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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversary: Leg 12 - Sweet Victory!


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GO! Teams fly over 7000 miles to the City of Angels. They must choose a Ford Explorer and use voice technology to get their next clue. Foodies catch up with the other 3 teams who learn that they were not eliminated. Wrestlers can't help but express their displeasure. Brooke is particularly nasty to them. Dentists say the silver lining is they are the most likely to be eliminated. Unless it's a smart challenge, Brooke says. All teams board the same flight and we're all even.

Teams land at LAX and grab their Fords. They press the button to activate their voice clue: Their Manila envelope contains a film permit and they must bring it to the Film Clerk at City Hall for approval. Dentists are sure they are the only ones who know where they're going. Surfers say Wrestlers will follow them. Wrestlers say they're going to follow the Surfers, but Robbie misses a turn. Misti goes in the wrong direction and Jim tells her to make a U-turn. Wrestlers stop at a rental car location for directions and get a high-lighted map. Foodies and Surfers arrive at City Hall and head to Security. They find the Mayor's office and get their permits approved.

Teams must now make their way to Southwest Marine Warehouse and hand over their approved film permit to the Assistant Director. Foodies find a local and use their smart phone for directions. Surfers check their map. Dentists arrive at City Hall and get their approval permit stamped. Dentists depart right before Foodies. Surfers arrive at a fire station for directions. The fireman recognizes Bethany and says her daughter loves her. He warns her to not go over the big bridge - stay on the right.

Foodies arrive at the marina and deliver their permit and hit a Roadblock: Who wants to be an action hero? Teams get an opportunity to learn a stunt from a professional stunt man and then play the role of a Hollywood action hero. After preparing with a stunt coordinator. they must pick up a satchel and then crash through a plate glass window from the 3rd story of a building. Surfers arrive and turn in their permit. Adam goes for it. Dentists plan to stop for directions after they cross a big bridge. They find out they have to go back to the other side of the bridge. They were right there, Misti moans.

Wrestlers are now in Santa Monica, looking for LA CIty Hall. They are in traffic and roll down the window to ask for directions and are told to back the other way. They argue about who refused to stop first for directions. Robbie was just following the directions written for them but Brooke didn't want to stop when it looked like they were wrong. They are sure they going to be eliminated.

At the set, Maya and Adam undergo training with the stunt coordinator on how to fall to the air cushion below. Maya is scared to jump but Adam doesn't hesitate to spin and land on his back. Maya makes it and is thrilled. Dentists arrive at the marina and Jim goes for the Roadblock, realizing they are in 3rd place. Maya is ready for her closeup as Amy watches below. She is given her satchel and told she's jumping out of the window to kick some alien ass and save the world. She's pumped and excited. 5-4-3-2-1-Action! Maya explodes out through the glass and literally jumps off the air cushion, shouting how cool that was.

Being food scientists, she tells us the "glass" she jumped through was basically molded out of liquid sugar, or sucrose. She says she should have tasted it. She retrieves the clue from satchel - Run to the US Coast Guard base at the end of Terminal Island and choose one of the marked rapid response boats for their next clue. Adam is ready for his film debut. As Bethany watches from below, she remarks this is very different from Soul Surfer (the movie made about her injury and comeback). He blasts out of the window and she says he has a future in stunt work. They head to the Coast Guard Base. Jim goes through his stunt training.

Foodies nearly reach the Coast Guard station before realizing the clue told Maya to change out of her costume before leaving the marina. They have to go back. Surfers read the clue properly but assure the Foodies heading in the opposite direction they haven't seen Wrestlers yet. They laugh that Foodies forgot to take their gear off, saying that sucks as they move into 1st place, Wrestlers arrive at City Hall and get their film permit approved.

Surfers arrive at the Coast Guard dock and receive their next clue as they climb aboard a Rapid Response Boat: Test your swimming skills in a US Coast Guard Open Ocean drill. Bethany is excited. Teams must jump on board a search and rescue boat and participate in a training exercise. They put on wet suits and fins. Bethany says they're right back in their element. As they travel out to the open seas, a Coast Guard soldier (appropriate title) explains the equipment and the exercise. Jim jumps out of his sugar window and completes the Roadblock as Maya is changing out of their stunt clothes.

