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Episode 1 Ranking of Characters


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Episode 1 of Survivor World’s Apart was very entertaining and really showed that this should be a solid cast. After this episode, what was the reaction to some of the players and their future positions in the game? I made a preseason power poll (that actually had So as the first boot surprisingly) so I intend to stick to that format and just update it weekly.

  1. Joe Anglim (1)- My preseason pick to win had a strong showing this episode by dominating the challenge, making fire, and forming what appears to be a strong bond with Jenn. He definitely looks safe until the merge, barring some twist.
  2. Tyler Fredrickson (4)- I had strong feelings about Tyler from his bio and it looks like I was correct in my judgment. Tyler fit in very nicely with his tribe and earned Carolyn’s trust by notifying her about votes coming her way, thus finding out about the HII. Tyler could be the quiet leader of this tribe.
  3. Jenn Brown (3)- Jenn looks to be in a very nice position with Joe and Vince essentially fighting over her as an alliance. Jenn appears to be safe for a long time, barring Vince doesn’t stalk her all over the island and kill her if she goes with Joe.
  4. Rodney Lavoie Jr. (8)- I had high hopes for Rodney before the season but I did not anticipate his savvy sense of play. He formed what appears to be a strong future bond with Lindsey and appears to be the “alpha male” of the tribe thus far.
  5. Lindsey Cascaddnn (7)- Lindsey appeared to be the flirt of the season after I read her bio and I am sticking to that. She had a hard fall in the immunity challenge, but nothing that really concerned me. She also seemed to gel nicely with her tribemates, especially Rodney.
  6. Max Dawson (5)- Obviously, Max knows the game of Survivor. He shed the leadership role early and appears to be working nicely with Tyler and Shirin in an alliance. Looks to be a big time schemer.
  7. Sierra Dawn Thomas (2)- I originally thought Sierra would come in second. While I am not doubting that prediction, we just did not see a lot of her this episode, which is terrible. She did call Dan and Mike out for what she thought was a lie about the selection they made, which shows she is thinking. But, this shows me she is not afraid to make enemies and may ruffle feathers (sorry Vince) later in the game.
  8. Hali Ford (9)- My basis on her pre game was that she was from Knoxville, and we always represent on Survivor. However, Hali wasn’t in the episode much, but she seemed like a sweet girl who fit in nicely on her tribe. I look at Hali as being the sweetheart of the season.
  9. Vince Sly (6)- I really thought Vince would fit in with this cast and go far in this game. However, he was quick to get jealous about Joe and Jenn hitting it off and may go all Matthew von Ertfelda and become the second creepiest Survivor ever. However, he looks safe for now.
  10. Mile Holloway (10)- I previously thought he would be a strong competitor that would be the first boot at the merge due to physical strength. I am sticking to this, but he worries me being on the outside of his tribe right now.
  11. Will Simms II (13)- I think I greatly underestimated him and I think I am doing that again here. He comes off as the comedian that will get along with everyone. He was also a lot more proactive and productive around camp than I predicted. This is my underdog pick.
  12. Carolyn Rivera (12)- Right now, she is one of three members of the white collar tribe that are truly in danger. I think she is the safest pick because she has the HII and was able to dodge the first vote.
  13. Shirin Oskooi (11)- Honestly, if the white collar tribe loses again she would be the one I would pick off. It’s pretty sad when you know what a puzzle says and you can’t even put ten of the pieces together. However, she is blending in nicely in the core four in her tribe, so that may save her.
  14. Kelly Remington (17)- Was she in this episode? Luckily, Dan is the obvious boot when her tribe loses.
  15. Nina Poersch (15)- Essentially the obvious boot for her tribe when they lose, especially since she was shown causing trouble in the next episode.
  16. Joaquin Souberbielle (16)- Pretty much lived up the douchiness his bio screamed. Essentially what I learned about him in episode 1 is that he knows nothing about how to play Survivor or accurately lie. Only thing that will save him is his tribe valuing his strength over their core four alliance.
  17. Dan Foley (14)- For such an avid Survivor fan he sure did not act like it by picking an argument at camp. Was quickly isolated for this, which is a really bad combination with his age and physical stature.


My pick for next boot depends on what tribe wins or loses. I am predicting a No collar victory with a white collar runner up and Dan is booted.

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