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VOTING: See who is Up, Out and In


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Friday 10/31 The vote is now OPEN for voting on who you want Recycled. http://tinyurl.com/q3hgqx2


Wednesday 10/29 We have two new Utopians!!  James and Jeremy, I am not sure if the Utopians will be able to choose one between the two because they have lost three pioneers in the last 4 days, but stay tuned to find out.  We have the new profiles up here.  http://tinyurl.com/pehk383


Late Tuesday 10/28 Josh's prize for being the most productive Utopian by online vote was a bed.  He decided to exchange the oversized full bed (mattress, box spring, and frame) for 15 twin size mattresses so ALL Utopians would have a bed.


5:00pm Monday 10/27 ROB is OUT!!  The first conversation to "recycle" someone was 6/5 for Aaron getting the boot.  When it came down to the actually vote, Josh changed his vote for Aaron to stay and Rob to go.  Hex was inconsolable.


10:00pm Sunday 10/26 - So what will happen on Monday?  With Mike and Bri already gone will the vote go on as scheduled?  The amazing answer is yes!  This is what people have always wanted from a reality show.  We are in control and we should be very grateful for the opportunity Utopia is giving us, let's not let them down.  No more cliquish groups running the show as if you were relieving some high school nightmare, this is a social experiment that all of a sudden just included US as viewers, we are now an integral part of the process.  We not only get to show our disapproval for poor behavior, but reward those we find to be contributing to the whole fabric of this new society.  They could easily have chosen to NOT hold the vote considering two Utopians have already left, but true to their word, Utopia will be holding a vote tomorrow, Monday 10/27, and either Aaron or Rob will be going home.



9:00pm 10/26 Jon Kroll, Executive Producer, has confirmed that Mike's mother does not have a life threatening situation.  We are VERY please to hear it.  We hope everything works out for Mike's family and he is able to decided if he wants to return to the show.


4:30pm 10/26 We have heard from the Utopians (Hex specifically) that the issue with Mike's mother is NOT life threatening.  We hope that is true, and she seems to be explaining it to the other Utopians as if she was "informed" of this information, not just guessing about it.  We here at Morty's wish Mike and his family the best of luck!


2:30pm 10/26  We have been told that Mike has a family emergency at home regarding his mother.  His father called production and asked the Mike be sent home immediately.  The question of his returning is up in the air, although Utopia has used the word "indefinitely".  We will post more info as we receive it.  


Jon Kroll aka @hippykid an Executive Producer for Utopia tells us that the vote WILL be between Rob and Aaron.  There was some concern the pioneers could "opt-out" and vote for Bri because she was still a nominee.  Mr. Kroll cleared that up with a tweet saying either Aaron (Mr. Shady) or Rob (Robnoxious) will be leaving Utopia on Monday. All our pioneers currently believe that with Bri's unceremonious exit on Sat 10/25, that Rob and Aaron are safe.


Rob started campaigning last night to Dedeker.  He has since publicly announced to everyone that he WANTS to stay.  This is quite a statement considering he took aside all his buddies privately and one by one explained his reasons for leaving and said his goodbyes.  Maybe Rob has a sixth sense about the upcoming vote on Monday.


Aaron on the other hand is still trying to get Nikki evicted.  Huh?  Was he mentally "out to lunch" during the meeting when Josh announced WE, the live feeders, are the only ones that can nominate a Utopian for elimination?  Whatevs.  He also sees no reason to campaign, he has never even considered being given the boot by his fellow pioneers.  Some one get some coffee brewing so Aaron can smell it.

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