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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversary: Leg 10 - Mucking About In Manilla


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First, here's a short summary of Episode 9.  Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I was unfortunately unable to produce a full write-up, but here's a summary:


At the start of the leg, teams were told that they were next headed to Singapore. Teams were provided a flight from Malta to Paris, and then were tasked with booking their own flights to Singapore from Paris. However, teams were allowed to find another alternate flight if they wished; a new rule instituted this season forbade teams from dropping one flight in favor of another if they found a better booking after purchasing an earlier set of tickets. Upon arrival in Singapore, teams took a bum boat to the island of Pulau Ubin and upon arrival had to find a coconut stand and together drink all of the coconut's water before they were given their next clue. The clue contained the Fast Forward, which told teams to head to Sentosa's Wave House to surf and keep their balance on an artificial wave. If they could both stay on their surfboards for two minutes, they could pass all other tasks and head straight to the Pit Stop. If another team arrived to attempt the Fast Forward, teams would alternate chances at the task until one succeeded.


Teams otherwise had to head to the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel to find their next clue: the Roadblock that asked "Who wants to be a funambulist?", leaving teams unaware that "funambulism" was another word for tightrope walking. One team member had to walk on a tightrope between two of the towers of the hotel. Once they crossed to the other tower and picked up their clue, they had to return to their teammate at the original tower before they could continue racing. This clue directed teams to head to the Centre Square of Raffles Place to search for their next clue. Once they found a man with a red and yellow placard on his back for "Onward Singapore", he would give them their next clue: the Detour, a choice between China Cups and Chilli Crabs. In China Cups, teams headed to the Hong San See temple where they had to undergo a session of cupping therapy. After a painful back massage, scraping the skin, and then fire cupping, all of which are said to increase blood flow and remove toxins, teams would receive their next clue from their masseuses. In Chilli Crabs, teams headed to the Red House seafood restaurant at The Quayside where they had to work on Singapore's most popular dish of chilli crab. Teams had to crack open enough crab claws smothered in chilli sauce to collect the crab meat. Once teams had 2 pounds (0.91 kg), the head chef would give them their next clue.


The clue teams received after the Detour sent them to Fort Canning Park where they found the Double U-Turn point. Teams then picked up their next clue, which told them that they would find their next clue at only one of the five official Merlion monuments throughout Singapore (two at Merlion Park, Sentosa, Tourism Court, and Mount Faber). Only the Merlion at Mount Faber had their next clue which told teams to head to the Pit Stop at the Fullerton Pavilion.  Foodies and Wrestlers were working together to eliminate monument locations, but after the Wrestlers found the clue at the Mount Faber monument, they lied and told the Foodies it wasn't there.  Only after they had checked all the other monuments did they check out Mount Faber and find the clue.


Adam & Bethany beat out Cyclists for the Fast Forward and were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop, winning a trip to Bali.  Wrestlers came in 2nd Dentists came in 3rd.  The Foodies tried to U-Turn the Surfers, but they had already won the Fast Forward so they never saw it.  After their mishap with the monuments, Foodies reach the Pit Stop in 4th place.  Despite a strong effort to catch up after losing the Fast Forward, Kym and Alli were the last team to arrive and were eliminated.

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On Your Mark!

Get Set!

GO! Adam and Bethany are the first team to depart at 2:01pm and are to fly to Manilla in the Philippines where they will pick up their next clue from a flower vendor. They go to a travel agent for tickets hoping to do a better job than last time. Wrestlers depart at 3:35pm and also go to a travel agent and get on the same flight. Dentists depart at 3:48pm and go straight to the airport. Foodies depart at 4:27pm and call a travel agency on the way to the airport.

Dentists arrive at the airport and go to a travel agent. Foodies arrive and find out they can't get boarding passes and have to fly Philippine Airlines. Wrestlers run past them. Dentists find Singapore is sold out and head to Philippine Airlines. Wrestlers encounter Foodies who say they got in to the last pit stop an hour after them. Brooke asks why and Foodies say because you lied about the clue not being at the location. Brooke plays dumb.

Wrestlers, Foodies and Surfers are on the Singapore Airlines flight, Dentists on the Philippines flight wondering where everyone else is. First flight lands and the craziness begins as all three teams race out of the airport and grab taxis to the church. Wrestlers are out before the Surfers and Foodies. Wrestlers arrive at the church and start looking for the flower vendor but fight a sign that says the vendor will be there at 6:30am. All teams catch up together overnight. Dentists are relieved.

Teams arrive right at 6:30am to receive their clue to head to Rosario Municipal Plaza in a Jeepney, a communal taxi, and find Salina's Specials for their next clue. Teams figure out what a Jeepney is and head to Rosario. Foodies are in one Jeepney, Wrestlers and Surfers in another and Dentists in a 3rd. As they hit the countryside, it starts to smell like dirty tube socks. Dentists spot a baby sitting in the middle of the street and Misti begins to cry.

All four teams arrive at the same time in Rosario and begin searching for Salina's Specials. One by one they hit a Detour. In Catch, teams must wade into Manilla Bay and using a bucket, transport fish to a broker on shore. Once they fill 3 buckets, about 300lbs, they will get their next clue. In Coach, teams must assemble a side car and mount it onto a motortricycle. When it's ready to roll, they get their next clue. Surfers and Dentists choose Coach. Wrestlers choose Catch. Foodies choose Coach.

