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Dancing With The Stars ~ U.S. Season 19 Episode 10

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Dancing With The Stars starts tonight's episode showing us who was eliminated last week. Tonight one will win immunity, and the rest will dance off. Tom and Erin open the show, and welcome the stars to the ballroom. They then welcome the judges to the ballroom. Tom says, these seven couples have made it to Dynamic Duo's week, and one will win immunity.


We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Artem and Lea. They are dancing as Bonnie and Clyde this week. They dance Jazz to Something Bad by Miranda Lambert. The crowd loves them, and goes crazy for them. Len says they need to come out a little stronger next week. Julianne says, everything was perfect, was she felt a little underwhelmed. She says, she feels the choreography was a little dated, and she wanted to see them a little more feisty. Bruno says, it has to have a little more reckless, bad-ass attitude. He says, the characters warrant more. Carrie Ann says, she feels their confidence is back. She says, a little of the movements felt a little mimeish, and they are just a little light. Tom says, everyone gets 7 votes per phone line, and sends them up to Erin for their scores. Erin asks Lea how she feels she ranks? She says, she thinks she's 3rd overall. Then she says that she feels great, and loves doing the dances. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Julianne - 8, Bruno - 8, Total 32. They are happy with their scores. Tom says, this is so cool, Len's first car, with the Bonnie and Clyde car still on-stage. Len laughs, and reels run that this weeks highest scoring couple will be safe from elimination, and we go to a commercial break.


Tom welcomes everyone back to Dynamic Duo's Night on Dancing With The Stars. We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Michael and Emma. They are dancing as Tarzan and Jane this week. They dance the Foxtrot to You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. The crowd is on their feet for them, and really enjoyed their dance. Julianne says, look at all of these people supporting them. She says, they did really well this week. She says, he did better doing the steps without Emma, and he only messed up a little at the end. Bruno says, he can really see that he applied himself, and lost his footing at the end. He says, it was a good try, and better than last week. Carrie Ann says, she agrees with Julianne and Bruno, and he's improved so much. She says, it's not quite up to the level as everyone else, but he runs his own race, and she likes it. Len says, he's only seen him 4 times, and for him, it's the best he's seen him dance. Tom sends them upstairs to Erin for their scores. Erin asks Michael what his tears are for? Michael says, he's not a dancer, he's from the NASCAR world. He says, he's trying the best he can, after being told to go out there and dance. He hopes that everyone likes his dancing with Emma. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 7, Julianne - 6, Bruno - 6, Total 25. The audience boos those scores. Michael says, he didn't know that much a few months ago, and he'll put it all to use. We will see more dancing coming up after the break.


We return to the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars, with professional dancers on stage, sort of paying tribute to the royal couple. We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Janel and Val. They are dancing as Romeo and Juliette this week. They dance Contemporary to Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Quindon Tarver. The crowd is cheering for them throughout their dance, and goes wild for them when they are finished. Bruno says, it was extremely ambitious, and glorious in every way. Carrie Ann says, that was Val's finest choreography, and Janel's dancing is the epitome of what dancing is about. Len says, he knew that she was a good dancer, and tonight she showed that she's a great dancer. Julianne says, it's breathtaking, intense and beautiful. Tom sends them upstairs to Erin for their scores. Janel says, she's all the way down here, because she's shorter than Erin, and Erin says, she knows. Erin asks why she is so emotional? Janel says, because it's her best dance so far. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, Julianne - 10, Bruno - 10, Total 40. Val says, they've worked very hard for those scores, and he's very proud of Janel. Tom says, more Dynamic Duo's when we come back.


Dancing With The Stars returns for their Dynamic Duo's Night, with professional dancers by the judges table. Tom says, their is another Dynamic Duo coming to the floor next. We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Tommy and Peta. They are dancing as Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. They dance the Paso Doble to Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash. The crowd is cheering for them during their dance, and erupts for them when they are done. Tom says, great job as always guys. Carrie Ann says, no matter what Tommy does, he has the same magic mojo as Johnny Cash. She says, that he was a half step behind for most of the dance. Len says, he's like a hot dog. He's tasty, but he's not sure about the content. He says, he gets out without complaining, and gets it done. Julianne says, from day 1 he's come out and charmed them. He's come out and brings something new each week, even though he is a little behind. She says, he does his best, and gives it his all, and he has a fan base that wants him to do well. Bruno says, Peta doesn't want him to take a short cut, and he admires his commitment to the dances. They go upstairs to Erin for their scores. Erin says, what the audience at home may not know is that Tommy hurt his calf in dress rehearsal. Erin asks Peta how she feels Tommy did? Peta says, she's just glad he made it through the entire dance. Tommy jokes about his pain killers. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 7, Julianne - 7, Bruno - 6, Total 26. Erin asks Tommy if he's up for the dance off, and he says, sure. Tom says, there's more Dynamic Duo's to come after the break.


