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The Amazing Race 25 Silver Anniversay: Leg 6 - Milking Morocco


TAR25 Leg Six Poll  

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  1. 1. Who Do You WANT To Win The Amazing Race 25?

    • Misti & Jim (Dentists)
    • Adam & Bethany (Soul Surfers)
    • Kym & Alli (Cyclists)
    • Tim & Te Jay (Sweethearts)
    • Brooke & Robbie (Wrestlers)
    • Amy & Maya (Mother/Daughter)

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Due to technical difficulties, we were not able to bring you the recap from the 5th leg of The Amazing Race, but here's what you need to know. Cyclists Kym & Alli came in first, and Survivors Keith and Whitney came in last were eliminated, having been U-Turned by Mother/Daughter team Shelley & Nici.  So now that you're all caught up, let's get on with the next leg of The Amazing Race!




GO! Kym and Alli are the first team to depart at 8:15am, going to work for a horse drawn carriage by delivering hay from storage to stable, then traveling into town and rewarding their horse with an apple. They can't find a taxi who knows where to go. Surfers depart 8:16am. They find a taxi who knows where to go. Sweethearts depart 8:30am. Flights depart 8:34am. They and the Sweethearts choose to walk to the hay storage. Wrestlers depart 8:39am. Dentists depart 8:41am. Wrestlers and Dentists get directions and choose to take a taxi.

Surfers arrive at the hay storage and each grabs a bag. Cyclists are right behind. Foodies depart at 8:42am. They get local directions. Surfers deliver hay and have to climb to the top of a building with their bags before they receive their apples. They take off in their carriage for town. Cyclists deliver their hay and clip clop to town. Flights, Sweethearts and Foodies all trying to find the location. Cyclists name their horses Kym (the stubborn one) and Alli (the feisty one) and recommend a dentist they know. Dentists in taxi pass cyclists in carriage. Dentists have their bags and Wrestlers gab theirs. Sweethearts arrive at the stable and are steered to the storage by Wrestlers.

Surfers arrive at the town square and tell the Foodies they need to take a taxi to the feed station. Flights walk up to them as well and Adam tells them to get a taxi. Teams must now drive themselves to a pottery stand. Cyclists complete their carriage ride. Dentists complete their carriage ride, followed by Wrestlers. Foodies arrive by taxi at the feed station and head off to the stable. Sweethearts spot the Foodies who tell them they grabbed hay from the stable next door. Sweethearts say that's not right, you can't steal another stable's hay. Sweethearts head out in search again Foodies turn around and head out again too.Flights find the marked feed station and grab their bags of hay.

Sweethearts see Flights with their hay and offer to tell them where the carriage is if they direct them to the hay. They head out together as Foodies walk past them but aren't given any help and they can't find the feed station the other 2 teams just left. Some locals point in a direction and takes them there. Cyclists arrive at the pottery farm and have to search for the clue box. Detour. In Camp, teams must set up a traditional Berber tent to a judge's satisfaction. In Cream, teams must milk a goat in the Kazbah and make 3oz of goat butter with a hand-turned churn.Cyclists choose Cream.

Dentists catch up to the pottery stand and choose Camp. Surfers choose Cream. Sweethearts and Flights complete their carriage ride and head to the pottery stand. Wrestlers arrive at the detour and choose Cream. Cyclists arrive at the detour and watch the goat-milking demonstration, then look for a goat with no horns and a full udder. They corner a black goat and squeeze heart to get both teats going. Dentists and Surfers arrive at their detours. Foodies also heading to the pottery stand. Flights not sure if they are going in the right direction. Foodies went in wrong direction but asked directions. Flights think they are lost. Sweethearts choose Camp.

Cyclists milk enough butter and watch a demonstration on how to use an animal skin to churn the butter. Dentists start pitching their rug tent. In a shared language, Cyclists learn it will take 45m to make the butter and decide to switch detours, figuring they can set up camp more quickly. Robbie stands around while Brooke tries to chase down a goat. He's afraid of animals. Cyclists second-guess their decision as Dentists think they are missing something. They left out the base rugs. Cyclists are too short to get the roof rug over the support. They head back to the goats.

