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Big Brother Canada 3 - General Discussion thread


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While we wait for season 3 to begin, catch up with your favourite Big Brother Canada houseguests from previous seasons!


Big Brother Canada: http://instagram.com/bigbrotherca
Arisa Cox: https://instagram.com/arisaroo


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigBrotherCA/lists/bbcan-s2-houseguests

Danielle Alexander: http://instagram.com/daniemariealex

Suzette Amaya: http://instagram.com/suzetteamaya

Alec Beall: http://instagram.com/alecbeall/

Emmett Blois: http://instagram.com/emmettbloisbbc

Topaz Brady: http://instagram.com/topaz_brady/

Peter Brown: http://instagram.com/alsopeterbrown

A.J. Burman: http://instagram.com/burmanaj

Gary Levy: http://instagram.com/garylevyonline

Jillian MacLaughlin: https://instagram.com/jillianbbc1

Andrew Monaghan: https://twitter.com/drewmanji74

Tom Plant: http://instagram.com/tomplant25

Aneal Ramkissoon: http://instagram.com/anealjoshua

Talla Rejaei: https://twitter.com/bbctalla

Liza Stinton: http://instagram.com/lizastinton

Kat Yee: http://instagram.com/yeebags


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigBrotherCA/lists/bbcan-s2-houseguests/members

Sabrina Abbate: http://instagram.com/sabrina_abbate

Kenny Brain: http://instagram.com/kennybrain

Heather Decksheimer: http://instagram.com/hdsmilealways

Rachelle Diamond: http://instagram.com/rachellediamond

Adel Elsen: http://instagram.com/3douily

Anick Gervais: http://instagram.com/anickdotes

Andrew Gordon: http://instagram.com/whoisandrewgordon

Paul Jackson: https://twitter.com/pjacksonbbcan

Neda Kalantar: http://instagram.com/neda_kalantar

Sarah Miller: http://instagram.com/sarahbbcan2

Jon Pardy: http://instagram.com/jon_pardy

Arlie Shaban: http://instagram.com/arlieshaban

Kyle Shore: http://instagram.com/kyleshore_freshprince

Allison White: http://instagram.com/allydub23

Ika Wong: http://instagram.com/theikawong/


(Source: https://bigbrothercanada.globaltv.com/theshow/blog/bbcan-instagram-roundup/ )

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How To Be In the Audience

Requests for Season 3 LIVE eviction tickets will available soon. Please check back to www.bigbrothercanada.ca soon to book yours.

Live evictions for Season 3 will be taking place each Wednesday. Audience members can expect to be at the studio from 3:00pm until approximately 7:00pm if they are staying for the eviction taping only, and 9:00pm if they are staying for both the eviction taping and the Side Show taping. 
Note: You must be able to travel to Toronto to attend. The minimum age of attendance is 11. Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Rush Line:
The Rush Line will be in effect for those who do not hold tickets each Wednesday for our Live eviction show. The Rush Line will open at 2:00pm. Please do not arrive before 2:00pm as we may be unable to respect the first come, first serve rule to those who arrive before the scheduled time. Once the box office has closed and all audience members are seated, we will fill empty seats with Rush Line guests until all studio audience seats have been filled. While all efforts will be made in order for you to sit with the guests you are attending with, we cannot guarantee that available seats will be side-by-side. Attending the Rush Line does not guarantee you entrance to our Live Studio audience. While all efforts will be made to ensure our Rush Line attendees gain entrance to the studio audience, the number of admitted guests will be directly related to the number of empty seats before the show. All shows are sold out in advance.
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Jemmett update:

'Big Brother Canada': Jillian And Emmett On Keeping The Showmance Alive


They say you always remember your first, so, as Monday's premiere of the third season of “Big Brother Canada” approaches, we thought we'd check in with the winner of the very first season, Jillian MacLaughlin, to see what life's been like since the show wrapped.


Jillian and boyfriend Emmett Blois (dubbed Jemmett by fans) are still going strong! The couple now lives in Emmett's hometown of Gore, Nova Scotia. Emmett also has a place in Halifax but the pair decided to live in rural Gore to be close to the rafting company they operate in the summer and the corn maze they operate in the fall. Jillian, who has yet to touch her $100,000 winnings, continues to work as a teacher.


The couple both agree the best thing about participating in “Big Brother Canada” was the people they met in the house (including each other, of course!) and they're still in touch with fellow first season housemates Peter Brown and Gary Levy -who will continue to act as the hosts of the “Big Brother Canada Side Show” this year.


For Jillian and Emmett, deciding to move in together was a no-brainer. After all, as Jillian points out, they had already lived together for 72 days when they got out of the “Big Brother Canada” house. Emmett says this is definitely the first relationship he's had where he started off living with someone!


While the couple is happy as ever and credit their many shared interests as a reason they've lasted so long, don't expect any wedding bells to ring. Both Jillian and Emmett say they're just enjoying being young and look forward to their next adventure. One, that presumably, won't involve slop.