Tom welcomes everyone back to Dynamic Duo's night. We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Sadie and Mark. They are dancing as Adam and Eve tonight. They dance Contemporary to Uninvited by Alanis Morissette, and was sang by special guest singer tonight. The crowd cheers for them as they dance, and really goes wild, even before their dance is finished. Tom says that was very creative, and let's see what Len has to say. Len says, he loves Mark's creativity, passion, and commitment to this show. He says, with that performance he won't be banished from the Garden of Eden, and they will be back next week. Julianne says, there was a maturity that was beyond anything they've ever seen, and was perfect. Bruno says, Sadie has come such a long way, and the level of difficulty, and maturity is spot on. Carrie Ann says, it was fantastic, and their best dance so far. She says, there was a little issue at the end, that she has to deduct for. They go upstairs to Erin for their scores. Erin tells them congratulations, and says it was gorgeous. Erin asks Mark why he took such a risk? Mark says, he wants to give the best to Sadie each week. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Julianne - 10, Bruno - 10, Total 38. Erin says, they are going clubbing with Len tonight, and maybe he'll pick up the bottle service. More Dynamic Duo's after the break, and then the dance off will all be live.


Professional dancers Cheryl and Tony are dancing on the stage as Dancing With The Stars returns. We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Alfonso and Witney. They are dancing as Batman and Robin this week. They dance the Cha Cha to Trust by Prince. The crowd really cheers for them. Julianne says, Alfonso is pure entertainment every time he comes out. She says, she wanted to dance with him, and he just needs to watch his bent legs. Bruno says, Alfonso rocks Gotham City, and Witney is the hottest Robin he's ever seen. Carrie Ann says, there's something so right about them being Batman and Robin, and she loves it. Len says some adjectives, tells them it was well done, and to get ready for next week. They go upstairs to Erin for their scores. Erin has them do her favorite move, and tells Alfonso that he had a great reaction on the zip line mishap during rehearsal. He says it was real panic when they brought a ladder that was to short, and they had to guys holding his feet. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 9, Julianne - 9, Bruno - 10, Total 38. Erin says, they will be in the dance off, and they need votes to stay safe. More Dynamic Duos coming up live.


Tom uses the zip line across the stage, as we return to the ballroom. We see this weeks highlights and practice sessions for Derek and Bethany. They are dancing as Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. They are dancing the Salsa to Babalu by Desi Arnaz. The crowd cheers them all the way through their dance, and goes wild when they are done. Tom says, that was fun. Bruno talks in Spanish, and tells Bethany to go from last week to this week, her versatility exceeds all of his expectations. Carrie Ann says, she gets funky, down and animated. She says, there was one mistake. Len says, it was hotter than a males bum in June, and it was fantastic. Julianne says, Bethany's journey this season has been the best, and she is killing it. She says, it was so great. Tom says, he thought Bethany might be to young for I Love Lucy. Bethany says, her mom had her watch them. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Julianne -9, Bruno - 10, Total 39. Tom says, Janel and Val have the highest score tonight, and has won immunity. Tom tells Derek and Bethany to get ready for the dance off. He says, the couples are getting ready for the dance off, which will be next, live.


