Godfrey says i am not throwing it. Graig says we have kevin on our side now one hundred percent.

 3:17pm BBT: Graig now goes to hoh rm and willow tells them that Sindy said if she had been hoh she would have put up Godfrey and Graig. Graig said yeah yeah .Graid tells Willow to take Sindy out first.

 3:22pm BBT:Johnny and Kevin talking in the bedroom and Johnny says if there was an all girls alliance then i was not  involved and knew nothing about it. Naeha  and Zack comes in and talk stops. Naeha talks about the beds then says this is the first comp i am not playing in. Back in the HOH bathroom Bobby and Graig is talking with Bruno about breaking up the girls alliance this week and getting Kevin out next week.

 3:26pm BBT: Jordan is in the bathroom talking to Sarah, Ashleigh and Pilar about hosting the pov comp. The girls are talking about taking showers today. Sindy comes in and it goes to not talking then everyone leaves the bathroom and goes to the balcony talking about how cold it is outside.

3:29pm BBT: Willow is saying she has to get herself ready for the POV comp and starts running around the room. sarah says you are wearing yourself out and Willow says no i am getting my heart rate up. Sarah ask are you excited to play and willow says yeah my first pov comp yeah i am excited.

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 3:42pm BBT:Zack and Sarah are in the bedroom talking to Kevin about Sindy and they things she has said and done today. Zack says Sindy said she would use the veto and then said she wouldnt. they all leave the bedroom to go get a drink.

 3:46pm BBT:Sindy and Ashleigh talking about  nominations and veto and Ashleigh tells her that Bobby is so stressed. Sindy said i thought Godfrey would go up since everyone wanted him up. But getting rid of kevin or brittnee would not help my game cause it is about numbers right now not alliances.

3:53pm BBT: Most HG are in the KT drinking water and waiting for the pov comp to begin and talking about  pulling nerves and muscles.Bruno ask what are they doing and Willow says putting something good out for us.

 3:59pm BBT: Kevin and Sindy are talking about things she has said and she tells him i didn't say anything bad. Kevin says i know you didn't stop ok. Someone walks through and Sindy says oh yeah they have to be careful with Godfrey since he is on slop cause if he eats something then we all get punished.

 4:02pm BBT: Bobby, Graig and Bruno in the bedroom talking about the girls alliance and Bobby says i just hope willow isn't in with them. Bruno says i don't think she is. Graig gets dressed telling them that this is the alliance right here man. and the other two agree. Bruno says i got to go work out and he and Bobby leave the room.

 4:08pm BBT: Brittnee is in the kt making slop cookies to try. she says it looks good but the raw slop is gross so i hope that cooking it will make it better.Sarah and willow are tasting the raw slop cookies and says yum that's good kinda taste like oatmeal cookies.

4:15pm BBT: Talk continues on how to making different things with slop and other Hg working out running up and down the stairs just general talk going on in the house.

 4:19pm BBT: Slop cookies are done and everyone says they smell so good . Brittnee is waiting for them to cool off a little before they try them. Brittnee says i have to eat something that's for sure. Jordan goes to try the cookie he says they are good i like them. Godfrey comes and tries them and says yum that's good . Thanks brittnee.

 4:25pm BBT: Sarah in the bedroom saying that Brittnee is her girl and kevin is her friend but cant save especially now and he is telling me to be quiet. She says are you kidding just keep quiet. She continues talking to herself and chewing on her nails. 

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10:00 PM BBT  Feeds come back on one group in the kitchen and one in the bathroom  Willow an Pili in the kitchen with Willow complaining about BB not talking to her for days (no DR sessions) BB announces for HGS to stop talking about production twice. Feed 1 now in HOH with Johnny and Sarah on the white couch and with Bruno and Bobby pacing about. Now feed jumps to kitchen where one of the boys is saying they are going to try and convince him not to use the POV. So many convos at once its hard to pick one out. Bobby goes to the couches and wishes the Britneee who is lying on Graig good luck and says it sucks that they are friends. Sindy and Naeha in the BR still general complaints about house conditions etc. Pili joins the nominees on the red couch rehashing the last two comps. Bruno now on the other red couch chatting with Graig and Britnee still talking about the comps and how Britt now has a cough as a consequence. Sindy now talking with Godfrey in the BR. They are going over what she has said to whom and the consequences it has brought upon her. General he said she said convo regarding the earlier boys alliance girls alliance paranoia that swept the house earlier this afternoon before the POV. 

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10:21PM BBT Sindy and Godfrey now comparing notes about what Graig has said to them about who can be trusted. Graig and Brittnee show no signs of moving from the red couch any time soon. Sindy and Godfrey continue to tell each other to be careful around Graig and Bobby. she says she knew from early on that she wanted to work with him (and everyone else in the house --DRG) Pili joins the bathroom duo and Sindy tells her that Godfrey has been consoling her and that she has been learing what Graig has been saying about her and how he talks with everyone about everything. Sindy does not want to say anything bad about Brittney (but she will anyway--DRG) She and Godfrey hug it out and he starts to leave the room. She stops him by rehashing what Risha said about Graig staring an all boys alliance right before she left the house. they leave the BR and head down stairs.