Jim can't find the clue in his satchel as the Foodies head off once again for the Coast Guard Station. He finally finds a second zippered compartment and gets the clue. They head off running to the end of Terminal Island. On their way to the marina, Robbie wishes there wasn't an elimination. Brooke wishes the Foodies had been eliminated when they were supposed to. Both are resigned and bitter. Foodies hit the dock, get their clue and jump on their boat. The Dentists are less than a minute behind them, noting Wrestlers still aren't there.

Surfers arrive at the buoy for their exercise and see the training dummy, Oscar, floating in the water. They jump in the water and swim out . They do a lot of swimming and snorkeling in Hawaii so this is a breeze so far. As they arrive at the dummy, a smoke canister goes off. Oscar was 200 lbs Adam says, dead weight to be pulled back through the water. Foodies and Dentist get their snap training as Surfers drag Oscar back to the rescue boat. They load him on board then climb on board themselves. I hope he made it, Adam jokes, he wasn't moving too much. You got to come back, he says, shaking the 185 lb dummy.

Foodies and Dentists see Surfers heading back as they near their training buoys. The Foodies jump into the water with their rescue gear on, struggling to figure out how to swim with fins. Dentists are not strong swimmers as they jump in the water. Jim says he only swims to survive. Foodies reach their dummy but can't see due to the smoke. Dentists gets Oscar on board first, followed by Foodies. Both boats head back to shore.

Surfers return to shore and receive their next clue. Bethany tells the female soldier thank you for serving our country (sentiments I heartily echo to all branches of our military). They must now travel by taxi to Conglobal Industries in Bloomington for their next clue at the container sales office. Dentists and Foodies return to shore. Dentists pass Foodies who stop to put on shoes. They jump in a taxi and say they are 10m behind the Surfers.

Wrestlers are at the marina watching what they think/hope is another team jumping out the stunt window. That's a wrap, the assistant director says as Phil walks out from behind a crate. This is bad news, Robbie says. Brooke and Robbie, Philiminator says, that was the last shot of the day. You missed your call time. I did mention to you that there would be an elimination on this leg. Unfortunately, this is it. Robbie says they worked hard. They didn't give up. I would have liked to have jumped out of one of those. You would have, Phil says, twisting the knife, had you gotten here on time. Brooke doesn't know what to say. They give each other a big hug. They say if you can get through the race together, you can get through anything.

Love us or hate us, they say, you're never going to forget us. Back in the race. Surfers arrive at ConGlobal and get their clue, a roadblock: Who can contain themselves? Bethany has to do this roadblock since Adam did the stunt roadblock. In A Numbers Game, there are more than 15,000 shipping containers in the container yard and she must find 9 specific containers representing 9 cities visited during the race. Each city container has a color coded number they must memorize and then write down on a requisition form in the exact order they traveled to the corresponding city. When they come up with the right combination of numbers. the Yard Foreman will call in their next clue over the radio.

This is the big one, Adam says, telling Bethany take her time. SHe puts on a yellow safety vest and heads into the yard. Dentists arrive and Misti and Amy take on the roadblock for their teams. The instructions said they couldn't take notes. They had to memorize the number for the city corresponding to their color. Misti was Orange and Amy is blue. The shipping containers are stacked some 5 high. Copenhagen is 0. Manila is 8. Each color for a city container is a different number so they can't share numbers for cities visited. Bethany starts singing a made-up song to remember the numbers. All three girls are moving back and forth around the container yard.

It's been 4 or 5 hours and Amy and Bethany have all 9 numbers. Misti gets her 9th number. They have to find their way back to the Yard Master. Amy is the first back and writes down her number on the requisition form: 817651498. That is correct and the yard master calls for the container with the clue to be delivered, the number being the serial number of the container. Bethany arrives and writes down her number. Misty is right behind. Maya joins Amy in the container as they read the clue: Make your way to the the finish line at Point Vincent Lighthouse in Racho Palos Verdes.