Foodies are advised to walk, against the directions of the clue. Dentists, Wrestlers and Surfers catch a motortricycle and pass them. They realize their mistake and have to go back and catch up. Wrestlers reach the Fish Port and are gagging from the smell as they look for the marked stall. They have a policy of doing all the physical Detours. The surf is really choppy and the fish net is a long distance away. They have to walk along a rope to not get pulled away by the tide. Robbie held the bucket while Brooke filled it and then they walked it back together to shore.

Surfers and Dentists arrive at the bicycle shop and choose a workstation. Surfers get one with a peace and hippie sign. They have to find a motorcycle that matches the color of the sidecar and attach them together using an assembled vehicle as an example. Jim says he loves assembling things. Bethany tells Adam she'll be his assistant. Wrestlers are cheered as they bring the first bucket of fish to shore. They have to transfer the fish to a second bucket, cutting themselves on the scales and bones. Robbie is complaining more than Brooke.

Foodies arrive at the bike shop as Dentists struggle with their motortricycle. Foodies plan to pay attention to details as they mimic the model. Back on the water, Wrestlers head out for their second bucket. They can't fill up the bucket completely because it gets too heavy and the bucket fills up with water in the tough surf. They begin bickering as fish fall out onto the concrete pier. They think they'll have 2 more trips. Back at the bike shop, Dentists compare this to putting toys together at Xmas time. Bethany says she is such a girl, letting the guy do it. Foodies say they have assembled equipment for their research.

Dentists brag how fast they are going. Wrestlers complain their way back to the fish net but they never stop. Dentists think its good enough and call for a judge. They are told no good but not what's wrong. They aren't told. They have installed the shocks unevenly instead of in parallel. Surfers put on their tires. Foodies think their motortricycle is blessed because there's a cross on it. It starts raining on the Westlers in the water, which pumped them up with adrenaline. But the extra rain adds water to their bucket.

It's pouring on th emechanics as well. Bethany attaches the front logo panel. Dentists think they have it but didn't fix what was broken. No good, the judge says. Wrestlers hand transfer their last bucket of fish as Robbie describes how he's handling his fish with tender care because of a goldfish he had as a child. Brooke looks at him like he's nuts. They complete the Detour hoverer, and head to the Naic Rice Fields They jump into their motortricycle and head off. Surfers call for the judge and heir bike passes inspection, to the chagrin of Dentists.

Dentists still can't figure out what they've gotten wrong. They look for things that may be wrong but don't look at what the judge is looking at when he says it's not right. Jim checks the seat and realizes he forgot to attach a shock. Foodies think they've completed their bike but are told no good. Wrestlers realize they are the first to arrive at the rice fields and run for the clue box. Phil is there to explain they are taking on a Switchback challenge from Season 5 that may have resulted in the biggest break down ever: My Ox Is Broken. Teams must use a water ox to dig up their next clue buried in one of 4 mud ponds. Brooke is confident she has the farming background to do this. Robbie doesn't like animals.

They choose a lucky ox who stops to poop as soon as they start. What did that thing eat, Robbie asks as they have to follow behind the ox searching for the clue. Dentists complete their motortricycle and pass inspection with a smile from the judge. Wrestlers have their ox moving, Robbie walking far behind as Brooke urges the ox on. She thinks she sees something dug up and has Robbie search through the muck to no avail. Surfers arrive. You have to find the clue in the mud, Bethany asks? She picks a small ox and Adam takes the reigns. Adam says he's plowed fields but with a tractor. Wrestler's ox takes another dump.

Foodies complete the Detour and head to the rice fields. Wrestlers picked the biggest pond and can't switch. They can't keep their ox moving in a straight line either so they end up covering the same area over and over. Dentists arrive, followed shortly by the Foodies. Amy is guiding the ox while Maya watches from the sidelines. All four teams have their ox and are plowing the mud ponds. Wrestlers moan they have lost their lead. Dentist's ox decides to cross into a different mud pond. They get it back into the right pond and Misti finds the clue tied to some rope dug up by the plow.

Foodies quickly find the clue as well as both teams are told to search for Phil on foot for their next Pit Stop. Dentists spot Phil and drop their bags to run faster. Foodies are about 100 feet behind them. Misti and Jim are the first team to arrive and win a trip to Vietnam. This is their 5th winning leg. Foodies place the highest they have during the race. Brooke is tied having done all the work. Bethany stumbles over the clue the same time that Brooke finds it. The two teams race along the road to Philiminator. Brooke has no shoes on and drops her bag. Bethany is leading Adam as they nip at the Wrestler's heals.

Robbie drops his bag too. Surfers are still carrying their bags but but because they exited their mud field closer to the pit stop, they approach from different angles and are able to cut in front of the Wrestlers and beat them to the mat. All four teams face Philiminator. Brooke and Robbie, you are the last team to arrive. However, this is a non-elimination leg and you are still in the race! It would not have been fair to eliminate you to today, Phil says, considering how close it was. But next leg you will encounter a speed bump.

Phil says we are so close to the end and you are all so competitive, literally almost running on top of each other, what's going to happen, who has it won? Foodies want to be the 3rd all-female team to win The Amazing Race. Surfers say it will be incredible whomever has to leave after the next leg. All four teams wish each other luck.

Next week on The Amazing Race, as teams scramble for a spot in the finals, the Wrestlers get back in the game, Adam goes head to head with Jim, and Amy completely loses control.

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