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10:30PM BBT Sindy joins the group in the kitchen Willow and Johnny and Pili. Johnny is creating a fictional cast for an All Stars season with terrible game players who were the most entertaining. Brittney is now in the HOH with Bobby and Jordan  and Zach. She is saying she wants to stay in the house even though she knows she is not the best competitor. Kevin and Naeha are there too and they start talking about birthday menus. Bobby gets up to go walk around the house. Feed one switches to the have not room with Sarah and Ashley but they leave before I can pick up what they were talking about. Kitchen groups still working on the fictional cast for BB17 All Stars with HGs from both US and CA casts.  Ashleigh and Sarah have joined them at the counter. 

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(ETA) 10:00 PM BBT: feed 3 comes back. Bobby and Sindy are talking in the bathroom. Bobby informs Sindy she is going on the block and that he is telling her because is he trying to be nice about it. Bobby says he wants the least amount of blood on his hands and says sorry. He tells her to get the votes and that it's no secret she's going up.


10:05 PM BBT Bobby leaves. Sindy says she is going up and starts tearing up to Pili and says she feels everyone wants her out. Pili says it's no big deal, its not over yet.  Sindy starts second guessing everything including how close she was to winning HoH. She says she had a gut feeling she would be a target.  Ashleigh, Pili and Naeha are now talking to Sindy about campaigning. They talk about keeping it clean and there is still time for a twist or things to change.


10:24 PM BBT Feeds 3 cuts to Godfrey and Sindy talking alone in the bathroom.They talk about why she will be put up. Godfrey says to her that the target is on her back for saying she would go after Graig and Godfrey. Sindy says that she said to the girls she would put up 2 strong guys together so they would have an equal chance of taking themselves off the block and that it wouldn't have necessarily been Graig and Godfrey...(trying to backtrack..?) Godfrey asks Sindy who she thinks put her in this position. Sindy replies with Graig.. because she saw Graig pull Bobby aside. Godfrey replies with exactly. Godfrey says if she feels that way, she needs to expose Graig, and show the rest of the house how he really is.


Pili joins the two of them. They continue to discuss about Graig. Sindy says that Graig would be her target. Godfrey says that you need to let people know that, to show the house who has been stirring the pot. And that would be her only hope for staying, and the hard thing is how she would approach it. Sindy says she wouldn't want to talk bad about Brittnee. Godfrey says it is important that she needs to show who is responsible for the position she is in. Sindy thanks Godfrey for talking to her. They hug. Sindy tells him to watch his back around Graig and that he started the all guys alliance. Godfrey tells her to make sure the girls know (about Graig), but maybe not the guys (who would be aligned with Graig.)

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10:40PM BBT Bobby and Godfrey touching bases in the BR with Bobby saying he just did not want to get any more blood on his hands and they move to the bedroom. Bobby says they forced the boys alliance on to them and now it is there. Godfrey says he trusts Bobby and then starts running Graig down to Bobby retelling how Graig has been stirring the pot with everyone. They agree that Sindy has brought up everyone's name and Bobby says he thinks he is not in Graig's crosshairs anymore. (As if this is not hard enough in the beginning with so many HGS Global cuts in with a commercial on feed 1. DRG) They boys say good talk and head out of the bedroom.  Feed switches back to the kitchen as the boys arrive there. Conversation turns to the furnishings from The Brick that are in the house and one of the ladies is saying she has one of the exact same pieces in her house. Ashleigh has made her way up to the HOH now and is sitting in the chair munching on something that looks like a brownie.  (Feed 1 has decided to time out and not reload for me as Feed 2 goes to FOTH. DRG) HOH group talking about the Shomi tablet and how BB should change the rules for it. 

10:50PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 only active ones now and one of the ladies in the HOH is talking about how it would be nice to get outside tomorrow and about taking Vitamin D drops every day (as if the BY gets any sunlight anyway DRG) Groups is now talking about a vacation trip this coming summer and how much it would cost, how hot it will be and if they should go to Vegas or not.  Feeds 3 and 4 now fade to FOTH as well. (Thanks for the break BB. DRG)

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10:55 PM BBT: (feeds 1 and 2 are down/ no flashback. Bobby, Zach, Brittnee and Naeha are chatting in HoH room. Feeds go hush yet again


11:20 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Bobby, Ashliegh and Pili are goofing off in the HoH room Ashleigh is putting a qui-tip with vasoline up Pili's nose because of it being dry.Bobby is talking about getting to see a movie from his HoH win, but wishes he could share with someone else. Sarah enters the room and asks why can't they watch it together. Sarah asks Bobby if he and Ashliegh like scary movies. They both do and agree they need a night to discuss about it. Bobby and Sarah are now alone. Bobby picks Sarah's brain about the noms. Sarah says she would rather see Brittnee stay and that she doesn't trust Sidney. Bobby says he would much rather see her leave too, especially becasue Brittnee is super nice and hasn't talked bad about him.  Sarah says that Sindy asked her about how to campaign. Bobby says that she will have to come up with some deal and that she will definitely campaign.

