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Utopia - NEW Voting Rules, Every 2 Weeks!


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New Nomination and Voting Rules for Utopia

This happens every two weeks.


Online viewers now have the power to choose all three of the Utopians who'll be shortlisted for replacement. We are instructed to vote for who we think has contributed the LEAST to society, but you can vote for whoever you hate the most if that's your deal.


The newest member of Utopian society cannot be replaced. You can only vote for ONE Utopian to be "outcast". The three Utopians with the most votes against them will be shortlisted for replacement.


After the outcasts/nominees are announced to the Utopians, the online viewers again get to vote, this time for the pioneer we think has contributed the MOST to the society, again, no need to tell you, you can vote for whoever you love the most if that's your deal.  This person will receive immunity from the next replacement vote and will receive a "gift" from the online viewers.  We will be able to choose from several options what we want to reward our "bestest" Utopian with.


Within a few days two new prospective Utopians will arrive and one will be chosen by the pioneers to become part of the social experiment.

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