Dancing With The Stars returns Janel and Val upstairs, and the rest of the dancers on the stage. Tom says, Janel and Val have won immunity for this week, and will definitely be back next week. Erin says, the other six couples will dance, to get special points from the judges. They are going to have to compete in a Jive, Cha Cha, or Rumba for the points. They can either chose the couple to compete against, or the dance they want to dance, not both. Tom says, they have had quadruple the workload this week. Alfonso and Witney chose to compete against Lea and Artem. Lean and Artem chose the Jive for them to dance. Everyone at home gets to Tweet which couple they think does better. Alfonso and Witney dance their Jive, and then so does Lea and Artem. The audience cheers for both couples as they dance. Tom has both couples go by him for judges comments. Len says, he admires their plucks so much, and they both did terrific. Julianne says, it was a terrific strategy for Lea to choose the Jive, since it was her best dance, and they both did great. Bruno says, they both did great, but one did better. Carrie Ann says, they both killed it, but one killed it a little later. They go upstairs to Erin for their scores. Erin asks why Lea chose Jive, and Artem says, it was because it was Lea's best dance. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - Alfonso and Witney, Len - Alfonso and Witney, Julianne - Alfonso and Witney, Bruno - Alfonso and Witney, Total 3 points from the judges.


Tom asks Sadie and Mark to chose who they will dance off against. Sadie says, they are picking Bethany and Derek, and because Derek and Mark are like brothers, she thinks it will be awesome. Bethany and Derek chose the Cha Cha for their dance. Tom says, that means the round three couples will get to dance the Rumba, the only dance left. He says, all four couples will dance live, when we come back.


We return to the ballroom with professional dancers on stage. Sadie and Mark take the dance floor to dance their Cha Cha. Bethany and Derek then take the dance floor for their Cha Cha. The crowd loves both of the couples as they do their dances. Tom says, that's round two of the dance off. He calls them by him for the judges reactions. Julianne says, this one's really hard, because they were both really close and ahead of the beat. She says, it's really difficult. Bruno says, it's like Clash of the Titans, and they tightened up a little bit. Carrie Ann says, it's great to see both of them, and they are both great. Len says, he would like to see it all again once more. The dancers go to the dance floor, and Tom says, no. The dancers head upstairs to Erin for the scores. Erin asks Bethany to give everyone a sense how crazy the schedule is. Bethany says, she's been going to bed at 8:30 a.m. every night. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - Sadie and Mark, Len - Bethany and Derek, Julianne - Bethany and Derek, Bruno - Sadie and Mark, Total: It's a Tie, so they go by the head judge Len's vote, which is Bethany and Derek, so they get the 3 points.


Tom says Tommy injured his calf muscle again during his dance tonight, as he and Peta take the dance floor to do their Rumba. Tom says, that's what a trooper he is. Michael and Emma take the dance floor to do their Rumba. The audience cheers for both dances, while they are dancing. Tom calls them over to him for judges comments. Bruno says, very very good try to Michael, and they have to really think about it. Carrie Ann says, one of them captured the essence of the dance, and one of them gave more steps. Len says, he really has to think about this. Julianne says Tommy to her is the winner, and Michael may have gave more steps, but they were messy. The dancers head upstairs to Erin for their scores. Erin says that neither couple has done the Rumba this season so far, and Tommy was doing it on a bad leg. Tommy says, he really enjoys all the dances, and is trying his best. Judges scores: Carrie Ann - Tommy and Peta, Len - Tommy and Peta, Julianne - Tommy and Peta, Bruno - Tommy and Peta, Total 3 points goes to Tommy and Peta. Tom says, only one more piece of business, one couple will be eliminated live after this.


We are closing out the night in the Dancing With The Stars ballroom, ending the Dynamic Duo's night. When we return, the dancers are all lined up on stage, as Tom recaps the night so far. Janel and Val are still upstairs. Erin says, last weeks scores and this weeks have been combined. The first couple safe is Alfonso and Witney. The next couple safe is Bethany and Derek. Also, still in the game, and coming back next week are Sadie and Mark. Definitely coming back next week is Lea and Artem. Michael and Emma and Tommy and Peta are in the bottom two. Tom says, on this eighth week of competition, and leaving right now is, Michael and Emma. The audience boos, and Erin says, they already have tears in their eyes. Michael says, this was his chance to get to do something he's never done, get to know Emma and the cast. He says, he's a better person for doing this. Emma says, Michael has touched her in a way that is so special, and she'll be a better person for the rest of her life for dancing with him. They are both very emotional. Erin says, the rest of the couples, including Janel and Val, need viewer votes to stay in the competition. Tom and Erin recap all the phone numbers for the dancers. Janel and Val are at the top of the leader board with 43, and Tommy and Peta are at the bottom of the leader board with 29. Michael and Emma will get on an airplane shortly, and will go to New York. They will be on Good Morning America and The View tomorrow morning. Tom says, Robin Roberts is counting down to the CMA's next.

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