Surfers have enough milk and start to working on their butter. The other teams note the Cyclists have returned. Flights finally give up and turn around. Adam tries to join in with the locals who are singing. Other teams join in making their own verses to the meloy being called out. Wrestlers having trouble keeping the goat still while being milked. Dentists call the judge over and complete the Detour. They must drive to Terres D'Amanar. Sweethearts arrive at Camp after Dentists leave and choose to lay out their roof rugs and then raise the supports underneath.

Flights return to town and stop for directions. They get a map and directions and hope. 3 hours later. Wrestlers have their milk and start churning. Foodies arrive at the Detour and choose Cream. Sweethearts struggle under the tent making sounds like oh yeah, that's right. Surfers complete their 3oz of butter and the detour. Dentists arrive at the clue and hit a Road Block. Who has the knack for sliding things into place? Teams must zip-line and take rope bridges across the jagged rock formations of a canyon to find a puzzle that must be solved to receive their next clue. Misti takes the challenge

Misti starts across a rope bridge with the wind blowing, only to find a stretch with no blanks as she's dozens of feet above the canyon floor. She crosses the bridge and gets on the zip line and arrives at the puzzle. Flights arrive at the pottery stand. Foodies have their milk and start on the butter - it's about force of churn, not speed. Cyclists don't have enough butter yet. Sweethearts complete their camp and pass the detour. Misti completes her puzzle and zip lines back to the other side where Jim waits and they receive their clue, a picture of the Pit Stop, Casbah D'if.

They pass Surfers on the way out. Bethany takes the Roadblock. Midway through the rope bridge, they must switch safety ropes but Bethany doesn't even pause as Adam waxes on about how fearless she is. She zips over to the puzzle and begins working on it. Cyclists have enough butter and complete the detour. Foodies have enough butter and complete the roadblock. Wrestlers also turn their butter into their next clue. Both teams pass Flights on their way into the Detour and celebrate their position in the race. Sweethearts arrive at the Roadblock. Tim is good with puzzles but not heights. He keeps repeating he's on The Amazing Race as he navigates the section of the rope bridge with no planks.

Bethany is having trouble with the puzzle so she takes her shoes off and holds the pieces with her feet. She completes the puzzle and zips back. Cyclists arrive at the Roadblock and Alli goes. Tim arrives at the puzzle and starts working on the puzzle, then realizes the pieces are double-sided. Alli runs across the rope bridge, pausing only to watch the view. Bethany completes the Roadblock and she and Adam head to the Pit Stop. Dentists arrive at the Pit Stop. They are the first team to arrive and have won a trip to Brazil.

Alli arrives and she and Tim work together on the puzzle. Flight has their milk and starts churning butter. Wrestlers arrive at the Roadblock and Brooke takes it. Foodies lose the Wrestlers and realize they've missed a turn. Brooke whines her way across the rope bridge. Alli completes the puzzle and helps Tim. They both return before Brooke arrives. Both teams head to the Pit Stop. Brooke arrives at the puzzles but doesn't know what she's supposed to do. Flights complete their butter churn and head to the Roadblock. Brooke is working on her puzzle as Maya arrives for Foodies. Maya tells Brooke to use both sides. She is, she says.

Maya encourages Brooke to stay confident. Surfers arrive at the Pit Stop in 2nd place. Brooke figures out the puzzle and zips back to Robbie. She doesn't show her puzzle to Maya. Cyclists arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3. Sweethearts arrive in 4th place. The local banjo player with a rooster on his head extends his hand and a white bird walks off onto Tim's arm. Phil says to lift his arm up and the bird flies off and land on Te Jay's head. Maya completes the puzzle and zips back to complete the Roadblock. Foodies head to the Pit Stop. Flights arrive at the Roadblock and Shelley gets her Indiana Jones on.

Riding Robbie's back, Brooke hits the Pit Stop mat in 5th place. Foodies arrive in 6th place. Flights know they are last as Shelley completes her puzzle. The Shelley and Nici complete the Roadblock and head to the Pit Stop. Philiminator is waiting to inform them they are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. The good news, Phil says, is they are standing there holding hands and 2 legs ago that seemed impossible. They had a good run and built a better relationship.

Still to come on The Amazing Race, 6 legs remain and as teams reach new heights and crash and burn, the pressure will mount. Every decision could be their last. Who will win the $1,000,000 and The Amazing Race?

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