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10:55PM BBT Feed 3 now graces me with a brief commercial before returning to FOTH. Feeds 1 & 2 appear to be dead as they no longer have a status bar and are unchanging. Feeds 3 & 4 revolving BB rationales for lack of access. 

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11:35PM BBT (Sorry for the lapse Morty had to reboot.) Graig and Godfrey in bedroom making nice telling each other they were never going for one another. Sindy and Graig and Bruno talking about who to keep. she swears again that she would never want to say anything bad about Britt, but now they want her gone so maybe it would be better for her if Brittney left. Pili and Kevin down on the red couch chatting and flirting. Sindy still droning on helping Graig and Bruno to get to sleep early tonight in the bedroom.  Feeds 1 and 2 again go to FOTH.

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11:10PM BBT: The feeds are down currently, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re back!


11:17PM BBT: Feeds are back!! Johnny, Jordan, Willow, Naeha, Britnee and Sindy are in the bedroom talking about a previous housemate on BBUS get busted for drug possession. Sarah and Bobby are in the HoH room talking about TV Shows.


11:23PM BBT: Sarah says she would love to keep Britnee, and doesn't trust Sindy at all. Bobby asks her if the other girls think that way too and she thinks so. Bobby says that Sindy is a fighter and will campaign. Bobby says the only thing Sindy can do is to is to start promising people things. Bobby says he might take a shower, and the two of them head downstairs with dirty dishes. Ashleigh and Zach are chatting in the kitchen about how they have to whisper in the bedroom at night, and other housemates telling them to be quiet.


11:28PM BBT: Sarah brings Britnee her water bottle in the bedroom.  Sindy, Graig, Bruno and Godfrey are on two beds chatting. Bruno tells Sindy that she was NEVER on his list. Godfrey tells Sindy that as soon as the HoH hears his name being thrown around, they are probably going up. Godfrey leaves. Sindy says that Risha told a few girls before she left that there was a boys alliance. Sindy says that she did say names out loud that were physical and strong players, but she didn't realize that she would be throwing them under the bus. She says she was stupid for not thinking about it. 

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11:40PM BBT: Graig Sindy and Bruno still chatting in bedroom rehashing all the he said she said moments over the past two days. She is on the defensive and Graig is on the attack with Bruno between them trying to fade into the bed linens. Pili and Keven still at it down on the red couch. BB tells Sindy to stop playing with her microphone. (Maybe BB could tell her to stop playing too hard too fast??? DRG) Willow and Zach have been on the other red couch all along and now BB puts the cam on them she is retelling what Risha said right before she left about Graig and the boys alliance.  Sindy finally leaves the bedroom. 

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11:50PM BBT Graig Bruno and Godfrey in the BR now talkikng about Sindy and how they don't trust her. Now they talk about what Willow said about Sindy spreading rumors about who was gunning for whom. The boys reassure one another that it was all lies and they know they are not targeting one another. More talk about the supposed guy alliance is interrupted by a commercial. Now the guys agree that they don't trust Sarah either.  Other two feeds back on Pili and Kevin then flip to Sindy and Britt on the landing upstairs. 

11:56PM BBT Sindy and Britt talking about how they don't know what to do now. Sindy says she feels like Heather from last season who was on the block quite a bit. Sindy speculates that there might be another twist and one of the next four eliminated could be voted back. (Psychic premonition or DR manipulation?? Inquiring minds want to know?? DRG) Cams 1 and 2 in the Kitchen now with a group of five or six engaged in general chit chat then discussing when Chima was Ejected from BBUS house.  

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11:36PM BBT: Sindy tells Graig that she understands that he is mad and upset with her. Sindy tells Graig and Bruno to think about if in the next few weeks, if it would be beneficial to keep her around. Graig says it's hard because she threw his name up along with Godfrey's. Sindy apologizes for saying his name, and it was wrong of her. Graig says he feels her, and is glad they had this talk.


11:44PM BBT:  Big Brother tells Sindy to stop playing with her microphone, and she says "well... if I could get one that's not broken...". Sindy says she's glad that they approached her to talk. Willow and Zach are talking on the couch in the living room about comps. Willow says she hates to lose. Willow says that the POV was really hard. She asks what time it is, and if she can go to bed. 


11:51PM BBT: Graig, Bruno and Godfrey are in the bedroom chatting. Bruno tells Godfrey he needs to PUSH to win HoH next week. Graig says once they get Johnny out, Kevin is theirs. Bruno doesn't see Sarah as a big threat, but Johnny and Naeha are threats. Bobby leaves and says he needs a shower. Sindy and Britnee are hanging out on the chairs at the top of the stairs. SIndy says they have 4 days. Sindy brings up the fact that the next 4 people may have a chance to come back in, and she's setting herself up in case she gets evicted and does come back in. 

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