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Houseguest Ashleigh Wood Discussion


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bbcan3-asheigh.jpgAshleigh Wood
A Calgarian sweetheart from a family of seven siblings who knows how to hold her own in big groups.
Age: 21
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Occupation: Unemployed


Describe yourself in three words:

Friendly. Goofy. Sassy.


Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada?

I’m going to focus on my social game at first by being kind and nice to everyone. I’m not planning to win competitions early on and I definitely don’t want to win the first Head of Household (HOH). Winning the first HOH means that you have to make some pretty big decisions right off the bat and I don’t want to do that and put a target on my back. I’m going to align myself with a group of people you wouldn’t expect me to hang with; people who are a bit nerdy, a bit quiet and under the radar. As the season goes on, I’ll have to win some competitions and I’ll do the dirty work if I have to.


If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why?

I would bring my cell phone just so I could contact my family anytime I need to. Not talking to them will really be the toughest part for me. I have a huge family and we’re so close: two sets of parents, one sister and six brothers. We’re like the Brady Bunch.


Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

Mental probably. My long term memory isn’t as sharp as my short term memory. Any challenges where I need to use long term memory will be a little wishy-washy. I’ll just have to pull something out of my brain. I’ve been doing puzzles to help me prepare.


If you won, how would you spend the $100k?

I would go on vacation with my friends and family! We’d go anywhere hot: Mexico, California, Hawaii…I LOVE Hawaii. The whole place smells like flowers. I’d also put some money away for the future, for when I’m ready to move out of my parents’ house.


Who is your Big Brother Canada idol and why?

Jon Pardy (BBCAN2) is my favourite. Not just because he won, but because he’s goofy and friendly and used those traits to manipulate people in the house. He was so strategic and nothing like the big, bulky, macho guys in the house who were way too into themselves.


True North strong and free. What is your favourite thing about Canada?

Maple syrup! I like it on everything: bacon, eggs, etc. I love a big breakfast!


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