The 8 eliminated teams are waiting at the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line will win $1,000,000 and The Amazing Race. Jim bangs his head against the wall as Misti waits her turn to read off her numbers. Adam says you never know, their taxi could get messed up. The driver doesn't know where the lighthouse is so Maya uses his iPhone to look it up.

Bethany reads her numbers out loud but doesn't have them in the correct order, transposing a 0 and 6. Misti messes up the last two numbers, one out of order and the other the wrong number. Bethany rewrites her numbers and now has 3 wrong. Misti tries again and gets it right. Dentists get their clue from their shipping container and head for the Finish Line.

Dentists look up the address in their driver's phone. Bethany tries a 3rd time and gets it right. They hug as they wait for their container and final clue. Foodies are stopped at a traffic light as Jim gives their driver turn-by-turn directions. The eliminated teams stand on either side of the finish line mat in anticipation. A taxi turns into the lighthouse grounds as teams strain their necks to see who gets out.

Screaming like like little girls and to the thunderous applause of their former competition, Foodies race the home stretch to the finish line where Maya jumps into a waiting and surprised Phil's arms. He instinctively wraps his arm around her back and braces himself from being knocked over as she wraps her legs around his back. Amy falls to the mat as Maya climbs down, both rolling on the ground in shock and joy and relief.

Amy and Maya, Phil says, 8 countries, 20 cities and more than 26,000 miles, you have won the $1,000,000 and are the official winners of The Amazing Race!

Of the eliminated teams clapping, only the Wrestlers are not smiling. Are you serious, Maya asks? I'm very serious, Phil assures her. OMG, Maya says! She gives Phil a victory lap around the mat., glad-handing the other teams. Amy says this was an amazing experience, something you can't really describe unless you've done it. This is only the 3rd time in Amazing Race history, Phil says, that an all female team has won. They say they showed the world they are more than lab coats and scientists. Look what scientists can do.

Hopefully they've been able to inspire people to go out there and think outside the box, they say. Jim and Misti arrive in 2nd place and greet the victors at the finish line. Phil makes it official and said nobody has had better looking teeth after racing that far around the world. Misti says they always set pretty lofty goals in their personal life, and they didn't meet all their goals for The Amazing Race, but as long as you set them high and land somewhere in between, we're happy. Outside of getting married and having children, this is the best decision we ever made.

Bethany and Adam are the last team to cross the finish line, in 3rd place. Phil shakes his head in appreciation, saying I'm pleased to tell you that you're the 3rd team to arrive. The first two teams lead the applause. I know it's not what you wanted, Phil says, but you should be standing very proud right now. Bethany says she's proud of how she and Adam raced the whole race together. I'm thankful even more so now for him. I love him even more now than 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Adam says Bethany continuously surpasses all my expectations, this has been amazing just to see her grow and to see our love growing. Money is nice, but to know our love is intact and relationship is stronger, I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars. But a million dollars still would have been a good thing. Just saying. Everyone laughs as the eliminated teams join the three winning teams on the mat to congratulate them.

It really is an amazing race, Adam says later, and something we'll remember for the rest of our lives. Bethany says we as a team are stronger than we are on our own, and that's how we'll continue to live life. Our adventures are only going to continue from here. Jim says he wishes they had won the million dollars, but they put on a good performance. Maya says when they go back to Madison, WI, we know people are going to be smiling at us. Hopefully we'll inspire some people along the way, but I hope we continue to grow and learn and become even better women.

Next season on The Amazing Race, a special season begins in February when 11 dating couples begin a race around the globe. But, for the first time ever, 5 teams will first meet right here on the starting line for the most extreme blind dates ever! The pressure of racing together on a 35,000 mile race around the world will ultimately prove if they've found true love. Don't miss Season 26 of The Amazing Race!

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Thanks, Fuskie!


I was actually avoiding spoilers and waiting for this, because I ended up with only the first half of the episode getting recorded on my PVR.



I was hoping that either the Surfers or the Foodies would win, but would have been fine with the Dentists or even the Wrestlers.

I like how recently there haven't really been many teams to root AGAINST in the final leg.

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