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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversay: Leg 8 -Slip & Splash


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Misty and Jim are the first to leave on this leg of the race. They are heading to Malta. When they arrive, the need to pick up a tray of drinks and head up the long staircase to deliver them to the Heads of Malta. It will be exhausting. The teams start out one after another.

The teams arrive at a ferry to take them to Malta. The cyclists are the least favorite of the dentists and the wrestlers. They don't like that they sit alone. The ferry arrives in Malta and the teams take off for taxis. They arrive at the Bridge Bar to pick up their drinks. Adam and Bethany are the first into the bar. The teams are told that if they drop anything they have to clean it up before it is replaced. Jim drops it before he is even out the door of the bar.

Bethany and Adam make it all the way to the knights and Bethany drops and breaks a glass.They pass teams on the way down. Amy, Maya, Jim and Misti are on their second attempt. The wrestlers make it and get their next clue.

Misti and Jim make deliver their drinks as does Bethany and Adam. Teams are getting taxis but Brooke and Robbie are having their usual luck and not finding one.

The teams head to the Boat House. There are 6 necklaces. Three have 7:30 and 3 have 7:45. The teams are camping out for the night to wait for their time in the morning. The roadblock is at the Blue Grotto. The team must repel 20 stories off of the cliff and meet their partner to search the cave for their clue.

Misti is in the lead coming down the cliff. Ali is next. Tim is having some problems getting down the cliff. Misti makes it down first but Alii is right behind her. Alli is the first to find their clue. From her boat, Brooke says that she hope they can U-turn the cyclists. The second group is coming down the cliff. Bethany is in the lead and is down first. Amy is last.

Upon getting their clue, they must head to a church for their detour. Bethany is the first of the second group to get the clue. Rob is the last to get his clue. Kym and Alli arrive at the church. Flag or Shine are their choices. There is no info available. They have to just pick one. Flag requires teams to grab a flag at the end of a greasy pole. Easier said then done. Kym and Ali have chosen flag.

Alli gets her first flag. Kym falls on her first attempt. Tim and Te Jay find their speed bump. They must paint the Maltese crest on a shield to move on. Jim and Misti have missed the clue box and have gone straight to the flag. They are now trying to figure out what they have done wrong.

Jim and Misti figure out they have to leave for the clue and decided they are choosing the other detour. Kym and Ali give up and head to the other detour. Shine requires teams to polish each other up. They get their next clue when the are Knights in Shining Armor.

Adam and Bethany choose to use their express pass to skip the detour. They are heading to the pit stop. This pit stop is a fort. Tim and Te Jay pass the speed bump and head to the detour. Amy and Maya have to switch detours as Amy as a leg injury. Brooke is complaining about polishing the armor.

Bethany and Adam arrive at Fort Manuel. They are the first team to arrive. They have each won $10,000. Brooke continues to complain and Robbie tells her to stop complaining. He offers her the other detour. She says she wants to switch. Misti and Jim are being judged. They get their clue.

Robbie tries and falls half way up the pole. Brooke does the same. She yells that she broker her butt. Robbie chooses to quit right away. They go back to shine. Kym and Ali are turned back from judging. They go back and shine more. They get their clue. Misti and Jim arrive at the pit stop. Tim and Te Jay are still trying to get the flag. They are having no luck and getting frustrated.

Tim and Te Jay decide to switch detours. The other teams are arriving at the pit stop. Brooke and Robbie finish the detour. They try to take Tim and Te Jay's cab but the cab says that they have the bags and won't take them. Tim and Te Jay finish. Robbie and Brooke finally get a cab. They are both en route to the pit stop. Robbie and Brooke are the first to arrive. Tim and Te Jay are the last to arrive and are eliminated from the race.

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