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Active: HEX Arr: 8/20/14 - Cancelled by Fox 11/2/14 TWITTER @kimAbondy


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Name: Hex

Vitals: 25, single

Habitat of Origin: Detroit, MI

Occupation: Unemployed

Skillset: Hunting, fishing, gathering

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Expressed In Emojis: COOL button, arrow-pierced heart, city at night

Most Likely To: “Accidentally” shoot Jonathan with her bow and arrow

Natural Enemies: Corporations, turtlenecks

Behavioral Quirks: Piercing, unflinching honesty

Hex’s Utopia: “There are three evils in the world: money, power, and religion,” says Hex. “My Utopia would have none.”


Don’t call her Katniss. Sure, headstrong hunter Hex is six feet of “twisted steel and sex appeal,” but her primary game is to bring lessons from Utopia back to Detroit, her hometown.

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