(Source: http://www.etcanada.com/blogs/etc_132798/big-brother-canada-jillian-and-emmett-on-keeping-the-showmance-alive/tv/ )

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This season Big Brother is picking one lucky fan to enter the house! Start earning points, and when you reach the brass level you will be eligible to enter the contest!


Contest Closes

Thanks for entering!

You Have 1 entry in the contest to win a chance to enter the Big Brother Canada house

Keep earning those points, because if you level up before the contest closes you’ll receive an additional entry!


You have confirmed that you are available on April 17, 2015. You have agreed to abide by the Contest Rules & Regulations and you accepted the Terms of Use and have read and understood  Privacy Policy.

If you change your mind about being in the contest, you can stay in or opt out at anytime.

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I saw them, and I saw their faces.

But my interpretation was different. I imagined tham thinking "Oh boy! These guys are in for a rough ride. Thank God it wasn't us who had to deal with no furniture last year."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Fans have had some questions about Canada's Power of Veto this week, hopefully we can clear up some confusion.

There are two options you can choose from when voting:

1) Forced Veto

If you vote for this option then the Veto holder MUST Veto one of the two nominations. This would then force the current Head of Household to nominae a second person in their spot.

2) Double Veto

If you vote on this option this would give the Veto holder the power to Veto one nomination, both nominations or to not use the Veto at all.

Voting closes Saturday at Midnight eastern time and you can watch all of the fall out this week on BBCAN3!

Source: https://bigbrothercanada.globaltv.com/theshow/blog/here's-how-canada's-pov-works/

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What a disappointment the way that Big Brother manipulates the game with their continuing twists and special powers. Its sooo obviously being directed backstage by the producers with the purpose of evicting the males. Guys too talented, and omg might even win it two years in a row...well we cant have that...we will just get rid of them...but first lets create a little more sympathy for the woeful Brit and whining Sarah. Then we can justify the absurdity of the manner in which we remove the guys.  Well one thing we can safely say, its a tv show much more than its a fair competition...and as such its obvious that having a pc ending is paramount.

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I actually like that Sarah and Brittnee are pulling ahead in the competition. Never in any season of BBUS or BBCA have I so strongly wanted this duo of FEMALES to win. I like them, I like how they work hard and think that people who rely on their showmance and influence the game based on their "pull" on people they're making out with should fall behind regardless of their physical prowess. It's about strategy and winning in the face of adversity and both Britnee and Sarah have had to do that in this game. 

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 For some reason, Sarah and Brittnee have never gained my sympathy and I am not feeling any excitement about their turn in fortunes.  I don't strongly dislike them or anything.  Don't know what it is. 

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I like Brittnee - though I don't agree with the secret power she got - it all seemed a little too convenient and there should be a negative side to it (a Pandora’s power).  For example, if she removes both of the noms, she only gets to pick 1 replacement with the HOH picking the other or something.  I’ve never agreed with the HOH power being completely overruled-it’s just a waste of time.


And I find Sarah very self absorbed for a 27 year old.  I have thought that ever since she was put on the block and then blamed her alliance for not fighting enough for her.  Guess what? Sometimes the other side wins and gets to make the choices.  She’s smart and can see through people but she can’t seem to harness that ability to make that work for her and she ends up just annoying the people she is trying to sway.


Also, I don’t get why everyone is afraid of Zach.  It’s weird.  He’s a floater.  The only time he had power he completely wimped out on his big move plan, got his buddy voted out and he’s had no influence on the HOH’s since (Kevin ran both his and Pilar’s).

His saving grace is that Bruno seems to think the girls have cooties.

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Also, I don’t get why everyone is afraid of Zach.  It’s weird.  He’s a floater.  The only time he had power he completely wimped out on his big move plan, got his buddy voted out and he’s had no influence on the HOH’s since (Kevin ran both his and Pilar’s).

His saving grace is that Bruno seems to think the girls have cooties.




Wow. You really bring up a good point! I don't know why but I thought Zach was a huge power player until you mentioned that. Maybe something in the editing? I also don't watch the live feeds (regrettably) so I don't see every aspect of the houseguests.

I just really like Sarah. Maybe it's because we share a name but I see her as very strategic while not being a huge comp threat. I always want that type of houseguest to win. However, I do believe Britnee deserves it more, and Sarah has made more than one big mistake in the game. 


I love the Big Brother Canada casting (every season I'm pleasantly surprised that I like more than one player) compared to US but I don't get Ashleigh and Pili. They don't have much personality and are basically there to hook and up and fall in love. 

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And so much for the all girls/final 4.... I get why they did it.  However, I guess no one realized that Pilar was the best person to sit beside in the final 2....    Brit needs to win this game.  Anyone else is just...  ick....

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I have really enjoyed this season of BBCA. I thought the HG's got along well for the most part and were respecful of each other. They weren't so respectful of stuff in the house though, as BB told us, they broke a bunch of stuff. Still, I thought it was a very good season.

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They always break stuff...I couldn't be happier with this season. I feel like those left in the house have actually played the game with the exception of Ashleigh but her disaster of a HOH was karma...I hope Britnee wins but obviously I'd be stoked for Sarah to win. Just don't forsee that with how the Jury feels about the Willow situation.

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