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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversay: Leg 7 - Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer


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Misti and Jim are the first to depart at 9:44pm and fly to Palermo, Sicily (Italy) and make their way to Teatro Di Verdura. They stop in a travel agency for the first available flight. Surfers depart 11:29pm. Cyclists depart 11:31pm. Dentists get a flight that lands at 8pm the next day. Sweethearts depart 12:04am. Surfers and Cyclists arrive at the same travel agency but Dentists are gone already. Cyclists get on the 8pm flight. Wrestlers depart 12:29am. Robbie says he's lost half an ab and needs to work out. Sweethearts arrive at the travel agency as Cyclists depart (must be the only one in Morocco) but they and Surfers have to book a flight landing at 8:40pm. Cyclists park at the airport next to Dentists and write "Team No Fun" in their rear window.

Team No Fun is sleeping in the airport. Wrestlers and Foodies are now at the travel agency, both also on the 8:40pm flight. Next morning, all teams fly out of Marrakesh to Palermo. First plane lands with Dentists and Cyclists who agree to stick together until the next clue. They admire the sunset from the airport before sharing a cab. They negotiate a group rate. They get a nice view of the moon too. Second flight lands and teams race for taxis. Surfers pass wrestlers whose driver is in no hurry. Dentists and Cyclists arrive at the Teatro and and their clue reads "Dance the night way with the Tarantella Group. Return at 6:30am for your clue.". Cyclists get 6:40am. They start dancing. The other teams arrive and begin dancing.

Morning arrives and Dentists and Cyclists receive their next clue (at the same time apparently) to go to Villa Costanza. They have to find a taxi. At 6:40am (2 teams per time spot), Wrestlers and Foodies receive their clue. Cyclists and Dentists find out taxis are in the other direction. A local orders 2 taxis for them. Foodies and Wrestlers are looking for the main road to find a taxi. Sweethearts and Surfers also have their clue and are looking for taxis. Dentists and Cyclists arrive to get their next clue, a Roadblock. Teams must follow the original route of the Targa Florio race up Mount Pellegrino in a go cart. If they can cross the finish line in under 4:07, Italian racing legend Nino Vaccarella will hand them their next clue. They can then head back down the mountain with a professional race car driver in a vintage car.

Jim goes for Dentists, Kym for Cyclists. Foodies flag down a cab. Surfers find 2 cabs parked. Sweethearts also find a cab. They think they're last. Wrestlers just standing around waiting for a cab to drive by. They've been waiting 35m for a taxi. Jim and Kym get into their go-carts as Misti and are driven to where they will meet their partners at the end of the Roadblock. Jim tears up the mountain, aggressively attacking the brick-paved turns up the mountain. Foodies reach the Roadblock and Maya dons the racing outfit. Wrestlers finally find a cab and head for the Villa Constanza, 40m behind. Surfers are at the Roadblock - Adam is going. Tim is going for Sweethearts.

Jim is weaving along the straight-a ways, trying to block Kym from passing, to ensure if he didn't make it in time that she wouldn't either. Kym passes him a couple times because his cart didn't accelerate as fast due to his weight. Neck and neck, Jim takes the lead with 15 seconds remaining on the clock. They both hit the finish line in time and complete the Roadblock. They pick a vintage car and are driven more slowly back down the other side of the mountain with an amazing view. Maya takes off on her own as Adam runs to the starting line, Tee Jay (not Tim) right behind him. Maya runs out of time before reaching the finish line at 4:32 and has to wait for the pace car and follow it back to the starting line.

Dentists and Cyclists reunite at the bottom of the mountain and open their clue, a Detour. In Painters, teams must restore a fresco (type of painting for you luddites) while lying on their backs on top of a high scaffold. Once their work meets the standards of the restoration artist, they will receive their next clue from a priest. In Posers, teams must head to the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi where they must listen to 10 opera singers perform a short selection of the world's most famous operas and then identify the costumes worn by the characters and write the name of the character and the opera they performed in the correct order to receive their next clue. Both Dentists and Cyclists choose to paint.

Jim points out that the race car heats only go every 20m so the worst case scenario is they have only a 20m lead. Te Jay and Adam and Brooke line up for the next race. Maya joins them for a 4 cart race. Brooke jumps out ahead of Te Jay, who slips into last place. She gets around Maya and Adam, smoking the pack and flying around the sharp turns. Adam tries to keep Te Jay from passing. Brook crosses the finish line with 20s to spare, Maya right behind. Adam crosses at 4m even and Te Jay with 5 seconds to spare. They all pick vintage cars and are driven back down the mountain. Adam's driver puts on some speed. Maya urges her driver to pass them. Brooke has an older driver who loves his brake.

