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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversary: Leg 11 - Jeepme In Manila


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GO! Misti and Jim are the first team to depart at 9:01. Misti stepped on something climbing out of the rice field last leg and has a bandage on a gash in her foot. They must go by jeepme to Rajah Sulayman Park in Manilla. They head out to find the place where the jeepmes can be found but struggle to find someone who speaks English. They no longer have the Save so they face elimination. Foodies depart at 9:02am. They grab a jeepme right away and Dentists decide to jump on board too.Surfers depart at 9:05am and climb on a jeep me going in the opposite direction. Wrestlers depart at 9:07am.

Wrestlers almost get into the wrong Jeepme and are sent to the other side. The Jeepmes follow a loop route Dentists explain to Foodies they have to transfer Jeepme's twice to get to where they're going. Surfers arrive at the park and find their clue where a speed bump waits for the Wrestlers. Detour: This or That - they aren't told what the options are. After a round of eenie meanie minie moe, they choose That. They find out that This is closer so they switch. Wrestlers arrive and hit their speed bump. They must travel to the waterfront and provide roadside assistance to a street vendor. Once they transfer all his goods from one vehicle to another they can continue racing.

Dentists and Foodies think they saved time and are pulling ahead of the other two teams. Surfers arrive at This detour where some kids are playing street basketball. They must shoot hoops while being guarded by a neighborhood team. Once they score at least 21 points, the official will hand them their next clue. They get personalized jerseys and have the rules explained to them. Bethany tosses the ball in while Adam tries to break free from his guard to get a shot. 2 points. Brooke is stressed while they dismantle the broken cart while Robbie keeps his cool. Dentists and Foodies' Jeepme has to stop for gas and the pump says RePhill, which they take as a good sign. Surfers reach 12 points but then bricks on the free throw line after being fouled.

Wrestlers complete the Speed Bump and head back to the Detour. They discover the same number of clues in the clue box and are relieved. They choose to do This detour. Dentists and Foodies are sure they have the highest combined intellect still in the race and are making good choices. Jim asks where the park is and the driver says back in Manila. They realize they are going in the wrong direction and their braggadocio is deflated.

They get off and catch a Jeepme going in the right direction. Bat at This, Surfers have 16 points. Bethany is dribbling with one arm and throwing the ball to Adam for the shots. They reach 20 and get fouled. It comes down to a free-throw and Adam nails it, completing the Detour. They must now make their way to Divisoria Market and search for a marked Jeepme. Wrestlers show up as they depart. Brooke played basketball growing up and get on the score board, to the amusement of the locals. Turns out Brooke is a little rusty and Robbie is too busy trash talking to get good shots in.

Dentists and Foodie arrive at the park and hit their Detour. They decide to do whichever is closer and go to This, which is one block away. Surfers are in the Jeepme heading to the market but can't find their clue. Wrestlers get to 10. Robbie fakes a foul but gets no sympathy. Brooke starts to get on a roll and rack up 22 points to complete the Detour. Foodies and Dentists arrive at That Detour. They must be both peddler and passenger as they drive their padyak along with the local taxi traffic around a neighborhood course. If they can complete 4 laps in under 17:55, they will receive their next clue. Jim climbs on the bike while Misti gets in the cab. Maya mounts the bike to transport Amy.The whistle blows and they're off.

They pass a dancing traffic officer. Each has to make 2 laps around the course. Jim rides like s demon before realizing there is very little brake. Amy is getting sick as Maya peddles. Surfers arrive at the market and looks for the marked Jeepme but they have to remember the intersection by memory having lost the clue. They get some local help. Wrestlers are sick during their cab ride and turn the A/C on but the driver says no, the engine will get hot. Dentists nearly run over pedestrians, not realizing there is a hand brake down the center console of the bike.

Dentists reach the switching point after 1 lap with 14:39 still on the clock. Misti takes the bike while Jim goes along for the ride. Foodies do the same. Foodies have a local who is chasing behind their padyak and when they try to pass the Dentists, they lose control and crash into a parked car. Dentists keep going as locals rush to the Foodies aid. They get back on the road as Misti starts to slow down. The Foodies catch up again and pass the Dentists on a straightaway. Amy decides to do a second lap and they keep going. Dentists arrive at the starting line with 10 minutes remaining in their time trial. They switch and Jim tries to build back a lead.

Surfers are searching for their marked Jeepme but have no clue. Wrestlers arrive at the marked Jeepme nd hit a Roadblock: Who goes Coo Coo for Coconuts? One person from each team must pick up and deliver 2 popular coconut products, the husk, used for polishing floors, and the brooms, called a Walis Tingting. Once they deliver the items to 3 different shops, they will receive their next clue. Robbie decides to do it because they're carrying things. He picks up his husks and brooms but misses the clipboard with the delivery location. He heads out not knowing where he's going.

With 6:30 remaining on the clock, Dentists complete their third lap and Misti takes over again. Foodies are right behind as Maya replaces Amy on the bike. They pass the Dentists again as Misti's foot continues to painfully slow her down. Foodies cross the finish line in 15:35 and complete the Detour. Dentists cross the finish line in 16:04 and complete the Detour. Both teams try to find cabs who know where to go. Robbie continues to walk around aimlessly without a destination. The heat and humidity is getting to him as he pulls out the clue and realizes there were posted locations and he has to go back.

