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Departed: BRI Arr: 8/20/14 - Dep: 10/25/14 TWITTER @briizeey


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Name: Bri

Vitals: 20, single

Habitat of Origin: Westminster, CA

Occupation: Veterinary aide

Skillset: Farming, raising livestock, horseback riding, canning fruits and vegetables, building huts

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Expressed In Emojis: Horse, another horse, cocktail, horse

Most Likely To: Build Utopia in the image of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video

Natural Enemies: Anyone who gets between her and the BOYS

Behavioral Quirks: Talking about humans like she isn’t one

Bri’s Utopia: Bri nuzzling her horse on the cover of a supermarket paperback


“It would be nice to be the prettiest girl in Utopia -- that way, I could have my pick of the men,” says the first generation Vietnamese-American free spirit, who’s passionate about animal rights and makin’ jam!

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At around Noon pacific time on Oct 25th, 2014, after she had been nominated by America (again) along with Aaron and Rob, Bri just walked down to the gate, opened it, and walked out.  That was that.  None of the other Utopians seemed surprised or concerned one way or the other.

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