Dentists and Cyclists arrive at the Paint detour and it's very warm. They have to paint over a faded painting of a cherub. They have about 2' clearance from the surface of the table at the top of the scaffold to the ceiling where they have to paint. Laying side-by-side, they have to match the colors to the cans at their heads. Both teams are next to each other with banter going back and forth. All four Roadblock teams reunite and open their Detour clue. Surfers and Foodies choose Pain and head out. Only 4 can do the Paint Detour at the same time. Sweethearts also choose Paint, then realize only 4 teams can do it. Wrestlers face the same dilemma. Sweethearts decide to go for it; Wrestlers choose Poser.

Cyclists are on the wrong side and the left-handed and right-handed arms keep bumping. Dentists have a knack for detail. Foodies are following Surfers while Sweethearts worry about being the 5th team at the Detour. They pull up and see the other 2 teams already there. They race the other two teams inside and claim the last 2 spots with Surfers, leaving Foodies having to go to the other Detour. Both teams set up to paint. Wrestlers red the clue to prepare for the Poser Detour. They arrive and are granted entry to the empty theater, standing in the balcony as the opera singers, male and female, take the stage and take turns singing a line from their operas. They bow and return behind the curtain. Robbie wants to go to the other Detour but Brooke says no. They decide to check out the costumes and program.

In the costume room, they see mannequins dressed in costumes while a harpsichordist plays in the background. They realize they only have to memorize the outfits and the order and not the vocals or music; that's written at the base of each costume. Robbie quickly identifies the outfit for the woman on the far right and the next one. They head back to watch again. Cyclists struggle with the physical demands of painting on their backs while Dentists brag that on even ground they'll pull ahead of them. They call for the judge who says (in Italian) they have to redo some parts that are missing. She points to 2 nipples and an arm pit and some fingers. Cyclists call for the judge who says it didn't turn out well. They realize they painted over some brown with black.

Bethany has pink paint in her hair. Foodies arrive at the opera house and are nearly run over by Wrestlers returning to the reserve box. The performance begins again, Wrestlers focused on the costumes and Foodies on the performance. Wrestlers leave halfway through while Foodies wait until the final bow, offering applause. Both teams quickly set to identifying costumes. Brooke thinks Robbie has it wrong while Amy and Maya are in sync. Dentists again call for the judge and this time they have it right and complete the Detour. They must make their way to Villa Niscemi, an 18th century home and the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Cyclists complete the Detour moments later.

Te Jay and Bethany struggle with painting a butterfly. Both teams are sweating and aching. Foodies misidentify a pink dress while Wrestlers think they have it and take their program to the judge. They have left out the name of the opera on one of the dresses and are told it is not complete without further explanation. Brooke says they have to start over. Foodies have divided up the costumes, each being responsible for half. They decide to go before the judge and have one wrong. Wrestlers decide to work with the Foodies and compare programs. Then Brooke decides they should go look one more time to be sure. Foodies realize their pink mistake.

Dentists and Cyclists race to the Pit Stop, both teams extremely competitive. Dentists arrive at the Pit Stop and are Team #1, winning the 300th leg of The Amazing Race and a trip to Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Cyclists roll in right behind in 2nd place. Phil says they have been neck and neck for a couple of legs now. Cyclists say Dentists may have won their 4th leg of the race but it only matters who wins the last one. Back at the Painter Detour, Surfers call for the judge who points to a section that must be a little cleaner. The judge tells the Sweethearts a line is missing and some other lines need to be thinner. Over at the Opera House, both Wrestlers and Foodies are working together to re-identify all the costumes, having started over with new program cards. They hand it to the judge who congratulates them and hands them the clue to the Pit Stop.

Wrestlers are upset they let the Foodies go first, thinking they may have given up their chance to be first to the Pit Stop. Surfers call the judge back and are told wow, they did a great job. Sweethearts tell them good job. They call the judge over themselves and are told it's excellent. Foodies arrive at the Pit Stop in 3rd place, Wrestlers in 4th place. Surfers are stopped in traffic. Sweethearts think they are right on their heels but their taxi is moving. Surfers also break out of the gridlock. Both teams hoping they are not last. Their taxis drop them off and they race to face Philiminator at the mat.

Surfers are Team #5. Tim and Te Jay are the last team to arrive. They know it's not good as they walk up and see Adam and Bethany hugging. However, Philiminator says, today you will not be eliminated. Disappointment turns to celebration. This is a non-elimination leg and they are still in the race. However, at some point in the next leg they will encounter a speed bump that must be completed before they can continue If the Dentists can do it, they say, we can do it.

Next leg (in 2 weeks) on The Amazing Race, in Malta, teams get some tough breaks, plunge into the Blue Grotto, and take on the game of Gostra.

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