Robbie heads out again now looking for a specific intersection. Surfers still haven't found the Jeepme and stop to search his bag, finding the clue. They were looking for St. Nicholas, not just Nicholas. Dentists get out on foot and reach the Roadblock. Surfers reach the Roadblock. Neither team sees the clipboard where the locations are. Foodies give up on their cab and walk. Teams are not getting any local help. Robbie finds his first location and realizes it was supposed to be 3 coconuts - each location has different quantities. Foodies reach the Roadblock. Jim tries to carry too much. Robbie delivers his second set of husks. He finds the location of the second deliver and returns back to get his husks and brooms. Adam and Jim are still searching blind. They decide to go back to the Jeepme. Robbie completes his second delivery.

Amy asks for help finding the location but is mispronouncing the street name so the locals have no clue what she's saying. Jim and Adam find the clipboard on the Jeepme and get their locations. Robbie has returned for his third delivery. Adam and Jim complete their first delivery. Robbie completes his 3rd and heads back. Jim and Adam make their second delivery, Jim following Adam's lead but Adam doesn't wait for Him to catch up. I'm struggling, Jim calls out. See ya dude, Adam says to us, I'm running this thing.

Robbie turns in his receipts and completes the Roadblock. Wrestlers head to the next Pit Stop at Fort San Diego, ruins of a Spanish-style fort. They grab a cab. Amy delivers a batch of husks and brooms to the first location but learns she is shy 2 sets of husks. She's hot and tired and her hip is hurting. Jim stops a local and borrows a dolly to put the husks and brooms on. Adam makes his second delivery and heads back to the Jeepme. Jim rolls up with his dolly delivery. Adam loads up for this third delivery as Amy loads up with the rest of her first. She slams Adam with a ring of husks by accident. Maya encourages Amy to keep going.

Amy gives out and drops her husks and brooms. Cars are honking as they try to navigate around her. She spots a dolly nearby and asks to borrow it. She loads up her dolly. Adam makes his last delivery. Amy pushes her dolly. Jim loads up his dolly with the last delivery. Wrestlers head to the pit stop. Amy delivers her remaining 2 sets of husks to the first location. Adam returns with his 3 receipts and completes the Road Block. They grab a taxi and head to the pit stop. Their taxi has air condition. Jim makes his 3rd delivery and returns the dolly. Amy makes her second delivery. Dentists complete the Road Block and head to the Pit Stop.

Maya gives Amy a bottle of water before she loads up the dolly for her 3rd delivery. Dentists find a cab and head to the Pit Stop with an excited driver. Amy makes her final delivery, returns the dolly and with Maya cheering, turns in her receipts to complete the Road Block. Amy is shaking in the air conditioned cab as she drinks some water. Maya is concerned she'll pass out. They can't open the cab windows for air. Wrestlers stop for directions. Surfers know where to go. Dentists are all smiles. Brooke cries out for everyone to get out of their way, she's having a baby. Fast, Jim says. No problem, the driver says. Good job, Maya tells her driver.

Robbie and Brooke are the first team to arrive, and just like the Cowboys, have gone from Worst to First. They are one of the teams racing to the finish line. However, for the first time in Amazing Race history, the Final Leg starts right NOW! Phil hands them their next clue and a manila envelope labeled "City Of Los Angeles - Official Business but are warned to not open it until instructed to do so. Teams must now fly to their final destination, the City of Los Angles. They take off and Surfers run up to the mat where Phil announces they are Team #2 and delivers the Final Leg news and their next clue and envelope.

Dentists pull up in their cab as Surfers are grabbing a cab out of the Pit Stop. They drop their bags and Phil tells them they are Team #3 and that they are still racing. They grab their bags and race off. Amy is still breathing hard as she and Maya arrive at the Pit Stop. They are the last team to arrive. Amy is crying and in discomfort. Phil asks if she's all right. She's cold and needs water, Maya says. Phil calls for some water for her immediately.

Her body's hot, Maya says, but she feels cold. Amy drinks the water. Production brings an umbrella for Amy to stand under to block out the sun. They bring a chair for her as well. Medical rushes in to take her blood pressure and see if she's experiencing any pain. She starts to feel better and Phil asks if it's OK to talk to them now. They say yes and stand up to face him.

Amy and Maya, Philiminator says, it's been a long journey around the world, he says, and I'm very sorry to tell you your the last team to arrive. They knew, Maya says. You feel like you're done, Phil asks with a mischievous grin? Amy looks at Maya. No, Maya says. How would you like to complete a whole lap around the world racing, Phil asks? Maya looks like she's having a seizure as hopeless turns to hope. She drops to her knees in front of him. We're still in it? For the first time in Amazing Race history, Phil says, four teams will race for the finish line. Maya falls to the ground. They hug in joy new found energy.

However, Phil says, I will be eliminating one team at some time during the final leg. Can you handle it? We can totally handle it, they assure him. Are you sure? Maya sniffs her arm pit and says yes. You better be ready, Phil says, because the Final Leg starts NOW! He hands them their clue and their manila envelope. Amy is the only one to comment on receiving a manila envelope in Manila. The girls grab their bags, say thank you to Phil and head out, still in the race.

Wrestlers take us through the competition: the Dentists clean teeth for a living and the Surfers are athletes but spaced out gnarly cowabungas. Foodies, Dentists say, they're professional athletes but mentally not as strong. Foodies say there's a reason they are the last all-girl team standing. Surfers think they have played well and haven't been dirty. Who will win The Amazing Race? Find out next week!

Next week on The Amazing Race finale, after 8 countries, 20 cities and over 26,000 miles, it all comes down to this: 4 teams racing for one million dollars! Who will cross the finish line first and win The Amazing Race!

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